Tuesday, 20 February 2018

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 20 Feb

After our initial game for 2018 at Mareeba was washed out, today our members played our first actual game for the year at Gordonvale. The early part of the day was bright and sunny but the heat quickly built and eventually provided very trying conditions, especially for those who decided to walk the course. The course was in good condition and the drains just as welcoming as ever. A total of 83 players, consisting of 65 men and 18 ladies took to the field, playing a Single Stableford event. The sponsor for the day was CAZALY’S FOOTBALL CLUB and we thank them for their contribution.

Anthony, the President of Gordonvale, was in attendance earlier in the day and assisted in distributing the N.T,P. markers to their respective holes and setting up the Drive Accuracy Event. Gordonvale Golf Club also sponsored two $25 Vouchers for the Men’s and Ladies’ Driving Accuracy Competition. Anthony mentioned that the Club has a game on Thursdays at a cost of $20 for 18 holes and all Vets looking for a game are welcome to attend.

Today we welcomed 5 new members to our Association. They were Lee Anne Phayer (Paradise Palms), John Richards (Gordonvale), Vaughan Smith (Innisfail), Len Fase and Jim Thomson (Half Moon Bay).

Several of our Committee were out of action on the day due to injuries. Russ Gill and Wal Anthony, although not being able to play, attended and checked the scorecards. Secretary Lou was laid up at home with complications after an operation on his foot on Friday. Although it’s only early days, the Association’s “Smooth Talker of the Year Award” must go to Lou for being able to convince his wife, Jan, to deliver The Prize Vouchers and other correspondence to Gordonvale in time for registration. Our sincere thanks go to Jan for her effort in this regard (Lou says she normally just tells him not to forget his hat when he wakes her early.)

With the hope of good weather continuing, it looks as though the day to be held at Mirage Country Club on 27th March, is going to be well attended. At last count today there were 45 who have paid their $10.00 deposit. There were indications by a number of players that they would be attending and would pay their deposit next game at Half Moon Bay. We were originally given a time slot of 40 with the possibility of expansion of this number and I will be pursuing this option in the next day or two and any further details will be placed on the Blog. It is important, if you want to play on the day and can’t make the HMB game you should arrange for someone to pay the $10 deposit for you.

A short time ago, the Queensland Veteran Golfers Union sent our Association a letter reinforcing that “Country Members or Remote Members” of Golf Clubs were not eligible to be members of any Queensland Veteran Golfers Club/Association and were not eligible to take part in any competition run by the State body or individual Veterans Associations or Clubs affiliated with that body. They must be Full Members of a Golf Club. This means that “Grey Nomads” who visit here and are Country Members of Clubs similar to Howlong (which was the prime target of this clause) will no longer be able to play in any of our weekly competitions or other events. This has been further reinforced when a motion seeking deletion of this clause in the Q.V.G.U Constitution was defeated at the recent A.G.M. of that body.

Yours in golf,


MEN’S DIVISION I. WINNER: Roger Glover, 39 points, C/B.
RUNNER UP: Maurie Smith, 39 points

MEN’S DIVISION 2 WINNER: Alan Dwyer, 40 points.
RUNNER UP: Ron Barnes, 35 points.

37 Points: George Kyriazis
36 Points: Kevin Walsh, Peter Wyatt, Jeff McGrath, Robin Tonks, John Everall.
35 Points: John Tolhurst
34 Points: Doug Christison, Bill Matthews, George Atkinson, Bob Billingham, Craig Alman.
33 Points: Michael Tylor, Peter Dalziel, Tim Holman.
32 Points: Graham Ross, Dave Ingram, John Gregan, Roger Smith.
31 Points: John Evans, John Richards, Evert Van Kleef, Ian Schofield, Cec Turner, Gordon Noble, David Jackson.

N.T.P’s. 5th George Kyriazis, 8th Maurie Smith, 14th John Evans, 17th Ross White.

Drive Accuracy 13th Len Fase.

LADIES’ WINNER: Judy Guzzwell, 35 Points C/B.
RUNNER UP: Tracy Dickinson, 35 Points.

31 Points: Edna Atkinson.
29 Points: Andrina Wilson.
28 Points: Cathy Coverdale.
27 Points: Liz Edmonds, Lee Anne Phayer.
26 Points: Glynis McGrath.
24 Points: Jane Tylor, Jenny Albertson, Julie Wallace.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Edna Atkinson, 8th Jane Taylor, 14th Andrina Wilson, 17th Julie Wallace.

Drive Accuracy 7th Judy Guzzwell.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Next Game Gordonvale 20 Feb


Our game next Tuesday is a single stableford at Gordonvale, sponsored by Cazalys AFL.

The course is in good condition considering the amount of rain we had & the greens staff have done well getting the mowing done, but as you would expect, the drains still have water in them & there's no way mowers can get down into them, so keep well clear!

The club have also been generous to us by sponsoring an additional two $25 vouchers.  These are for nearest to the red marker on 7 for ladies & to the blue marker on 13 for men.  Both positions will be clearly indicated by a post in the fairway.

Another reminder, Pres. Greg has arranged an extra game for us- Tuesday 27 March at Mirage Country Club for $35pp with cart.  (Players can pay an extra $10 if they want their scores to be included in the Mirage Daily Comp on that same day (no compulsion)).

If you are interested in playing on that day, please let us know at registration over the next few weeks.  We will require a booking fee of $10 to reserve your place, which will come off your entry on the day, or you can put it towards the entry for the Mirage Daily Comp.

Registration 7am.  First tee time 8am.  
Mirage Country Club has sponsored prizes of 2 x $45 vouchers and 2 x $25 vouchers.


PS  For those interested in FNQ Golf events, they are developing a new website at  http://www.fnqgolf.com.au/, but a copy of their handbook as well as registration documentation for their events can be obtained from your club.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

President's Report Mareeba 6 Feb

Hi All,

With the heavy rain that fell over the past 36 hours only ten committed members turned up to Mareeba this morning. The ten consisted of six ordinary members (who obviously have to get a life) and four Committee members who were only there because they had to be. There was some suggestion that the bad weather was only part of the reason for the reduced attendance. This was coupled with an allegation that Vice President Rob was circulating a rumour that my address at Presentation would possibly exceed half an hour in length. He denies this allegation emphatically.

Although yesterday afternoon Rod Cade had mowed tees, etc., in the hope we would be able to play, the overnight rain made the course unplayable and so the game was cancelled. To add to this disappointment, particularly for those travelling from the Cairns area, an accident and a fallen tree created long delays on the Range road.

There was one highlight of the day with a new Lady Member, Enid Leonard from Mareeba, joining our organisation. A welcome is also extended to Peter Billingham of Caloundra and Rod Turner of Dooreen, Victoria, who both joined late last year.

As a heads-up, in the event of inclement weather, the Association's aim is to give timely warning of cancellation of any game. This is done, where possible, through the blog site and, if practicable, by way of email. Because of the severe and sudden nature of some weather situations in the Far North this is not always achievable and/or timely. In these cases, Members should determine their own course of action.

Members are reminded to get their teams together for the 4BBB game at Mirage on 27th March. We will commence to collect names at our next game at Gordonvale in a fortnight and this will continue up to about 13th March. Those who can’t arrange a team will be accommodated by the Committee on the day.

See you at Gordonvale.

Yours in Golf,
El Presidente”.

Friday, 2 February 2018

2018 First Game at Mareeba


We hope you are rested, relaxed & ready to reduce your handicap in 2018.

Our first game for the season is a single stableford event next Tuesday 6 Feb at Mareeba.

We will, as usual, be playing fortnightly for the next few weeks, although in response to several comments made last year (see, we do listen to you), our new Pres has arranged a surprise extra game for you at the end of March as follows:

Tuesday 27 March at Mirage Country Club for $35pp with cart.  (Players can pay an extra $10 if they want their scores to be included in the Mirage Daily Comp on that same day (no compulsion)).

Provisional number booked is 40, but this can be expanded depending on response.  If you are interested in playing on that day, please let us know at registration over the next few weeks.  We will require a booking fee of $10 to reserve your place, which will come off your entry on the day, or you can put it towards the entry for the Mirage Daily Comp.

Registration 7am.  First tee time 8am.

Mirage Country Club has sponsored prizes of 2 x $45 vouchers and 2 x $25 vouchers.

Keep reading for a message from Greg our new Pres.


Hi All

We are getting close to starting another year of Vets golf in the Far North. Again, due to a great effort by Secretary Lou, the vast majority of games are sponsored this year. Our normal sponsors have come aboard to help promote Veteran’s golf, a by-product of which is lower fees for all. As can be seen on the 2018 Program the sponsors are Drummond Golf, Golf World (who will be sponsoring the Championships), Health and Fitness Solutions, Cazalys, Brothers, Stackapots Vertical Gardens and Wal Anthony. We are pleased to welcome three new sponsors, Stratford Painting Contractors, HMB Golf Club and Mirage Golf Resort and thank them for their contributions.

Competition Fees for the year, which have already been announced, will be $15.00 although Membership Fees will remain the same at $10.00. The Comp Fees are made up of $14, which the Clubs have agreed to, the whole of which is paid to the Clubs and $1.00 which will go to our Association.

Secretary Lou has detailed in the January Blog, details of the prices and availability of carts at the various courses at which we play. Those needing carts at the courses with limited supplies should make early reservations so as not to be disappointed.

Treasurer John has asked me to let the members know that, if not paid already, Membership Fees are due on the date of the first game on our Program, i.e., 6th February, 2018. In accordance with the Association’s Policy, those players who are not financial Members are ineligible to win any trophy in our normal weekly competitions until they become financial.

I trust that we all have a happy and healthy golfing season and that our deeds and results
in all regards exceed our expectations.

Yours in golf,