Tuesday, 30 October 2012

President's Report & Results HMB 30 Oct

President's Report &
Results of the Single Stableford
Played on 30th October 2012
at Half Moon Bay Golf Club
132 Players

President's Report

We had a good field of 110 men & 22 ladies to enjoy a beautiful day with the course in good condition with plenty of run. The greens had just been top dressed which was reflected in some of the scores.

Many thanks to the club for continuing your generous sponsorship.

Welcome to visitors Peter Anderson, Neil Arthur, Paul Dick, Annie Lundie & Craig Barclay of Half Moon Bay, to Jon Shearer of Mareeba & to Shizuka Ueda of Japan. We also had one late membership renewal, bringing our total for the year to 337.

Our next game is a single stableford at Mareeba on MONDAY, sponsored by TGT Hardware.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Louis Siedle


Men's Winner Div 1: Keith Schirmer 42 points
Men's Runner up Div 1: Ross White40 points c/b
Men's Winner Div 2: Terry Stevens 40 points c/b
Men's Runner up Div 2: Sonny McVicar 40 points

Ball Rundown
40 points: Mike van Cuylenburg, Russ Gill
39 points: Graham Ross, John Everall
38 points: Cec Turner, George Studham, George Cooley, Des Jones
37 points: Wal Anthony, Shizuka Ueda, Jim Egan, Len Manoff, Yasuo Kumagae, Arthur Walton
36 points: Brian Miller, Claud Clark, Ian Tindall, Keith Hillier, Sam Lemura, Dale Wust, Hiroshi Hosaka, Lou Siedle
35 points: Colin Johannsen, Graham Real, Bruce Gilmour, Neil Stubbin, Brian Panigas, Don Kerr, Masa Kato, Ian Schofield, Bill Foster, Vern Sandilant, Colin McDowall
34 points: Graham Morrow, David Bennett, George Rapley, Keith Sanderson, Ken Martin
33 points: David Pitt, Dave Iverach, Ross Treacy, Laurie Bell, Brian Cowin, John Shearer, Craig Barclay

NTPs men: 3rd Graham Morrow, 9th Des Jones, 11th Keith Schirmer, 16th Dale Wust

Women's Winner: Judy Ellis 35 points
Women's Runner up: Chris Everall 33 points c/b

Ball Rundown:
33 points: Pam Anderson
32 points: Anne Lundy, Lily Schirmer, Annette Tesch
30 points: Deon Reddicliffe
28 points: Rosemary Barker, Betty Lou Pitt, Lita Stevens
27 points: Lois Tait, Isa Turner

NTPs women: 4th May Wilkinson, 16th Bev Cowe

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Next Game HMB 30 Oct


Our game next Tuesday is at Half Moon Bay golf club & is sponsored by the club.

I've been advised that the greens were cored a week or so ago & have just been top dressed.  Apart from that the course will no doubt be like most in the area, a bit dry with plenty of run to help you into trouble spots you haven't seen for some time!

See you there.


Friday, 26 October 2012


Notice is hereby given that the
of the
ABN 83 404 984 624
will be held on
27th NOVEMBER 2012 at 8AM


Minutes of the AGM held on 22nd November 2011
Annual Report for the year ended 31st October 2012
Financial Statement & Auditor's Report for the year ended 31st October 2012
Election of Management Committee
Election of Honorary Patron, Auditor & Solicitor
Determination of amount of Annual Membership Fees
Consideration of Notices of Motion*
General Business

* Notices of motion must be submitted to the President by 5th November 2012

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

President's Report & Results Millaa Millaa 23 Oct

President's Report &
Results of the Single Stableford
Played on 23rd October 2012
at Millaa Millaa Golf Club
68 Players

President's Report

Having just returned from my Rhine cruise I'd like to thank all those committee members who kept things going seamlessly without me, but particularly June who, in addition to her duties as Secretary, managed to get the results out promptly & emailed to me so I could keep the blog up to date & who also continued updating the prize sheets.  

We had a good field of 57 men & 11 ladies for the first round of the Patron's Trophy, which is contested over the two 9 hole courses we play during the year. 

The course was in good condition with plenty of run & the greens had some interesting breaks. Congratulations to the volunteers who maintain the course & thanks to the ladies who did a sterling job of catering.

The day was sponsored by FNQVGA.

Welcome to visitors Fred Cirrani of Millaa Millaa & Fay Hayles of Half Moon Bay.

Our next game is a single stableford at Half Moon Bay, sponsored by HMB golf club.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Louis Siedle


Men's Winner Div 1: Keith Schirmer 43 points
Men's Runner up Div 1: Roger Smith 42 points c/b
Men's Winner Div 2: Masa Kato 42 points c/b
Men's Runner up Div 2: Kevin Reddicliffe 42 points

Ball Rundown
42 points: Ken Baker
40 points: Greg Gibb, Ken Martin, Jim Logan
39 points: Kevin Moore, Eric Pihlhjerta, Hiroshi Hosaka
38 points: Brian Beven, George Studham, Russ Gill
37 points: Ross Hobbs, Mike van Cuylenberg, Graham Morrow, Bob Turner, George Atkinson, Wal Anthony
36 points: Neil Stubbin, John Pilbin, Fred Ciranni, Don McHardie
35 points: Ross White, Bruce Venner, Max Smith, Bob Hayles, Thomas Stager, Lou Siedle
34 points: George Cooley, Clive Perry, Frank Thelan, Barry Pike, Mal Arthur

NTPs men: 1st; Kevin Reddicliffe, 14th; George Cooley

Women's Winner: Margie Logan 43 points
Women's Runner up: Lily Schirmer 39 points

Ball Rundown:
37 points: June Willmot, Lois Tait
36 points: Sue Brennan, Deon Reddicliffe, Fay Hayles
35 points: Edna Atkinson

NTPs women: 5th Di Diversi; 10th nil

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Next Game Millaa Millaa 23 Oct


Our game next Tuesday is the first round of the Patron's Trophy & will be played at Millaa Millaa.

After this spell of dry weather the course should be playing well & there are apparently a couple of new tees.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Louis Siedle

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Committee Nominations for 2013


Below is a nomination form for the Management Committee of FNQVGA for 2013.  Cut & paste as necessary.

You are formally invited to apply for any of the existing positions, as all will be declared vacant at the AGM on 27 November.

These positions are:

Vice President
Vice Captain
2 ordinary members

All nominations are to be lodged with the Secretary by 13 November (ie at our game in Babinda).


Louis Siedle


We the undersigned hereby nominate..................................................................................

for the position of …...............................................................................for the year 2011/12

Dated this...................day of …......................................2011



Signed as accepted by Nominee:........................................................

Nomination received at........................am/pm Date:.................................2011


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Results Cairns 16 Oct

Results of the Single Stableford
Played on 16th October 2012
At Cairns Golf Club
139 Players 
Sponsor Golf World

Men's Winner Div 1: Eiji Watanabe 37 point c/b
Men's Runner up Div 1: Bruce Gilmore 37 points
Men's Winner Div 2: Wal Anthony c/b 37 points
Men's Runner up Div 2: Laurie Bell 37 points

Ball Rundown
37 points: Bob Turner, Peter Wundersitz,
36 points: Ken Baker, Randall Wynn, Jim Smith, Keith Schirmer.
35 points Peter Maillie, Peter McMenamin, Kevin Reddicliffe
34 points: Keith Hillier, Ron Thompson, Peter Mullins, Rob Tonks, George Studham, Sam Power, Peter Jostons, Warren Wright,Dave Parrish, Mike Grumley, Colin McDowall, Chris Hogar.
33 points: Graham Morrow, Harry Aly Khan, Harvey Blanch, Max Smith, Roger Smith.
32 points: Keith Willmett, Graeme Webb, Don Kerr, Russell Hobbs, Graham Ross, Ted Lander, Tom Bryce, David Bennett, Gino Busoli, Max Crittenden, Brian Miller.
31 points: Peter Yelland, Graham Hughes, Nev Andrews, John Pilbin, Frank Jones, Keith Sanderson
30 points: Terry Jenkins, Frank Thelan, Ross White, Tom Clifford, Hiroshi Hosaka, Yasuo Tarukawa, Brian Bevan, Thomas Stager, Sonny McVicar, Mike Van Cuylenburg

NTPs men: 5th Chris Hoger, 8th Keith Schirmer, 11th Mick Grumley, 17th Bob Turner

Women's Winner: Di Diversi 33 points
Women's Runner up: Jane Johannsen 32 points

Ball Rundown:
32 points : Annette Tesch
31 points: Ruth Yelland
30 points: May Wilkinson, Joan McLean
29 points: Sue Brennan, Katrin Nash (vis) Lois Tait, Chris Everall
27 points: Kay Bergiel
25 pionts: Betty Lou Pitt, Lily Schirmer

NTPS: 5th Jane Johannsen, 17th 2nd shot May Wilkinson (in the hole).

Next game at Millaa Millaa Golf Club 23rd October. Single Stableford. First round Patrons

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Next Game Cairns GC 16 Oct


The game next Tuesday is at Cairns golf club.

Conditions - check them out on the day.  I'll be in the air.  Hope to see you all for the game after & fully recovered from jet lag!

Sponsor is Golf World.

Have fun.

Louis Siedle

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Results Atherton 9 Oct

Results of the Single Stableford
Played on 9th October 2012
At Atherton Golf Club
96 Players 
SponsorAtherton Golf Club
Total Membership 336

Men's Winner Div 1: Colin Johannsen 46 points
Men's Runner up Div 1: Ross White 41 points
Men's Winner Div 2: Bruce Jenner 44 points
Men's Runner up Div 2: David Jackson 43points

Ball Rundown
41 points: John Pilbin, Eddie Spry
40 points: Kevin Reddicliffe
39 points: Nick Babic, Dave Iverach, Barry Pike, Graeme Morrow, George Studham, Mike Blunt, Ken Flood, Bob Billingham.
38 points: Bryan MacCallum
37 points; Jim Logan, Graeme Hughes, Merv Hains, Peter Jostons, Ian Tindall,Col McDowall.
36 points: Les Doolan, Keith Sanderson, Mick Grumley, Robin Tonks,Trevor Lawrence, Greg Gibb, Sonny McVicar, Phil English, Barry Hartley.
35 points: Max Smith, Masa Ichise, Mal Arthur, Graeme Anderson, George Atkinson.

NTPs men: 3th Ross White (Hole in One), 11th Barry Hartley, 13th Roger Smith, 18th Trevor Lawrence

Women's Winner: Jane Johannsen 40 pts
Women's Runner up: Chris Everall 36 pts c/b

Ball Rundown:
36 points: May Wilkinson
35 points: Shirley Cook
33 points: Deon Reddicliffe, Edna Atkinson
32 points: Lily Schirmer, June Willmot

NTPs women: 11th Lily Schirmer; 18th Deon Reddicliffe

Next game at Cairns Golf Club 16th October, Single Stableford. Sponsor Golf World.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Results HMB 2 Oct

Results of the Single Stableford
Played on 2nd October 2012
at Half Moon Bay Golf Club
129 Players 
Sponsor Rob Brydon at the Pro Shop

Men's Winner Div 1: Len Manoff 41 points
Men's Runner up Div 1 Mike Blunt 38points
Men's Winner Div 2: Terry Stevens 41 points
Men's Runner up Div 2: Jim May 39 points

Ball Rundown
38 points: Sam Power, Gordon Thomas
37 points: Ken Flood, Neil Sharkey, Laurie Bell
36 points: Barry Pike, Ian Tindall, Vern Sandilant, Graeme Ross, Roger Smith
35 points: George Studham, Nick Babic (vis) Greg Gibb, Geoff Edwards, Darryl King, Russ Gill
34 points: Bryan MacCallum, Brian Panigas, Colin Johannsen, Max Crittenden, Rod Mauger, Dave Hodgson (vis), Keith Schirmer, Hiroshi Hosaka.
33 points: Masa Ichisi, Dale Wust, David Jackson, Keith Barnett (vis)
32 points: Les Doolan, Max Smith, Frank Thelan, Sonny McVicar, Mick Grumley, Don Kerr, Clive Perry, John Everall
31 points: Graeme Morrow, Tom Clifford, Chris Hoger, Ian Schofield, Mal Arthur, Merv Elms, John Lucas.

NTPs men: 3rd Barry Pike, 9th Rod Mauger, 11th Mick Grumley, 16th Bob Westerman.

Women's Winner: Lily Schirmer 33 points
Women's Runner up: Betty Lou Pitt 31points

Ball Rundown:
31 points: Isa Turner
30 points: Mary Scott
29 points: Zola Dale, May Wilkinson
27 points: Andrina Wilson, Lita Stevens, Chris Everall

NTPs women. 4th Rietta Pogson (vis), 16th (draw of cards)Lita Stevens.

Thanks for wearing blue to support research to find a cure for mens’ cancer.

Next game at Atherton Golf Club 9th October, Single Stableford, Sponsor Atherton Golf