Tuesday, 3 July 2018

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 3 July

Hi All,
After the rain over the past couple of days the outlook for our game at HMB didn't look very bright, however today dawned bright, if not a bit cloudy but certainly an improvement over the previous days. The improvement was reflected in the attendance with 107 players teeing off, 81 men and 26 ladies. It was the best turnout at HMB this year and the Club’s Manager, Greg, was very happy. As I pointed out at Presentation is was delightful to see that ladies made up 25% of the field and, in fact, 25% of our membership. When one considers that a large number of Vets organisations don’t have ladies as members, our ladies’ membership figures exemplifies the inclusiveness of our organisation. Two of our regulars “nomads” Graham and Trish George left today for other parts and both commented on how much they enjoyed the way they have been welcomed and treated each year and look forward to returning next year.

We welcome a new member, John Watts of Maffra in Victoria, bringing our total to 225,
170 men and 55 ladies. We also welcomed back Peter and Tessa Meyer after an absence of abour18 months or so.

The event today, a Single Stableford, was a round in the Ted Thomasson Trophy, which is awarded to the player with the best 3 out of 5 scores over the course of the season. The sponsor today, with Gift Voucher for their restaurant was CAZALYS. It is always great to have them on board.

After I had discussions with Manager Greg, we trialled pre-ordering sandwiches and pies, etc., as we do at other Clubs where we play. It worked very well for both the Club and the players although a couple of members did miss out, for which Greg apologises. He assured me that this won’t happen at our next visit.

Whilst on the subject of pre-ordering sandwiches, etc. after I raised this with Mirage, they will provide this service on Friday at our game. The forms will be available at registration. Ham and Salad and Chicken and Salad sandwiches will be $6.50, Mocca Pies $6.00 each and Sausage Rolls, $5.00. Lodgement of forms and payment to be made through the Pro Shop.

For information of our newer members and as reminder to the others, about 4 or 5 years ago, the F.N.Q.V.G.A. purchased an Automatic External Defibrillator. Thankfully, to date we haven’t had to use it. It is left in the Clubhouse on the registration desk. If you think that someone is suffering a suspected cardiac arrest, it is recommended that someone firstly calls 000 for an ambulance, secondly have someone start CPR, (100 comressions a minute) thirdly have someone go and pick up the defibrillator. See if you can notify one of the Committee as all have been trained in CPR and the use of the AED. At the scene, turn the defibrillator on, listen to and follow the verbal instructions attaching the pads to the patient. The shocking of the patient will only occur if the defibrillator considers it necessary. The general advice to prospective helpers in this type of situation is do something – any form of CPR is better than none.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Mirage on Friday. All relevant information on the day has been posted previously on the Blog.

“El Presidente”


Winner: Steve Edwards, 39 points. C/B
Runner Up: Albert Smith, 39 points.

Winner: Ron Sylvester, 37 points.
Runner Up: Vaughan Edwards, 36 points.

38 Points: Evert Van Kleef.
37 Points: Greg Gibb, Ron Sylvester.
36 Points: Max Crittenden, Neil Sharkey, Brian Rowan, George Studham, Rick Gooderham.
35 Points: Michael Taylor, Roger Smith, Graham Webb, Ken Gorton, Alan Dwyer, Lou Siedle.
34 Points: Peter Wyatt, Trevor Barry, Peter Doherty, David Jackson.
33 Points: Vern Sandilandt, Tom Finch, Don Thomson.
32 Points: Graham George, John Watts, Dennis Lankester, Garry Castle, Robin Tonks.
31 Points: Claud Clark, Barry Vining, Merv Elms, Tae Zheng, Kevin Walsh, George Atkinson, Keith Schirmer.

N.T.P.’s: 9th Michael Taylor, 11th Barry Vining, 16th David Jackson.
EAGLE: 18th Robin Tonks.

Winner: Suda Woodward, 36 points.
Runner Up: Edna Atkinson, 34 points.

33 Points: Kay Cleland, Jane Taylor.
32 Points: Dee Kottnig.
31 Points: Lily Schirmer, Judy Guzzwell.
30 Points: Julie Wallace.
29 Points: Andrina Wilson.
28 Points: Gail Wright, Cathie Coverdale, Marg Finch.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Jane Taylor, 9th Lil Benfield, 11th Rhoda Pedrana, 16th Kay Cleland.

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