Thursday, 28 February 2013

Savannah Cup Competition for 2013


FNQVGA has introduced a new event to be played for during the 2013 golfing season.  The competition will be called the Savannah Cup and is sponsored by Savannah Lifestyle Resorts at Mareeba.

It follows the format of the Fedex Cup event which is in its 7th season of playing on the US PGA tour.
Points will be allocated to players competing in single player events which started at Gordonvale on the 19th February, and finishing at Gordonvale on the 26th November.
Points are to be allocated from 1st to 66th position in the mens event, and to all competing female players.
Unlike the Fedex PGA Tour competition there will be no playoff format.
Both male and female veteran players who have received the most points during the year's single player events will be declared the winners.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd placegetters.

A computer program has been set up to allocate points during the year, and points sheets will be available for members to view at each Tuesday competition.
Points will be allocated against players scores, not by winning individual handicap divisions.

In the first round at Gordonvale on the 19th February 3 male players had 40 stableford points each and shared the 500 points first prize, the 300 points second prize and the 190 points third prize, giving each player (Alan Dwyer, Noel Webster, and Russ Gill) 330 points each.

In the Ladies division Jane Johannsen was outright winner with 37 stableford points and received 500 points, Elaine Sandilant was outright second with 300 points and Chris Everall/Joan Ranger/Lois Tait tied 3rd with 145 points each.

The Association trusts you will enjoy this new format during the 2013 season.

Colin Johannsen
Vice President

Monday, 25 February 2013

National Championships - Canberra 18-22 Nov


If you are interested in going to the Veteran Golfers National Championships in Canberra in November, check out these links and

Just remember what some wise guy said, "to be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target!"


Louis Siedle

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

President's Report & Results 19 Feb at Gordonvale

President's Report &
Results of the Single Stableford Competition
Played on 19th February 2013
at Gordonvale Golf Club
118 Players

President's Report

A good field of 28 ladies & 90 men braved what looked like becoming a wet day but which turned out dry after a brief shower, if very hot & humid. The course was in pretty good condition, although the drains had water in them & thick rough, but you had been warned!

Thanks to Garry, Kim & Justin for looking after us & keeping up with the sandwiches. Thank you also to Cazalys for sponsoring the event.   I'm sure the winners will enjoy the meal vouchers & if you aren't already members, why not join up & see what the club has to offer.

Welcome to 42 renewing members & to seven new ones, Judy & Malcolm Bottrill of Atherton, Martin Gunther of Cairns, Lance Hore of Warringah, NSW, & Joy Evans, Jenny Alberton & Garry Long of Gordonvale.

Our next game is at Atherton golf club on 5th March, but if you can't wait that long, the next Tablelands Summer of Golf game is at Mareeba on 26th February.

For those looking for a game a bit further afield & further out, the Qld Veterans State Golf Championship is at Woodford golf club on 13th & 14th May, entry $50. June has some nomination forms, or you can email QVGU at

Also, as we support worthy causes, Mal Arthur is heading overseas with his wife & a friend to help complete a medical centre in Lusaka, Zambia. He has paid for all expenses of the trip, but is looking for donations to help with the fitout of the centre estimated at $15,000, so if you would like to know more or make a contribution, see him, or email

Louis Siedle


Men's Winner Div 1: Russ Gill 40 points
Men's Runner up Div 1: Lou Siedle 37 points
Men's Winner Div 2: Alan Dwyer 40 points
Men's Runner up Div 2: Noel Webster 40 points

Ball Rundown

38 points: Cec Turner, Masa Kato, John Pilbin, Brian Rowan, Terry Jenkins, Barry Pike
37 points: Dave Bennett, Zbig Bergiel, Barry Hartley
36 points: Eiji Watanabe, Hiroshi Hosaka, Dale Wust, Colin Johannsen, Terry Wallin, Ross Treacy, George Kyriazis, Herb Golightly, Darryl Kink, Len Manoff, Col McDowall
35 points: Graham Real, Harvey Blanch, Barry Butt, Laurie Bell, Ian Tindall, Max Crittenden, Des Jones, Mike van Cuylenburg, John Famularo, Wal Anthony, Bill Eden
34 points: John Lucas, Eric Pihlhjerta, Jim May, Frank Thelan, Peter Penny, Thomas Stager, Neil Sharkey, John Everall
33 points: Max Smith, Rod Cade, Arthur Jackson, Greg Gibb, George Atkinson, Lance Hore

NTPs men: 5th Jim Logan, 8th Greg Gibb, 14th Rod Cade, 17th John Curtis

Women's Winner: Jane Johannsen 37 points
Women's Runner up: Elaine Sandilant 34 points

Ball Rundown:

32 points: Joan Ranger, Chris Everall, Lois Tait
30 points: Suda Woodford, Joy Evans
29 points: Ann Perrett, June Willmot
28 points: Kazuko Watanabe, May Wilkinson

NTPs women: 3rd Chris Everall, 12th Ann Perrett

Friday, 15 February 2013

Next Game Gordonvale GC 19 Feb


Our game next Tuesday is a single stableford at Gordonvale golf club.

The course is in good condition, but the drains may well have water in them if there's any more rain & it tends to linger around the bridges.  All drains have long rough in them too & there is a fair bit of leaf litter to make your excursions into the trees interesting, so the secret is to stay on the fairway (as always & if only...)!

Sponsor for the day is Cazalys.

See you there.

Louis Siedle

PS  The Great Barrier Reef Masters Games has put out an info sheet.  It is on from 8-11 August & the link is

I'll be putting more updates about it on the blog as I get them.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

President's Report & Results 5 February at Mareeba

President's Report &
Results of the 4BBB Stableford
Played on 5th February 2013
at Mareeba Golf Club
112 Players

President's Report

We had a good field of 100 men & 12 ladies at Mareeba for our first game of the season, which was played in pleasant weather with a cooling breeze. The greenkeeper had left, but the course was in good condition & a credit to Kevin Moore & the usual volunteers – well done.

Thanks to Sherry who looked after us & prepared the sandwiches. It was a baptism of fire for another new staff member! Thanks also to Mitre 10, Mareeba for sponsoring the event.

Welcome to visitors Rob Blackman of Maryborough, Shane Badge of Bareeba & Ross Ellen of Gordonvale & to new members Gordon Redding of Mareeba, John Mitchell of Palms, Ken Smithson & Craig Barclay of Half Moon Bay & Trevor Barry of Gordonvale. Our membership for the new year stands at 112 & our Treasurer looks forward to banking many more renewals at our next registration on 19 February at Gordonvale!

Our next game in a fortnight is a Single Stableford at Gordonvale golf club, sponsored by Cazalys.

Look forward to seeing you there, but if you can't wait that long, the next Tablelands Summer of Golf game is at Atherton on 12 Feb.

Louis Siedle


Winners: Ron Cade and Graham Morrow 51 points
Second place: Keith Wilmett and Rick Gooderham 49 points c/b
Third place: Bob Billingham and Brian Rowan 49 points

Ball Rundown
47 points: John Parker and John Debel, Max Crimmins and Barry Hartley, John Famularo and John Curtis, Gordon Thomas and Len Manoff
46 points: Jim Logan and Greg Gibb, Gordon Redding and Peter Mullins, Bill Foster and Bill Leonard, Graham Ross and Ted Lander
45 points: Claud Clark and Brian Miller, June Wilmott and Lois Tait
44 points: Rob Blackman,and Ian Tindall, Harry Aly Khan and Ken Baker, Mike Blunt and Bruce Gilmore, John Lucas and Mike Van Cuylenburg, Russ Gill and Des Jones, Roger Smith and Dave Parrish
43 points: Craig Barclay and Ken Smithson, Merv Hains and John Mitchell, Barry Pike and Les Doolan, Dale Wust and Jim May, George Atkinson and Edna Atkinson, Wal Anthony and Thomas Stager

NTPs men: 4thHarvey Blanch, 8thEddie Spry, 11thGeorge Atkinson, 13thKen Smithson
NTPs women: 4th May Willkinson, 11th Betty Lou Pitt