Friday, 27 April 2018

Next Game Atherton 1 May


Our next game is another single stableford Consistency event at Atherton.

I'm told the course is in great condition with fast greens.

Sponsor for the day is Brothers Leagues Club.

See you there.


PS For those interested in other games:

- Ingham Veterans Golf Open 23-25 July.  For nominations contact or from

- Tropical Coast Veterans' Championship at Cardwell 17/18 July.  For nominations contact or

- FNQ Golf Championships 7 & 8 July at Gordonvale GC.  For registrations;jsessionid=37F2B7202CD1B27624E216A31EE6FC7D?execution=e1s1 

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 24 Apr

Hi Everyone,
Our game today was played at Half Moon Bay in very agreeable weather conditions with a stiff south-easterly breeze keeping the temperatures down and the conditions resulting in some quite good scoring. The course was in good condition with the greens coming back nicely after renovations were delayed last week by the weather. Thanks go once again to Greg Ferry, who has had the past week or so disrupted by the installation of a new cool room. As there was a shortage of packaged beer due to the short week, Greg substituted the usual slab of beer for our raffle for a box of Titleist balls which was won by our Secretary Lou.

Ninety-nine players teed it up, 22 ladies and 77 men, and it is encouraging to see about one-third of the field comprised of ladies. One of the players today was one of our generous weekly sponsors, Gordon Perry of Stratford Painting Contractors. It was great to see him come along and have a game with us and we hope that this can be repeated over the rest of the year.

We welcomed six new members today and this is, in no doubt, very much due to encouragement from our members and a positive view of our organisation. The new members are Neal Arnott and Bruce Knowles from Cairns and Keith Jarrett, Chris Davidson, Margaret Heslop and Dee Kottnig from Half Moon Bay. This means our membership now stands at 176, made up of 134 men and 42 ladies.

Our sponsor today was COMPLETE HEALTH AND FITNESS SOLUTIONS of English Street, Manunda. The principal of the firm, Scott Payne, is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Degree in Human Movement and has a broad range of experience from basic fitness through to his passion, cardiovascular rehabilitation. Scott normally has a game with us but his growing business prevented that from occurring today. If you are interested in taking part in any of his programs give Scott a call. If you need any confirmation of the benefits of working with Scott, Russ Gill, our Captain, would be only too pleased to offer a positive recommendation.

In line with a suggestion initially raised by Claud Clark, our Patron, we have been endeavouring to provide a little bit of variation in the trophy vouchers. We have been trialling vouchers purchased from different outlets with ourt sponsorship money, today being from “Woolies” for the men and Suzanne Grae for the ladies. There seems to be a positive response from members to this concept and we will endeavour to repeat it on occasions throughout the year.

The Committee members who look after the registration of players each morning have always tried to be accommodating with requests from members regarding the composition of playing groups when one of the intended group has not arrived. Unfortunately, it reached a situation today where there were more than a dozen of these partly formed, but registered groups awaiting “absent” partners. This obviously causes delay in allocating tee spots and slows down the whole registration procedure. The registrars are also expected to remember which group is waiting for which player and if they inadvertently don’t follow the request made by the paying player, can be the subject of unjustified criticism.

Where ever possible players should make up their four ball prior to presenting at registration. Singles, two’s and three’s will be made up as soon as another player is available. All players should be ready to play after registration.

In the future, it will be assumed that any group of LESS THAN FOUR PLAYERS which has been registered and paid for, is that group’s full complement of players. Those players will be available to be placed with any other players who are “spare” to form a group of four. If a group of four, and in fact any group, is to be registered, it should not be registered until all members of that group are present. Additionally, if a group of four is to be registered, it is to be fully paid for. There is to be no exception to this assumption and/or requirement.

“El Presidente”.


Division I
Winner: George Studham, 39 Points.
Runner Up: John Evans, 38 Points.

Division II
Winner: Merv Elms, 38 Points.
Runner Up: Mike Van Cuylenburg, 36 Points.

36 Points: Keith Jarrett.
35 Points: George Atkinson, Peter Edmonds, Maurie Smith, Roger Smith, John Sinclair, Jack Dempsey, David Jackson.
34 Points: Harvey Blanch, Lou Siedle, Brian Norris, Ian McLeod-Carey, Gordon Noble.
33 Points: Evert Van Kleef, Claud Clark, Greg Gibb, Len Fase, John Tolhurst.
32 Points: Chris Davidson, Graham Webb, Neil Sharkey, Frank Thelan, Darryl Chandler, John Gregan, Keith Schirmer.
31 Points: Brian Brown, John Pilbin, John Everall, Darryl de Clifford, Peter Dalziel, Peter Wyatt.
30 Points: Victor Lee, Peter Johnston, Graham Ross, Ross White.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd John Sinclair, 9th John Gregan, 11th John Tolhurst, 16th Graham Webb.
EAGLE: 18th Bruce Knowles.

Winner: Andrina Wilson, 36 Points.
Runner Up: Kandy Van Kleef, 31 Points,

30 Points: Suda Woodward, Edna Atkinson, Joy Evans.
29 Points: Lil Benfield, Annette Tesch, Kay Cleland, Judy Ellis.

N.P.T.’s: 4th and 16th Kay Cleland, 9th Andrina Wilson, 11th Lois Tait.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Next Game Half Moon Bay 24 Apr


Our next game is another single stableford Consistency event at Half Moon Bay.

The game is sponsored by Complete Health & Fitness Solutions.  Thanks Scott.

As mentioned by Greg at the Gordonvale game the club has been doing some renovations but will have the usual tea & coffee & the bar open. Sandwiches will be available & but they will try to get pies and pasties set up as well.  The greens have been renovated this week and they are coming back well with mowing & rolling planned for Monday with maybe another roll on Tuesday to be good for us.

See you there,


PS More games at various places in case you are travelling:

-  Wilmar Sugar Invitational golf day at Ingham 15 May, contact

-  Macleay Valley NSW veterans week of golf 27-31 Aug, contact

-  City Golf Club Toowoomba Carnival 15-16 Oct, contact the club (07) 4636 9000

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 17 Apr

G’day Everyone,

It was good to be back after my absence last week and the unrehearsed, spontaneous burst of rapturous applause from the members as I entered the Clubhouse today after the game, indicated to me how much I was missed. Bad luck Robin, you missed your chance, they love me.

Sixty-six players, that is 53 men and 13 ladies, took to the course on what turned out to be a lovely day. The sponsor for the day was one of our members, Alan Dredge, who with his wife, Carmelina run a small business called STACK-A-POTS VERTICAL GARDENS N.Q. As the name suggests, clever vertical gardens for any location. They can be used as an attractive table centre piece or a very compact herb or veggie garden. Alan remained after the game to present the trophies to our appreciative winners and runners-up. Again, the Committee’s thanks go to Alan and to all our sponsors. Without them it would be a lot more costly for us to compete in our weekly events.

Unfortunately, due to the constant rain over the past couple of months and other associated factors, the course wasn’t in the condition the Greenkeeper, Committee and members would have liked to have seen it presented. The greens, which had really come back over the last 12 months or so, had regressed markedly. The fairways were a little bit long because the staff hadn’t been able to mow due the wet weather, but “preferred lies” sorted that out. I made the comment “who’d be a Green-keeper?”, particularly at any of the smaller Clubs around the nation where money is always tight. They must have big hearts and at night dream of going to a course, Augusta or somewhere like that, where Green’s money is no object and where they could ply their trade unhindered.

Next week the game will be at Half Moon Bay. The Club is in the process of having a new cool-room and bar area installed. Greg Ferry has told me that he is hopeful the new area will be open for us on Tuesday and, in fact, our group may be the first to use the new facilities. In the event that the work is not complete, no draught beer will be available. Stubbies and cans of beer, wine, soft drinks and other beverages will be able to be purchased from the Golf Shop and possibly the Drinks Cart. Sandwiches will be available, however due to limited refrigerator facilities and the need to confirm to Health Regulations, Greg will be getting them in relatively small lots from his supplier freshly made, so there may be a short delay from the time of one’s order is taken to final delivery.

I would like to have made a remark in relation to the play of today’s winner of Men’s Division I but in respect of the principle of Committee solidarity, I have refrained.

Take care,
El Presidente”.


Division I
Winner: Lou Siedle, 43 points.
Runner Up: John Richards, 37 points.

Division II
Winner: Trevor Gordon, 41 points.
Runner Up: Rod Ingram, 40 points.

36 Points: John Tolhurst, Robin Tonks.
35 Points: John Everall, Peter Dalziel.
34 Points: Darryl Chandler.
33 Points: Alan Dwyer, Trevor Barry, Ron Sylvester, Ross Ellen, Harvey Blanch.
32 Points: Neil Sharkey, Peter Edmonds, Keith Schirmer, Russ Gill, Peter Doherty, Bruce Jenner, Marcus Morse.
31 Points: Michael Taylor, George Atkinson, Dennis Vohland.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Ross Ellen, 8th Evert Van Kleef, 14th Peter Doherty, 17th Darryl

Winner: Tracy Dickinson, 34 points.
Runner Up: Edna Atkinson, 33 points.

28 Points: Kay Cleland.
27 Points: Lil Benfield.
26 Points: Suda Woodward, Sue Taylor, Liz Edmonds.

N.T.P.’s: 5th and 14th Tracey Dickinson, 8th Jane Taylor, 17th Lil Benfield.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Next Game Gordonvale 17 Apr


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency event at Gordonvale.

The course is in fair condition apart from the greens which are poor, having suffered from the wet, bunkers are GUR & machinery has not been able to get into the drains, so there will be plenty of balls to be found in them apart from your own if you are careless enough to go in them!

The club has just taken delivery of 10 new electric carts, bringing its fleet up to 25, so if you need one ring & book at 4056 3999.

The game is sponsored by Stackapots Vertical Gardens NQ, owned by one of our own Alan Dredge.

See  you there.


PS Some future golf games in the offing are:

- Sugar View Estate Wintersun Carnival Open Championship 6-14 Aug. at Mackay/Proserpine, info & nomination forms at .

- Norfolk Island Veterans Golf Tournament 9-16 Feb 2019, info at

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

President's Report & Results Mareeba 10 Apr

G’day everyone,

Members arrived at Mareeba this morning to a bright, sunny and relatively cool morning with no hint of the showers that had been hanging around yesterday on the coast. The field finished up consisting of 64 men and 21 ladies and judging by the results the course was in good condition. Rod Cade and his team are to be thanked for their efforts in that regard. Again our members’ gastronomical needs were looked after by Gabby with her sandwiches and pastries. It was also good to see Debby from Atherton doing a bit behind the bar.

Our sponsor today was CAPE YORK ACCOUNTING and although this was the last time this company will be sponsoring us this year, we greatly appreciate the support that they have given us over the past couple of years. Members are reminded that if they are intending to use a service that may be the prime business of any of our sponsors, the Committee recommends giving that particular sponsor the opportunity of assisting you in your quest. It is only by retaining our generous sponsors can we keep the costs to our members at the low levels we do.

I would like to thank our Vice President Robin for filling in for me today. It appears that my fears of a “coup d’etat” occurring during my absent were unfounded. He very tactfully informed me that (allegedly) a number of members expressed to him the relief they felt after experiencing the shortened duration of the trophy presentation after today’s game. I’m still trying to comprehend the implied significance of that statement.

While we had no new members join today, we did have three re-joinees. Our membership now stands at 170, comprised of 129 men and 41 ladies.

The next game will be at Gordonvale on the 17th April, and will be sponsored by Stackapots Vertical Gardens N.Q., a business owned and operate by one of our members, Alan Dredge.

Take care,
“El Presidente”

Division I
Winner: John Everall, 39 Points.
Runner Up: Peter Doherty, 38 Points.

Division II
Winner: George Atkinson, 41 Points.
Runner Up: Keith Collins, 38 Points.

38 Points: Gary Tudehope.
37 Points: Graham Morrow, John Tolhurst, Russ Gill.
36 Points: Max Smith
35 Points: Rod Cade, Elso Iuretigh, Mike McManus, Tim Hollman, Robin Tonks, Neil Sharkey, Keith Schirmer.
34 Points: Gordon Nobel, Peter Johnston, Allan Dwyer, Darryl Chandler.
33 Points: William Matthews, Peter McMenamin, Marcus Morse, John Gregan.
32 Points: Evert Van Kleef, Maurie Smith, Les Tenni, Mike Van Cuylenberg, Lou Siedle,
Bruce Jenner, John Pilbin, Merv Elms, Garry Castle, Ross Ellen.

N.T.P.’s: 4th and 11th : Neil Hamilton, 8th Graham Morrow, 13th Graeme Chappel.

Winner: Cheryl Piccone, 36 Points.
Runner Up: Jenny Albertson, 35 Points.

35 Points: Heather Forster.
33 Points: Doreen Minning, Lois Tait, Judy Guzzwell, Tracey Dickinson.
32 Points: Claire Hannan, Lesley Ross.
31 Points: Jane Taylor.
30 Points: Lee-Anne Phayer, Sue Taylor.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Lil Benfield, 8th and 13th Tracy Dickinson, 11th Claire Hannan.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Next Game Mareeba 10 Apr


Our next game is another single stableford Consistency event at Mareeba.

I'm told the course is in good condition with some water back in the dams.

Sponsor for the day is Cape York Accounting.

See you there.


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

President's Report & Results Cairns 3 Apr

G’day Everyone,

The weather of the past few weeks and the forecast weather, no doubt, had an effect on the field at Cairns today with only 69 players taking part in the game. The 55 men and 14 ladies were generally surprised by the condition of the course and congratulations must go to the Cairns Greens Staff for their efforts in preparing the course to the standard it was. No doubt some parts were a bit soggy but, in general, although there wasn’t any run on the fairways, the greens and surrounds were in good condition. 

Our sponsor today was STRATFORD PAINTING CONTRACTORS and the winners and runners-up received vouchers to be spent at Cairns Golf Club. Gordon’s support is very much appreciated and if you’re thinking of having some painting done, give him a call.

There is nothing much to report regarding a future Mirage game because, as yet, I haven’t been in touch with the Manager to try and organise a replacement game. The Committee would like to see it around the June – August period but that will depend on the availability of the course.

There were no new members this week and our membership now stands at 159, that is 121 men and 38 ladies. It is good to see that the ladies’ ranks appear to be increasing, with their percentage up to about 30% of our total membership.

Our next game is at Mareeba on 10th April. From listening to some general conversations, it should be in good condition.

Take care,
El Presidente”.

Division I
Winner: Peter Doherty, 38 points.
Runner-up: Tim Hollman, 37 points (C/B)

Divison II
Winner: Frank Thelan, 40 points.
Runner-up: Ron Barnes, 39 points

37 Points: Peter Wyatt, Ian Schofield.
36 Points: Kevin Walsh, Robin Tonks.
35 Points: Graham Ross, Bill Matthews, Mike Taylor, Keith Schirmer, John Tolhurst.
34 Points: Darryl Chandler, Roger Smith, Maurie Smith, Peter Edmonds,
Gary Castle, Lionel Law.
33 Points: Grahame Chappel, Roger Glover.
32 Points: Merv Elms, Peter Dalzeil, Dave Ingram, Dave Lawler, Lou Siedle,
David Jackson, Greg Gibb.

N.T.P.’s. 5th Michael Taylor, 8th Gavin Smith, 11th William Matthews,
17th Tim Hollman.

Winner: Kay Cleland, 32 points.
Runner-up: Lil Benfield, 31 points.

28 Points: Suda Woodward.
27 Points: Jane Taylor, Lois Tait, Claire Hannan.
26 Points: Liz Edmonds.

N.T.P.’s. 5th Andrina Wilson, 8th Lil Benfield, 11th and 17th Tracy Dickinson.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Cairns Game 3 Apr


The Cairns game is ON.

I'm told the course is a bit wet in parts, so some areas have not been cut but otherwise all should be fine for tomorrow.  So far the weather maps show most of the heavy cloud is coming in south of us, from Mackay to Townsville.

Carts are currently allowed on the course on all bar 2 holes.  As long as the rain holds off that will be the case tomorrow. 

See you there.