Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Today we had 53 men and 12 ladies competing in the stableford event at Atherton. The weather was very agreeable and there was plenty of run on the fairways.

Our sponsor for the day was GOLF WORLD of Cairns and we thank them for the store vouchers provided to the winners and runners up.

As next Tuesday is Melbourne cup day our game next week is on  MONDAY 2nd at Gordonvale.

Many of you will have noticed that we have been distributing club shirts that were ordered several
weeks ago. Fortunately for someone we have one ladies shirt that was the wrong size for the purchaser and is available for the paltry price of $35. It is a ladies size 16 and the colour is Chilean Stone (burgundy). Anyone interested may see Lois next MONDAY.

MENS DIV 1 WINNER;  Grant Scott  40 points.
RUNNER UP;   John Everall   39 points.
MENS DIV2 WINNER;  Jim Liston   44 points  c/b
RUNNER UP;    Bruce Magill  44 points.
MENS NTP;  3rd Claud Clark, 11th Mal Arthur,  13th Wayne Hoger, 18th  Frank Thelan.
43 points,  Rod Cade.
40 points,  Grahame Webster, Grant Scott.
39 points,  Kevin Reddicliffe, Bob Billingham, Barry Foxover.
37 points,  Tom Stager, Wal Anthony, Mal Arthur,Dave Jackson, Bill Eden,Keith Sanderson.
36 points,  Brian Rowan, Doug Christison, Graham Morrow, Dave Ingram, Ron Sylvester,
                  Trevor Lawrence, Brian Norris, George Kyriazis,
35 points,  Rama Naidoo, Peter Johnson, Ken Baker, Neil Sharkey.
LADIES WINNER;  Andrina Wilson  36 points.
RUNNER UP;  Chris Everall   36 points  c/b.
 LADIES NTP,  3rd Robyn Harper, 11th Jothi Naidoo,  18th Robyn Harper
34 points,  Deon Reddicliffe, Lois Tait.
32 points,  Jothi Naidoo, Robyn Harper,  Sue Taylor, Rosemary Barker, Lorraine Doolan.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Tuesday 27th October.

Our game this week is a single stableford at Atherton and I am reliably informed that the course is in great condition. The sponsor is GOLF WORLD. We look forward to seeing a good field and dont forget that the club does not open until 7AM.

Thursday, 22 October 2015


LADIES Chris EVERALL 4497.08 Lois TAIT 4294.33 Betty Lou PITT 3716.83 Judy ELLIS 3171.92 Jothi NAIDOO 2740.25 Deon REDDICLIFFE 2624.50 Elaine SANDILANT 2572.50 Lily SCHIRMER 2560.17 Ruth YELLAND 2264.17 May WILKINSON 2082.25 Di DIVERSI 2058.50 Suda WOODWARD 1934.00 Sue BRENNAN 1809.50 Lil BENFIELD 1809.17 Andrina WILSON 1708.42 Adie CRISPIN 1611.50 Elizabet EDMONDS 1542.75 Kay BERGIEL 1470.92 Edna ATKINSON 1300.50 Cathie COVERDALE 1264.75 Annette TESCH 1206.50 MEN John EVERALL 2495.67 Garry LONG 2297.48 Ross WHITE 2086.75 Neil SHARKEY 2008.00 Greg GIBB 1953.97 Alan DWYER 1895.00 Rama NAIDOO 1822.83 David JACKSON 1766.33 Bruce JENNER 1760.42 Barry PIKE 1736.42 Roger SMITH 1693.17 Garry CASTLE 1655.18 Russ GILL 1542.50 Brian NORRIS 1530.83 Peter DOHERTY 1449.38 Lou SIEDLE 1382.00 Ron SYLVESTER 1375.73 Jim LOGAN 1330.33 Don McHARDIE 1327.50 Barry HARTLEY 1317.83 Brian BROWN 1272.50

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Only 66 men and 15 women played in the 4 ball multiplier; we presume the inclement weather made many decide to stay in bed. Despite the short periods of rain the Cairns course was in excellent condition with lightning fast greens. Players will also be glad to know that the Cairns club is now charging" members rates" for buggy hire to our players on vets days. this is $30 . Hopefully this will encourage more to come to future games there.

The sponsor ,once again was DEBORAH DUFFY ESTATE AGENT. Deb has generously sponsored all our events at Cairns this year and has recently agreed to continue next year. Many of our members may not realise that they do not pay an entry fee for our games, the $12 is all green fees and is paid straight to the club we are playing that day. This is why our sponsors are so valuable to us.
Of course most people only buy or sell real estate once or twice in their lifetime but I urge our members to remember Deb Duffy when the time comes, and indeed, to support all of our sponsors.

We are saddened to hear that one of our real " characters "  Zbig Bergiel is recovering in Townsville hospital after bypass surgery and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

WINNERS;  Chris & John Everall    69 points.
SECOND;    Wal Anthony & Tom Stager  64 points.
THIRD;        Ted Lander & Graham Ross  56 points.

NTP MEN;  8th bob Billingham,  11th Ken Baker, 17th Graham Morrow.
NTP LADIES;  5th Robyn Harper, 8th Lois Tait,  !!th Sue Taylor, 17th Chris Everall.

55 points,  Andrina Wilson & Robin Tonks.
54 points,  John Pilbin & George Studham, Harvey Blanch & Peter Johnson, John & Damien Gregan,
                  Barry Foxover & Robyn Harper.
53 points,  Neil Sharkey & Bill Eden. Ross White & Ian Tindall, Ken Baker & Barry Hartley.
52 points,  Don Thomson & Peter Handley, rod Cade & Graham Morrow.
50 points,  Jeff McGrath & Rod Ingram.
49 points,  Bill Leonard & Bill foster, Greg Gibb & Jim Logan,
48 points,  Wayne Hoger & Mal Arthur, Barry Butt & Peter McMenamin, Jeff Coomber & George
47 points,  David ingram & Doug Christison.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Next Game Cairns 20 Oct


Our game next week is at Cairns & is a 4 ball Multiplier stableford, sponsored again by Deborah Duffy Estate Agent.

Scoring - you keep both scores & multiply them together.  eg If you score 2 points on a hole & your partner does the same, the score for the hole is 4.  If you score 4 points & your partner wipes the hole, the score is zero.  It is a fun game to make or break a friendship!

As both scores have to be kept, you will be handicapped on this round.

The course should be in good condition so see you there.


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

President's Report & Results Mareeba 13 Oct

Today 100 men and 21 ladies played a single stableford event at Mareeba and although the rough is very dry the watering system seems to have kept the fairways in good condition, making the course enjoyable for the golfers.

All of our ongoing major events apart from the Savannah cup have now been decided for this year and the captain is busy calculating the winners and losers.

The sponsor for today was MITRE 10 MAREEBA and we thank them for their support..


MENS DIV 1 WINNER; Garry Long 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Jim Logan 39 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Barry Hartley 38 points.
RUNNER UP; Dave Bennett 37 points.

NTP; 4th Graham Webb, 8th Russ Gill. 11th Alan Armstrong, 13th John Famularo.

39 points, Bill Ford.
37 points, Peter Edmonds, Peter Johnson, Brian Norris, Wal Anthony, Jeff McGrath, Graham Real.
36 points, Roger Glover, Bruce Jenner.
35 points, Ross White, Kevin Moore, Dave Lawler, Garry Castle, Tom Stager, Charlie Greenhalgh
34 points, Peter Walters, Keith Willmett, Barry Foxover, Elso Iuretigh, Peter Marriot,
33 points, Don Thomson, Evert Van Kleef, Rama Naidoo, Les Doolan, Ted Lander, John Evans,
George Kyriazis, Geoff Edwards, John Everall.
32 points, Keith Sanderson, Alan Armstrong, John Lucas, Doug Christison, Kevin Collins,
Wayne Petrohilos, Ron Barnes, Kevin Reddicliffe.

LADIES WINNER; Persis Armstrong 37 points.
RUNNER UP; Judy Ellis 34 points.

NTP; 4th Lil Benfield, 8th Jothi Naidoo, 11th Persis Armstrong, 13th Annette Collet.

34 points, Lil Benfield.
32 points, Robyn Harper, Andrina Wilson, Carol Madden, Shirley Fieldhouse, Chris Everall.

Next week we play at Cairns and the event is a 4 ball multiplier, meaning that you and your partner will multiply your stableford points together on each hole. 

Players will still be handicapped and a partner will be arranged for any singles who would like to play, so please come along and enjoy the day.


Savannah Lifestyle Resorts and the Savannah Social Club invite you to join us for a day of fun and entertainment around the magnificent Savannah InvigaPool. 

For just
 $40 you will enjoy
  • big screen Melbourne Cup races
  • welcoming glass of bubbly
  • 2 course Melbourne Cup lunch
  • fashion show by Sorbet 
  • live entertainment
  • lucky door & best dressed prizes
  • race day sweeps
  • raffles & hobby horse races
  • wine, bubbles & beer on sale

This is open to anyone who would like to attend this event so why not bring your family and friends along and make up your own table?!

Phone us on 40923500 to book your seats - you'd better get in early as tickets are selling fast.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 12 Oct

Chris EVERALL 4411.08
John EVERALL 2453.67
Lois TAIT 4224.33
Ross WHITE 2032.25
Betty Lou PITT 3654.33
Neil SHARKEY 1984.50
Judy ELLIS 2926.92
Greg GIBB 1941.97
Jothi NAIDOO 2677.75
Alan DWYER 1895.00
Elaine SANDILANT 2572.50
Garry LONG 1797.48
Deon REDDICLIFFE 2568.50
Rama NAIDOO 1780.83
Lily SCHIRMER 2560.17
David JACKSON 1766.33
Ruth YELLAND 2264.17
Barry PIKE 1724.42
Di DIVERSI 2058.50
Bruce JENNER 1697.92
May WILKINSON 2026.25
Roger SMITH 1669.67
Suda WOODWARD 1934.00
Garry CASTLE 1600.68
Sue BRENNAN 1809.50
Russ GILL 1542.50
Adie CRISPIN 1611.50
Peter DOHERTY 1449.38
Andrina WILSON 1585.92
Brian NORRIS 1447.50
Lil BENFIELD 1564.17
Lou SIEDLE 1382.00
Elizabeth EDMONDS 1489.75
Ron SYLVESTER 1375.73
Kay BERGIEL 1420.92
Don McHARDIE 1327.50

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Next Game Mareeba 13 Oct


Our game next week is a single stableford at Mareeba.

The game is sponsored by Home Hardware & Timber.

See you there.


PS Savannah Lifestyle Resorts is having another Open day on SATURDAY10TH OCTOBER 2015 from 10AM - 4PM.  They are also holding a Melbourne Cup event at the resort - call them for info on 4092 3500.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

President's Report & Results Babinda 6 Oct

50 men and 10 ladies played in our event today at Babinda. The course is in wonderful condition and the weather was good apart from one 10 minute squall that sent golfers scrambling for their wet gear. The hospitality was of the kind that is only experienced in country towns, thank you to the members and helpers for that.

The sponsor for today was CAZALYS AFL CLUB who donated venue vouchers for the winners and runners up.

On a much sadder note we learned of the sudden death of one of our most esteemed members and a past treasurer, Colin McDowall. Col will be sorely missed by all of us in “ vets” as well as the Mareeba golf Club and we send our deepest sympathy to his wife Robyn and all her family.
We also learned of the passing of Bill Coverdale after a long struggle with illness. Bill has not played much golf over the past few years, but many will know his wife Cathy who is surely one of our most popular ladies and we send our condolences to her and her family.

There will be a funeral service for Bill on Thursday at 10 AM at the crematorium on Foster Rd

A funeral for Colin McDowall will be held at the Anglican Church in Mareeba at 10.30 AM on Friday 9th .


MENS WINNER; Brian Norris 35 points c/b
RUNNER UP; Chris Hannam 35 points c/b

NTP; 2/11 Greg Gibb, 4/13 Peter Yelland, 5/14 Peter Yelland

35 points; Roger Smith.
34 points; Peter Doherty, Greg Gibb, Ross White, George Studham, Evert Van Kleef.
33 points; Charles Greenhalgh.
32 points; Tom Stager, Max Smith,
31 points; Bill Foster, George Atkinson, Lou Siedle.
30 points; Peter Penny, Peter Yelland.
29 points; Ken Smithson, John Everall. Wal Anthony, Garry Long, Bob Billingham.
28 points; Kevin Reddicliffe, Rick Gooderham, Alan Dwyer, Doug Christison.

LADIES WINNER; Deon Reddicliffe 29 points.
RUNNER UP; Patsy Hannam 26 points.
NTP; 2/11 Ruth Yelland, 4/13 Andrina Wilson, 5/14 Deon Reddicliffe.

25 points; Andrina Wilson.
23 points; Edna Atkinson, May Wilkinson.
22 points; Ruth Yelland, Jothi Naidoo.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 3 Oct

Chris EVERALL 4326.08
John EVERALL 2401.67
Lois TAIT 4146.83
Neil SHARKEY 1941.50
Betty Lou PITT 3654.33
Ross WHITE 1928.25
Judy ELLIS 2926.92
Alan DWYER 1847.50
Jothi NAIDOO 2582.75
Greg GIBB 1837.97
Elaine SANDILANT 2572.50
Rama NAIDOO 1745.83
Lily SCHIRMER 2560.17
Garry LONG 1745.48
Ruth YELLAND 2169.17
David JACKSON 1728.33
Deon REDDICLIFFE 2068.50
Barry PIKE 1700.92
Di DIVERSI 2058.50
Bruce JENNER 1662.92
Suda WOODWARD 1934.00
Garry CASTLE 1562.68
May WILKINSON 1903.75
Russ GILL 1517.00
Sue BRENNAN 1809.50
Ron SYLVESTER 1375.73
Adie CRISPIN 1611.50
Peter DOHERTY 1345.38
Lil BENFIELD 1564.17
Roger SMITH 1339.67
Elizabeth EDMONDS 1489.75
Don McHARDIE 1327.50
Andrina WILSON 1395.92
Lou SIEDLE 1321.33
Kay BERGIEL 1343.42
Brian BROWN 1272.50
Cathie COVERDALE 1264.75
Peter McMENAMIN 1232.25
Annette TESCH 1206.50
Richard GOODERHAM 1208.04
Edna ATKINSON 1092.00
Barry HARTLEY 1195.33
June WILLMOT 1005.00
Darryl KING 1158.89

Next Game Babinda 6 Oct


Our game next week is the final round of the Patron's Trophy.

It is a single stableford at Babinda, sponsored by Cazalys AFL.

The course is in great condition, lush fairways, firm greens, but the drain gobblers are still out in full force, so bring a good supply of balls!

See you there.