Tuesday, 28 April 2015

President's Report & Results Cairns 28 Apr

Todays event was a single stableford at Cairns Golf Club. 106 players [80 men and 26 women] played the first round of the Ted Thomasson Memorial Shield, which is awarded each year to the player scoring the best aggregate of three rounds out of the five nominated on the draw.

Our sponsor was DEBORAH DUFFY REAL ESTATE and we thank Deborah for the support she is giving vets golf as she has agreed to sponsor all the events we play at Cairns this season.

Next week we travel to Mareeba & just a reminder that Savannah Lifestyle Resorts are having an Open weekend this weekend from 10am if you want to see what their homes and facilities are like.


WOMENS WINNER; Anne Cook 37 points
WOMENS RUNNER UP; June Willmot 36 points

NTP: 5th Edna Atkinson, 8th Annette Tesch, 11th Cathy Smithson, 17th Belle Gillan.

34 points Sue Brennan.
32 points Belle Gillan, Robyn Harper.
31 points Choo Lim, Cathy Smithson.
30 points Edna Atkinson, Jan Wundersitz, Lil Benfield.
29 points Suda Woodward, Edna Miles.

MENS DIV 1 WINNER. Greg Gibb. 40 points.
RUNNER UP Rama Naidoo 38 points.

MENS DIV 2 WINNER Geoff Harmer 41 points.
RUNNER UP Rod Ingram 40 points.

NTPS:  5th Rod Ingram; 8th Ross White; 11th Paul Patten:  17th Eric Pihlhjerta

39 points Larry Perrett
37 points Rob Blackman, George Atkinson, Col McDowall.
35 points Darryl King, Harvey Blanch, Keith Hillier
34 points Dave Lawler, John Bawden, Ron Sylvester, Barry Hartley, Bruce Jenner, David Jackson.
33 points Neil Sharkey, John Mitchell, Wayne Dunkley, Brian Brown, Barry Foxover, John Everall

32 points George Brew, Peter Johnston, Jeff Comber, Bill Eden, Wal Anthony, Brian Panigas, Brian Norris, Mal Arthur, Gary Castle.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Next Game Cairns 28 Apr


Our game next Tuesday is at Cairns golf club & is a single stableford being the first round towards the Ted Thomasson trophy.

The game is sponsored by Deb Duffy, a member of Cairns & a veteran golfer who has been in Cairns for thirty years.  She is a successful, independent Real Estate Operator & a Director of both REIQ and RTA, so if you are thinking of downsizing, moving, or buying a property for each of the grandkids, why not contact her?

I'm told the course is in good condition, so see you there.


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 23 Apr

Elaine SANDILANT 1485.00
Alan DWYER 1000.50
Betty Lou PITT 1269.83
Garry LONG 899.50
Lois TAIT 1162.08
John EVERALL 748.00
Annette TESCH 890.00
Peter McMENAMIN 695.00
Lily SCHIRMER 778.50
Keith SCHIRMER 684.97
Di DIVERSI 761.50
Bruce JENNER 633.00
Ruth YELLAND 758.33
Darryl KING 609.22
Bell GILLAN 713.75
Russ GILL 608.00
Chris EVERALL 703.50
Peter JOHNSTON 568.00
Judy ELLIS 495.00
Yasuo KUMAGAE 528.90
Jothi NAIDOO 447.00
Tom STAGER 498.75
May WILKINSON 425.50
Wal ANTHONY 464.25
Sue BRENNAN 405.00
Jim LOGAN 462.50
Edna ATKINSON 389.50
Frank THELAN 443.82
Elizabeth EDMONDS 336.25
Peter DOHERTY 440.00
Carol MADDEN 308.75
Ross WHITE 439.25
Suda WOODWARD 297.00
Rama NAIDOO 427.42
Kay BERGIEL 276.00
Les DOOLAN 421.25
Greg GIBB 405.57
Edna MILES 230.00

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

President's Report & Results Atherton 21 Apr

Today we played a stableford event at Atherton.It was a consistency event and please note that all single stableford events throughout the season qualify for the Savannah Cup, now one of our major events to be presented at the end of the year.

It was rather disappointing that only 57 men and 11 women bothered to make the journey as the Atherton course is in great condition with greens putting true and at a reasonable pace. I recommend that you all organise a car load to attend our next game there on 19th May.

Ian Tindall scored a hole in one at the par 3 11th and I am led to believe that it is not his only ace in recent times. Well done Ian and I hope you have given that ball to the captain so it can be mounted on a trophy and presented to you on presentation day.

Today the sponsor was Golf World and we thank them for the support.  Also a special thank you to Treasurer Di  for turning up even though she was unable to play.

Our rule is that if there are not 60 players there will only be one grade for men.

Next weeks game is at Cairns Golf Club.


Mens winner Alan Dwyer 43 points
runner up Graham Hughes 39 points

NTP 3rd Ron Sylvester, 11th Ian Tindall, 13th Rama Naidoo, 18th Craig Barclay

Ball rundown.
38 points, Peter Doherty
37 points John Staurt
36 points Robin Tonks, Don McHardie, Max Smith, Keith Sanderson, Roger Smith, Graham Ross
35 points Col McDowall, Ian McLeod-Carey
34 points Frank Thelan, Greg Gibb, Rama Naidoo
33 points Barry Hartley, Bruce Magill, Grant Scott, John Everall, Brian Norris
32 points Ross White, Graham Morrow, John Mitchell, Peter Yelland
31 points Bruce Jenner, Ken Smithson, Ron Sylvester, Garry Long, George Shores, Rod Cade, Gary Castle.

Womens winner Betty-Lou Pitt. 36 points
Runner up Lois Tait 35 points

NTP 3rd Heather Forster. 11th Chris Everall. 13th Judy Ellis. 18th Ann Perrett

Ball rundown.
33 points Ann Perrett
29 points Judy Ellis
28 points Heather Forster
26 points Ruth Yelland

Friday, 17 April 2015

Next Game Atherton 21 Apr


Our game next Tuesday is a single stableford Consistency event at Atherton.

The game is sponsored by Golf World.

I'm told the course is in good condition with no nasty surprises, so let's hope for decent weather.

See you there.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 15 Apr

Elaine SANDILANT 1405.00
Garry LONG 856.50
Annette TESCH 890.00
John EVERALL 695.00
Lois TAIT 862.08
Keith SCHIRMER 684.97
Lily SCHIRMER 778.50
Peter McMENAMIN 663.00
Betty Lou PITT 769.83
Bruce JENNER 590.00
Di DIVERSI 761.50
Russ GILL 587.00
Bell GILLAN 713.75
Darryl KING 585.22
Ruth YELLAND 658.33
Peter JOHNSTON 550.00
Chris EVERALL 616.00
Yasuo KUMAGAE 528.90
May WILKINSON 425.50
Alan DWYER 500.50
Sue BRENNAN 405.00
Tom STAGER 466.75
Edna ATKINSON 389.50
Jim LOGAN 462.50
Judy ELLIS 360.00
Wal ANTHONY 427.25
Jothi NAIDOO 359.50
Les DOOLAN 421.25
Elizabeth EDMONDS 336.25
Ross WHITE 390.75
Carol MADDEN 308.75
Frank THELAN 386.15
Suda WOODWARD 297.00
Rama NAIDOO 369.75
Kay BERGIEL 276.00
Eric PIHLHJERTA 369.57
Greg GIBB 347.90
Edna MILES 230.00
Kevin REDDCLIFFE 322.50

George SHORES 307.90

By the way, if anyone is interested in Savannah Lifestyle Resorts first Stage 2 release, they have an official opening which is due to be held on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May 2015 from 10am, so why not take a trip up to sunny Mareeba & have a look at what's on offer & maybe enjoy a picnic on the way back.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 14 Apr

Todays event was a single stableford and is one of our consistency trophy events. The consistency is a season long event where a players best 10 scores of the nominated 14 count at the end of the year for one of our major trophies.

The sponsor today was BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB and therefor the winners will be able to enjoy the voucher as a discount on meals, drinks or entertainment at either Brothers or Fuller Sports.

We thank Half Moon Bay Golf Club for their hospitality and the use of their course. The field today was 26 ladies and 77 men, making it our largest field for the year so far and our first time over 100 players.

Next weeks event will be a single stableford Consistency event at Atherton.

Ladies winner: Lily Schirmer 29 points
Ladies runner up Lois Tait 28 points c/b

NTP 3rd Lily Schirmer, 16th Annette Tesch. 4th & 11th no winners.

Ball rundown;
28 points, Betty-Lou Pitt, Ruth Yelland.
27 points, Belle Gillan.
26 points, Annette Tesch
25 points, Liz Edmonds
24 points, Heather Forster, Andrina Wilson, Jan Turner
23 points, Judy Ellis, Persis Armstrong

Mens div 1 winner George Shores 36 points c/b
runner up Jim Logan 36 points
Mens div 2 winner John Everall 38 points
runner up Les Doolan 37 points

NTP 3rd Norm Lockwood, 9th Graham Ross, 11th Gary Tudehope,16th Wayne Hoger.

Ball rundown;
36 points; Ross White, Tom Stager, Ian McLeod-Carey
35 points; Wal Anthony, David Jackson.
34 points; Brian Brown, Bruce Jenner, Yasuo Kumagae.
33 points; Brian Rowan, Peter Edmonds,Keith Schirmer, Darryl King, Sam Lamura, Grant Scott, John Evans, John Bawden, Eric Pihlhjerta,
32 points; Vern Sandilant, Ron Sylvester, Robin Tonks.
31 points; Keith Dudgeon, Neil Sharkey, Peter McMenamin.
30 points; Norm Lockwood, Mike Van Cuylenburg, Rama Naidoo, Ian Tyndall, Peter Johnston.

Monday, 13 April 2015

For Sale

Tomorrow at HMB, Captain Greg will be offering for sale a number of drivers, putters, gloves, golfing books, et cetera.  The golfing gear was previously owned by one of Greg's golfing partners who passed away recently and his widow has asked Greg to see if he can sell them on her behalf.  The prices will be very reasonable, the gear is generally in very good condition with some of the items being brand new and still in their original packaging.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Next Game Half Moon Bay 14 Apr


Our game next week is at Half Moon Bay, (so pack a few Yorkies balls!)

It is a single stableford Consistency event, sponsored by Brothers Leagues Club.

I'm told the course is in good condition, but Pres. Roger said he had some difficulty stopping his ball on the greens, which could be an indication they may be a bit firm & fast.

See you there.


Savannah Cup Leaders as at 11 Apr

Elaine SANDILANT 1300.00
Garry LONG 829.50
Annette TESCH 800.00
Keith SCHIRMER 630.75
Di DIVERSI 761.50
Peter McMENAMIN 617.50
Lois TAIT 653.75
Russ GILL 565.00
Bell GILLAN 608.75
Darryl KING 531.00
Chris EVERALL 562.50
Bruce JENNER 520.00
Betty Lou PITT 561.50
Peter JOHNSTON 507.50
Ruth YELLAND 450.00
Alan DWYER 500.50
Sue BRENNAN 405.00
Yasuo KUMAGAE 458.90
Edna ATKINSON 389.50
Frank THELAN 355.15
May WILKINSON 375.00
Greg GIBB 347.90
Jothi NAIDOO 309.00
Wal ANTHONY 344.75
Carol MADDEN 308.75
Tom STAGER 341.75
Judy ELLIS 297.50
Jim LOGAN 337.50
Lily SCHIRMER 278.50
Rama NAIDOO 327.25
Kevin REDDCLIFFE 322.50
Elizabeth EDMONDS 251.25
Eric PIHLHJERTA 315.35
Suda WOODWARD 243.50
Jon SHEARER 291.15
Edna MILES 230.00
Max SMITH 266.25
Kay BERGIEL 227.50
Ross WHITE 265.75

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 7 Apr

Todays event was a stableford event which will count for both the consistency and the Savannah Cup. We thank CAPE YORK ACCOUNTING for their generous sponsorship of the day.

There were 97 players at the Gordonvale club for the game and we welcomed visitor Keith Dudgeon from Ashgrove and 2 new members, Ron Blake of Mareeba and Meryl Gil of Gordonvale.

Next weeks event will be at Half Moon Bay.


Mens div 1 winner Garry Long 41 points
div 1 runner up Rama Naidoo 40 points
Mens div 2 winner Darryl King 40 points c/b
div 2 runner up Rod Ingram 40 points

NTP 5th Graham Real; 8th Peter Doherty; 14th Jon Shearer; 17th Dave Bennett

Ball rundown;
40 points Keith Schirmer.
38 points Jon Shearer, Tom Stager.
37 points Peter McMenamin, George Shores, Frank Thelan.
36 points Graham Morrow, Ken Smithson, Greg Gibb, Ron Barnes.
35 points Eric Pihlhjerta,
34 points John Bawden, Keith Hillier, Dave Bennett, John Sinclair, Peter Doherty, Rod Cade, Alan Dwyer
33 points Ted Lander, Yashuo Kumagae, Ross White, Ron Blake,Wayne Petrohelos, Roger Smith.
32 points Dave Jackson, Victor Lee, Graham Ross, Alan Armstrong, Neil Sharkey, Paul Patten, Ian McLeod-Carey

Womens winner Belle Gillan 36 points
runner up Lois Tait 32 points

NTP 8th Rosemary Barker, 12th May Wilkinson, 14th Edna Miles.

Ball rundown;
31 points Sue Brennan
30 points Carol Madden
27 points Judy Ellis, Suda Woodward

26 points Edna Atkinson, May Wilkinson, Jothi Naidoo.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Next Game Gordonvale 7 Apr


At our game next Tuesday we return to playing weekly.

The game is a Consistency event, sponsored by Cape York Accounting.

The course is in quite good condition apart from the greens which have ongoing weed problems & the drains have thick rough in most areas, but you shouldn't be in there should you!

See you there.

Louis Siedle

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 2 Apr

Elaine SANDILANT 1300.00
Russ GILL 565.00
Di DIVERSI 761.50
Peter McMENAMIN 537.50
Annette TESCH 745.00
Bruce JENNER 501.50
Chris EVERALL 511.50
Peter JOHNSTON 478.50
Betty Lou PITT 507.50
Alan DWYER 448.50
Ruth YELLAND 450.00
Keith SCHIRMER 447.00
Lois TAIT 353.75
Yasuo KUMAGAE 413.40
Edna ATKINSON 304.50
Darryl KING 347.25
May WILKINSON 290.00
Jim LOGAN 337.50
Wal ANTHONY 330.75
Elizabeth EDMONDS 251.25
Garry LONG 329.50
Kay BERGIEL 227.50
Kevin REDDCLIFFE 322.50
Jothi NAIDOO 224.00
Greg GIBB 284.90
Lily SCHIRMER 222.00
Frank THELAN 275.15
Sue BRENNAN 215.00
Eric PIHLHJERTA 259.35
Lily SCHIRMER 222.00
Max SMITH 247.75
Sue BRENNAN 215.00
Tom STAGER 246.75
Judy ELLIS 192.50
Ross WHITE 220.25
Carol MADDEN 173.75
Barry PIKE 207.00