Tuesday, 19 March 2019

President's Report & Results Atherton 19 Mar

Hi Members,

Today`s game was back to normal with a single stableford at Atherton Golf Club with 40 starters consisting of 34 men & 6 ladies. Today`s sponsor was the REEF CASINO, a new sponsor for the FNQVGA in 2019 and hopefully will become a regular sponsor in the coming years, welcome to the REEF CASINO.

Congratulations to the brave 40 members who turned up for a game and nearly all completed their round as the weather was very ordinary but the course was in good condition considering the amount of rain that has hit us recently. Well done guys and gals a credit to you all for persevering.

Everyone should be now aware of the Mirage game programmed for Friday 14 June @ $35 per head incl buggy. For nominations please see Bob Billingham at registration as he has prepared a spreadsheet for those intending to play and will gladly accept the $35. This game was extremely popular last year and will fill up fast.

The Mirage game is an add on to our program and therefore we do not have a sponsor so the committee has decided to run 3 x 100 raffles @ $2 a tkt with prizes of $70 for 1st & $30 for 2nd for each of the 3 raffles which realises $300 for the lucky winners and $300 for the daily trophy winners so in effect our members be our own sponsor for the Mirage game. Please see either Bob or Andrina at registration to purchase a ticket.

The FNQVGA next game will be at Cairns on 02 Apr and Mareeba will be the venue for the final game of the Tablelands Summer of Golf next week as the Vets will resume our weekly games as programmed.

Robin Pres.


Winner: Ross Ellen on 36 pts
Runner Up: Russ Gill on 35 pts

Winner: Tracey Dickinson on 29 pts

All those brave souls who remained for presentation regardless of their score received a ball.


MENS: 11th Graham Chappel & 13th Grant Scott as 18 was a skinner.

LADIES: 3rd, 11th & 18th all belonged to the straight shooter Liz Edmonds

Friday, 15 March 2019

Next Game Atherton 19 Mar


Our next game is a single stableford at Atherton.

I'm advised the course is in good condition with the new 16th hole in play, but all carts are now booked out.

The game is sponsored by Reef Casino.

See you there.


PS More dates for your diary:

1.  11-14 Feb 2020 - Norfolk Island Veterans Golf tournament.  If you want to know more about this, chat with Frank Thelan who reckons it is a great time out, or contact joyce@travelcentre.nf, or the flyer is available from http://www.qvgu.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Norfolk-Island-2020.pdf

2.  20-21 May 2019 - Qld Veteran Closed State Championship at Maroochy River Golf Club.  Enquiries edmerryl.berry@gmail.com or ph Ed Berry 5448 9414. Nominations close 26 April & forms can be downloaded from http://www.qvgu.com.au/championships/

Monday, 11 March 2019

Millaa Game 12 Mar is ON


We've been advised the Tablelands summer of golf game at Millaa Millaa tomorrow is on.


Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Dates for your Diary

1.  Mirage Game

Following the success & favourable comments of the extra game at Mirage resort last year, our President has held discussions with them to see if they would be interested in hosting us again.

As a result of this, the following has been agreed:

Date: Friday 14 June
Cost: $35 per head incl buggy, paid in advance to our Treasurer.  (No refunds will be given unless cancellations are notified to us at least one week before the event.)
Time: Shotgun start 0800, must be there by 0730,
Numbers: Max 120, (no hopeful turnups on the day will be accepted)
Event: Single Stableford managed by Vets,
Lunch: to be pre-ordered using Mirage order form,
Presentation area: external bar area as per last year,
Admin Area: Upstairs as per last year incl w/board,
Parking: Main car park area and
Bag drop: Arranged as per last year by Mirage staff.

2.  2019 Tropic of Capricorn Veterans Golf Carnival 19-26 Aug

Details from www.cqvets.com

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

President's Report & Results HMB 5 Mar

Hi Members,

Todays game was something different a 2 person Ambrose at HMBGC with 84 starters consisting of 61 men & 23 ladies. Todays sponsor was Cazaly`s AFL who have continued their support for 2019, much appreciated by all members.

There were 9 new members today, Bob Adams (Castlecove Sydney), Robin Beck (Atherton), Christine Ruddick (Gordonvale) Reanne Warne, Sharyn Harrington, Liz Girdler, Frances Merkel, Peggy Nitschke and Julie Carran all from HMBGC, welcome to you all. Also welcome back to Keith Hillier who has been out of action for approx 18 months.

The weather was excellent and the course was in great shape and by all reports everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and appreciated some fine weather for a change, perhaps the rain is going to some other area than the far north finally. Appreciation to Greg Ferry and his team for their fine efforts for the presentation of the course, also many thanks to Greg for donating a slab (won by an over excited Darryl De Clifford) to the members who stay behind for the presentations and supported HMBGC.

A short reminder for members when finishing their game please put your score on the board prior to putting your gear away as it assists the Captain & V/Captain finalising the results and quicken up the presentation.

The FNQVGA next game will be at Atherton on 19 Mar and Millaa Millaa will be the venue for next week`s Tablelands Summer of Golf game.

Robin Pres.


Winners: Russ Gill & Ian Macleod-Carey with 62&1/2
Runners Up: Craig Alman & John Lombardi on 63

63&1/4 Claud Clark & Kevin Walsh
63&3/4 Vaughn Smith & Ian McDonald
64&1/4 Bill Eden & Tae Zheng
64&1/2 Andrina Wilson & Robin Tonks.
65 Rod Cade & Graham Morrow
65&1/4 Dave Jackson & Garry Castle
68&1/4 John Gregan & George Kyriazis, Neil Hamilton & Russell Lawrence, Sandy & Darryl Caplick
68&3/4 Roger Glover & Dave Lawler, Roger Smith & Barry Pike.
69 Ross White & Keith Hillier, Peter Wyatt & Darryl Chandler, Peter Walters & Jack Dempsey


MENS: 3rd Dave Jackson 9th Russell Lawrence 11th Neil Hamilton & 16th Michael Taylor

LADIES: 11th Reanne Warne & 16th Andrina Wilson 4 & 9 skinner for Vets

Monday, 4 March 2019



We have been advised that the full course is open and in good condition. They are renovating 5 tees so you will tee off forward on a couple of holes.

Don't forget the kitchen will be closed but sandwiches will be available.


Thursday, 28 February 2019

Next Game Half Moon Bay 5 Mar


Our next game is a 2ball Ambrose at Half Moon Bay & if you haven't already arranged your partners don't worry, we'll pair you up with someone.

The course should be in good condition as there is no persistent rain forecast, but in case we do get some, we could end up playing their wet course.

We're advised that the kitchen is in process of being renovated, so the usual eagerly awaited hamburgers will not be available.  However, there will be sandwiches.

The game is sponsored by Cazalys AFL.

See you there.


Monday, 25 February 2019

Mareeba Game 26 Feb ON


Rod Cade reports that they have had no rain and all is good for tomorrow`s Tableland Summer of Golf game at Mareeba.


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 19 Feb

Hi Members,

Welcome back to everyone for the first game of 2019 as we missed Mareeba two weeks ago due to the recent rains.

Today`s game was at Gordonvale GC with 80 starters consisting of 60 men & 20 ladies. There was one visitor (England) and six new members, Rich Michalski, Chris Trevenen, Eric Howarth, Aartje Ottens all from Cairns GC, Graham Fowles from HMBGC and Gordon Falconer from G/Vale GC.

Our sponsor was CAZALYS AFL and the FNQVGA is very happy to have them back as a 2019 sponsor.

The weather was typical for this time of the year and extremely hot. Many thanks to Belinda for looking after us as she always does and bringing out the cold water & ice to keep us cool in trying conditions.

The next FNQVGA game is scheduled for HMBGC in two weeks on 05 Mar.

The next Tablelands Summer of Golf game will be at Mareeba next Tuesday the 26 Feb for those interested.

Robin Pres.

MENS Winners
Div 1: Russell Lawrence 38 points on countback from Dave Jackson also on 38.
Div 2: Brian Guest 34 points on countback from Eric Pihlhjerta also on 34 points.

36 Points:John Everall
35 Points:Robin Tonks, Graham Ross, Pete Edmonds & Gavin Smith
34 Points:Keith Schirmer, Evert Van Kleef, Bill Matthews & Kevin Walsh
33 Points:Tom Stager, Dave Lawler, Ross Ellen, Rich Michalski, Graham Fowles, Pete Odoherty, Jeff McGrath & Lou Siedle


MENS: 5th Rich Michalski, 8th Ross White, 12th Trevor Gordon & 17th Pete Wyatt

Winner: Tracey Dickinson 36 points
Runner up: Gail Wright 29 points

Ball Rundown
29 Points: Lois Tait
26 Points: Betty Lou Pitt, Sue Taylor, Suda Woodward & Aartje Ottens

5th Tracey Dickinson, 8th Chris Trevenen, 12th Tracey Dickinson & 17th Tracey Dickinson

Friday, 15 February 2019

Next Game Gordonvale 19 Feb


Our first game of the season (since Mareeba was cancelled a fortnight ago) is at Gordonvale.

It is a single stableford, sponsored by Cazalys AFL.

The course is in good condition considering the amount of rain we've had, but there's quite a bit of work in progress like mowing off fairway & weed control in the greens.  Machinery hasn't been able to get into the drains as yet, although they may have dried out enough for that to occur before next Tuesday & in any case they are best avoided as usual.

Hopefully the forecasters have it right for the next few days & it is a bit cooler with rain staying away, but remember to check the board downstairs for local rules.

See you there.


Monday, 11 February 2019

Atherton game 12 Feb on but.....

See their facebook page for restricted conditions of play from 8am on yellow (wet) course, if rain stays away.


Monday, 4 February 2019

Mareeba Game 5 Feb CANCELLED


We left it to the last possible moment to see if Mareeba would be playable, but have had confirmation this morning that it is not.

This is not the best start to our year, but hopefully the rain will have stopped in time for our next game in a fortnight.


Friday, 1 February 2019

First Game Mareeba 5 Feb????


Our first game of 2019 is due at Mareeba next Tuesday, weather gods permitting.

We won't know till Monday if the course will be playable, so watch this space.

If it is on it will be a nice easy single stableford, sponsored by Reef Casino.

More to follow when we hear from Mareeba.


Monday, 28 January 2019

Millaa Game 29 Jan CANCELLED


Once again the Millaa Millaa game tomorrow has had to be cancelled because of the prolonged wet.

Keeping fingers crossed our first game on 5 Feb will be OK - watch this space.


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Next Summer of Golf game at MAREEBA 22 Jan


The next Summer of Golf game is at MAREEBA, not Atherton as some seem to think.

The program was posted to out blog on 21 Nov - check it out.


Monday, 14 January 2019



We've been advised that the Summer of Golf game at Millaa Millaa tomorrow is cancelled.

Rain has once again made the course unplayable.


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Welcome to 2019!


We hope you all had a lovely break over the festive season & are eager to get back into our comps again, no doubt after having had lessons gifted to you by caring family, followed by plenty of practice to maintain the waistline.

The program has been posted to the blog, but copies will be available at our first registration for those who don't like the internet.   Our first game will be on 5 Feb at Mareeba.

Below is some information about carts available at the various courses we play and their cost.

Atherton - 8 carts at $35
Babinda - 4 carts at $20
Cairns -  heaps of carts at $35
Gordonvale - 15 carts at $30
Half Moon Bay - 28 carts at $30 & if members use their own a $5 charge applies
Mareeba - 13 carts at $35.00
Millaa Millaa -  4 carts at $30

Our accounts are published in our Annual Report but some members may not have been able to attend our AGM, so copies will also be available at registration.  You can be thankful to sponsors who enable us to keep costs down, so please think of them if you are looking for items.

See you on 5 Feb.