Thursday, 31 March 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 30 Mar

The new Savannah Cup program is basically an automated program. The results as they appear on our Golflink site are copied and pasted to a worksheet in the program. A formula compares the Golflink numbers on the sheet with Financial Members of the FNQVGA. If it is determined that a player is either not financial or is a Visitor, an error message is displayed. That person is removed from the results and the program recalculates the positions of players in the field, including the ties. This new result sheet is then copied and pasted to a second page where the program then determines the points to be allocated to each player and adds them to the player's progressive total.

In line with Association policy, to gain points in this and other major competitions, a player must be a financial member of the FNQVGA. It is also important that the Association be aware of your correct Golflink number. If you change Clubs during the season, please inform the Secretary or Treasurer of that change so that the Association records can be updated.

Andrina WILSON 601.25 Keith SCHIRMER 467.5
Betty Lou PITT 562.5 James LOGAN 420
Claire HANNON 400 Maurice SMITH 374
Judy ELLIS 380 Thomas STAGER 357.5
Sue TAYLOR 345 Franz THELAN 300
Jothi NAIDOO 300 Peter DOHERTY 279.5
Lorraine DOOLAN 300 John GREGAN 257
Ruth YELLAND 200 David LAWLER 250
Elizabeth EDMONDS 179 John EVERALL 214

William MATTHEWS 200.5

Also please note - the next SAVANNAH LIFESTYLE RESORTS open day is on Saturday 9th April 2016, between 10am and 4pm.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Vice President's Report & Results Gordonvale 29 Mar

Today we welcomed 79 players (61 men and 18 ladies) to todays event which was a single stableford and the players enjoyed a perfect sunny day, humidity was bearable and a cool breeze was present.

The course was in good condition obviously with the rain over the last week off the fairways although the grass had been cut was thick and still holding moisture in some areas. In all good playing conditions which made for a pleasant round of golf.

The sponsor today was CAZALYS AFL and I thank them for their complimentary meal vouchers and appreciate their continued support.

Our golf schedule is now back to weekly games so look forward to catching up with you all again and absent friends. Please put the word about to your friends invite them to join you for a round of golf as all visitors and new members are welcome.


Ladies Winner : Claire Hannon 32 points
RunnerUp : Judy Ellis 31 points

NTP 8th Suda Woodward, 14th Andrina Wilson 17th Lois Tait

Ball Winners:
29 points Lily Schirmer
28 points May Wilkinson,  Edna Atkinson,  Andrina Wilson,  Sue Brennan
26 points Lil Benfield,  Betty-Lou Pitt
25 points Lois Tait,  Georgie Jarred,  Sue Taylor

Mens Div 1 Winner: Mauri Smith 40 points
Runner Up: Gary Long 38 points

Mens Div 2 Winner: Ian MacLeod-Carey 40 points
Runner Up: Bob Turner 40 points c/b

Mens NTP: 5th Greg Gibb 8th Peter Hadley 17th Greg Gibb

Ball Winners:
38 points Peter Handley
37 points Lou Siedle
36 points Rod Cade,  Garry Castle
35 points Barry Burr,  John Everall
34 points Barry Hartley,  Bruce Jenner,  Tom Stager,  Robin Tonks
33 points George Atkinson,  Ian Tindall,  John Gregan,  Bob Billingham
32 points Darryl De Clifford,  Graham Ross,  Frank Thelan,  Greg Gibb, Grahame Webster
31 points Alan Dwye,r Keith Schirmer,  Peter McMenamin, George Kyriazis

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Next Game Gordonvale 29 Mar


Our game next week is a single stableford at Gordonvale.

It is the first of our Consistency rounds & is sponsored by Cazalys AFL.

The course is OK, but don't expect much run.  The rough in the drains is high & they also have water in them, so avoid them as usual.  Depending on what weather is experienced between now & then, hopefully the rough off the fairways will have been cut before our game & bunkers will be in play, but check the board before you go out.

See you there.


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 15 Mar

Andrina WILSON 485 Keith SCHIRMER 423
Betty Lou PITT 480 James LOGAN 400
Jothi NAIDOO 300 Thomas STAGER 294.5
Lorraine DOOLAN 300 Peter DOHERTY 279.5
Sue TAYLOR 275 David LAWLER 250
Lily SCHIRMER 275 Franz THELAN 250
Ruth YELLAND 200 John GREGAN 202.5
Deon REDDICLIFFE 170 William MATTHEWS 200.5
Cathlene COVERDALE 150 David JACKSON 183.25
Elizabeth EDMONDS 125 John EVERALL 136.5

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

President's Report & Results Atherton 15 Mar

Today a disappointing 51 men and 11 ladies bothered to make the trip to Atherton on what turned out to be a perfect day for golf with slightly overcast skies and a cooling breeze. 

The course was presented in perfect condition with good fairways and very good greens.With this in mind I urge our members from the coastal clubs to plan early for our next game at Atherton on 26th April and arrange a car load to go up there.

The sponsor today was DRUMMOND GOLF OF CAIRNS and I thank them for the vouchers that the winners took home.

Claud Clark has an electric buggy with a new battery he's prepared to lend to anyone who needs one.  If you want to take up his offer, give him a call.  If you ask sweetly, he may even be prepared to sell it to you (for the right price).


LADIES WINNER; Betty Lou Pitt 40 points.
RUNNER UP ; Lorraine Doolan 35 points.

NTP 3rd Ruth Yelland, 11th Liz Edmonds. 13th Lily Schirmer, 18th Andrina Wilson.

34 points; Ruth Yelland,
33 points; Lily Schirmer.
30 points; Liz Edmonds.
29 points; Lois Tait.

MENS WINNER; Keith Schirmer 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Tom Stager 39 points.

NTP, 3rd Gary Castle, 11th Neil Stubbin, 13th Ross White, 18th Peter Johnston.

39 points, Peter Doherty,
38 points, David Jackson, Don McHardie, Grant Scott, Brian Brown
37 points; Alan Dwyer, John Gregan, Max Smith, Ian McLeod-Carey
36 points; Garry Castle, Mike Van Cuylenburg, Peter Yelland.
35 points; Rama Naidoo, Robin Tonks, Peter Johnston.
34 points; Eric Pihlhjerta, George Kyriazis, Bob Billingham, William Matthews,Bill Foster,
Graham Hughes

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Next Game Atherton 15 Mar


Our game next week is a single stableford at Atherton golf club sponsored by Drummond Golf.

I'm told the course is in good condition, so hopefully it will not get a drenching before we play.

See you there.


PS If you are looking for more games on the Tablelands there is the Mareeba Mitsubishi Classic on 9/10 April, details at

Also at Mareeba is their Open on 16/17 April, details at

Monday, 7 March 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 1 Mar


A change has been made to the points awarded to the first 5 places in the Savannah Cup so that the winners of a comp do not snatch so great a lead.

The committee also decided to give prizes to the winners & runners up at the end of each quarter as well as at the end of the year.

Current leaders after the first game are:

LADIES Points MEN Points
Andrina WILSON 400 Jim LOGAN 400
Jothi NAIDOO 300 David LAWLER 250
Sue TAYLOR 200 Frank THELAN 250
Cathie COVERDALE 150 William MATTHEWS 150
Lily SCHIRMER 125 John GREGAN 125
Georgie JARRED 80 Wal ANTHONY 67
Betty Lou PITT 80 Les DOOLAN 67
Pris FREEMAN 70 David JACKSON 67
Julie WALLACE 65 George KYRIAZIS 67
Zola DALE 60 Peter MCMENAMIN 67

Roger SMITH 67

George STUDHAM 67

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 1 Mar

 83 men and 15 women played Half Moon Bay today and although the weather was a little threatening at first the sun broke through to give us a fine sunny day.

The sponsor for the event was GOLF WORLD OF CAIRNS and we thank them for the vouchers played for today and commend them to our members.

We also thank Half Moon Bay club for giving a carton of beer to be a prize drawn among those who stay for the presentations. The winner today was Deon Reddicliffe who took home the beer and a husband grinning like the proverbial “Cheshire cat”.
Manager Greg Ferry has indicated that this will be a regular feature when we play there so it may well pay to stay and socialise a little longer.

It gives us no joy to have to disqualify players for handing in a wrong card so please, please check your card before you sign and hand it in, especially if you have had a good score.

I have a left handed 9 iron which was found on the course today so give me a ring and I will be happy to return it.


WOMENS WINNER; Andrina Wilson 33 points.
RUNNER UP; Jothi Naidoo 29 points.

WOMENS NTP; 4th Julie Wallace, 9th Claire Hannam, 11th Andrina Wilson, 16th Jothi Naidoo.

27 points; Sue Taylor.
26 points; Cathie Coverdale.
25 points; Lily Schirmer.
24 points; Kay Bergiel.
22 points; Georgie Jarrett, Deon Reddicliffe, Betty Lou Pitt.

MENS DIV 1 WINNER; Jim Logan, 42 points.
RUNNER UP; Dave Lawler 38 points.

MENS DIV 2 WINNER; Frank Thelan 38 points.
RUNNER UP; John Gregan 35 points c/b

MENS NTP; 4th Frank Thelan, 9th Lou Siedle, 11th John Evans, 16th Bruce Jenner.

36 points; Bill Matthews.
35 points; Graham Morrow, George Gregan.
34 points; Ron Sylvester, John Everall.
33 points; Roger Smith, Les Doolan, Wal Anthony, Peter McMenamin, George Studham,
Rama Naidoo, Keith Hillier, George Kyriazis, Dave Jackson, Craig Alman,
32 points; Bob Billingham, Rod Ingram, Peter Johnson, Dave Ingram, John Evans, Mal Arthur,
Kevin Reddicliffe.
31 points; Don Kerr, Tom Stager, Robin Tonks, Alan Dwyer, Maurie Smith, Ian McDonald.
30 points; Ian Schofield, Bruce Jenner, Brian Rowan, Brian Pannigas, John Pilbin, Vaughan Edwards, John Lombardi.