Tuesday, 31 July 2018

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 31 July

Hi All,

The weather was great, the course in great condition and some of us played good golf when we turned out at Half Moon Bay today. The main thing was that the company was good. The event today was sponsored by BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB, a long term and valued sponsor.

With the Ladies competition in the City of Cairns Classic being played today, it was expected that the field would be down, not only because of the absence of he ladies but also their spouses and partners. As it turned out 95 players started with 79 men and 16 ladies teeing off, which was very satisfying. While all absent ladies were missed, those who were missed the most by the male members of the Committee, were the three Committee ladies. It is only when they’re not there, one appreciates how much assistance they provide. Lois and Andrina were playing in the Classic and Chris was ministering to hubby, Treasurer John, who was recuperating after an operation. My thanks go to Russ, Wal and Lou for all pitching in with the Board and results. Vice President Robin and I (token ladies! Ed.) made a formidable team in registering the field with charm, poise, empathy and efficiency. More importantly we think we got the money right. (Subject to audit by Treasurer John).

We had two new members join today, Sam Bildardi from Axdale Club near Bendigo and Alan Thorburn of Cairns. This brings our membership up to 238 comprising of 180 men and 58 ladies.

Our Association’s Championships will commence next Tuesday at Atherton. To be eligible a player must have been a member for two months on that date and played at least three games from our program. A list will be available next week of the number of games members played. If you dispute the numbers please speak to a Committee person as soon as you are aware of the possible error. The handicap on which you play in the first round will be frozen for the next round. A list of frozen handicaps will be available prior to the second round. Players may not win more than one major trophy, e.g., one can’t win the Overall Gross and Overall Net in any grade. The grades will be determined after the first round depending on numbers. Players ineligible to compete in the Championship will be eligible to win Daily Events.

Some of us were lucky enough today to witness an effort of epic and courageous proportions in the pursuit of an errant golf buggy by our Vice President Robin. Courageous, because last time this feat was attempted was by our Captain Russ at Millaa Millaa on the first hole. That pursuit was unsuccessful, with the buggy disappearing down the hill and finally overturning with Russ tearing a “hammy” and being out of golf for a couple of months. Whilst looking for a lost ball on the 5th, Robin, out of the corner of his eye, caught sight of his buggy heading apace towards the swamp. With his little legs pumping like pistons and mouthing the words, “I think I can, I think I can”, he chased, making a final lunge to stop the buggy just before it plunged into the swamp. The members of the group were amazed at the speed and elegance of Robin’s style and were very supportive of his effort until……..he struck the Usain Bolt Victory Pose!! That’s when he lost us.
(I admit that I have used a little bit of journalistic licence in his particular item.)

See you all at Atherton and Good Luck.
El Presidente”.


Winner: George Cooley, 41 points.
Runner Up: Garry Castle, 40 points.

Winner: Peter Anderson, 42 points.
Runner Up: Darryl DeClifford, 39 points C/B.

39 points: John Richards.
38 Points: Dennis Lankester.
37 Points: Wal Anthony, Lionel Law.
36 Points: Robin Tonks.
35 Points: Roger Smith, Rod Cade, Neil Sharkey, Merv Elms, Brian Guest, John Tolhurst.
34 Points: Harvey Blanch, Darryl Chandler, Peter Johnston.
33 Points: Eric Pihljhertra, Bill Matthews, Trevor Barry, Dave Ingram, Rick Gooderham, Greg Gibb.
32 Points: Brian Norris, Peter Doherty, John Lombardi, Ron Sylvester, Brian Knowles, Russ Gill.
31 Points: Des Jones, Tom Finch, Sam Bilardi, Graham Morrow, John Pilbin, George Atkinson, James Thomson, Keith Schirmer.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Peter Anderson, 9th Rick Gooderham, 11th Greg Gibb. 16th Ron Crispin.

Winner: Jenny Alberton, 35 points.
Runner Up: Margaret Finch, 34 points.

34 Points: Gail Wright.
33 Points: Cathy Coverdale.
32 Points: Dee Kottnig.
28 Points: Kay Bergiel.
27 Points: Edna Atkinson.
26 Points: Pris Freeman.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Edna Atkinson, 9th Dee Kottnig, 11th Gail Wright, 16th Jenny Albertson.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Next Game Half Moon Bay 31 July


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency event at Half Moon Bay.

The course is in good condition, we are expected & if you want a sandwich after the game, you can pre-order it as before.

The game is sponsored by Brothers Leagues Club.

See you there.


PS Where does time go?  Our Championships start in August with the first round  at Atherton on 7 Aug. 

Only those players who have been financial for a period of 2 months & who have played in at least 3 event prior to the start date are eligible to take part.  However, they can still play in the day event.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

President's Report & Results Millaa Millaa 24 July

Hi All,

We had 55 Members arise early today and travel to the Tablelands and try their luck at Millaa Millaa Golf Course. The early part of the day was cool and overcast and generally, the weather stayed that way for most of the morning before a misty rain started and stayed for the latter part of the game. The course was in good condition and again it seems remarkable to me how these smaller clubs with limited resources can produce and present the courses in the condition they do. Our thanks go to Don McHardie, Hughie behind the bar and to Patsy who looked after us with tea, coffee and raisin toast when we arrived.

The 55 stalwarts, who consisted of 42 men and 13 ladies, were competing in the second round of the Patron’s Trophy which is held over the nine-hole courses at which we play. We had some very good scores and these are detailed below in the Results. Again, our organisation was very well supported by Darren Golder, the franchise owner of DRUMMOND GOLF, CAIRNS, one of our long-term and valued sponsors. Winners are reminded that the voucher they will receive have an expiry date of one month unless a later date can be negotiated with Darren.

Whilst we had no new Members join this week, it was great to welcome for another stint with us, Rex and Joy White from Wingham in N.S.W. They have been continuing visitors to the F.N.Q. Vets for a number years now, enjoying the winter sunshine. Unfortunately, at the same time we were welcoming Rex and Joy, we were saying a fond farewell to, Rhoda and Lance Pedrana, another pair of “Grey Nomads” from N.S.W. We wish them a safe trip back South.

It was great to see the numbers of members who stayed after the game. Even though some may have been a little damp and a bit chilly, no doubt the obvious camaraderie of all made things more pleasant.

Next week’s game is at Half Moon Bay. I have spoken to Greg, the Manager, and he has told me that members will be able to pre-order food in the same way as last visit. We will be competing in another round of the Consistency Trophy.

See you there,
El Presidente”.


Winner: Russ Gill, 43 points.
Runner Up: Peter Clarke, 37 points.

Winner: Brian Norris, 39 points.
Runner Up: Darryl DeClifford, 38 points.

37 Points: Rick Gooderham, Brian Rowan, Peter Johnston.
36 Points: Peter Edmonds.
35 Points: Ross Ellen, Vaughan Smith, Keith Schirmer.
34 Points: Dennis Lankester, Tom Finch, Lionel Law, Graham Roberts.
33 Points: Neil Sharkey, Bruce Jenner, John Lombard, Robin Tonks.

N.T.P.’s: 1/10th John Hall, 5/14th Peter Clark, 6/15th Lance Pedrana.

Winner: Tessa Meyer, 37 points.
Runner Up: Lois Tait, 36 points.

35 Points: Suda Woodward.
34 Points: Joy White.
32 Points: Liz Edmonds.
31 Points: Andrina Wilson.
30 Points: Maria Ling.

N.T.P.’s: 1/10th Suda Woodward, 5/14th Tracy Dickinson, 6/15th Tessa Meyer.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Next Game Millaa Millaa 24 July


Our next game is the second round of our Patron's Trophy & is a single stableford at Millaa Millaa.

The game is sponsored by Drummond Golf Cairns.

I'm sure the course will be well presented as usual & hopefully Lois will not spend so much timein the water there!

Don't forget registration starts later at 0730 to give everyone time to get there so you can have a long lie in.


Lois fishing at Babinda

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

President's Report & Results Cairns 17 July

Hi everybody,

Today was a beautiful day for golf and the course at Cairns was in excellent condition and this resulted in some very good scores. We had 105 starters today, consisting of 80 men and 25 ladies all playing for our separate Men’s and Ladies’ Consistency Trophies.

We had three new members join us today. They were Graham Roberts and Celia Fox from Cairns and Sandy Caplick from Gordonvale. A sincere welcome is extended to you all and it is hoped you have an enjoyable time with the F.N.Q. Vets. We also had four visitors play today, Peter Stevens from Victoria, Ron and Adie Crispin from New Zealand and Debra Smith from Innisfail.

The day was sponsored by HEALTH AND FITNESS SOLUTIONS. Scott, the principal of the company, was due to attend our presentation and present the trophies but was unavoidably detained. For those of you who are thinking about doing a little bit extra to extend your presence on this planet, Scott runs all types of programs to cater for all ages and for those who have developed all types physical aches and pains.

I will be conducting further inquiries this week re the alleged function that was to be held at the Club after our presentation. I was told by various Committee personnel, including Vice President Robin, that I had to shorten my address so that we could vacate the premises in short order so the other function could proceed. I still have the feeling that this could have been a ploy by the V.P. to curtail my inalienable right to pursue freedom of speech. Members should not worry that they’ve missed out because I’ll double up next week at Millaa Millaa.

Speaking of Millaa Millaa, registration for next week’s game will be from 7.30am to 8.30am. This will allow those travelling from afar a little bit of a sleep-in and allow the volunteers to prepare the course and, if required, clear the frost off the greens. The Millaa Millaa members are looking forward to our trip to their picturesque course and are hoping for a good roll-up.

Take care and have a safe trip to Millaa Milla,
El Presidente”.

LATE NEWS: Cairns Club Manager, Matt Boland, confirmed that there was a function booked following us, so I apologise to any Committee man or woman who may feel aggrieved by my assertions. (I’ll still be doubling up next week.)(Not if VP has any say! Ed.)


Winner: Roger Glover, 40 points.
Runner Up: Dave Lawler, 39 points.

Winner: Bryan Guest, 39 points C/B.
Runner Up: John Gregan, 39 points.

37 Points: Ron Crispin, Lionel Law.
36 Points: Trevor Barry, Allan Dredge, Greg Gibb.
35 Points: Neil Hamilton, Graham Ross, Doug Christison, John Everall, Darryl Caplick, Bill Matthews, Garry Castle, Keith Schirmer, Bruce Jenner.
34 Points: John Tolhurst, Merv Elms, Peter Anderson.
33 Points: Peter Doherty, Evert Van Kleef, Neil Sharkey, Graham Roberts, Albert Smith, Geoff Thomas, Lance Pedrana, Dave Morrison.
32 Points: Lou Siedle, George Studham, Bob Billingham, Neil Arnott, Peter Edmonds, Craig Alman, George Kyriazis, Brian Norris.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Dave Lawler & Garry Castle (in the hole), 8th Neil Hamilton, 11th Geoff Barford, 17th George Cooley.

Winner: Rhoda Pedrana, 35 points.
Runner Up: Liz Edmonds (Birthday Girl), 34 points.

32 Points: Debra Smith, Julie Wallace.
31 Points: Maria Ling, Andrina Wilson.
29 Points: Tessa Meyer, Belle Gillan, Jan Wundersitz, Kay Cleland, Judy Guzzwell.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Debra Smith (in the hole), 8th Judy Guzzwell & Debra Smith (in the hole) 11th Andrina Wilson, 17th Celia Fox.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Next Game Cairns 17 July


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency event at Cairns golf club.

The game is sponsored by Complete Health & Fitness Solutions & hopefully owner Scott Payne will be able to join us there.

I'm told the greens are in good condition & fast.

See you there.


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

President's Report & Results Babinda 10 July

Babinda awoke today to overcast skies and a chilly breeze come from the South and this remained until the sun poked through about 11.15am. Luckily there was no rain accompanying the cloudy sky as Babinda and the golf course have experienced enough rain for this year.

The continuous rain and lack of sunshine has been the major cause of the deterioration of some of the greens, much to the chagrin of Wal Anthony, Peter Penny, Chris Hannam and the other Babinda volunteers who work so hard to try and produce a course of which they can be proud. (There is no truth in the rumour that Wal fled overseas to escape from the disappointment he was feeling. He had made arrangements for the trip to watch Wimbledon and the Open some months previously.) The rest of the course was in good condition without the normal amount of run although the drains were running freely, a fact that can be verified by your President who visited three of them.

63 Veteran Golfers faced the starter’s gun today with 48 colts and 15 fillies making up the field. These included Ron and Adie Crispin from New Zealand who we were happy to welcome after about a 1 year absence. The sponsor for today’s event was WAL ANTHONY, a member of the Vets. whose beautiful hand-made tables were on display before the game. This game was was Round 1 of the Patron’s Trophy which is held over the rounds played at the 9 hole courses, Babinda and Millaa Millaa.

Both myself and Vice President Robin, as well as other Committee members, have been regaled with nothing but praise over how much those who attended Mirage last Friday, enjoyed themselves. The over-riding sentiment was the camaraderie exhibited by players staying on after the Shotgun Start and just chatting with each other. We will endeavour to arrange another game in a similar vein later in the year.

There has been an approach from Paradise Palms members to their Club for the Vets to hold a game at that course. Initial contact has been made with the Club and they have made an offer of $55 per person (cart included), a minimum of 75 players. Further information is to be obtained but having a minimum limit on numbers may mean that a full upfront non-refundable payment may need to be paid by interested players. Further information will be disseminated when it comes to hand. Any initial thoughts from members can be taken to any of the Committee.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Cairns next Tuesday,

El Presidente”


Winner: Allan Dredge, 37 points.
Runner Up Mark Buckle, 36 points.

34 Points: Peter Jackson, Barry Vining.
33 Points: Kevin Walsh, Alan Dwyer.
32 Points: Tom Finch, Lou Siedle, Chris Hannam. John Gregan, George Atkinson.
31 Points: Steve Edwards, Ross White, Bruce Jenner, Robin Tonks.
30 Points: Trevor Gordon, Rod Ingram, Garry Castle, Peter Fox.

N.T.P.’s: 2/11 Tom Finch, 5/14 Ron Sylvester, 8/17 Chris Hannam.

Winner: Tracy Dickinson, 31 points.
Runner Up: Edna Atkinson, 28 points.

28 Points: Marg Finch.
26 Points: Andrina Wilson.
25 Points: Claire Hannan.
24 Points: Julie Wallace.
23 Points: Suda Woodward, Maria Ling.

N.T.P.’s 2/11 Marg Finch, 4/13 Tracy Dickinson, 5/14 Lil Benfield.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

President's Report & Results Mirage 6 July

It was a beautiful morning at Mirage Country Club today and the day only got better, although one’s perception of the day might have been clouded by the way one was playing golf. The course was in very good condition although Ron Sylvester had “tree” trouble on the 7th.

Seventy seven players from the nominated list of 84 turned up and comprised 60 men and 17 ladies. There were a couple of very good scores from the men with a couple of the ladies playing to their respective handicaps. The event, a Single Stableford was sponsored jointly, by both Mirage Country Club and the F.N.Q. Vets.

My impression was that everyone had a great day and it was great to see the numbers of players who stayed for the presentation and who appeared to be enjoying each other’s company. As well as playing golf, my feelings are that this is what Vets golf is all about and it epitomises our one word motto, “Friendship”.

My thanks go to our Committee all of whom put a lot of effort into making the day a success. I also expressed our thanks to Geoff Peard, the manager of Mirage, for his help and suggestions which made things a lot easier. His personal guidance of players to their respective tees and similar attention from Ken, the Course Marshal, was also appreciated. They also did a fine job humping all our bags down to the carts from the Bag Drop area. Geoff was also asked to let Mel in the Pro Shop be aware of our thanks for her assistance in looking after us as far as the vouchers, balls and ball markers was concerned.

It was a little disappointing that a few of the seven who didn’t turn up, didn’t let us know they weren’t coming, as we had several players hoping to fill any vacancies should they arise. The Committee was of the opinion that it wouldn't be fair to ask those “reserves” to travel to Port Douglas on the off-chance of getting a start. In the future we may have to look at a different way of administering a similar Golf Day as we would like to repeat the experience of having our members play at a resort course..

As Captain Russ had to go to Townsville straight after the game and so he could get away with any fuss, I suggested that I would do the handicapping of the cards for him. It was about three years since I last did them but unfortunately I found that one of the bugbears I experienced then and which Russ has since encountered, still exists, i.e., lack of Golflink Numbers on the cards. Yesterday I found that about 25% of the cards were missing these numbers. Whilst we have a list of member’s Golflink Numbers which we can access, the interruption to the flow of entering cards slows the process considerably. To ease the frustration, the more numbers one finds missing, the more glasses of wine one consumes and, of course, this leads to further deterioration of the entry procedure. Whilst there is little chance I will be doing the handicapping again, I sincerely ask everyone to pay more attention to entering your 10 number Golflink Number of your card. There is no doubt that Captain Russ will appreciate it.

See you at Babinda on Tuesday where those beautiful tables made by Wal Anthony will be up for grabs.

Yours in golf,
El Presidente”.


Winner: Tom Finch, 40 points.
Runner Up: Neil Hamilton, 39 points. C/B.

Winner: Mark Buckle, 41 points.
Runner Up: Brian Norris, 38 points.

N.T.P.’s 2nd Mark Buckle, 6th Michael Taylor, 8th Roger Smith, 13th Marcus Morse,
15th and 18th Ian McDonald.

Winner: Maria Ling, 36 points.
Runner Up: Doreen Law, 36 points.

N.T.P.’s: 2nd Gail Wright, 6th Andrina Wilson, 8th Suda Woodward, 13th Lois Tait,
15th and 18th Belle Gillan.

There was no Ball Rundown as all players received a Mirage logo ball. As an extra, we decided to give those players who equalled or bettered their handicap, excluding the winners and runners-up, a Mirage Country Club ball marker. Those winners were: Kevin Walsh, Barry Pike, Graham Ross, Peter McMenamin, Bruce Jenner, Neil Sharkey, Zbig Bergiel, Steve Edwards, Roger Smith and Barry Vining.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Next Game Babinda 10 July


Our next game is a single stableford at Babinda, being the first round for our Patron's Trophy.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us & the drains not too full!  Don't forget to pick up a guide at the club for the distances to the drains from the various tees.

Sponsor for the day is Wal Anthony who has again provided two of the beautiful tables he makes, see below.

See you there.


PS Quote for the day "Everyone has a right to be stupid.  Politicians just abuse the privilege."

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 3 July

Hi All,
After the rain over the past couple of days the outlook for our game at HMB didn't look very bright, however today dawned bright, if not a bit cloudy but certainly an improvement over the previous days. The improvement was reflected in the attendance with 107 players teeing off, 81 men and 26 ladies. It was the best turnout at HMB this year and the Club’s Manager, Greg, was very happy. As I pointed out at Presentation is was delightful to see that ladies made up 25% of the field and, in fact, 25% of our membership. When one considers that a large number of Vets organisations don’t have ladies as members, our ladies’ membership figures exemplifies the inclusiveness of our organisation. Two of our regulars “nomads” Graham and Trish George left today for other parts and both commented on how much they enjoyed the way they have been welcomed and treated each year and look forward to returning next year.

We welcome a new member, John Watts of Maffra in Victoria, bringing our total to 225,
170 men and 55 ladies. We also welcomed back Peter and Tessa Meyer after an absence of abour18 months or so.

The event today, a Single Stableford, was a round in the Ted Thomasson Trophy, which is awarded to the player with the best 3 out of 5 scores over the course of the season. The sponsor today, with Gift Voucher for their restaurant was CAZALYS. It is always great to have them on board.

After I had discussions with Manager Greg, we trialled pre-ordering sandwiches and pies, etc., as we do at other Clubs where we play. It worked very well for both the Club and the players although a couple of members did miss out, for which Greg apologises. He assured me that this won’t happen at our next visit.

Whilst on the subject of pre-ordering sandwiches, etc. after I raised this with Mirage, they will provide this service on Friday at our game. The forms will be available at registration. Ham and Salad and Chicken and Salad sandwiches will be $6.50, Mocca Pies $6.00 each and Sausage Rolls, $5.00. Lodgement of forms and payment to be made through the Pro Shop.

For information of our newer members and as reminder to the others, about 4 or 5 years ago, the F.N.Q.V.G.A. purchased an Automatic External Defibrillator. Thankfully, to date we haven’t had to use it. It is left in the Clubhouse on the registration desk. If you think that someone is suffering a suspected cardiac arrest, it is recommended that someone firstly calls 000 for an ambulance, secondly have someone start CPR, (100 comressions a minute) thirdly have someone go and pick up the defibrillator. See if you can notify one of the Committee as all have been trained in CPR and the use of the AED. At the scene, turn the defibrillator on, listen to and follow the verbal instructions attaching the pads to the patient. The shocking of the patient will only occur if the defibrillator considers it necessary. The general advice to prospective helpers in this type of situation is do something – any form of CPR is better than none.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Mirage on Friday. All relevant information on the day has been posted previously on the Blog.

“El Presidente”


Winner: Steve Edwards, 39 points. C/B
Runner Up: Albert Smith, 39 points.

Winner: Ron Sylvester, 37 points.
Runner Up: Vaughan Edwards, 36 points.

38 Points: Evert Van Kleef.
37 Points: Greg Gibb, Ron Sylvester.
36 Points: Max Crittenden, Neil Sharkey, Brian Rowan, George Studham, Rick Gooderham.
35 Points: Michael Taylor, Roger Smith, Graham Webb, Ken Gorton, Alan Dwyer, Lou Siedle.
34 Points: Peter Wyatt, Trevor Barry, Peter Doherty, David Jackson.
33 Points: Vern Sandilandt, Tom Finch, Don Thomson.
32 Points: Graham George, John Watts, Dennis Lankester, Garry Castle, Robin Tonks.
31 Points: Claud Clark, Barry Vining, Merv Elms, Tae Zheng, Kevin Walsh, George Atkinson, Keith Schirmer.

N.T.P.’s: 9th Michael Taylor, 11th Barry Vining, 16th David Jackson.
EAGLE: 18th Robin Tonks.

Winner: Suda Woodward, 36 points.
Runner Up: Edna Atkinson, 34 points.

33 Points: Kay Cleland, Jane Taylor.
32 Points: Dee Kottnig.
31 Points: Lily Schirmer, Judy Guzzwell.
30 Points: Julie Wallace.
29 Points: Andrina Wilson.
28 Points: Gail Wright, Cathie Coverdale, Marg Finch.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Jane Taylor, 9th Lil Benfield, 11th Rhoda Pedrana, 16th Kay Cleland.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Mirage Game 6 July

6th JULY. 2018

We have 82 nominees who have paid their deposit. It is very important that members who find themselves unable to attend on Friday contact either myself, Vice Pres. Robin or Captain Russ ASAP so we can let Mirage know of any change in numbers.

Committee members arrive 6.30am.
Registration 7am to 8am.
Shotgun Tee Off: 8.30am.

The day’s game will be a Single Stableford, Shotgun Start.

Men’s White Tees, Ladies Red Tees. Mens Slope 125 – Ladies 127 (Copies of both Handicap Lookup Charts will be available at Registration).

N.T.P.’s: All par 3’s, of which there are 6, will have two N.T.P.’s. One for the men and one for the ladies (2nd Shot), i.e. 12 in total.

Divisions: Men’s Division I, 0-19, Division II, 19-36. Ladies Division, 0-45.

Prizes: All Divisions - Mirage Vouchers for 1st place and Runner-up, $45 and $25 respectively. The Men’s Division sponsored by Mirage, Ladies’ Division sponsored by FNQ Vets.

Ball Rundown: 7 Dozen Mirage logo balls.

There is adequate car parking facilities at the resort. As one drives into the Resort, the main two large car parks are on the right as one enters the resort. There is a small unsealed car park to the left of the Clubhouse, which will hold about 30 cars.

The Bag Drop area is just to the left of the entrance to the Clubhouse. We are assured that the staff will be able to handle the influx of bags given the short period of time in which they will arrive. The bags will be taken down to an area adjacent to the front of the Pro Shop where the carts will be parked.

Registration will take place on the first floor of the clubhouse, i.e. entry by the front entrance and up the stairs to the main reception area.

It is recommended players follow the normal weekly game day procedures as far as filling out cards, etc. is concerned.

The normal weekly procedures for organising tees will be in place. i.e., groups of four, all in attendance and paid for at the same time will be allocated a tee first. Those who are only a single, a two or a three, won’t be allocated a starting Hole until a group of four can be arranged by the Committee.

Nominees players have played their $10 deposit and are required to pay the remaining $25 at registration. Please endeavour to present the correct money.

There is no competition game conducted by Mirage on a Friday.

The players will be allocated a starting Hole and their names and Hole entered on the whiteboard.

The carts will be lined up in front of the pro shop with the Starting Hole numbers on the windscreens.

It is recommended that on receipt of their hole number, the groups collect their clubs and load them onto their respective carts.

It is suggested that players starting on Holes 1 to 6 should head out via the 1st. Holes 7 to 9 should head for the 9th and work their way back, and likewise for the back nine.

Mirage will supply an urn and tea, coffee, milk and sugar for when we arrive. As at our normal games, it will be $1 donation for a “cuppa”. Sandwiches, pies, etc. will be available later in the day from the bar area in the Oasis Bar at commercial prices. Bar staff will also be in attendance to supply refreshments, again at commercial rates.

To be held in the Oasis Bar instead of upstairs in reception area. Additional seating will be provided in this area. Apparently the upstairs area was only open during the summer due to air conditioning.

The Committee and Mirage have done their best to make this day a success. Your willing, enthusiastic participation will ensure that this is so and probably lead to a repeat in the foreseeable future.

El Presidente”.