Saturday, 29 July 2017

Next Game Half Moon Bay 1 Aug


Our game next week is a single stableford event playing for the Ted Thomasson trophy.

I'm told the course is in good condition but no doubt the usual hazards will keep everyone on their toes & there's always the catering at the end to look forward to!

Sponsor for the day is Health & Fitness Solutions & Scott is planning to be with us for a game, so you can talk with him to plan your exercise regime.


PS  It seems that more and more members are not putting their Golflink number on their cards and others just putting their last few numbers on.  This makes the Captain's job difficult & time consuming as he has no idea what club you are from.  Please ensure that you put your full Golflink number on your card.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

President's Report & Results Cairns 25 July

The “golfing gods” provided another perfect day for golf and 96 men and 20 ladies turned out at Cairns Golf Club to make sure the opportunity was not wasted. The event was the first round of the Stanton Bailey Memorial Shield. This is one of our major annual prizes and is awarded to the player having the best nett score over 3 rounds including the club championships, this is the reason we played stroke today.

The sponsor today was DEBORAH DUFFY ESTATE AGENT and I would like to thank her for the Cairns golf club vouchers awarded to the lucky winners and runners up.

Treasurer John signed up 5 new members today in Martin Long of Cairns, Trevor Grossman of North Adelaide, Brian Guest of Half Moon Bay, John Lombardi of Innisfail and a special welcome to Margaret Elliott visiting from Ireland. We also had visitors from Yarrambat and Maroochy River.

MENS DIV1 WINNER; Roger Smith nett 70 (multi c/b)
RUNNER UP; Roger Glover nett 70.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Peter Anderson nett 63.
RUNNER UP; Bill Eden nett 67.

MENS NTP; 5th Chris Dunn, 8th Darryl deClifford, 11th Marcus Morse, 17th John Lombardi.

70 nett, Rama Naidoo, Peter Wyatt, Don Kerr, Wal Anthony.
71 nett, George Studham, Don McHardie, Graham Ross.
72 nett, Dave Lawler.
73 nett, Tom Finch, Peter Edmonds, Peter Doherty, Steve Edwards, Greg Gibb, Robin Tonks.
74 nett, Brian Brown.
75 nett, Thomas Stager, Tim Holman, Ken Smithson, Warren Wright, Jim Pinfield.
76 nett, Trevor Grossman, Bruce Jenner, Chris Dunn, Max Smith, Maurie Lankester, Yasuo Kumagae, Peter McMenamin.
77 nett, Garry Tudehope, Gordon Smith, Jim Logan, George Brew, Martin Long, Kim McKay,
Leon Dransfield, Brian Guest, Craig Alman.

LADIES WINNER; May Wilkinson nett 74 c/b.
RUNNER UP; Liz Edmonds nett 74.

LADIES NTP. 5th May Wilkinson, 8th Jothi Naidoo, 11th Lesley Ross, 17th Jan Wundersitz.

76 nett, Georgie Jarred.
77 nett, Suda Woodward.
79 nett, Lois Tait, Chris Everall.
80 nett, Jane Taylor.
81 nett, Glynis McGrath.
82 nett, Judy Guzzwell, Jan Wundersitz, Lil Benfield.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Next Game Cairns 25 July


Our game next week is a single stroke event at Cairns, being the first of the three rounds for the Stanton Bailey trophy, (so you will have to count all your shots instead of picking up & walking onto the next tee like all the easy games you've had so far this year)!  The other two rounds for this trophy are our Championship rounds in late August.

I'm advised the course is in excellent condition, which usually means the greens will be slick.

Sponsor for the day is Deb Duffy Estate Agent.

See you there.


PS  Tuesday is the last day for ordering shirts, so if you want one, please see Lois at registration.

PPS  As the Captain has to send the players' Stableford scores to Golf link for handicapping, members are requested to enter both their stroke score and Stableford scores on the card to assist the Captain.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

President's Report & Results Millaa Millaa 18 July

Today was our first trip to Millaa Millaa this season and they turned on perfect weather for us. The course is in great condition and there was no excuse for bad golf (me in particular). The welcome, as usual was warm and I thank the members for the food and coffee. Yes, I know it is an early start but many of our tableland players do it week after week with not a word of complaint.

There were 52 players in the field which was made up of 42 men and 10 ladies. The shooting was hot from the start and it looked like nearest the pin on the first was done and dusted with the first gaggle putting a couple of balls very close, but then along came Bill Miller who just knocked it in the hole for an ace. Well done Bill.

The sponsor today was GOLF WORLD and we thank them for the store vouchers presented to the winners and runners up.


MENS WINNER; Peter Doherty 39 points.
RUNNER UP; Ron Crispin 38 points c/b.

MENS NTP; 1st/ 10th Bill Miller (hole in one). 5Th/ 14th Garry Castle.

38 points, Max Smith.
36 points, George Studham, Rama Naidoo, Bill Eden, Bill Miller.
35 points, Bruce Jenner, Wal Anthony, Bob Billingham, Brian Rowan.
33 points, Peter Johnston, Marcus Morse.
32 points, Tony Lattimore, Don McHardie, Evert van Kleef, Tom Stager, Lance Pedrana, George Cooley, Rod Ingram, Peter Dalziel.

LADIES WINNER; Adie Crispin 39 points.
RUNNER UP; Chris Everall 35 points.

LADIES NTP; 1st/10th Rhoda Pedrana, 5th / 14th Adie Crispin.

33 points, Rhoda Pedrana.
32 points, Andrina Wilson, Lois Tait.
28 points, Georgie Jarred.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Next Game Millaa Millaa 18 July


Our next game is the first round of our Patron's Trophy at Millaa Millaa & is the first of the 4 rounds at the two 9 hole courses we play.

The game is a single stableford & I expect the course will be well presented as usual.

Our sponsor for the day is Golf World Cairns.

See you there.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 11 July

Today was a single stableford event at the Gordonvale club. The weather was a little windy later in the morning but otherwise perfect, with the course getting better each time we visit there. The field of 114 included 24 ladies and 90 men. We also had visitors from New Zealand, Tasmania and Victoria. Welcome to new members, Bill Miller and Di Tyrell-Miller who are members at Howlong on the Murray.

Today we say a temporary farewell to our new friend John Tolhurst who is the professional at Kooralbyn Valley resort and golf course. John scored 39 points today from a 3 handicap which equates to a par round but John was still smarting over a missed short putt which proves to me that it does not matter how good the round, there is always one that got away that would have made it much better.  Hurry back John.

The sponsor today was KENNEDY'S BETTA HOME LIVING of McLeod street Cairns and we thank them for the store vouchers that the winners and runners up took home.

Don't forget that next week we play at Millaa Millaa so coastal dwellers will need to be up early or perhaps you could consider a night at the caravan park adjoining the course or a room at the pub on Monday night. What ever you decide it will be a good days golf.


MENS DIV 1 WINNER; Lou Siedle 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Lance Pedrana 37 points.

MENS DIV 2 WINNER; Wal Anthony 38 points c/b
RUNNER UP; Jeff McGrath.

MENS NTP; 5th David Lawler, 14th Garry Castle, 17th Leon Dransfield.

39 points, John Tolhurst.
38 points, Bruce Walters.
36 points, John Lucas, David Ingram, Ian Tracey, Darryl Caplick, John Famularo.
35 points, Mike Van Cuylenburg,Peter Jostsons, Evert Van Kleef, Keith Schirmer, Bob Turner,
Marcus Morse,Peter Johnston, Brian Rowan, Peter Dalziel.
34 points, Des Jones, Roger Smith, Graham Real, Don Kerr, Jim Logan, Doug Christison.
33 points, Rama Naidoo, Steve Edwards, Barry Butt, George Cooley, Tom Finch.
32 points, John Everall, Dave Lawler, Graham Webb, Michael Taylor, Barry Vining, Darryl deClifford, Garry Long, George Brew, Eric Pihlhjerta.
31 points, Trevor Gordon, Craig Alman, Alan Dwyer, Geoff Pratt, David Bennett, Bill Eden, Trevor Barry, Garry Castle, John Gregan, David Jackson, Greg Gibb.

LADIES WINNER; Suda Woodward, 34 points.
RUNNER UP; Kaye Murdoch 33 points.

LADIES NTP; 3rd Tracey Dickinson, 8th Lily Schirmer, 14th Rhoda Pedrana, 17th Annette Tesch.

32 points, Glynis McGrath, Lil Benfield, Kay Bergiel, Adie Crispin.
30 points, Jane Taylor.
29 points, Andrina Wilson, Tracey Dickinson, Cathie Coverdale, Chris Everall.
28 points. Lois Tait.
27 points, Lily Schirmer, Rhoda Pedrana.
26 points, May Wilkinson, Julie Wallace, Di Tyrell-Miller.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Next Game Gordonvale 11 July


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency event at Gordonvale.

The game is sponsored by Kennedys Betta Home Living.

The course is in good condition with greens continuing to improve nicely, but after the rain last week the drains are, as usual, best avoided.

See you there.


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

President's Report & Results Cairns 4 July

It seems as though I had only just posted a gloomy outlook for our game at Cairns today, than the rain stopped and the morning brought a fine sunny day and even the course dried out considerably. Fortunately, not too many people read my posts or else they don't believe what I write as 68 men and 16 ladies turned up for a game regardless. The bunkers were GUR and we were allowed preferred lies to give the chance to clean mud off the ball but this was rarely necessary.

We welcomed visitors from Warburton, Howlong and Nowra as well as one new member in Chris Dunn of Cairns.

The sponsor today was DEBORAH DUFFY ESTATE AGENT as has been the case when we have had games at her home club, Cairns. Thank you Deb and we look forward to having you out for a game with us some time soon.


LADIES WINNER;  Chris Everall  35 points.
RUNNER UP; Lil Benfield  33 points.

LADIES NTP;  5th Jane Taylor, 8th Tracey Dickinson, 11 th & 17th Kaye Murdoch.

33 points,  May Wilkinson.
32 points, Lesley Ross.
28 points, Lily Schirmer, Lois Tait.
27 points, Andrina Wilson, Kaye Murdoch, Rhoda Penrana.

MENS DIV1 WINNER,  Dennis Vohland  42 points.
RUNNER UP,  Neil Hamilton  39 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER,  Graeme Chappel  45 points.
RUNNER UP,  Peter Edmonds  40 points.

MENS NTP; 5th John Tolhurst, 8th Neil Hamilton, 11th & 17th Dennis Vohland.

39 points, Ian Tindall, Chris Dunn, Don McHardie.
38 points, Tim Hollman, Roger Glover.
37 points,  Steve Edwards, Robin Tonks.
36 points,  Gordon Noble, George Cooley.
35 points,  Doug Christison, Claud Clark, Graham Ross, Dave Lawler, Peter Anderson, Ross Ellen, John Tolhurst.
34 points,  Rod Cade, Peter Doherty, Merv Elms, Rama Naidoo, Keith Schirmer, David Jackson.
33 points,  Dennis Lankester, Evert Van Kleef, Graham George, Michael Taylor, Tom Finch,
Lance Penrana

Monday, 3 July 2017

5 PM Monday 3rd.

I have just spoken to the proshop at Cairns G C and they have informed me that they do not intend to close the course and we are welcome to play in any conditions!!! however there is water on the fairways and in the bunkers and carts must remain on the paths. I will leave the choice up to the individual. I will be there to see if a game is possible so feel free to come and have a coffee with me.