Tuesday, 30 August 2011

President's Message 30th August 2011

Veteran Golfers

Gordonvale Golf Club hosted  today's event. 135 Players participated  in the Single Stableford, by all reports the course must have played reasonably easy by the scores returned. Thank you Gordonvale for the course preparation and the Clubhouse hospitality.

I was unable to play as I attended the funeral of Tony Barbato, member of Half Moon Bay G.C and Veteran Golfer.

Bendigo Bank sponsored todays event, Tresna Malone attended from Bendigo Bank, she presented the Association with a cheque, which sponsors two events during the year. Tresna also presented the prizes to the winners. Thank you Tresna and Bendigo Bank for attending and supporting the FNQ Veteran Golfers.

Thank you to all the players who stayed back for the presentation, the club was full, it shows our sponsors we all appreciate them.

Craig Thomson from Drummond Golf also called in and played.

Welcome to visitors, Kevin Spencer from Binalong, Robert Blackman from Maryborough, Cheryl & David Thomson from Singleton, Graham & Heather Cassidy from Thurgoona, Robin & Noel Larson from Innisfail, Julian Godfrey from Tin Can Bay, Colin Laird from Gordonvale, Craig Thomson from Drummond Golf.

Next game is on Tuesday 5th September at Mossman Golf Club, the event is a Single Stableford, followed by  Tuesday 12th September at Cairns Golf Club, Single Stableford

Hope to see you there!

Ross Bird

Results 30th August 2011 Gordonvale Golf Club

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association
Results 30th August 2011
Played at Gordonvale Golf Club, Single Stableford, 135 Players
Sponsored by Bendigo Bank

Men’s Division 1 Winner: Robert Blackman 43 points
Men’s Division 1 Runner-up: Ian Tindall 42 points
Men’s Division 2 Winner: Brian Rowan 53 points
Men’s Division 2 Runner-up: John Bawden 47 points

Ball Rundown:
45 points: Paul Morley, Kevin Ranger
44 points: Harold Gibbins, Bill Leonard, John Mitchell, Rick Gooderham
43 points: Bill Foster, Vern Sandilant, Barry Butt, Peter Meyer, David Jackson, Zbig Bergiel
42 points: Jim Smith, Graham Webb, Kevin Moore
41 points: Dave Thomson, Graham Ross, Des Jones, George Kyriazis
40 points: Dave McCormack, Thomas Stager, Graham Fisher, Tom Bryce, John Famularo, Jim Egan
39 points: Graham Cassidy, Eiji Watanabe, Ted Lander, Noel Webster, Tony Lattimore, David Beardwood, Brian Norris
38 points: Max Smith, Wal Anthony, George Studham, Geoff Horsburgh, Keith Sanderson
37 points: Rod Cade, Maurie Jarrott, Bob Turner, Ross White, George Shores, Bob Hayles, Bert Downing, Dave Lawler, Lloyd Gilbert, Yasuo Kumagae, Terry Jenkins, Nev Andrews, Dave Ingram, John Pilbin, Don McHardie, Rex White, Sonny McVicar

Mens Pins: 5th Graham Webb, 8th Julian Godfrey, 12th Sonny McVicar, 14th Don Thomson

Women’s Winner: June Willmot 45 points
Women’s Runner-up: Heather Webster 44 points

Ball Rundown:
42 points: Lois Tait
41 points: Kazuko Watanabe, Jan Wundersitz, Edna Atkinson, Chris Everall
40 points: Cheryl Thomson, Trish Cowin, Joan Ranger
38 points: Suda Woodward, Elaine Sandilant, Jane Reynolds, Tessa Meyer, Margaret Finch

Women’s Pins: 8th Chris Everall, 14th Jane Reynolds

Next Games: Tuesday 5th September 2011 Mossman Golf Club, Single Stableford , followed by
Tuesday 12th September 2011 Cairns Golf Club, Single Stableford .

For a 2011 program and results see earlier posts on this blog.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Next Game Gordonvale GC 30th August

Veteran Golfers

Next Tuesday 30th August, Gordonvale Golf Club are hosting our Single Stableford event. Bendigo Bank are sponsoring this event, they have been staunch supporters of Veteran Golfers over the years. There will be some Bendigo Bank personell attending and playing on the day, they will also present prizes at Presentation.

Gordonvale Golf Club informs me the work they have performed on their greens has really brought them on and they are in great condition. The new 17th green has been open for a few competitions, it is likely we will play the new green. The clubhouse always has plenty of sandwiches available for a halfway snack or when you complete your round.

I expect plenty of run, remember from last time we played there, open your shoulders in the racetrack, be very conservative in the trees.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

The games following this game are : 6th September, Mossman Golf Club, Single Stableford and then on 13th September Cairns Golf Club.

Ross Bird

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

President's Message 23rd August 2011

Veteran Golfers

Today concludes the Stroke events that are part of the Championship Series. Thank you to all the players who participated, and thank you, for the way all players conducted themselves through the series. Congratulations to the Winners!

Atherton Golf Club sponsored today's event which was a Single Stroke, thank you. The course was in great condition, plenty of run, and the greens were superb, thank you. Thank you Deb and Owen for their hospitality, Deb asked me to remind Vets when they come to Atherton Golf Club she also makes other varieties of sandwiches such as chicken, ham etc, not only corn beef, my favorite is still the corn beef and pickles.

110 players contested the great prizes.

Welcome to visitors, Mike Wille form Rosebud, Vic, Kev Spencer from Binalong, Margaret Magill form Atherton and Colin Hands from W.A

Also welcome to new members, Neil Stubbin from Atherton and Joan Meynell from Atherton, that takes our membership to 314.

Next Tuesday 30th August 2011, Gordonvale Golf Club are hosting us.  This is a Single Stableford and sponsored by the Bendigo Bank. Following this game is Mossman Golf Club on the 5th September 2011.

Hope to see you there!

Ross Bird

Results 23rd August 2011 Atherton Golf Club and the FNQ Veteran Golfers Championships

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association
Results 23rd August 2011
Played at Atherton Golf Club, Single Stroke, 110 Players
Sponsored by Atherton Golf Club

Men’s Division 1 Winner: George Shores 61 nett
Men’s Division 1 Runner-up: Greg Gibb 65 nett c/b
Men’s Division 2 Winner: Colin Hands 64 nett
Men’s Division 2 Runner-up: Graeme Hughes 65 nett c/b

Ball Rundown:
65 nett: Tony Lattimore, Don McHardie, Mike Fredricks, Bruce Magill
66 nett: Bill Foster
67 nett: Max Smith, Thomas Stager
68 nett: Rex White, Bill Leonard
69 nett: Terry Jenkins, Peter Jostsons, Ross White, Randall Wynn, Ross Bird
70 nett: Bryan MacCallum, Dave Iverach, John Pilbin, Mike Van Cuylenberg
71 nett: Graham Morrow, Syd Spry, Eddie Spry, Peter Meyer, David Bennett, Gordon Thomas
72 nett: Laurie Bell, Kevin Woodward, Clive Perry, Dave McCormack, Ted Lander, John Logan, Paul Morley, Mick Grumley, Ian McHardie, Keith Sanderson, Kevin Ranger
73 nett: John Mitchell, Graeme Anderson, John Familaro, Bob Turner, David Pitt, Vern Sandilant

Mens Pins:3rd Ross White, 11th Ted Lander, 13th Max Smith, 18th Peter Jostsons

Womens Winner: Lorraine Doolan 68 nett
Womens Runner-up: Betty Lou Pitt 69 nett

Ball Rundown:
70 nett: Lois Tait
73 nett: Margaret Magill, Margaret Finch
74 nett: Tessa Meyer, Joy White, Joan Meynell
75 nett: Kath Andrews, Cathie Coverdale

Womens Pins: 11th Lois Tait, 18th Cathie Coverdale

2011 Championship Trophy Winners
Men’s Division 1 Gross Winner : David Lawler 164 c/b
Men’s Division 1 Nett Winner: Jim Logan 138 nett
Men’s Division 2 Gross Winner : Max Smith 180
Men’s Division 2 Nett Winner: Sonny McVicar 141 nett
Men’s Division 3 Gross Winner: Claud Clark 191
Men’s Division 3 Nett Winner: Neville Andrews 142 nett
Womens Gross Winner: Pamela Anderson 185
Shirley Fieldhouse Shield: June Willmot : 137 nett
Don Thomson 70 and over: Greg Gibb 170
David Lawler 75 and over: Claud Clark 191
Championship Plaque: David Lawler 164
Adrian Fay Shield: Max Smith 134 nett

Next Games: Tuesday 30th August 2011 Gordonvale Golf Club, Single Stableford followed by
Tuesday 5th September 2011 Mossman Golf Club, Single Stableford.

For a 2011 program and results visit see earlier posts on this blog.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Championship Results 2011

Veteran Golfers

The Championships are over for another year, one more Stroke round to play to decide the Stanton Bailey Trophy, which is awarded to the best nett score over three rounds, two must be the Championship rounds.

Congratulations to the winners of the Championships, they will be awarded the trophies on the AGM day at Gordonvale on 22nd November 2011. The list of winners is below.

Next Tuesday's 22nd August game is hosted by Atherton Golf Club, it is a Stroke Event, but don't let that deter you. The course is in such good condition, I expect the greens to be quite fast. Always remember the Corn Beef Sandwiches at Atherton Golf Club are beautiful.

Following Atherton is Gordonvale Golf Club on the 30th August this is a Single Stableford, then to Mossman Golf Club on Tuesday 6th September. Hope to see you at these games

This following are the 2011 Championship Trophy Winners:-

A Grade/ Division 1 Gross Winner          : David Lawler 164 c/b 
A Grade/Division 1 Nett Winner      : Jim Logan 138 nett
B Grade/ Division 2 Gross Winner          : Max Smith 180
B Grade/Division 2 Nett Winner      : Sonny McVicar 141 nett
C Grade/ Division 3 Gross Winner         :  Claud Clark 191  
C Grade/Division 3 Nett Winner     :  Neville Andrews 142 nett
Womens Gross Winner                    : Pamela Anderson  185
Shirley Fieldhouse Shield                   : June Willmot : 137 nett
Don Thomson 70 and over                : Greg Gibb  170
David Lawler 75 and over                   : Claud Clark  191
Championship Plaque                          : David Lawler    164
Adrian Fay Shield                                   :  Max Smith 134 nett  

Congratulations, well done!!!!
Ross Bird

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

President's Message 16th August 2011

Veteran Golfers

Thank you to the 140 players who participated in the second round of the FNQVGA Championships at Half Moon Bay Golf Club.

Thank you to Rob Brydon's Pro Shop, Half Moon Bay Golf Club for sponsoring today's event.

Thank you to the greenkeepers for their excellent presentation of the course and to the Clubhouse staff and caterers for their hospitality.

The 36 Hole Championship Results will be sent out in Friday's Email and posted on the blog the same day.

Welcome to our visitors today, Kev Spencer from Binalong, Peter O'Loughlin from Wantima, Ron Taylor Monash Sydney, Jean Hutton from McLeod, Andrew Maxwell from Redland Bay, Peter McGregor from New Zealand, Garry Pozzi from Half Moon Bay, Di and Bill Miller from Howlong

We have one new member Jennifer Enright of Paradise Palms Golf Club, welcome Jennifer! That takes our membership to 312.

Our next games, Tuesday 23rd August at Atherton Golf Club Single Stroke and third round of the Stanton Bailey Trophy, followed by Tuesday 30th August at Gordonvale Golf Club, Single Stableford, then Tuesday 6th September at Mossman Golf Club, Single Stableford

Hope to see you at these games

Ross Bird

Results 16th August 2011 Half Moon Bay Golf Club

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association
Results 16th August 2011
Played at Half Moon Bay Golf Club, Single Stroke, 140 Players
2nd Round FNQVGA Championships
Sponsored by Rob Brydon’s Pro Shop, Half Moon Bay Golf Club

Men’s Division 1 Winner: Jim Logan 65 nett
Men’s Division 1 Runner-up: Eiji Watanabe 66 nett
Men’s Division 2 Winner: Wal Anthony 66 nett
Men’s Division 2 Runner-up: Max Smith 68 nett c/b
Men’s Division 3 Winner: Vern Sandilant 65 nett
Men’s Division 3 Runner-up: Jim Smith 69 nett

Ball Rundown:
68 nett: Ross White, Roger Smith
69 nett: Mike George
70 nett: Dave Lawler, Alf Muhlemann, Kevin Ranger, Harvey Blanch, Andrew Maxwell,
71 nett: Warren Afflick
72 nett: Gordon Thomas, Sonny McVicar, Kevin Woodward, Arthur Walton
73 nett: Peter O’Laughlin, Jim Egan, George Shores, John Mitchell, Randal Wynn, Bill Leonard, Nev Andrews
74 nett: Lou Siedle, Greg Gibb, Alan Dwyer, Dale Wust, Barry Pike
75 nett: Mike Fredricks, Yasuo Kumagae, Claud Clark
76 nett: Keith Wilmett, Ron Taylor, Brian Cowin, John Bawden, Garry Pozzi, Dave McCormack, Tony Lattimore, Brian Norris, Peter Meyer
77 nett: Bryan McCallum, Jim May Terry Jenkins
78 nett: Ken Flood, Peter McGregor, George Studham, Dave Iverach, Peter Jostsons, Ray Miller, Bill Eden, Peter Maillie

Mens Pins:3rd Les Doolan, 9th Vern Sandilant, 11th Dave Lawler, 16th Peter McMennamin

Womens Winner: Choo Lim 72 nett
Womens Runner-up: June Willmot 73 nett

Ball Rundown:
74 nett: Kath Andrews
77 nett: Betty Lou Pitt, Margaret Finch
78 nett: Jan Dienhoff, Glynnis McGrath
79 nett: Chris Everall, Sue Brennan
80 nett: Helen Rowe, Tessa Meyer
83 nett: Jane Reynolds
84 nett: Elaine Sandilant, Pam Anderson, Lois Tait

Womens Pins: 4th Isa Turner, 16th Jan Dienhoff

Next Games: Tuesday 23rd August 2011 Atherton Golf Club, Single Stroke followed by
Tuesday 30th August 2011 Gordonvale Golf Club. Single Stableford ,

For a 2011 program and results see earlier posts on this blog.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Next Game Half Moon Bay GC 16th August

Veteran Golfers

Here we are halfway through the Championships. Captain Roger posted the Divisions on Tuesday as Mens Division 1, to 18 handicap, Division 2, 19 to 25, Division 3, 26 to 36, Womens one Division.

Half Moon Bay Golf Club have been preparing to host the 2nd Round of the Championships.  The course is in excellent condition and the set up will be interesting.

The Bistro will be open from about 9:00am on Tuesday until all groups have come in. They will have Hamburgers, Bacon & Egg Rolls, Chips, Toasted Sandwiches etc. If we do have large numbers there should be food and bar  available at cross over if there is a delay.

Could I ask a couple of favours  from the players on Tuesday, firstly would you mark your card so we know you are contesting the over 70 and/or over 75, and mark them if you know you do not qualify for the Championships. Although I have no complaints regarding slow groups, please be mindful of slow play. Half Moon Bay Golf course has a lot of OOB, if your ball may have gone out of bounds, please play a provisional, it will save a lot of time later.

The results from last Tuesday at Mareeba Golf Club will be available on Tuesday.

The games following this Tuesday are Atherton Golf Club on Tuesday 23rd August it is a Single Stroke, then Gordonvale Golf Club on Tuesday 30th August it is a Single Stableford

Hope to see you there, best of luck in the Championships!

Ross Bird

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

President's Message 9th August 2011


Mareeba Golf Club presented us with an excellent golf course for the first round of the Championships. The course is in excellent condition as is the hospitality given to the Vets. Thank you very much.

Savannah Lifestyle Resort,  Mareeba sponsored the day with great prizes. At the presentation Melody Lucas from Savannah Lifestyle Resort told us of the exciting things happening at the Resort and invited all our members to come in and have a look at what is available. Thank you, Melody and Savannah lifestyle Resort for your support and sponsorship of the FNQ Veteran Golfers.

Thank you to the 164 golfers who played today, this is a record for the FNQ Veteran Golfers Assoc. While the large number and stroke round did result in a fairly slow day, it gave us a chance to enjoy the weather  and the kangaroos.

Welcome to visitors: Bill & Di Miller from Howlong, Bev Hosie from Wodonga, Colin Hands from W.A., Mike Wilke from Melbourne and Dieter Culenburgh from Melbourne.

Also welcome to our new members David Jackson from Half Moon Bay G.C., Des Kenny from Paradise Palms, Elso Iuretigh from Mareeba G.C., that takes our membership to 310 equalling last years number.

Next Tuesday 16th August the Championships move to Half Moon Bay Golf Club, requiring a complete different set of skills to Mareeba. 23rd August is the third stroke round, it is at Atherton Golf Club.

Good luck to all the players contesting the Championships.

Ross Bird

Results 9th August 2011 Mareeba Golf Club

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association
Results 9th August 2011
Played at Mareeba Golf Club,
Single Stroke, 1st round Championships
Sponsor: Savannah Lifestyle Resorts
164 Players

Mens Division 1 Winner: Colin Johannsen, 67 net
Mens Division 1 Runner-up: Ken Flood, 68 net
Mens Division 2 Winner: Ken Baker, 66 net
Mens Division 2 Runner-up: Max Smith, 67 net
Mens Division 3 Winner: Peter Anderson, 59 net
Mens Division 3 Runner-up: Claud Clark, 62 net

Ball Rundown:
68 net: Ken Flood, Brian Panigas, Barry Butt
69 net: Sonny McVicar, Harry Ali Khan, Peter McMenamin, Nev Andrews, Ron Crispin, Wal Anthony
70 net: Tony Latimore
71 net: Ted Lander, Peter Meyer, Rand Allwynn, Bob Billingham
72 net: Kevin Moore, Greg Gibb, Terry Stevens, Eric Pihlhjerta, Bill Miller, George Shores, Bill Foster, Greg Walker, Clive Perry, Thomas Stager, Kevin Ranger
73 net: Jim Logan, Ross Hobbs, Colin Back, Barry Pike, Bob Westerman, Dave Pitt, Ray Miller, Noel Webster
74 net: Keith Willmett, Laurie Bell, Dave Wust, Bill Leonard, Mal Arthur, Ray Brabon, Alan Dwyer, John Everall, Colin Hands, Gordon Thomas, Ross Bird
75 net: Eiji Watanabe, Yasuo Kumagae, John Parker, Les Doolan, John Debel, Jim Egan, John Collins, Vern Sandilant

Mens Pins: 4th Colin Johannsen, 8th Lester Johnson, 11th Laurie Bell, 13th Ron Crispin

Womens Winner: June Willmot, 65 net
Womens Runner-up: Kazuko Watanabe, 67 net c/b

Ball Rundown:
67 net: Sue Brennan, Glynis McGrath
68 net: Bev Hosie, Judy Ellis, Elaine Sandilant
70 net: May Wilkinson, Suda Woodward
71 net: Shirley Fieldhouse, Choo Lim
72 net: Lois Tait
74 net: Joy White, Helen Rowe

Womens Pins: 4th Margaret Finch, 13th Betty Lou Pitt & Choo Lim (both in the hole)

Next Games:
Tuesday 16th August 2011, Half Moon Bay Golf Club, Single Stroke, followed by
Tuesday 23rd August 2011, Atherton Golf Club, Single Stroke

Friday, 5 August 2011

Next Game Mareeba GC 9th August

Veteran Golfers

Next Tuesday 9th August is the start of our Championship Event, with the first round at Mareeba Golf Club. It is a Stroke event.

Reports from Mareeba, the course has plenty of run and the greens are quick. As is the case every time we play at Mareeba, the course will be in excellent condition.

Savannah Lifestyle Resorts at Mareeba are the sponsors for our game at Mareeba. They are having a ”Ground Breaking Event” this weekend, I have included the information in this email, please if you are interested, go along, view the Resort and enjoy the entertainment .

The second round of the Championships are at Half Moon Bay Golf Club on Tuesday 16thAugust followed by another stroke event at Atherton Golf Club on Tuesday 23rd August.

Hope to see you there!

Ross Bird

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vice President's Report 2nd August 2011

Veteran Golfers,

Our President Ross is away drumming up support for us, so I'm doing the report for today.

There were 141 players, another excellent turn out.  Thank you for your attendance and thanks to Gordonvale Golf Club for the course presentation and ample supply of sandwiches.

One of our committee members, Colin Johannsen, was the sponsor for today, so thank you Col for your support. If any other members would like to sponsor an event, we would love to hear from you.

Welcome to visitors, Bernie Dalton from Half Moon Bay, Bev Hosie from Wodonga, Alastair Bailey from Brisbane, Julian Godfrey from Tincan Bay, Col Laird & Joan McLean from Gordonvale. We had one new member, Ross White from Half Moon Bay, bringing our membership to date up to 305. We hope you all enjoyed the day & please come again.

Our next game on Tuesday 9th August is the first round of our Championships at Mareeba Golf Club so is a Stroke event.  It is followed by the second round of the Championships on Tuesday 16th August at Half Moon Bay Golf Club which is also a Stroke Event.

For conditions to be eligible to win the 36 Hole Championship refer to the back page of the 2011 Program published earlier on this blog.

The Stanton Bailey Shield is contested over the two rounds of the Championships, plus a third stroke round which will be played at Atherton Golf Club on Tuesday 23rdAugust.

Hope to see you at these games.

Louis Siedle

Results 2nd August 2011 Gordonvale Golf Club

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association 
Results 2nd August 2011,
Played at Gordonvale Golf Club,  Single Stableford, 
141 Players 
Sponsored by Colin Johannsen, Member

Men’s Division 1 Winner: John Logan 45 points
Men’s Division 1 Runner-up: Keith Sanderson 43 points
Men’s Division 2 Winner: Hiroshi Hosaka 46 points
Men’s Division 2 Runner-up: Claud Clark 45 points

Ball Rundown:
45 points: Clive Perry, David Bennett
44 points: Peter Anderson, Bruce Jenner, Tony Lattimore, Wal Anthony, Ross Bird, Brian Rowan
43 points: Bryan Maccallum, Terry Jenkins
42 points: Jim Logan, John Famularo, Maurie Jarrott, Brian Norris, George Kyriazis
41 points: Barry Butt, Peter Jostons, Larry Perrett, Greg Gibb, Don McHardie
40 points: Neil Sharkey, Roger Smith
39 points: Arthur Walton, Terry Wallin, Graeme Webb, Geoff Horsburgh, Jeff McGrath, Noel Webster, Mike George, David Beardwood, Thomas Stager
38 points: Jim May, Peter McMenamin, Bill Foster, Ian Tracey, Nev Andrews, Laurie Bell, Ross Treacy, Harvey Blanch, Kevin Woodward, Graham Real, Bruce Walters
37 points: John Kilby, Colin Johannsen, Keith Hillier

Mens Pins:5th David Beardwood, 8th Bob Turner, 12th Graham Real, 14th Jeff McGrath

Womens Winner: Sue Brennan 57 points
Womens Runner-up: Chris Everall 48 points c/b

Ball Rundown:
42 points: Keth Andrews
41 points: Suda Woodward, Tessa Meyer
40 points: Erica Zanni, Joy Evans
39 points: Shirley Fieldhouse
38 points: Helen Rowe
36 points: Judy Ellis
35 points: Betty Lou Pitt, Jay White, Isa Turner

Womens Pins: 8th Erica Zanni, 14th Sue Brennan

Next Games: Tuesday 9th August 2011 Mareeba Golf Club, Stroke (first round Championships), followed by
Tuesday 16th August 2011 Half Moon Bay Golf Club, Stroke (final round Championships)

For a program, see earlier posts on this blog