Friday, 30 September 2016

Next Game Babinda 4 Oct


Our game next week is a single stableford at Babinda.

This is the final round of the Patron's Trophy, which has already had 2 rounds washed out & one truncated, so let's hope for decent weather!

The day is sponsored by Cape York Accounting.

See you there.


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Secretary's Report & Results Cairns 27 Sep

Secretary's Report &
Results of the Single Stableford
Played on 27th September 2016
at Cairns Golf Club
83 Players

Secretary's Report

In the absence of Pres. Roger, below is my report. Thanks to Sue for acting at presentations in his place & to the club for catering & bar service.

Despite the great weather we had a disappointing field of 67 men & 16 ladies for the last of our Consistency events. Captain Russ should have the full trophy results out shortly & we live in hope of decent weather for the final round of the Patron's trophy at Babinda next week.

The course was in great condition with decent run, the greens fast & some pins in tricky positions to keep us on our toes. Welcome to visitor Phil Thompson from Balgal golf club.

The day was sponsored by Deb Duffy Real Estate & we thank her for her support.

Our next game is a single stableford at Babinda & no doubt the club will have a cheat sheet with the distances to the various drains as usual. Also, if anyone is taking a buggy & will have a spare seat, please let us know, as we have someone interested in playing who is unable to walk & the club only has one buggy available.

Louis Siedle


Men's Winner Div 1: Dave Lawler 44 points
Men's Runner up Div 1: Wayne Petrohilos 43 points
Men's Winner Div 2: Peter McMenamin 37 points
Men's Runner up Div 2: Jim Pinfield 36 points

Ball Rundown
38 points: Jim Logan
37 points: Graham Ross, Russ Gill
36 points: Ken Baker, John Famularo, Bob Billingham, Peter Edmonds, Robin Tonks
35 points: Graham Morrow, Dick Underwood, Dave Jackson, George Cooley
34 points: Don Kerr, Graham Real, Ian Schofield, Wayne Hoger, Alan Dwyer
33 points: Maurie Smith, Vaughn Edwards, Greg Gibb, Rod Cade, Doug Christison, Gohn Gregan
32 points: Barry Pike, George Studham, Peter Doherty, Keith Hillier, Peter Wyatt, Lou Siedle, John Everall

NTPs men: 5th Wayne Petrohilos, 8th Marcus Morse, 11th Peter Doherty, 17th Peter Johnston

Women's Winner: May Wilkinson 34 points
Women's Runner up: Lily Schirmer 33 points

Ball Rundown:
33 points: Liz Edmonds
32 points: Chris Everall, Lil Benfield
30 points: Edna Atkinson, Choo Lim
29 points: Robyn Harper, Kay Bergiel
NTPs women: 5th Choo Lim, 8th May Wilkinson, 11th Lil Benfield, 17th Claire Hannan

Friday, 23 September 2016

Next Game Cairns 27 Sep


Our game next week is a single stableford event at Cairns & is the last of the Consistency events.

It is sponsored by Deb Duffy Real Estate.

I'm advised the course is in good condition, so see you there.


PS With apologies for the delay, below are the Championship results:


RUNNER UP, Marg Finch 192

RUNNER UP, Lil Benfield 150

RUNNER UP, Robin Tonks 163

NETT WINNER, Keith Hillier 144
RUNNER UP, Roger Glover 145

RUNNER UP, Wal Anthony 178

NETT WINNER, Wal Anthony 136
RUNNER UP, David Jackson 138

RUNNER UP, Wayne Hoger 193

NETT WINNER, Claud Clark 133
RUNNER UP, David Ingram 136

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 20 Sep

Betty Lou PITT 4675.000 Lou SIEDLE 2,048.29
Lily SCHIRMER 4079.500 Robin TONKS 2,023.29
Andrina WILSON 3582.250 John EVERALL 1,749.64
Lois TAIT 2745.000 David JACKSON 1,715.50
Judy ELLIS 2426.100 Russell GILL 1,585.59
Christine EVERALL 2292.500 Greg GIBB 1,579.17
Jothi NAIDOO 2217.500 James LOGAN 1,534.60
Robyn HARPER 2145.600 Keith SCHIRMER 1,519.10
Elizabeth EDMONDS 1843.600 John GREGAN 1,353.77
Lillian BENFIELD 1744.600 Trevor BARRY 1,308.25

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

President's Report & Results Mareeba 20 Sep

Todays’ event was a single stableford with the results counting toward the Consistency Trophy. The field was a disappointing 64 men and 19 women. 

The Mareeba course is beginning to dry out on the fairways so there was plenty of distance to be gained on drives which is pleasing for us oldies.

Our sponsor today is SAVANNAH LIFESTYLE RESORTS and I would like to thank them for the vouchers the winners and runners up received as well as the presentations to the interim winners of the Savannah Cup.
SAVANNAH CUP INTERIM WINNERS; Women, Betty Lou Pitt and men, Robin Tonks.
RUNNERS UP; Women, Lily Schirmer and men, Lou Siedle.

DAILY WOMENS WINNER; Suda Woodward 41 points.
RUNNER UP; Cathie Coverdale 39 points.

WOMENS NTP; 4th Choo Lim, 8th Joy Evans, 11th Chris Everall, 13th Robyn Harper.
36 points, Jenny Albertson.
35 points, Margot Desira, Lily Schirmer, Andrina Wilson.
33 points, Liz Edmonds, Chris Everall, Betty Lou Pitt.
32 points, Joy Evans.

DAILY MENS DIV1 WINNER; Barry Foxover 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Vaughan Edwards, 38 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; John Gregan 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Rod Cade 39 points.

MENS NTP; 4th Trevor Barry, 8th Vaughan Edwards, 11th Roger Glover, 13th Lou Siedle.
38 points, Peter Edmonds, Brian Rowan.
37 points, Geoff Edwards, Ross White, Kevin Ranger, Jim Logan, Doug Christison.
36 points, Gordon Noble, Dick Underwood, Geoff Pratt.
35 points, Alan Dredge, Russ Gill, John Pilbin, Ken Baker, Merv Elms, Bob Billingham, Frank Thelan.
34 points, Roger Glover, Graham Ross, Ian Schofield, David Ingram.
33 points, Brian Norris, John Evans, Peter Wyatt, Bill Eden, Bill Foster, Bill Leonard, Wayne Petrohilos, Barry Pike, Peter Johnson, John Everall.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Next Game Mareeba 20 Sep


Our game next week is a single stableford Consistency event at Mareeba.  I'm told the course is fine with no unusual hazards.  (The final round for the Consistency trophy will be held at Cairns the week after.)

The game is sponsored by Savannah Lifestyle Resorts & the winners & runners up of the second quarter ending in August of the Savannah Cup will also be presented on that day.  That will leave two months for you to sprint to the finish of that particular event, which concludes at the end of October.

See you there.


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 13 Sep

Today we played a stableford event at the Gordonvale club and it was the penultimate round of the Consistency Trophy, with the last round being at Mareeba next week.

The rain yesterday and overnight was obviously enough to give the less dedicated golfers cold feet, but they were the losers as the rain eased around 7.00 AM and those more robust individuals who decided to play were treated to an excellent day for golf. The numbers were 55 men and 9 women.

The sponsor for today was BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB and I remind the lucky winners that the vouchers can be used at either Brothers or Fuller Sports.

I also remind members that the season is nearing its end and as usual our AGM is in early November so if you enjoy being involved in our club you may like to consider a position on our committee. When one looks at the average age of our current committee it is obvious that some younger “blood” would be an advantage for the long term health of our club.

MENS DIV1 WINNER; Garry Long 35 points c/b.
RUNNER UP; Garry Castle 35 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Graham Real 39 points.
RUNNER UP; Allan Dredge 38 points.

MENS NTP; 5th Roger Glover, 8th Ian McLeod-Carey, 14th Roger Smith, 17th Robin Tonks.

35 points, Vaughan Edwards.
34 points, Grahame Webb, Peter Wyatt, Don Kerr.
33 points, Barry Foxover, Lou Siedle.
32 points, Clive Smith, Claud Clark, David Lawler, Roger glover, Barry Pike.
31 points, Robin Tonks, John Everall, David Jackson, George Atkinson, Des Jones, Rod Ingram, Graham Morrow.

WOMENS WINNER; Lois Tait 29 points.
RUNNER UP; Chris Everall 28 points.

WOMENS NTP; 8th & 14th Annette Tesch. 17th Robyn Harper.

27 points, Andrina Wilson, Annette Tesch.
26 points, Margot Desira.
25 points, Robyn Harper.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Next Game Gordonvale 13 Sep


Our next game is a single stableford event & the last qualifying for the Ted Thommasson trophy.

It is sponsored by Brothers Leagues Club.

The course is in good condition, but drains still have plenty of rough at the bottom & some water by the bridges.

See you there.


PS  For those who want to have a look at what's available at Savannah:

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Secretary's Report & Results Gordonvale 6 Sep

Secretary's Report &
Results of the Single Stableford
Played on 6th September 2016
at Gordonvale Golf Club
37 Players

Secretary's Report

In the absence of Pres Roger, who is getting another eye op, below is my report. I'm sure all will wish him well & a speedy return, especially Greg Gibb to whom he gave all his Presidential stuff.

Perhaps because of the late change of venue after lousy weather reports from Millaa Millaa, we had a poor field of only 37 players at Gordonvale, 29 men & 8 ladies, so only one grade was awarded for the men.

Thanks to Gordonvale for hosting us at such short notice. The course was in good condition with the greens improving gradually.

The day was sponsored by Brothers Leagues Club & we thank them for their support.

Our next game is a single stableford, again at Gordonvale, so those playing today should have an advantage!

Louis Siedle


Men's Winner Div 1: Greg Gibb 40 points
Men's Runner up Div 1: Robin Tonks 38 points

Ball Rundown
37 points: Darryl de Clifford
36 points: Trevor Barry, Albert Smith
35 points: Dave Ingram, Brian Rowan
34 points: Bill Foster, Maurie Smith, Harvey Blanch, Brian Norris, Russ Gill
33 points: Keith Schirmer
32 points: Rick Gooderham
31 points: Eric Pihlhjerta, Rod Cade, George Atkinson, Gary Castle, Dave Jackson

NTPs men: 3rd Robin Tonks, 8th Lou Siedle, 12th Ross White, 17th Darryl de Clifford

Women's Winner: Lois Tait 29 points
Women's Runner up: Betty Lou Pitt 29 points c/b

Ball Rundown:
29 points: Judy Ellis
28 points: Lily Schirmer, Annette Tesch
27 points: Lil Benfield

NTPs women: 5th nil, 8th Edna Atkinson, 12th Judy Ellis, 14th Chris Everall

Monday, 5 September 2016

Millaa Millaa Game CANCELLED, Gordonvale Instead


We've been advised the weather at Millaa is atrocious today, with the forecast for more of the same tomorrow, so the game there is cancelled.

We have arranged a game at GORDONVALE instead, as it is in good condition with the drains clear of water (at this stage anyway) except around the bridges.  However, there is rough at the bottom of them, so they are best avoided!  The greens are also improving.

See you there.


Savannah Cup Leaders as at 5 Sep

PITT, Betty Lou 4,207.50 SIEDLE, Lou 1,904.79
SCHIRMER, Lily 3,727.00 TONKS, Robin 1,638.79
WILSON, Andrina 3,282.25 EVERALL, John 1,608.14
ELLIS, Judy 2,070.10 JACKSON, David 1,577.50
HARPER, Robyn 1,989.60 GILL, Russell 1,457.59
TAIT, Lois 1,975.00 LOGAN, James 1,435.10
EVERALL, Christine 1,817.50 SCHIRMER, Keith 1,422.10
EDMONDS, Elizabeth 1,758.60 SMITH, Roger 1,227.50
BENFIELD, Lillian 1,644.60 JOHNSTON, Peter 1,186.68
WILKINSON, May 1,073.58 DOHERTY, Peter 1,177.50

Friday, 2 September 2016

Next Game Millaa Millaa 6 Sep


Our game next week is at Millaa Millaa, so hopefully the weather will be kind for a change.

It is a Patron's Trophy round & a single stableford.  (You will no doubt be glad to hear we have no more stroke rounds this year!)

Sponsor for the day is Brothers Leagues Club, but Bob Billingham has kindly added some further interest by donating balls to be awarded for:
-  half doz balls to NTP from off the green on the 3rd /12th
-  least putts for the round, 
-  longest putt holed on 9th/18th
-  the NAGA.

See you there.


PS  We're currently working on finalising the Championship results, which will be posted asap.