Sunday, 29 September 2013


Lois TAIT 3193.42

Greg GIBB 1939.94

May WILKINSON 3074.40

Tom STAGER 1925.42

Jane JOHANNSEN 2751.25

Wal ANTHONY 1890.15

Di DIVERSI 2646.92

Keith HILLIER 1678.49

June WILLMOT 2511.75

Alan DWYER 1536.89

Chris EVERALL 2391.25

Russ GILL 1485.96

Shirley FLANAGAN 2166.75

Peter ANDERSON 1411.75

Cathie COVERDALE 1967.17

George STUDHAM 1410.29

Adie CRISPIN 1822.58

Rama NAIDOO 1293.00

Ann PERRETT 1812.83

Lou SIEDLE 1287.09

Lily SCHIRMER 1679.75

Colin JOHANNSEN 1237.00

Marianne SCHAEFFER 1643.42

Wayne PETROHILOS 1209.83

Rosemary BARKER 1547.50

Darryl KING 1101.67

Betty Lou PITT 1516.75

Rod PAINTER 1082.50

Judy ELLIS 1475.17

Keith SCHIRMER 1077.30

Annette TESCH 1445.50

Barry HARTLEY 1072.58

Suda WOODWARD 1443.50

Merv ELMS 1066.61

Sue BRENNAN 1403.65

Robert BLACKMAN 1054.74

Kay MULLINS 1271.00

John EVERALL 1028.78

Jan DIENHOFF 1207.17

Claud CLARK 970.57

Carol MADDEN 1199.33

Ross TRACEY 966.25

Robyn HARPER 1187.82

Les DOOLAN 950.50

Friday, 27 September 2013

Next Game Atherton 1 Oct


I'm back from China after a delay caused by typhoon Usagi which necessitated reticketing - great end to a holiday when all you want to do is get home asap!

Thanks to Roger for maintaining the blog in my absence.  Luckily he did not need to contact me with any problems, as internet in China was a pain & I couldn't even get into the blog to see what was going on - more at Atherton.

Our game next week is at Atherton & I'm told there are no surprises awaiting us in the form of tee/green changes.

See you there.

Louis Siedle

Tuesday, 24 September 2013



This event has been played over the past five months with the best three scores from five events nominated in the Association's Program counting.  The winner this year was Wal Anthony from Babinda with a score of 114 points.   The runner-up was Graham Ross (Cairns) with a total of 112 points on a count back from Rob Blackman (Half Moon Bay.  Congratulations to Wal and all participants.

We still have five annual competitions running.  They are the Men's and Ladies' Consistency Trophies, in which  the best ten scores from the fourteen nominated events count. There is one round left before this trophy in finalised.  The  Men's and Ladies' Savannah Cup and the Patron's Trophy (for games played on the nine hole courses) still have a number of rounds to go.

Captain Greg. 


Vice president Colin welcomed 116 players to Gordonvale, of whom 28 were ladies and 88 were men. there was 2 visitors, Ross Ellen from Gordonvale and Peter Marriott from Taroom. He also welcomed 2new members, Michael Smith and John Hudson, both from gordonvale. This brings our total membership to 311.
Colin also thanked Tom Bryce, Graham Real and Bob Turner for their work in preparing the course and blackboard for our visit.



Men's Winner Div 1:        George Studham      40 points c/b
Men's Runner up Div 1:  Wal Anthony              40 points       
Men's Winner Div 2:        Thomas Stager         45 points
Men's Runner up Div 2:  Paul Morley               41 points c/b

Ball Rundown (net)
41 points; Grahame Webb, Hiroshi Hosaka
40 points; Michael Smith, Ross Treacy
39 points; Graham Ross, Trevor Barry,John Everall, John Kilby
38 points; Max Smith, Grant Scott, Bob Hayles, Noel Webster, Tony Ellen, John Clough
37 points; Dave Ingram, Barry Pike, Peter McMenamin, Jim Logan, Dave Jackson
36 points; Trevor Ruddick, Garry Long, Graham Real, Colin Johannsen, Brian Rowan,     
                 Alan Dwyer, David Pitt, Greg Gibb, Kevin Reddicliffe, Brian Norris,
                 Herb Golightly.
35 points; Bill Eden, Yashuo Kumagae, John Bawden, Keith Hillier, John Pilbin,
                 Jon Shearer, Dave McCormack, Vern Sandilant, Ross Ellen.

NTPs men:  5th Barry Butt. 8th Ross Ellen. 14th Colin Johannsen. 17th Greg Gibb.

Women's Winner:       Jenny Enright  47 points
Women's Runner up: Kerrie Pont       38 points
Ball Rundown (net)
36 points; Suda Woodward, Heather Webster.
35 points; Dot Ruddle, May Wilkinson, Edna Miles, Cathie Coverdale, Chris Everall.
34 points; Carol Madden, Jothi Naidoo, Rosemary Barker , Ann Perrett.

NTPs Ladies  3rd  Robyn Harper.  12th  Cathie Coverdale.

Monday, 23 September 2013


Hi All,
Tomorrow is a stableford event at Gordonvale and will be sponsored by Bendigo Bank. The Bendigo is one of our long term sponsors and also one of the more generous, we value their support.
I have spoken to Erica at Gordonvale and she assures me that the guys are out mowing and gettig the track ready for tomorrows event. See you there.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Lois TAIT 3143.92

Greg GIBB 1896.94
May WILKINSON 2981.40

Wal ANTHONY 1793.90
Jane JOHANNSEN 2695.75

Keith HILLIER 1644.99
Di DIVERSI 2646.92

Alan DWYER 1493.89
June WILLMOT 2459.75

Russ GILL 1485.96
Chris EVERALL 2298.25

Tom STAGER 1425.42
Shirley FLANAGAN 2166.75

Peter ANDERSON 1411.75
Cathie COVERDALE 1874.17

George STUDHAM 1314.04
Adie CRISPIN 1822.58

Lou SIEDLE 1287.09
Ann PERRETT 1745.33

Rama NAIDOO 1282.50
Marianne SCHAEFFER 1643.42

Wayne PETROHILOS 1209.83
Lily SCHIRMER 1632.75

Colin JOHANNSEN 1194.00
Rosemary BARKER 1480.00

Darryl KING 1101.67
Betty Lou PITT 1472.75

Rod PAINTER 1082.50
Judy ELLIS 1425.67

Barry HARTLEY 1072.58
Annette TESCH 1398.50

Merv ELMS 1066.61
Sue BRENNAN 1356.65

Robert BLACKMAN 1054.74
Suda WOODWARD 1281.00

Keith SCHIRMER 1051.80
Kay MULLINS 1271.00

Claud CLARK 970.57
Jan DIENHOFF 1207.17

John EVERALL 951.28
Robyn HARPER 1132.32

Neil SHARKEY 939.83

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


There were 121 players at Mareeba comprised of 98 men and 23 ladies. V. Pres Col Johannsen welcomed 2 visitors, Theo Sheppard from MacLean and Peter Moffat from Taroom. he also thanked the hard workers at the club for the presentation of the course and the clubhouse staff for looking after us so well.
The sponsors for the day were TGT Hardware of Mareeba who supplied vouchers for the winners.
Our next game is at Gordonvale and we are assured the course will be in tip top condition.
A pair of sunglasses were handed in after the game and the owner can recover them from me at next weeks game.

Mareeba Results


Men's Winner Div 1:        Barry Hartley             39points c/b
Men's Runner up Div 1:  Theodore Sheppard  39 points      
Men's Winner Div 2:        George Brew             46 points
Men's Runner up Div 2:  Yasuo Kumagae       43 points c/b

Ball Rundown (net)
43 points; Kevin Reddicliffe
41 points; Bob Billingham, Ted Lander.
40 points; Mal Arthur, Thomas Stager, Geoff Edwards.
39 points; Graham Morrow, Peter McMenamin, David Jackson.
38 points; Terry Jenkins, Ross Milevskiy, Brian McCallum, Colin Johannsen, Rob       
                 Blackman, Garry Long, Graham Rees, Kevin Moore, Neil Sharkey,   
                 Brian Norris, Wal Anthony, Ian McDonald 
37 points;  Jim May, Bruce Jenner , Ken Flood, Arthur Jackson, John Kilby,
                 George Studham, Harry Alykhan, Claud Clark, Mike Blunt ,David Pitt,
                 Len Manoff.
36 points; Larry Perrett, Ken Baker, Peter Mullins, George Shores, Neil Stubbin,
                Max Smith, Ross White, Bruce Gilmore, Jim Logan, Keith Hillier,
                 Keith Sanderson, John Gregan, Ron Barnes, Roger Smith   

NTPs men:  4th.John Gregan. 8th.  Colin Johannsen. 11th. Alan Dwyer.
                       13th.  Eric Pihlhjerta.

Women's Winner:       Sue Brennan  44 points
Women's Runner up: Carol Madden, 43 points
Ball Rundown (net):
41 points;  May Wilkinson
39 points; Ann Perrett
38 points; Betty Lou Pitt
37 points; Lois Tait
36 points; Jenny Enright
35 points; Kay Mullins, Jane Johannsen, Edna Miles, Elaine Sandilant

NTPs Ladies: 4th Lois Tait. 13th, Judy Bottrill.

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Hi all ,
next Tuesday is at Mareeba and is a stableford event. This will be the final round of the Ted Thomasson trophy, the winner of which will have the best score for three of the five rounds nominated on the program. So perhaps you are like me and did not do too well at the club champs. Never fear you still may feature on presentation day.

Friday, 13 September 2013


1 Lois TAIT 3058.92
1 Greg GIBB 1896.94
2 May WILKINSON 2846.40
2 Wal ANTHONY 1741.90
3 Di DIVERSI 2646.92
3 Keith HILLIER 1615.99
4 Jane JOHANNSEN 2628.25
4 Alan DWYER 1493.89
5 June WILLMOT 2408.75
5 Russ GILL 1485.96
6 Chris EVERALL 2243.25
6 Peter ANDERSON 1411.75
7 Shirley FLANAGAN 2166.75
7 Tom STAGER 1333.75
8 Adie CRISPIN 1822.58
8 Lou SIEDLE 1287.09
9 Cathie COVERDALE 1817.67
9 George STUDHAM 1273.04
10 Ann PERRETT 1645.33
10 Rama NAIDOO 1263.00
11 Marianne SCHAEFFER 1643.42
11 Wayne PETROHILOS 1209.83
12 Lily SCHIRMER 1579.25
12 Colin JOHANNSEN 1142.00
13 Rosemary BARKER 1480.00
13 Darryl KING 1101.67
14 Judy ELLIS 1425.67
14 Rod PAINTER 1082.50
15 Annette TESCH 1398.50
15 Merv ELMS 1066.61
16 Betty Lou PITT 1382.75
16 Keith SCHIRMER 1032.30
17 Suda WOODWARD 1281.00
17 Robert BLACKMAN 1002.74
18 Jan DIENHOFF 1207.17
18 Barry HARTLEY 1002.58
19 Kay MULLINS 1203.50
18 Les DOOLAN 932.50
20 Robyn HARPER 1082.82
20 John EVERALL 931.78
21 Helen ROWE 950.25
21 Claud CLARK 929.57
22 Mary SCOTT 890.50
22 Neil SHARKEY 887.83
23 Carol MADDEN 886.83
23 Ross TRACEY 870.00
24 Edna ATKINSON 882.00
24 Richard STAINES 858.63
25 Sue BRENNAN 856.65
25 Frank THELAN 842.50