Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Gordonvale AGM, Presidents report & Results.

Today was a very big day for the management committee as we had the Annual General Meeting as well as presentations after the game. The meeting was well attended and all the reports were accepted as presented. There was no need for elections and all the candidates were duly appointed. The new committee is made up of;
president,           Roger Smith.
vice pres.            Greg Gibb.
captain,               Russ Gill.
vice captain,       Wal Anthony.
treasurer,             John Everall.
secretary,            Louis Siedle.
committee,         Chris Everall, Lois Tait, Andrina Wilson,  Robin Tonks.
As president I wish to thank the outgoing members, Suzanne Brennan and Diane Diversi. I also welcome and look forward to working with the new members, Andrina Wilson and Robin Tonks.

As soon as the meeting ended golfers all headed out for the 4bbb shotgun start and I congratulate all players for completing the round in 4 hours.

The sponsor for the day was SAVANNAH LIFESTYLE RESORT and we were privileged to have Melody Lucas address the gathering and present the prizes that Savannah provided.

Next Tuesday is our annual breakup golf and lunch at Cairns Golf Club, the cost is $20 , with the remainder being paid by the association so don't miss this one. The game is a 2 ball ambrose and is a 7.30 SHOTGUN START so all players will need to register BEFORE 7 AM so we can get you all to your respective tees in time for the start. Also, please inform the treasurer if you are on a buggy so the poor foot soldiers can have the nearer tees.


WINNERS;  Bill Ford & Peter Edmonds,  50 points.
RUNNERS UP;  Graham Real & Don Kerr,  48 points.
3RD;   Bill Leonard & Bill Foster  47 points c/b.

MENS NTP;  5th & 24th Bob Turner, 8th Dave Jackson, 17th Neil Sharkey.
WOMENS NTP;  5th & 8th Chris Everall, 14th Andrina Wilson, 17th Georgie Jarred.

47 points,  Alan Dwyer & G Chappel.
46 points,  Allan Dredge & Peter Wyatt. Chris & John Everall, Barry Butt & Peter McMenamin.
45 points, Lou Siedle & Ross Norman, Peter Doherty & Peter Johnson.
44 points, Barry Pike & Les Doolan, Robin Tonks & Andrina Wilson, Zbig Bergiel & Bruce Walters,
Bruce Jenner & Ian McLeod-Carey, Bob Billingham & Bill Eden, Claud Clark & Brian Brown.
43 points, Merv Elms & Neil Sharkey, Darryl deClifford & Rick Gooderham, Julie Wallace & Bob Turner, Kay Bergiel & Cathie Coverdale, Rod Cade & Graham Morrow.
42 points,  Lil Benfield & Liz Edmonds, Keith Sanderson & Dennis Lankester.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gordonvale Golf & AGM

This is a reminder to all members to register before 8AM at Gordonvale this Tuesday so we can get the AGM started on time. I promise it wont take long and hopefully the shotgun start will go ahead around 8.30 AM. the game is a 4 ball better ball stableford.
see you there,

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Presidents Report and Results. Atherton 22 Nov.

60 men and 14 women enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at Atherton with a refreshing breeze to keep the golfers cool.

The sponsor today was FIG TREE HEALTH  of Atherton and we thank them very much for the Golf World vouchers that were presented to the winners and runners up.

During the week our treasurer John received a cheque for $170 from Bendigo Bank. this comes about because we are a non profit organisation banking with them and we also would get that amount increased if our members who bank with the Bendigo simply nominate FNQ vets as their club of choice, with no cost to the individual. So if you bank at the Bendigo or are considering  changing banks please help your club if you can.

Please remember that next Tuesday is our annual general meeting at 8 am sharp at Gordonvale so please register to play golf well before this time. Our meetings rarely take very long and the shotgun start is at 8.30 am. The event is a 4 ball better ball stableford so if you can organise your partner it will save time.

The following Tuesday is our final day of the year and also our Christmas lunch. Our committee have decided to use some of the reserve money and make the day considerably cheaper for all those participating. The quote for the dinner is not final yet but I think members will only be charged around $20 for golf and lunch.


WOMENS WINNER;  Edna Atkinson  42 points.
RUNNER UP;  Jothi Naidoo  39 points.

WOMENS NTP;  3rd & 13th Heather Forster. 11th Jothi Naidoo. 18th Judy Ellis.

38 points, Chris Everall, Heather Forster, Deon Reddicliffe.
36 points, Doreen Minning, Lily Schirmer.
34 points,  Liz Edmonds.
33 points, Andrina Wilson, Judy Ellis, Lil Benfield.

MENS DIV1 WINNER;  Peter Doherty 41 points
RUNNER UP;  David Morrison  40 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER;  John Famularo  40 points.
RUNNER UP;  Bruce Jenner  39 points.

MENS NTP;  3rd Graham Morrow, 11th Merv Elms, 13th Peter Wyatt, 18th George Kyriazis.
39 points, John Everall, Dennis Lankester.
38 points, George Brew, Peter Wyatt, Ken Baker, Peter Johnson, Elso Iuretigh.
37 points,  David Ingram, Darryl deClifford.
36 points,  Bob Billingham, David Jackson, Mike Van Cuylenberg, T Brown, George Atkinson,
Wal Anthony, Frank Thelan, Trevor Barry.
35 points,  Peter Edmonds, Neil Sharkey, Russ Gill, Mick Grumley, Robin Tonks.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Atherton 22 Nov.

Tomorrow we play at Atherton for the last time this season and the game is a single stableford. I am reliably informed that the fairways have greened up some after the recent rains. Hope to see a good crowd in the morning.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Presidents Report & Results HMB 15th Nov.

Todays event was a single stableford at Half Moon Bay and we had a field of 70 men and 16 ladies. The weather was kind to us but has served notice that summer is well on the way. We welcomed visitor Ross Norman from Mollymook NSW and I hope he enjoyed his day at "vets".

The sponsors today were BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB and KENNEDYS BETTER HOME LIVING.   We did this because the vouchers donated to us by Brothers almost a year ago are almost expired. Winners please check your voucher and use it before the date on the back. Any winners who are not going to Atherton next week will need to contact me on 0407341125 to collect their prize.

As I am sure most of you know, Half Moon Bay club have been donating a box of beer to be raffled with free entry to those at presentations. the winner today was Greg Gibb, who proudly claimed his prize amid cries of "redraw, redraw". thanks HMB for adding that little extra to our day.


MENS DIV1 WINNER;  Geoff Pratt 42 points.
RUNNER UP;   Roger Glover  37 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER;  Darryl deClifford  38 points.
RUNNER UP;  Ron Sylvester  38 points.

MENS NTP;  4th  Ron Sylvester, 9th Ross White, 11th  Roger Smith, 16th David Lawler.

36 points,  Harvey Blanch, David Jackson, Ian McCleod-Carey, Tom Stager.
35 points,  Don Thomson, George Studham, Mike Van Cuylenberg, Peter McMenamin, Bill Eden,
George Atkinson.
34 points,  Keith Sanderson, Bruce Jenner, Cec Turner, Roger Smith.
33 points,  Peter Doherty, Russ Gill, Robin Tonks.
32 points,  Barry Pike, Peter Johnston, Brian Rowan, Don Freeman, George Kyriazis, Claud Clark.
31 points,  Trevor Barry, Keith Hillier, Garry Castle, Greg Gibb, Brian Miller.

WOMENS WINNER;  Edna Atkinson.
RUNNER UP;  Lily Schirmer.

WOMENS NTP;  4th Chris Everall,  9th Edna Atkinson, 11th Margot Desira, 16th Julie Wallace.

34 points,  Jothi Naidoo.
31 points,  Judy Ellis.
29 points,  Betty Lou Pitt, Heather Forster, Lil Benfield.

Monday, 14 November 2016

15th NOVEMBER 2016

Tomorrows game is a single stableford at Half Moon Bay. the weather seems to have cooled a little so I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Todays game was a single stableford at the Gordonvale Golf Club and the field of 54 men and 14 women was reasonable considering many of our members are in Adelaide competing in the veterans national championships. We wish these players good luck and hope to see trophies on their return.

The sponsor today was CAZALY'S AFL CLUB and the winners and runners up have venue vouchers to spend on drinks, meals or entertainment.

Today we welcome new member Heather Forster from Half Moon Bay as well as two visitors, Cheryl Scown and Barbara Stedman, both from Pioneer Valley.

I must also take this opportunity to congratulate the Gordonvale Club on the condition of their course. Although the fairways are quite dry, the greens are the best they have been for some time.


MENS DIV 1 WINNER;  Wal Anthony  40 points.
RUNNER UP;   Evert Van Kleef  38 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER;  George Brew  39 points c/b.
RUNNER UP;  Brian Rowan   39 points.

MENS NTP;  5th Garry Long,  8th  Greg Gibb, 14th Frank Thelan,  17th  Don Kerr.

38 points,  Tom Stager, Wayne Hoger, David Ingram, Brian Panigas,  Harvey Blanch.
37 points,  Peter McMenamin, Bill Foster, Bob Turner, Bruce Jenner, Roger Glover, Roger Smith.
35 points,  Peter Johnson, Graham Ross, Graham Real.
34 points,  Bill Eden, Barry Butt, Rick Gooderham, Trevor Barry.

WOMENS WINNER;  Edna Atkinson  34 points c/b.
RUNNER UP;  Heather Forster  34 points.

WOMENS NTP;  5th Doreen Minning, 8th Heather Forster, 14th Barb Stedman, 17th Betty Lou Pitt.

34 points, Doreen Minning, Claire Hannan.
33 points, Lily Schirmer, Barb Stedman, Jenny Albertson.
32 points, Julie Wallace.
31 points, Lil Benfield.

Monday, 7 November 2016

TUESDAY 8th November.

The game this week is at Gordonvale and is a single stableford sponsored by Cazalys AFL club.
it appears that the weather is going to be quite warm but we can all rest assured that there is plenty more of the same to come.
see you there,

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Upcoming Events & 2017 Vets Champs at Gold Coast


1. Mareeba have a 2 ball Ambrose on 20 Nov with $3000 in prizes on offer. Details from or phone the club or email the Manager at

 2. The 2017 Aust Veteran Golfers Championships will be held on the Gold Coast. Details can be accessed from


AGM 29th November Gordonvale



The AGM of the above Organisation will be held
at the GORDONVALE GOLF CLUB at 8.00 a.m.

1. Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2015.

2. President’s Report.

3. Presentation of Audited Financial Reports.

4. Election of Members to Management Committee, Patron, Hon. Auditor and Hon. Solicitor.

5. General Business.

Louis Siedle 
November 2016