Wednesday, 6 June 2018

President's Report & Results Cairns 5 June

Hi Everyone,

It was a beautiful day to be playing golf today in Cairns and particularly at Cairns Golf Club. Again the course was presented to us in an excellent condition with the fairways in good condition and the greens running fast and true. The Greens staff are to be commended on their preparation.

We have a field of 111 starters, 85 men and 26 ladies competing in the second round of the Ted Thomasson Trophy.

Thanks again go to one of major sponsors, STRATFORD PAINTING CONTRACTORS, whose generous support is greatly appreciated.  Remember that if you need any painting jobs done around the home, get in touch with them for a quote.  In other words, support our sponsors and they support us
 It is good to see the “grey nomads” starting to appear and today we welcomed back Graham and Trish George of Charlestown and Alan Moloney of R.A.A.F. Williamstown. It has also been good to see Ian Tracy from Wauchope back playing with us again over the past couple of weeks.

We had three new members join today, Nola Cowie and Ruth Kingston, both of Hervey Bay and Tae Yong Zheng a Cairns member. This brings our total membership to 200, comprised of 152 men and 48 ladies.

We had a delightful and special guest with us today and I refer to Harold Gibbins who, on introduction, was given a great welcome by those present by way of acclamation. Harold is a sprightly 98 year old who is very “with it” and it is both informative and entertaining to have a chat with him. Harold was a long time member of the F.N.Q.V.G.A. but stopped playing a couple of years ago when he thought that he was slowing down a bit and may have been holding up the field, a type of reputation he didn’t want to have. He has a great sense of humour and told me that on his 99th birthday, which is on the 6th November (the first Tuesday in the month), they are running some sort of horse race in Melbourne to mark this milestone of his life. The visit was arranged for Harold by his great friend, Claud Clark ably assisted by Kay Bergiel and Cathy Coverdale who transported Harold to and from his residence in Earlville to the Club. Our thanks go to all those concerned.

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship, Vancouver is presently berthed in Cairns. Today a couple of the ship’s crew, who were having a social game at Cairns, presented the F.N.Q.V.G.A. with some memorabilia from the ship. This consisted of a couple of the ship’s caps, arm badges and ship’s memorial coins. We will do a card draw at Mareeba to distribute these items to members.

The game next week is scheduled for Mareeba and will count for the Consistency Trophy.

See you all there,
El Presidente”.


Winner: Graham Ross, 37 points C/B.
Runner Up: Dennis Lankester, 37 points.

Winner: Bruce Jenner, 40 points.
Runner Up: Barry Pike, 36 points C/B.

36 Points: Keith Schirmer.
35 Points: Don McHardie, John Gregan, John Tolhurst.
34 Points: Neil Sharkey, Neil Hamilton.
33 Points: Michael Taylor, John Famularo, Frank Toth, Pete Edmonds, Kevin Walsh, Dave Lawler, Tae Yong Zheng, John Everall.
32 Points: Graeme Chappell, Roger Smith, Norm Lockwood, Alan Dwyer, Vern
Smith, George Studham, Rod Ingram.
31 Points: Stephen Edwards, Jack Dempsey, Les Doolan, Bill Foster, Lionel Law, Bill Leonard, Rick Gooderham, Greg Gibb.
30 Points: Albert Smith, Trevor Barry, Vaughan Edwards, Doug Christison, Brian
Brown, Russell Lawrence.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Harvey Blanch, 8th Brian Guest, 11th Eric Pihlhjerta, 17th Graham George.

Winner: Lil Benfield, 38 points.
Runner Up: Edna Atkinson, 36 points.

34 Points: Belle Gillan.
32 Points: Liz Edmonds.
31 Points: Doreen Law, Bev Hayhurst, Jane Taylor.
30 Points: Lois Tait.
28 Points: Gil Wright, Andrina Wilson, Jenny Albertson.
27 Points: Pris Freeman.

N.T.P.’s: 5th and 8th Tracy Dickinson, 11th Andrina Wilson, 17th Maria Ling.

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