Tuesday, 31 August 2010

President's Message 31st August 2010

The weather didn't do us any favours this morning. Early in the morning it was hard to tell if it would rain or clear up.

52 Veteran Golfers turned up at Half Moon Bay to take the chance that it would clear, and it did, except for a few spots late in the round.

Half Moon Bay course was in good condition considering the amount of rain we have had over the last few days. Thank you for the course preparation.

Welcome to Tomoji Oono a visitor from Japan.

Next games: Tuesday 7th September 2010 Gordonvale Golf Club, Single Stableford. Tuesday 14th September 2010 Mossman Golf Club, Single Stableford

Hope to see you there!

Ross Bird

Results 31st August 2010 Half Moon Bay G.C.

Results Half Moon Bay Golf Club
31st August 2010
Single Stableford
Sponsor: FNQ Veteran Golfers
52 Players

Mens Winner: Ross Bird 42 points c/b
Mens Runner-up: Claud Clark 42 points

Ball Rundown
41 points: Gordon Thomas
40 points: Roger Smith
39 points: Dale Wust
38 points: John Everall, John Barber
37 points: George Studham
35 points: Michael Alba
34 points: Neil Sharkey
33 points: Merv Elms, Bryan MacCallum, Tomoji Oono, Grant Scott, Brian Norris
32 points: Chuck Rothwell, Mick Grumley, Bill Mortimer
31 points: Lou Siedle, Brian Rowan, Greg Gibb

Mens Nearest the Pins:  3rd Michael Alba, 9th Bob Westerman, 11th Russ Gill, 16th Colin Johannsen

Womens Winner: Kazuko Watanabe 30 points
Womens Nearest the Pin: 16th Lily Schirmer

Next Games: 7th September Gordonvale Golf Club, Single Stableford, 14th September Mossman Golf Club, Single Stableford
See you there!

Friday, 27 August 2010

New Handicapping System

Hi All,

Those of you interested in the new handicapping system may like to follow this link http://admin.golfaustralia.org.au/site/_content/document/00007884-source.pdf for the latest information.

The Committee would appreciate any feedback on it, especially the President & Captain, as I will be away for most of September!


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Presidents Message 24th August

At Atherton today, the weather was perfect, the golf course was perfect you could not ask for a better day or place tp play golf.

The event was sponsored by Atherton Golf Club, Thank you for the support.

There were 77 players who participated in the event. Today's event was a Single Stableford, which was a nice change after 3 weeks of stroke events.

I would like to welcome visitors: Harold Hawkins (UK), Jeff Elmore (Millaa Millaa), Kevin Tanner (Sarina)

Ross Milevskiy of Millaa Millaa joined our membership today, bringing our total to 302 members.
Welcome Ross!

Next Tuesday 31st August is a Single Stableford at Half Moon Bay G.C., Tuesday 7th September is a Single Stableford at Gordonvale G.C.

Hope to see you there!

Ross Bird

Results 24th August

Played at Atherton Golf Club
24th August 2010
Single Stableford
77 Players
Sponsored by Atherton Golf Club

Mens Division 1 Winner: John Logan 43 points
Mens Division 1 Runner-up: Warren Afflick 40 points
Mens Division 2 Winner: Trevor Lawrence 45 points
Mens Division 2 Runner-up: John Famularo 44 points
Ball Rundown
42 points: Peter Jostsons, Jeff Elmore
41 points: Phil English, Les Doolan, Mal Arthur
40 points: Larry Perrett, Terry Mawer, Brian Rowan
39 points: Zbig Bergiel, Mick Grumley, Barry Pike
38 points: Maurie Jarrott, Ross Milevskiy, Eddy Spry, Gordon Thomas
37 points: Barry Butt, Brian Panigas, Rod Cade, Grant Scott, Greg Gibb, Bill Foster, Ian McHardie, Merv Elms
36 points: Kevin Tanner, Yasuo Kumagae, Harold Hawkins, Claud Clark,
35 points: Peter McMenamin, Tony Lattimore, Graham Morrow, Bruce Jenner, Peter Culley, Dave Ingam, Kevin Woodward
Mens Nearest the Pins: 3rd Bruce Gilmore, 11th Gino Busoli, 13th Max Crimmins, 18th Peter McMenamin

Womens Winner: Lorraine Doolan 38 points
Womens Runner-up: Pris Freeman 37 points c/b
Ball Rundown
37 points: Lily Schirmer
34 points: Ann Perrett
32 points Lois Tait
Womens Nearest the Pin: 11th Lily Schirmer
Next Games: 31st August, Half Moon Bay Golf Club Single Stableford,
                       7th September Gordonvale Golf Club, Single Stableford

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

President's Message 17th August


Mareeba  Golf Club provided a great venue for the 2nd round Womens Championships and the Final Round of the Ted Stanton/Bob Bailey Memorial Trophy.

There were 118 players who contested the last of our Stroke Events for 2010.

Welcome to the visitors who played with us today: Harold Hawkins (UK), Glenis McGrath (Innisfail), Roger McGovern (Mossman), John Ellis (Foster Vic.)

I also welcome two new Members, they are Dave Ashworth (Cairns G.C.), Bruce Gilmore (Mareeba G.C.)
The total membership is now 301.

All our remaining games are Stableford Competitions except for the last game which is a 2 Ball Ambrose.

Congratulations to all the Championship Winners, you will receive your trophies at our Presentation Lunch Function. All Championship Winners are listed with the 17th August Results.

Next Tuesday 24th August  is Atherton Golf Club followed by Half Moon Bay Golf Club on the 31st August.


Results 17th August 2010

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association
Results 17th August 2010
Played at Mareeba Golf Club, Single Stroke
Second round Womens Championships
Sponsor: Hansen Ford/Mareeba Toyota
118 Players

Mens Division 1 Winner: Bruce Gilmore 69 nett
Mens Division 1Runner-up: Greg Gibb 71 nett
Mens Division 2 Winner: Norm Lockwood 66 nett
Mens Division 2 Runner-up: Mal Arthur 69 nett

Ball Rundown:
68 nett: Warren Berry
69 nett: Barry Pike
70 nett: Harry Aly Khan, Claud Clark
71 nett: Brian Norris, Greg Gibb, Peter Culley, Ken Flood, John Hancock, Ted Lander
72 nett: George Studham, Merv Elms, B. Dalton, Barry Butt
73 nett: Mick Grumley, Ross Hobbs, Laurie Bell, John Pilbin, Geoff Horsburgh, Peter McMenamin, Bryan McCallum,Tom Bryce, H. Hawkins
74 nett: Keith Sanderson, Graham Morrow, Roger Smith, Barry Hartley, Nev Andrews, Gordon Thomas, Jim Egan
75 nett: Neil Sharkey, Don Kerr, George Rapley, Bill Mortimer, Noel Webster, Yasuo Kumagae, Tony Lattimore, Frank Jones, Thomas Stager
76 nett: David Lawler, Colin Johannson, Tony Barbato, Ron Cade, Max Crimmins, Graham Fisher, Randall Wynn,David Beardwood, Chris Hoger

Mens Pins: 4th Claud Clark, 8th Mick Grumley, 11th Tony Lattimore, 13th Bill Foster

Second round Womens Championships Single Stroke

Womens Winner: Lily Schirmer 65 nett
Womens Runner-up: Shirley Fieldhouse 71 nett

Ball Rundown:
72 nett: Lois Tait
73 nett: Pris Freeman, June Willmot, Andrina Wilson
74 nett: Joy White
75 nett: Glenis McGrath
76 nett: Rieko Oshitari

Womens Pins: 4th Andrina Wilson, 11th Kay Bergiel

2010 Championship Provisional Winners:

Men’s A Division Gross Champion: David Lawler 161
Men’s A Division Nett Champion: Colin Johansson 143
Men’s B Division Gross Champion: David Bennett 176
Men’s B Division Nett Champion: Mal Arthur 132
Men’s C Division Gross Champion: Merv Elms 187
Men’s C Division Nett Champion: Graham Fisher 135

Women’s Shirley Fieldhouse Shield: Lily Schirmer 139 nett

Championship Plaque: Dave Lawler 161 gross
Adrian Fay Shield: Mal Arthur 132 nett
Don Thomson 70 & over Trophy: Keith Hillier 174 c/b
Ted Stanton/Bob Bailey Memorial Trophy: Mal Arthur 201 nett

Next Games
Tuesday 24th August 2010 Atherton Golf Club, Single Stableford
Tuesday 31st August 2010 Half Moon Bay Golf Club, Single Stableford.

See you there!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Championship Results - Provisional

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

President's Message 10th August

Veteran Golfers

The second round of the FNQ Veteran Golfer Assoc. Mens Championships were held today at Cairns Golf Club. There were 128 players who came out in the mild drizzle.

The event was Sponsored by Golf World, 367 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns. Thank you Golf World we appreciate your support of Veteran Golfers.

Thank you Cairns Golf Club for presenting a rather difficult course the complete our Mens Championships. Not very many people shot below par nett rounds today.

I would like to welcome visitors from around Australia and overseas: Bryan Fitzgibbon(Glen Waverley), Trevor Gladwin(Emu Park), Harold Hawkins(U.K.), Clive Eaton(Palmeston NT), Bill Court(Portsea Vic), Brian Clancy(South Lakes SA,) Warren Berry and Bernie Dalton( Half Moon Bay).

I hope to have the 36 hole results and provisional Championship winners available on the blog by 12:00 noon Wednesday 11th August.  

Next week’s game is at Mareeba Golf Club, it is the second round of the Womens Championships and the third round of the men’s Stanton/ Bailey Trophy, which all means it is another Single Stroke day. Then on the 24th August we have a Single Stableford at Atherton Golf Club


Results 10th August

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association
Results 10th August 2010
Played at Cairns Golf Club, Single Stroke
Second round Mens Championships
Sponsor: Golf World, Mulgrave Rd, Cairns
128 Players

Mens Division “A” Winner: Colin Johannson 72 nett
Mens Division “A” Runner-up: Keith Hillier 73 nett
Mens Division “B” Winner: Mal Arthur 69 nett
Mens Division ”B” Runner-up: Alan Dwyer 70 nett
Mens Division “C” Winner: Graham Fisher 69 nett c/b
Mens Division ”C” Runner-up: Jim Turco 69 nett

Ball Rundown:
71 nett: Bill Foster
72 nett: David Bennett, Frank Thelan, Grant Scott, John Pilbin
73 nett: Brian Norris, John Collet, Peter Jostsons
74 nett: Laurie Bell, Bernie Donnelly,
75 nett: Chuck Rothwell, Zbig Bergiel, Trevor Gladwin, Lou Siedle, Barry Hartley, Neil Sharkey, Mick Grumley, Peter Wundersitz, Sam Power
76 nett: Greg Gibb, Eiji Watanabe, Eddie Spry, Bill Healey, Bill Court, Terry Buchanan, Jim Egan, Kevin Russell, Mervyn Elms, Brian Rowan, John Famularo, Arthur Jackson
77 nett: Claud Clark, John Bawden, Keith Schirmer,Masashi Oshitari, Ken Flood, Warren Berry
78 nett: Roger Smith, Gordon Massey, Barry Pike

Mens Pins: 5th Peter Jostsons, 8th Brian Rowan, 11th Colin Johannson, 17th Nev Andrews

First round Womens Championships Single Stroke

Womens Winner: Lily Schirmer 74 nett
Womens Runner-up: June Wilmot 75 nett

Ball Rundown:
76 nett: Kasuko Watanabe
77 nett: Pris Freeman, Sue Pabst
78 nett: Cathie Coverdale, Margaret Finch, Jan Dienhoff

Womens Pins: 5th Kay Bergiel, 17th Pris Freeman

Next Games:
Tuesday 17th August 2010 Mareeba Golf Club, Single Stroke, second round Womens Championships.
Tuesday 24th August 2010 Atherton Golf Club, Single Stableford

See you there!

Friday, 6 August 2010

FNQ Vets Championship 1st Round Results

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

President's Message 3rd August

Veteran Golfers

The first round of the Mens Championships were played at Gordonvale Golf Club today. The Mens Championship event was a stroke event, the women played a Stableford event.

The field was large with 142 players taking part.  The course was in Championship condition, the very good scores indicated the condition of the course.

The event was sponsored by ONE Golf at Gordonvale Golf Club, thank you Craig for the very good trophies.

I would like to welcome visitors: Hiro Kawade and Robyn Mulholland from Sherwood Park NZ, Clive Eaton from Darwin NT, Bill Healy from Port Lincoln SA.

Also Welcome to new Members, Joy Evans, Erica Zanni from Gordonvale Golf Club

Next week at Cairns Golf Club is the second round of the Mens Championships and the first round of the Womens Championships, followed on the 17th August at Mareeba Golf Club is the second round of the Womens Championships, the men will play the third round of the Stanton Bailey Trophy.

See you there
Ross Bird

Results 3rd August

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association

Results 3rd August 2010
Played at Gordonvale Golf Club, Single Stroke
First round Mens Championships
Sponsor: ONE Golf, Gordonvale Golf Club
142 Players

Mens Division “A” Winner: Ross Hobbs 66 nett c/b
Mens Division “A” Runner-up: Isi Mafua 67 nett c/b

Mens Division “B” Winner: Grant Scott 61 nett
Mens Division ”B” Runner-up: Jim May 62 nett

Mens Division “C” Winner: Geoff Horsburgh 58 nett
Mens Division ”C” Runner-up: Merv Elms 59 nett

Ball Rundown:
60 nett: John Curtis
61 nett: Rod Mauger
62 nett: Chuck Rothwell
64 nett: Mal Arthur, Jim Egan, Ray Miller, Brian Cowin
65 nett: Bernie Donnelly, John Collet, Bill Mortimer, John Barber, David Bennett, Norm Lockwood, Ted Lander
66 nett: Terry Stevens, Bill Leonard, Kevin Woodward
67 nett: Terry Jenkins, Sam Lemura, Graham Fisher, Randall Wynn, Yasuo Kumagae, Dale Wust,
Keith Schirmer, Clive Eaton, Frank Phelan, Bill Healey, Don Kerr, Issi Mafua
68nett: Ross Bird, Tony Barbato, John Bawden, Barry Butt, Claud Clark, Eiji Watanabe, Dave Ingram, Keith Sanderson
69 nett: Bob Hayles, Mike Lowry, Nev Andrews, Tom Bryce, Brian Norris, Peter Whyte, Peter Jostsons, Ian Tracey, Laurie Bell, Eric Pihlhjerta, Zbig Bergiel, George Studham, John Pilbin, Sam Power

Mens Pins: 5th Peter McMenamin, 8th Peter Jostsons, 14th Peter Whyte, 17th Rex White

Womens Stableford
Womens Winner: Barbara Brabon 44 points

Womens Runner-up: Kazuko Watanabe 42 points

Ball Rundown:
41 points: Erica Zanni
40 points: Shirley Fieldhouse
39 points: Helen Rowe
38 points: Dorothy Gourlay, Kath Andrews
37 points: Tessa Meyer

Womens Pins: 3rd Shirley Fieldhouse, 12th Barbara Brabon

Next Games: 
Tuesday 10th August 2010 Cairns Golf Club, Second Round Mens Championships, first round Womens Championships, 
Tuesday 17th August 2010 Mareeba Golf Club, Single Stroke, second round Womens Championships

See you there!