Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Presidents Report & Results Gordonvale 31 Oct

Todays event was a single stableford at Gordonvale golf Club. The course is in superb condition after the recent rains with green fairways and excellent greens. This must surely be the first time I have ever played Gordonvale with the drain across the race track mowed all the way to the bottom. Well done to the greens staff.

We had 80 players which included 62 men and 18 ladies. Welcome to new member Kevin Walsh from Half Moon Bay.

The sponsor today was CAPE YORK ACCOUNTING who provided the Drummond vouchers presented to the winners and runners up in the three grades. I thank them for supporting our club.

Members please remember that next Tuesday is Melbourne Cup day and our game is on MONDAY at Mareeba.


MENS DIV 1 WINNER; Ross Ellen 42 points.
RUNNER UP; Greg Gibb 40 points.

MENS DIV 2 WINNER; Tom Stager 38 points.
RUNNER UP; Les Doolan 37 points.

MENS NTP; 5th & 17th Greg Gibb, 8th Gavin Smith, 12th Bill Foster.

39 points, Bob Turner.
37 points, George Studham, Wal Anthony, Eric Pihlhjerta.
36 points, Barry Pike, Ian Schofield, Peter Dalziel.
35 points, Ian Tindall, Roger Smith, Gavin Smith, Jeff McGrath, Robin Tonks.
34 points, Bob Billingham, Graeme Chappel, Ross White, John Everall.
33 points, Ron Barnes, Brian Brown, Doug Christison, Russ Gill, David Jackson, Peter Johnston, Graham Ross, Brian Norris, Bill Foster.

LADIES WINNER; Jenny Albertson 38 points.
RUNNER UP; Chris Everall 34 points.

LADIES NTP; 5th Jenny Albertson, 8th Belle Gillan, 12th Andrina Wilson, 17th Heather Foster.

33 points, Belle Gillan, Tracey Dickinson.
32 points, Kay Bergiel, Lois Tait.
31 points, Joy Evans.
30 points, Lily Schirmer, Judy Guzzwell, Lil Benfield, Andrina Wilson.

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Next Game Gordonvale 31 Oct

Greetings from Rome.

Your game next week is a single stableford at Gordonvale.

The game is sponsored by Cape York Accounting.

I've no idea what the course is like as I hear you've had some rain, but I'd still keep away from the Halloween gremlins in the drains!


PS. The game after that is our pre Melbourne Cup one at Mareeba on MON 6 Nov

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Presidents Report Vets National Champs

Far North Queensland Veterans were well represented by 18 players at the very windy and wet Gold Coast last week. There were events in handicap grades as well as age based grades and also gross and stableford. The most excitement came when Cathie Coverdale scored her first hole in one at Royal Pines so no doubt she will watch the Aus Open there next month and claim she is better than all those professionals.

Alan Dwyer; Overall mens stableford champion.
George Studham; mens 75 years and over winner.
Cathie Coverdale; womens 65-69 years winner and hole in one.
Rick Gooderham and myself (Roger) managed a NTP prize and of course Cathie won NTP with her ace.


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Presidents Report & Results Atherton 24 Oct

Despite the wet conditions over the last week today turned out sunny and the Atherton course looked a picture for the 56 men and 9 ladies who greeted the starter. We are pleased to welcome six Atherton people who are either new members or old friends rejoining.

As usual Owen and Deb were up early and had everything ready for us when we arrived including coffee and carts all set to go. Thank you to both of them.

The sponsor today was GOLF WORLD of Mulgrave road Cairns and I thank them for supporting veterans golf in the region.


LADIES WINNER; Edna Atkinson 34 points c/b.
RUNNER UP; Liz Edmonds 34 points.

LADIES NTP; 3rd Andrina Wilson, 11th Edna Atkinson, 13th & 18th Liz Edmonds.

34 points, Lois Tait.
33 points, Judy Guzzwell.
32 points, Chris Everall, Andrina Wilson.
31 points, Julie Wallace.

MENS DIV 1 WINNER; Ross White 42 points.
RUNNER UP; Peter Steventon 38 points.

MENS DIV 2 WINNER; Brian Norris 36 points.
RUNNER UP; Allan Dredge 35 points.

MENS NTP. 3rd Don McHardie, 11th Ross White, 13th Brian Rowan, 18th Bruce Hunter.

37 points, Grahame Webster, Evert Van Kleef, Brian Brown.
35 points, Mick Buckley, Doug Christison.
34 points, Wal Anthony, George Atkinson.
33 points, Darryl Chandler, Alan Dwyer.
32 points, William Matthews, Russ Gill, Bill Eden, Dave Ingram, Greg Gibb, Keith Sanderson, Mick Grumley.
31 points, John Everall, Russell Wicks, Peter Wyatt, Brian Rowan, Don McHardie, Bill Leonard,
Peter Johnston.

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Presidents Report & Results Cairns 17 Oct

Cairns - 17th October, 2017
It was with sadness that we learned today of the recent passing of Carol Madden, a long time member of Gordonvale Golf Club and the Far North Queensland Vets. The sympathy and thoughts of the Committee and the Membership of the Association go to her family and friends.

DEB DUFFY REAL ESTATE was our sponsor today and the Association is very grateful for her continued support. Any member contemplating selling or buying real estate is encouraged to contact Deb to see how she can help you. The 53 Men and 13 Ladies who attended Cairns Golf Club today were greeted with overcast conditions with a very light sprinkle. Unfortunately the weather deteriorated about a third of the way through the round into steady rain eventually returning to the overcast light sprinkle experienced earlier. Although the numbers were not to the level of those normally expected for Cairns, the weather, possibly coupled with the event being staged and the loss of 17 members to the Australian Vets Championships on the Gold Coast didn't help. 

In regard to the type of event we schedule, at the A.G.M. it is hoped a survey will be handed out seeking Member's opinions on a variety of topics, including the type of events we play, their regularity and popularity. All suggestions will be actively considered with the idea of creating a program for 2018 which might encourage more older golfers to join our organisation.

A number of the Committee, including President Roger, were absent at the Championships but the remaining Committee Members pitched in and each added different roles to their normal duties. Wal Anthony took over handing out the balls to previous winners, As well as “subbing” for President Roger, I went out and put out the N.T.P.'s. Russell, together with his Captain's role, took over as the “scribe” of the white board as well as distributing the cards to the playing groups, a job normally performed by two of our Committee. (It makes one wonder what they actually do for the big money they're getting paid). 

A special thanks must go to Darryl De Clifford who assisted Chris Everall in the Treasurer's role. One might ask, “Where was John, our Treasurer?” If you were thinking that he was down at the Gold Coast with the others, the answer is “No”. He was actually returning to Kewarra Beach to pick up his wife's golf clubs which he had forgotten to put in the car with his clubs.

We also would like to welcome a new member, Mike Hawney from Cairns who brings our membership up to 186 men and 53 ladies, a total of 239.

Next game will be at Atherton and with the sun coming up earlier and the cooler (but not cold) conditions on the Tablelands, we're hoping for a good turnout.


Results: Four Ball Best Ball Multiplier.
1st: Gordon Noble and Peter Wyatt – 73 points.
2nd: Bob Turner and Greg Gibb – 65 points (on a Count Back)
Ball Rundown:
65 Points: Peter McMenanin and Graham Ross.
56 Points: Ian McLeod-Carey and Brian Norris, Maurie Smith ans Bill Matthews.
54 Points: Evert Van Kleef and Marcos Morse, Neil Sharkey and Bill Eden.
53 Poinrts: Tracey Dickinson and Ross Ellen, Jim Logan and John Pilbin. 
52 Points: Ken Baker and Roger Glover, Neil Hamilton and David Lawler.
51 Points: Liz and Peter Edmonds.
50 Points: Darryl Chandler and Allan Dredge.
47 Points: Claud Clark and Brian Brown.
Ladies Nearest to Pins:
5th and 8th : Judy Guzzwell. 11th : Belle Gillan. 17th : May Wilkinson.
Mens Nearest to Pins
5th : Allan Dredge. 8th : Darryl Chandler. 11th : Tim Hollman. 17th : Maurie Smith

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Next Game Cairns 17 Oct


Our next game is at Cairns & is a 4 Ball Multiplier.

This wonderful game can make or break friendships quite quickly but can be fun if you retain your sense of humour, which after all is what golf is all about, although sometimes we need to be reminded of that! 

To remind you of the comp, you need to keep both your scores on the one card, your stableford points will be multiplied by your partners points, eg; 3 times 3= 9 points for the team, but 3 times 0 is a wipe so both players need to be “on the ball”. Your individual score will still be handicapped so all is not lost if your partner is not much chop.

Many of the committee will be away competing in the Nationals or on holiday, so please give Russ & the remaining workers a hand if they need it.


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

President's Report & Results Mareeba 10 Oct

Today was a single stableford event at Mareeba Golf Club and a small field of 63 men and 17 ladies enjoyed perfect conditions on a course that was nowhere near as dry as one might have thought given the lack of rain. The fairways were quite lush and only the wayward golfers found themselves on bare ground.

The sponsor today was CAPE YORK ACCOUNTING and I thank them for the support shown to veterans golf.

Next Tuesday we play at Cairns and the event is 4 ball multiplier. This means your stableford points will be multiplied by your partners points, eg; 3 times 3= 9 points for the team, but 3 times 0 is a wipe so both players need to be “on the ball”. Your individual score will still be handicapped so all is not lost if your partner is not much chop.

I am accumulating quite a stock of lost property including a new glove and an insulated drink bottle from Babinda and a few iron covers from today so please see Greg at the desk next week if you own any of these.


MENS DIV1 WINNER; Brian Brown 37 points c/b.
RUNNER UP; Evert Van Kleef 37 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Peter Edmonds 41 points.
RUNNER UP; Bruce Jenner 37 points.

MENS NTP; 4th Brian Brown, 8th Tom Stager, 11th Ian Tindall, 13th John Famularo.

37 points, Brian Norris, William Matthews.
36 points, Alan Dwyer, Wal Anthony.
35 points, Gary Castle, Jim Logan, Ian Schofield, Greg Gibb, Doug Christison, Harvey Blanche, Cec Turner.
34 points, Darryl Chandler, David Lawler, Rick Gooderham, Ross Ellen, Robin Tonks.
33 points, Gordon Noble, Ken Baker, Barry Butt, Jack Dempsey, Ian Tindall, Roger Smith,
Max Crittenden, Vern Sandilant.
32 points, Alan Dredge, George Atkinson, Peter McMemamin, John Familaro, Bob Billingham,
Harry Ali Khan, Peter Johnston.

LADIES WINNER; Joy Evans 41 points.
RUNNER UP; Judy Ellis 38 points.

LADIES NTP; 4th & 11th Chris Everall, 8th Jane Taylor, 13th Andrina Wilson.

35 points, Julie Wallace, Suda Woodward.
34 points, Jane Taylor, Jenny Albertson, Kay Bergiel.
31 points, Liz Edmonds, Chris Everall.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Next Game Mareeba 10 Oct


Our game next week is a single stableford at Mareeba.

I'm told the fairways are green & the greens are holding, so come & enjoy the game & some of Gabi's turnovers!

The game is sponsored by Cape York Accounting.

See you there.


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

President's Report & Results Babinda 3 Oct

Today we traveled to Babinda for the final round of the Patrons Trophy and the winner of that will be announced in due course. Once again we scored a fine day and although I did put my brolly up at one stage, it was just a short shower. The day did however remind us that winter is over for another year and the humidity of summer is fast approaching.

As I am sure most of you know, Babinda Golf Club is run totally by the members and helpers, so the course is a credit to the work and dedication of a mere handful of people. On behalf of FNQ vets I thank them and the clubhouse helpers for their efforts.

The sponsor today was our vice captain and Babinda member Wal Anthony of HERITAGE CABINETS . Wal has donated 2 very attractive timber coffee tables for the ladies and mens winners as well as a dozen balls each for the runners up.

The field today was 45 men and 11 ladies and we welcome one new member in Gavin Smith of Mareeba.
Membership for 2017 currently stands at 238 which is one more than the same time last year.

MENS WINNER; Chris Hannam 41 points.
RUNNER UP; Gordon Noble 38 points .

MENS NTP; 2/11 Noel Webster, 5/14 Robin Tonks.

37 points, John Gregan, Peter Penny.
36 points, Ross Ellen, Wal Anthony.
34 points, Bob Billingham.
33 points, Bob Turner, Alan Dwyer, Peter Johnston, Bill Matthews.
32 points, Garry Castle, Marcus Morse, Evert Van Kleef, Rod Ingram.
31 points, Peter Edmonds, Max Smith.
30 points, Roger Smith, George Brew, Tom Stager, Michael Taylor, John Everall.

LADIES WINNER; Julie Wallace 38 points.
RUNNER UP; Andrina Wilson 32 points.

LADIES NTP; 2/11 Chris Everall, 4/13 Judy Guzzwell.

31 points, Edna Atkinson, Lil Benfield.
29 points, Jane Taylor, Tracey Dickinson, May Wilkinson.
28 points, Lois Tait.