Sunday, 22 December 2013

Season's Greetings


Merry Xmas & a Happy & Healthy 2014 to all our members & their families.

Just a reminder of the hazards to be encountered at Babinda during cane harvesting!  (Thanks Di)

Our program for 2014 is now on the blog (see right column), but will be updated once sponsorships are finalised.

Louis Siedle

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

President's Report & Results Cairns 3 Dec

President's Report & Results
of the 2Ball Ambrose Competition
Played on 3rd December
at Cairns Golf Club
100 Players

President's Report

beautiful clear & relatively cool day greeted the 82 men & 18 ladies who turned up for our shotgun start in the final comp for 2013, a 2 Ball Ambrose. 94 stayed for our breakup lunch which was catered for by the club. The course was in good condition with greens not as fast as they have been, which may have been a relief to some. Congratulations to the greens staff.
Thanks to the caterers & bar staff who looked after us very well. The meal was on the tables promptly & the prawns plentiful. Thanks to Dave Pascoe who kindly volunteered to drive around with cold water during the game to keep us rehydrated. Thanks also to eagle eyed non playing committee members on the verandah who kindly & loudly pointed out my approach to the 18th had gone O/B!
Welcome to visitors for the day who were also some of our sponsors, Melody Lucas & her guests Serge & Joan Battistin, Cate Dunbar & Shae Isselbacher of Savannah Lifestyle Resorts, Carly Hatswell of Easylift & Scott Payne of Complete Fitness Solutions & Katrin Nash of Drummond Golf. Thanks to Melody for presenting the Savannah Cup winners & to Carly for presenting the day's prizes.
Welcome to new member Bill Peterson of Cairns.
The winners of the progressive raffle cleaned up most of the items, but I'm holding a couple for Gary Long & one for Dave Lawler.
We had some programs for 2014 available at registration.  More will be available at our first game next year & a copy will be posted to this blog when we finalise sponsorships, probably early in January.  I will be posting irregularly to the blog over the next few weeks if we have anything we think may be of interest to members, so please check it every week or so (if you remember during the festive season).
With best wishes for a Happy Christmas & a healthy & prosperous New Year from all the committee.

Louis Siedle

Winners: John Kilby & Merv Hains 64 net
Runners up: Keith Hillier & Jon Shearer 65 net
3rd placed: Wayne Petrohilos & Brian Panigas 66.25 net

Ball Rundown:

67 net: Dave Lawler & Roger Glover
67.5 net: Ian Tindall & Richard Staines
68.5 net: Rob Blackman & Graham Johnson
68.75 net: Colin & Jane Johannsen
69.75 net: Greg Gibb & Jim Logan, Jothi & Rama Naidoo
70 net: Lou Siedle & Dave Bennett
70.25 net: Bob Turner & Bruce Jenner, Garry Castle & David Jackson
70.5 net: John Pilbin & George Studham
70.75 net: Norm Lockwood & Zbig Bergiel
71.25 net: Dave Parrish & Herb Golightly, Yasuo Kumagae & George Shores
72.25 net: John Mitchell & Tom Clifford, Laurie Bell & Frank Thelan
72.5 net: Doug Hodgson & Warren Wright, Col McDowall & Peter Marriot, Don Thomson & Peter Jostons
73 net: Alan Dwyer & George Brew

NTPs men: 5th Dave Lawler; 8th Greg Gibb; 11th Graham Johnson; 17th David Jackson

NTPs women: 5th Ann Perrett & 17th Lil Benfield

Monday, 2 December 2013

Xmas Breakup Lunch


The weather map indicates isolated showers for Tuesday, but whatever happens our breakup lunch is on & the club has catered for it.

The Savannah Cup presentations will take place at the lunch as previously advised.

We also have our progressive raffle during the lunch, so don't miss out!

Louis Siedle

Friday, 29 November 2013

Final 2013 Game Cairns 3 Dec


Our final game for the year is at Cairns next Tuesday.

It is a 2 ball Ambrose, so pick your partner or leave us to assign you one at registration, which will be at the usual time, ie between 7 & 8am.  It is also a shotgun start at 8.30am & sponsored by Easylift.

The game will be followed by our breakup lunch at the club.  Cost for the day is $35 inclusive of lunch, but if you are unable to stay for that, the normal $10 comp fee.

The Savannah Cup presentation will take place whilst our day results are being finalised & Melody Lucas of Savannah Lifestyle Resorts will be playing & making the presentations.

How the course will be playing will depend on what rain we have in the meantime!

See you there.

Louis Siedle

Savannah Cup FINAL


Below are the leaders after our last game.  A full list of scores will be available at registration next week as usual, but well done to Lois Tait & Wal Anthony who are our winners.  It was a close run thing in both sections.

Lois TAIT 3830.42
Wal ANTHONY 2656.90
May WILKINSON 3641.90
Tom STAGER 2192.92
June WILLMOT 3616.75
Greg GIBB 2136.33
Jane JOHANNSEN 3548.75
Wayne PETROHILOS 1822.83
Di DIVERSI 3383.17
Russ GILL 1786.46
Chris EVERALL 2754.75
Keith HILLIER 1781.49
Cathie COVERDALE 2478.67
Alan DWYER 1609.39
Ann PERRETT 2427.83
Ross WHITE 1600.10
Lily SCHIRMER 2394.75
Rama NAIDOO 1579.57
Shirley FLANAGAN 2387.50
George STUDHAM 1577.57
Betty Lou PITT 2076.75
Neil SHARKEY 1551.40
Sue BRENNAN 1832.15
Colin JOHANNSEN 1523.64
Adie CRISPIN 1822.58
Lou SIEDLE 1461.66
Rosemary BARKER 1792.50
Peter ANDERSON 1411.75
Suda WOODWARD 1700.00
Jim LOGAN 1375.07
Marianne SCHAEFFER 1699.42
Merv ELMS 1362.61
Jothi NAIDOO 1683.17
Yasuo KUMAGAE 1333.29
Judy ELLIS 1627.67
Brian NORRIS 1303.90
Annette TESCH 1528.00

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tablelands Summer of Golf Program


For all our golf tragics out there who may be wondering how you are going to survive without a Veterans game from 3 Dec until early Feb next year, below is a solution!

Millaa Millaa Tues Dec 10th
Atherton Tues Dec 17th
Mareeba Tues Jan 7th
Millaa Millaa Tues Jan 14th
Atherton Tues Jan 21th
Mareeba Tues Jan 28th
Millaa Millaa Tues Feb 11th
Atherton Tues Feb 25th
Mareeba Tues Mar 11th
Millaa Millaa Tues Mar 25th
Starting Time 7.30am
Seniors and all other golfers of any age from all clubs are welcome
Cost $10.00- Includes $5.00 green fees/$5.00 prizes and balls
A light lunch will be available after the game
Please ring the appropriate Club to book carts and/or persons to confirm the game if wet weather occurs
Atherton Club – 40911283 or Sandy 40912072
Mareeba Club – 40921528 or Kev Moore 40955052
Milllaa Millaa Club 40972117 or Warren Afflick 40972441

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 26 Nov

President's Report & Results
of the Single Stableford Competition
Played on 26th November
at Gordonvale Golf Club
100 Players

President's Report
After a considerable downpour the afternoon before, we were fortunate to have a fine but very hot & humid day for our shotgun start in the final single stableford round qualifying for the Savannah Cup.  (The Savannah Cup results will be posted when Colin Johannsen has finished his esoteric calculations!)  83 men & 17 ladies turned up to a course in good condition & greens which were coming along well although slow. Congratulations to the green keeper.
Thanks to Tom Bryce for preparing the board & NTPs for us, to new Manager Phil for running a much needed drinks cart, to Erica for preparing sandwiches & generally looking after us & to Savannah Lifestyle Resorts for sponsoring the day. We were pleased Melody Lucas from Savannah came down with one of her directors, Steve Battistin, to present the prizes, although she couldn't play.

game next Tuesday is our last for the year & is followed by our breakup lunch. It is at Cairns & is a 2 ball Ambrose with an 8.30 shotgun start, sponsored by Easylift. Cost for the day is $35 with lunch, but if you are unable to stay for the lunch our normal $10 comp fee applies. Melody will also be there to play & also present the Savannah Cup trophies. See you there.
RAFFLE – the last tickets for the progressive raffle will be sold at registration next week. So far we have 14 prizes ranging from golf equipment to a tapestry. All prizes are donated, so if your ticket is a lucky one, pick well as you will not be able to exchange them.
Louis Siedle

Men's Winner Div 1: Jim Logan 40 points
Men's Runner up Div 1: Ross White 38 points
Men's Winner Div 2: Yasuo Kumagae 39 points
Men's Runner up Div 2: Peter McMenamin 37 points

Ball Rundown:

37 points: Col McDowall, Bruce Walters, Wal Anthony
36 points: Ken Baker, Frank Thelan, Bob Turner
35 points: Mike van Cuylenburg, Brian Norris, Ron Barnes, Niel Sharkey, Lou Siedle, Rama Naidoo, Dave Bennett
34 points: Geoff Edward, Roger Smith, John Pilbin, Brian Panigas, Ian Tindall, Max Smith, Barry Pike
33 points: Zbig Bergiel, Colin Johannsen, Harold Gibbins, Keith Schirmer
32 points: Barry Hartley, Russ Gill, Tom Stager, Clive Perry, Graham Morrow, David Jackson, Les Doolan

NTPs men: 5th Yasuo Kumagae; 8th Chris Hannam; 14th George Atkinson; 17th David Bennett

Women's Winner: Ruth Yelland 33 points c/b
Women's Runner up: Di Diversi 33 points

Ball Rundown:

32 points: May Wilkinson, Kerrie Pont
31 points: Jane Johannsen
30 points: Lily Schirmer
29 points: Chris Everall
28 points: Kay Bergiel
27 points: Shirley Fieldhouse, Jothi Naidoo, Sue Brennan

NTPs women: 3rd Edna Atkinson & 12th May Wilkinson

Friday, 22 November 2013

Next Game & AGM Gordonvale 26 Nov


Our game next Tuesday is at Gordonvale & is preceeded by our Annual General Meeting.

The AGM starts promptly at 8.00am, so registrations will close by then.  Please make sure you sign the meeting attendance book, which should be available by the registration table.  Nominations for the management committee have closed & no notices of motion have been received, so it should be a fairly brief meeting.

The game is a single stableford & the last qualifying round for the Savannah Cup.  It is a SHOTGUN START at 8.30am.  It would assist us if you form into groups who intend to use carts & those who will walk and advise us accordingly at registration, so Captain Greg can allocate tees appropriately.

After the game & whilst Captain Greg is sorting out the day's results, we will have our presentations of annual trophies.  Again, it would be appreciated if those who have won make an effort to play on the day & stay to collect their trophy, (so I don't have to lug the uncollected ones around!)

The course should be in good condition after our recent rain, so avoid the drains & see you there.

Louis Siedle

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 21 Nov

Lois TAIT 3776.42
Wal ANTHONY 2548.15
June WILLMOT 3551.75
Tom STAGER 2153.92
May WILKINSON 3479.40
Greg GIBB 2105.83
Jane JOHANNSEN 3438.75
Wayne PETROHILOS 1792.33
Di DIVERSI 2983.17
Keith HILLIER 1781.49
Chris EVERALL 2664.75
Russ GILL 1747.46
Cathie COVERDALE 2478.67
Alan DWYER 1609.39
Ann PERRETT 2427.83
George STUDHAM 1558.07
Shirley FLANAGAN 2387.50
Rama NAIDOO 1520.00
Lily SCHIRMER 2294.75
Neil SHARKEY 1491.83
Betty Lou PITT 2076.75
Colin JOHANNSEN 1479.14
Adie CRISPIN 1822.58
Peter ANDERSON 1411.75
Rosemary BARKER 1792.50
Ross WHITE 1410.10
Sue BRENNAN 1757.15
Lou SIEDLE 1402.09
Marianne SCHAEFFER 1699.42
Merv ELMS 1343.11
Suda WOODWARD 1643.50
Darryl KING 1264.17
Judy ELLIS 1627.67
Brian NORRIS 1244.33
Jothi NAIDOO 1608.17
Barry HARTLEY 1234.58
Annette TESCH 1528.00

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 19 Nov

President's Report & Results
of the Single Stableford Competition
Played on 19th November
at Half Moon Bay Golf Club
109 Players

President's Report

forecast of storms, 79 men & 20 ladies who turned up to a course in good condition apart from some bare patches in the fairways & consistent greens. Congratulations to the green keepers.

Thanks to the caterers for looking after us & to Brothers Leagues Club for sponsoring the day. Manager Greg opened the bar early for a trial & from the scores returned, no doubt members made use of it!
Welcome to visitor Claire Hannan of Jabiru.

game next Tuesday is at Gordonvale & is a shotgun start at 8.30am single stableford, sponsored by Savannah Lifestyle Resorts. It will be the final game qualifying for the Savannah Cup & we will have the presentation for that at our Xmas breakup.
Next Tuesday is also our AGM which starts promptly at 8am. Presentation of annual trophies, apart from the Savannah Cup, will take place immediately after the game, whilst Captain Greg is finalising the day's comp results. I would ask all those who have won (see below) to stay for the presentation.
COMMITTEE NOMINATIONS – Nominations for the Management Committee have now closed, but if you are interested in serving on it, the committee has the power to fill any casual vacancies should any arise, so just copy & paste the form published earlier on this blog, or see June for a copy at registration. Nominations received for 2014 are:
PRESIDENT: LOUIS SIEDLE - Proposed Lois Tait, Seconded June Willmot

VICE PRESIDENT: COLIN JOHANNSEN - Proposed Louis Siedle, Seconded Russ Gill

CAPTAIN: GREG GIBB – Proposed Jim Logan, Seconded Roger Smith

VICE CAPTAIN: RUSS GILL – Proposed June Willmot, Seconded Lois Tait

TREASURER: DIANE DIVERSI – Proposed June Willmot, Seconded Lois Tait

SECRETARY: JUNE WILLMOT - Proposed Roger Smith, Seconded Russ Gill

COMMITTEE: ROGER SMITH – Proposed June Willmot, Seconded Lois Tait
                           LOIS TAIT – Proposed June Willmot, Seconded Louis Siedle

RAFFLE – June is running a raffle over the next couple of games to be drawn at the Xmas breakup lunch. It will be a progressive draw, ie first drawn will get first pick of about 12 donated prizes, second drawn will get next pick & so on. Anyone not present for the draw will get what's left!

Louis Siedle
A Grade Champ George Studham 164 gross Championship Plaque
A Grade R/U Bruce Gilmour 166 gross
A Grade Net Ron Crispin 142 net Adrian Fay Shield
A Grade Net R/U Ken Baker 143 net

B Grade Champ Bob Turner 181 gross
B Grade R/U Wal Anthony 182 gross
B Grade Net Roger Glover 142 net
B Grade Net R/U Bob Turner 143 net

C Grade Champ Peter Anderson 196 gross
C Grade R/U Mal Arthur 209 gross
C Grade Net Peter Anderson 140 net
C Grade Net R/U Geoff Edwards 149 net

Ladies Champ Ruth Yelland 174 gross Ladies Plaque
Ladies R/U Cathie Coverdale 189 gross
Ladies Net Lois Tait 142 net Shirley Fieldhouse Shield
Ladies net R/U Di Diversi 143 net

David Lawler Trophy Frank Thelan 190 gross
Don Thomson Trophy George Studham 164 gross
Stanton Bailey Trophy Wal Anthony 214 net
Ted Thomasson Trophy Wal Anthony 114 points
Patron's Trophy Thomas Stager 148 points
Consistency Ladies Lois Tait 323 points
Consistency Men Wal Anthony 360 points

Holes in One Bill Foster 13th 175m Mareeba 7/5/13

Thomas Stager 18th 148m Atherton 29/10/13

Men's Winner Div 1: Ross White 38 points
Men's Runner up Div 1: Wal Anthony 37 points
Men's Winner Div 2: Cec Turner 38 points
Men's Runner up Div 2: Darryl King 37 points

Ball Rundown:
36 points: Ross Treacy, Russ Gill, David Jackson
35 points: John Famularo, Masa Kato, Brian Norris, Rama Naidoo
34 points: Ian Schofield, Geoff Edwards, Greg Gibb, Colin Johannsen, Dave Lawler, John Everall, Don Thomson
33 points: Bill Foster, Joh Shearer, George Shores, Thomas Stager, Lou Siedle, Mal Arthur
32 points: Brian Panigas, Graham Ross, Barry Hartley, George Studham, Jim Logan
31 points: Clive Perry, Laurie Bell, Harold Gibbins, William Matthews, roger Smith, don Kerr, Garry Castle
30 points: Herb Golightly, Terry Jenkins, Max Crittenden, Col McDowall
NTPs men: 3rd David Jackson; 4th Masa Kato; 9th Lou Siedle; 16th Brian Panigas

Women's Winner: Betty Lou Pitt 36 points
Women's Runner up: Rosemary Barker 29 points c/b

Ball Rundown:
29 points: Jane Johannsen
28 points: Helen Rowe
27 points: Lily Schirmer, Jothi Naidoo, Ruth Yelland
26 points: June Willmot, Annette Tesch

NTPs women: 4th Ruth Yelland; 16th May Wilkinson