Friday, 29 June 2018

Next game Half Moon Bay 3 July


Our game next week is a single stableford Ted Thomasson event at Half Moon Bay.

I'm sure the course will be in good condition & the caterers will look after us well.  The club is also going to trial preordering food as occurs at Atherton & Mareeba & forms will be available in the pro shop.  (If you forget to preorder there should be some extras available.)

The game is sponsored by Cazalys.

See you there.


Thursday, 28 June 2018

Mirage players

Below is the list of players booked for play at Mirage 6 July.

MIRAGEFriday6th July 2018
5BILLINGHAMBobMillaa Millaa
11COOLEYGeorgeSea Reef
13DE CLIFFORDDarrylMillaa Millaa
15DOOLANLesParadise Palms
16DREDGEAllan Cairns
25FINCHMargaretYarrambat Park
26FINCHTomYarrambat Park
31GILLAN BelleGordonvale
32GOODERHAMRickMillaa Millaa
45LEEVictorParadise Palms
53McMENAMINPeterMt Garnet
58PILBINJohnParadise Palms
60ROWANBrianMillaa Millaa
64SMITHAlbertCommercial Albury
67STUDHAMGeorgeParadise Palms
75TOTHFrankParadise Palms

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Presidents Report & Results Atherton 26 June

The day dawned at Atherton cold, windy and with misty rain falling. One of the better days in Atherton.  Sorry, “Tablelanders”, only joking.  It was, however, quite brisk and moist when the Committee and early players arrived.  There was a consensus amongst the “early birds” that we would be lucky to have 60 players turn up for a game.  To our great surprise and delight, we finished up with 88 players, if not a record, then one of the biggest turnouts I can remember in my time on the Committee. The field was made up of 72 men and 16 ladies. 

I believe that this is in a great part due to the way our organisation is made to feel so welcome there by Kylie who is efficient, helpful and attentive when looking after our members administratively and in her catering. I understand that she had some assistance today from an Atherton stalwart,  Cheryl Piccone. Another incentive is the excellent condition the course is in and this is due to the efforts of Brendan, the Course Superintendent. The greens and fairways were in great condition, and there are a number of improvements visible including the creation of new bunkers at 7th, 11th, 17thand lengthening of the bunker on the right of 13th green. (No doubt there are some players who would debate my use of the word “improvements” when talking about new bunkers).

We had six new members join today, Brian Hughes from Atherton, Gail O’Shea from Cairns, Shirley Carney, Mossman, Roger Simm, West Aviat and Greg Ferry and Peter Fox from H.M.B. This brought our membership up to 220, with 166 men and 54 ladies.  Additionally Lance and Rhoda Pedrana rejoined and it was great to see them return to our games.  Tony Ellen from Mt. Garnet played as a visitor today and was also welcomed.

The event today was sponsored by DRUMMOND GOLF, a valued sponsor.  It was a 2 Person Ambrose and it appears the players enjoyed a different game from the normal Single Stableford. Voucher winners today are reminded that they have one month to use the vouchers.  If you have difficulty in redeeming them within the month, Darren Golder, the proprietor, encourages you to contact him so that he can assist you in the voucher’s redemption.

list of successful nominees for our game at Mirage on Friday week, 6th July, will be published either in the Blog and/or an email will be forwarded those members in the next 48 hours. The final arrangements will be published in the next couple of days also.

You are all reminded that our next game is at Half Moon Bay next Tuesday.  I’m advised that the kitchen will be open for hamburgers, chips, sandwiches etc.  It would be appreciated if players pre-order any snacks and forms will be available to facilitate this. Also don’t forget the Club’s generous donation of a slab of beer for our free raffle for those staying after the game.

Take care,
El Presidente”.


Winners:  Lois Tait & John Tolhurst, 58.
Runners Up:  Roger Simm & Tony Lattimore, 61.25.

62: Andrina Wilson & Robin Tonks.
64: Dave Morrison & Don McHardie.
64.5: Greg Gibb & John Everall, John Gregan & Keith Schirmer.
64.75: Graeme & Trish George, Greg Ferry & Peter Fox, Rick Gooderham & Darryl DeClifford.
65: Claud Clark & Brian Brown.
65.25: John Famularo & Bruce Jenner.
65.5: Tracy Dickinson & Ross Ellen.
65.75: Steve Edwards & Peter Doherty.
66:  Les Doolan & Barry Pike.
66.25: Tae Zheng & Colin Smith.
66.5:   Alan Dwyer & Mark Buckle, Kevin Walsh & Doug Christison.

N.T.P.’s MEN:  3rd Roger Smith, 11th Dennis Lankester, 13th Colin Smith, Ian            McLeod/Carey.  EAGLE 5th Keith Schirmer.

N.T.P.’s LADIES:  3rd Kay Cleland, 11th and 13th Andrina Wilson. 18th No Winner.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Next Game Atherton 26 June


Our next game, to break things up a bit, is a 2 ball Ambrose at Atherton.

For travellers or new members, don't worry if you don't have a partner, we'll match you up with one at registration

The game is sponsored by Drummond Golf Cairns.

I'm sure the course will be in excellent condition as before, so see you there.


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 19 June

Hi All,

As usual at this time of the year there was a bit of a nip in the air when we first arrived at Gordonvale today but it turned into a beautiful day. The course was in fairly good condition, particularly the fairways and surrounds. It is great to see the improvement in the condition of the greens and is a credit to the green staff and the volunteers. It is obvious that some of the greens are very much impacted by the shade from trees and it appears to be those greens that are taking the longest to return.

We had 98 players take to the field today 77 men and 21 ladies. They competed in a Stableford event, the results of which counted towards our Consistency Trophy. The event was sponsored by KENNEDY’S BETTA HOME LIVING, a long term and very valuable sponsor. Bill Kennedy, a principal of the firm apologised to Secretary Lou for not being in the position to have a game with us today but wished us well.

We had three new members join today, Tony Tanner from Cairns, Glenda Thomas from Gordonvale and Nick Boskov from Queanbeyan. Today it was great to see the Finches arrive after their migration north for the Winter. I’m referring to Tom and Margaret Finch, a pair of inveterate “Grey Nomads” who are always most welcome by all members of the F.N.Q.V.G.A.

Nominations for the day at Mirage on 6th July, closed today with a total of 83 nominations accepted. This is comprised of 67 players who nominated for the original game and re-nominated for the second with the remaining 16 coming from the full number of nominations on the “reserve” list. Further information on the day will appear on the Blog over the next couple of weeks.

As a change to our weekly Stableford events, next week at Atherton we will be playing a Two Man Ambrose. It is strongly recommended that you arrange your partner prior to arriving up there. If you can’t, our team will provide you with a partner.

See you all up there.
Take care,
“El Presidente”


Winner: Ross Ellen, 40 points.
Runner Up: Dave Lawler, 38 points.

Winner: Allan Dredge, 43 points.
Runner Up: Graeme Chappell, 42 points.

40 Points: Bill Foster.
39 Points: Peter McMemamin
37 Points: Tom Finch, Robin Tonks, William Matthews.
36 Points: Wal Anthony, Mark Buckle, Tae Zheng, Peter Clarke, Brian Norris, John Tolhurst.
35 Points: Merv Elms, Dave Jackson, Doug Christison, Cec Turner.
34 Points: Darryl De Clifford, Rick Gooderham, Darryl Chandler, Bill Leonard, Brian Rowan, Ken Temple, Marcus Morse, Ross White.
33 Points: Michael Taylor, Bruce Walters, Neil Hamilton, Russell Lawrence, Geoff Thomas, Bob Billingham.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Graeme Chappell, 8th John Tolhurst, 12th Marcus Morse, 17th Bob Billingham.

Winner: Suda Woodward, 38 points.
Runner Up: Glenda Thomas, 37 points.

36 Points: Kay Bergiel.
35 Points: Lois Tait, Tracey Dickinson, Meryl Gil.
33 Points: Liz Edmonds.
32 Points: Edna Atkinson, Georgie Jarred.
31 Points: Joy Evans.
29 Points: Judy Guzzwell, Ruth Kingston.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Suda Woodward, 8th Meryl Gil, 12th Glenda Thomas, 17th Gail Wright.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Next Game Gordonvale 19 June


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency event at Gordonvale.

 As their Championships are on this weekend, the course will be in good condition. The drains have been mowed so are more welcoming, but some greens are still recovering.

 Sponsor for the day is Kennedys Betta Home Living.

 See you there.


PS  FNQ Golf World Cairns Championships are on at Gordonvale 7/8 July.  Registration from

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

President's Report & Results Mareeba 12 June

It was beautiful morning at Mareeba today although there was a bit of a nip in the air and, as it turned out, the course was in great condition. It is is a credit to Rod Cade and his band of volunteers for the way the course was presented.

A field of 80 men and 13 ladies took to the tees in another round of the Consistency Trophy which was sponsored by BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB, a regular and much appreciated sponsor of Far North Veterans Golf. If you want a good night out just keep Brother’s in mind.

We welcomed three new members today, Ken Temple from Belvoir Club which is in the Bendigo area and Robyn and John Southam from Werris Creek in N.S.W. With 155 males and 45 ladies our membership now stands at 204. We had one visitor today, Peter Burns from Woodford Golf Club which is in the Beerburrum/Glass House Mountains area.

Our field of 88 players for our day at Mirage is getting close to being filled. We now have 81 confirmed starters and 12 on the “reserve” list. It has been decided that next Tuesday at Gordonvale will be the cut-off for nominations. As stated previously, those who nominated for the washed-out day in March will get first preference before we go to the “reserve” list.

It was good to see our Committee back to full strength today with the return of Chris Everall and Robin Tonks, with Russ Gill returning last week. Thanks go the other members of the Committee who did that little bit extra over the past few weeks to cover the shortfall.

Our thanks go to Gabby and Deb for looking after us in the Clubhouse before and after the day’s game. Gabby also wanted all of our members, visitors and those players who read this Blog reminded that the Travelling Vets Golf Day is to be held at Mareeba on 6th July. All veteran golfers are welcome and inquiries should be directed to the Club.

See you all at Gordonvale next week.

Yours in golf,
El Presidente”.


Winner: Jon Tolhurst, 39 points.
Runner Up: Steve Edwards, 37 points.

Winner: Wal Anthony, 44 points.
Runner Up: Peter McMenamin, 38 points.

38 Points: Bruce Jenner.
37 Points: Darryl Chandler, Russell Lawrence, Brian Brown, Roger Smith.
36 Points: John Gregan, Marl Buckle, John Pilbin, Les Doolan, Vaughan Edwards.
35 Points: Peter Edmonds, Michael Taylor, Rick Gooderham, Marcus Morse,
Ken Temple, Doug Christison, Neil Sharkey.
34 Points: Graham Ross, George Cooley, Bob Billingham.
33 Points: Barry Pike, Brian Norris, Dave Lawler, Bill Leonard, Mike MacManus, Greg Gibb.
32 Points: Robin Tonks, Kevin Walsh, Geoff McGrath, Frank Toth, Alan Dwyer, Vaughan Smith, Dave Morrison, Peter Burns.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Mark Buckle, 8th Bruce Jenner, 11th Marcus Morse, 13th Tae Zheng.

Winner: Liz Edmonds, 37 points.
Runner up: Jane Taylor, 35 points.

35 Points: Cathy Coverdale.
33 Points: Annette Tesch, Judy Ellis.
32 Points: Andrina Wilson.
30 Points: Lois Tait.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Andrina Wilson, 8th Jane Taylor, 11th Liz Edmonds, 13th Trish George

Friday, 8 June 2018

Next Game Mareeba 12 June


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency event at Mareeba.

Their Championships are on this weekend, so the course will be in great condition for us on Tuesday.

The game is sponsored by Brothers Leagues Club.

See you there.


PS  If you want one of our shirts you may just be in time if you speak nicely to Lois at our next registration.

PPS For travellers, Maryborough Veteran Golfers Open Carnival is on 9/10July with closing date for nominations of 22 June.  For details contact

Nearer home, Atherton Veteran Open Tournament is on 12/13 July.  Nomination forms at our next registration or from

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

President's Report & Results Cairns 5 June

Hi Everyone,

It was a beautiful day to be playing golf today in Cairns and particularly at Cairns Golf Club. Again the course was presented to us in an excellent condition with the fairways in good condition and the greens running fast and true. The Greens staff are to be commended on their preparation.

We have a field of 111 starters, 85 men and 26 ladies competing in the second round of the Ted Thomasson Trophy.

Thanks again go to one of major sponsors, STRATFORD PAINTING CONTRACTORS, whose generous support is greatly appreciated.  Remember that if you need any painting jobs done around the home, get in touch with them for a quote.  In other words, support our sponsors and they support us
 It is good to see the “grey nomads” starting to appear and today we welcomed back Graham and Trish George of Charlestown and Alan Moloney of R.A.A.F. Williamstown. It has also been good to see Ian Tracy from Wauchope back playing with us again over the past couple of weeks.

We had three new members join today, Nola Cowie and Ruth Kingston, both of Hervey Bay and Tae Yong Zheng a Cairns member. This brings our total membership to 200, comprised of 152 men and 48 ladies.

We had a delightful and special guest with us today and I refer to Harold Gibbins who, on introduction, was given a great welcome by those present by way of acclamation. Harold is a sprightly 98 year old who is very “with it” and it is both informative and entertaining to have a chat with him. Harold was a long time member of the F.N.Q.V.G.A. but stopped playing a couple of years ago when he thought that he was slowing down a bit and may have been holding up the field, a type of reputation he didn’t want to have. He has a great sense of humour and told me that on his 99th birthday, which is on the 6th November (the first Tuesday in the month), they are running some sort of horse race in Melbourne to mark this milestone of his life. The visit was arranged for Harold by his great friend, Claud Clark ably assisted by Kay Bergiel and Cathy Coverdale who transported Harold to and from his residence in Earlville to the Club. Our thanks go to all those concerned.

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship, Vancouver is presently berthed in Cairns. Today a couple of the ship’s crew, who were having a social game at Cairns, presented the F.N.Q.V.G.A. with some memorabilia from the ship. This consisted of a couple of the ship’s caps, arm badges and ship’s memorial coins. We will do a card draw at Mareeba to distribute these items to members.

The game next week is scheduled for Mareeba and will count for the Consistency Trophy.

See you all there,
El Presidente”.


Winner: Graham Ross, 37 points C/B.
Runner Up: Dennis Lankester, 37 points.

Winner: Bruce Jenner, 40 points.
Runner Up: Barry Pike, 36 points C/B.

36 Points: Keith Schirmer.
35 Points: Don McHardie, John Gregan, John Tolhurst.
34 Points: Neil Sharkey, Neil Hamilton.
33 Points: Michael Taylor, John Famularo, Frank Toth, Pete Edmonds, Kevin Walsh, Dave Lawler, Tae Yong Zheng, John Everall.
32 Points: Graeme Chappell, Roger Smith, Norm Lockwood, Alan Dwyer, Vern
Smith, George Studham, Rod Ingram.
31 Points: Stephen Edwards, Jack Dempsey, Les Doolan, Bill Foster, Lionel Law, Bill Leonard, Rick Gooderham, Greg Gibb.
30 Points: Albert Smith, Trevor Barry, Vaughan Edwards, Doug Christison, Brian
Brown, Russell Lawrence.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Harvey Blanch, 8th Brian Guest, 11th Eric Pihlhjerta, 17th Graham George.

Winner: Lil Benfield, 38 points.
Runner Up: Edna Atkinson, 36 points.

34 Points: Belle Gillan.
32 Points: Liz Edmonds.
31 Points: Doreen Law, Bev Hayhurst, Jane Taylor.
30 Points: Lois Tait.
28 Points: Gil Wright, Andrina Wilson, Jenny Albertson.
27 Points: Pris Freeman.

N.T.P.’s: 5th and 8th Tracy Dickinson, 11th Andrina Wilson, 17th Maria Ling.