Tuesday, 29 May 2018

President's Report & Results Atherton 29 May

For the “Coasties” the trip up to Atherton started off with fairly miserable weather coming up the Range but as they got to the vicinity of Mareeba, things changed very much for the better. However, by the time they hit Walkamin the weather had deteriorated again to heavy overcast and misty rain and it stayed that way for the course of the day. The Tableland people, being used to that type of weather, turned out in good numbers and the final count for the day was 76 players.

There were 66 men and 10 ladies who included a new member from Peninsula Club in Victoria, Adrian Fethers, and a visitor from Bowraville, Darrell Hughes. A hearty welcome is extended to both of these players.

The event today was a Single Stableford and was played as part of our Consistency Trophy. We give our sincere thanks to STRATFORD PAINTING CONTRACTORS who were our sponsors for the day and who provided Woolworths vouchers for the Winners and Runners Up.

Whilst the blustery and rainy conditions affected some of the scores, the stand-out for the day was John Everall who, playing off a 16 handicap, accumulated 46 points. This included birdies on the 8th, 9th, 11th, and 17th holes. The 17th was a classic with his third shot into that very strong and gusty wind, finishing about 30 centimetres from the hole. Being 8 points ahead of second place, at one stage we were considering giving him the vouchers for both First and Runner Up for his effort.

Entries for the Mirage game on Friday, 6th July are coming in at a steady rate with 61 confirmed nominations and 7 on the “reserve” list. Remember 88 is the magic cut-off number.

After each game, various items of lost property are handed in to Committee members. Some of it is collected on the day by owners whilst other items are given to the President who, in the past, has carried them around until they are collected or after a period of time are dispensed with. Whilst this can be an inconvenience to Committee members, actually there is no certainty that the item belongs to one of our Members and may have been lost by a local Club member. A decision has been made that in future, any items such as clubs, wood and iron covers, water bottles, gloves, et cetera, will be held until the conclusion of the day’s presentation and then placed in the Lost Property Box of the Club at which we are playing. Obviously, anything of an extremely valuable nature will be handled in a different, but appropriate manner, and initially retained by the Committee. Further inquiries and efforts will be made to ascertain the owner of such an item, including the find being advertised on the Blog.

At the present time we have on hand a “Retco 27 degree” head cover and a “Jack Nicklaus” hybrid head cover. Both were handed in at our last game at Cairns and as we are playing at Cairns again next week, unless they are claimed beforehand, both will go into the Cairns Lost Property.

Yours in golf,
El Presidente”

Winner: John Everall, 46 points.
Runner Up: Russell Lawrence, 38 points.

Winner: Trevor Lawrence, 41 points.
Runner Up: Bob Billingham, 36 points.

37 Points: Don McHardie.
36 Points: Marcus Morse, John Famularo, Graham Morrow, Dave Lawler.
35 Points: Roger Smith, Dave Morrison, Albert Smith, Neil Sharkey, Rod Ingram.
34 Points: Gary Castle, Kevin Walsh, Ross Ellen, Peter Doherty, Mike Van Cuylenburg, John Tolhurst.
33 Points: Neil Hamilton, Rick Gooderham.
32 Points: Lou Siedle, Bill Foster, Harvey Blanch.
31 Points: Allan Dredge, Roger Glover, Bruce Skinner.
30 Points: Dennis Lankester, Michael Taylor, George Cooley, Ross White, John Lombardi.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Evert Van Kleef, 11th John Everall, 13th Kevin Walsh, 18th Graham Chappell.

Winner: Pris Freeman, 35 points.
Runner Up: Kay Bergiel, 33 points.

31 Points: Jane Taylor.
29 Points: Lois Tait.
28 Points: Cathy Coverdale.
27 Points: Andrina Wilson.

N.T.P’s: 3rd and 11th Lois Tait, 13th Andrina Wilson, 18th Liz Edmonds.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Next Game Atherton 29 May


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency event at Atherton.

I'm told the course is in pristine condition but it is a bit chilly, so hopefully the weather will be kind to us & remember to bring your trackie tops.

Sponsor for the day is Stratford Painting Contractors.

See you there.


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

President's Report & Results Cairns 22 May

Hi All,

Today our Association played at Cairns Golf Club in cool and blustery conditions. The event was as usual, a Stableford event and also a scoring event for the Consistency Trophy. Once again BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB supplied sponsorship for the event by the way of Gift Cards. The presentation of the course proved to be excellent and the Manager, Matt Boland, who happened to be in the clubhouse at trophy presentation time was congratulated on its condition.

A total of 106 players, comprised of 83 men and 23 ladies, fronted the starter and due to the changing and gusty wind, found the course relatively difficult. The ball rundown went to 30 for the men and 29 for the ladies. The players included a new member, Mark Buckle, a member of Cairns and a hearty welcome is extended to him. We now have 191 members, 145 men and 46 ladies.

Next time we play at Cairns we may have change to one of the N.T.P.’s. Lois Tait was saying that, on Saturdays, the N.T.P. on the 5th hole is played as a one-shot hole for the Ladies and a two shot hole for the men rather than the opposite way we normally play Par 3’s. When one considers the difference in distances from the men’s tee compared to the ladies’ tee that is a reasonable call. The consensus of the Committee members present today was that we should give it a try.

Names are starting to flow in for the Mirage game on 6th July. At the present time we have 45 members who have nominated, with 3 reserves also putting their names down. The game, including a cart, will cost you $35 total. To nominate, give your name to John Everall next week plus $10 deposit and your place will be reserved. The Committee decided that those who nominated for the washed out game will get first preference and those who weren’t part of that first list will be put on the “reserve” list. Further information will be published as the date gets closer.

I think that those who attended the presentation today would agree that my dissertation was the shortest they have heard me give. I found that, due to the absence of Vice President Robin, who is presently on holidays, I was deprived of the incentive to keep talking. His cries of “Get Off”, “Someone take the mike off him” and various other catcalls only stirs me on to greater heights. So maybe that’s the answer to the “alleged” problem of my “alleged” excessive talking at presentation. Get rid of the Vice President!!

Hopefully I’ll see you all at Atherton next week.

Yours in golf,
“El Presidente”


Winner: John Everall, 42 points.
Runner Up: Greg Gibb, 38 points. C/B

Winner: Yasuo Kumagae, 39 points. C/B
Runner Up: Harvey Blanch, 39 points.

38 Points: Evert Van Kleef
37 Points: Darryl Chandler, Allan Dredge.
36 Points: Bill Foster, Peter Klein, Brian Guest.
35 Points: Doug Chistison, Ian Tindall.
34 Points: Roger Smith, Peter Edmonds, Rod Ingram, Neil Sharkey, Lionel Law.
33 Points: Brian Panigas, Vaughan Edwards, Russell Lawrence, Dennis Vohland,
Don Thomson, Allan Dwyer, Dave Jackson, John Gregan, Vern Smith.
32 Points: Neil Hamilton, George Studham.
31 Points: Peter McMenamin, Ross White, Mark Buckle, Garry Tudehope.
30 Points: Bruce Jenner, Brian Norris, Michael Taylor, Barry Pike, Graham Morrow.

\N.T.P.’s: 5th Brian Brown, 8th Don McHardie, 11th George Studham, 17th Graham Ross.

Winner: Maria Ling, 34 points. C/B
Runner Up: Kandice Van Fleet, 34 points.

31 Points: Edna Atkinson, Liz Edmonds.
30 Points: Lois Tait.
29 Points: Zola Dale, Belle Gillan, Gail Wright, Judy Ellis, Heather Foster.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Belle Gillan, 8th Zola Dale, 11th Lil Benfield, 17th Judy Ellis.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Next Game Cairns 22 May


Our next game is a single stableford event at Cairns.

I'm told the course is in good condition & no doubt the greens will be fast as usual.

The game is sponsored by Brothers Leagues Club.

See you there.


PS Other games around the ridges:

- Miriam Vale Vets Open 5 June.  Nominations by 30 May, ring - Kate 0428 742 143 e-mail jkbell@bigpond.com or Or Lorraine Emery 0414 566 391 e-mail - rainey272@bigpond.com

- Tropics Vets Inaugural Open at what was the Willows in Townsville on 26 July.  Nominations by 8 June paulcosgriff@bigpond.com ph 0438 783 445

- Drummond Golf Cairns Charity golf day 14 July at Half Moon Bay GC.   Nominations at HMB Pro Shop 4055 7933 or email cairns@drummondgolf.com

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

President's Report & Results Mareeba 15 May

Hi All,

Although there was a bit of a chill in the air when we all arrived at Mareeba this morning, the day day turned out to be a glorious one. Warm and clear, what this time of year is all about.

We had 79 player today contest a Stableford Event which was the first round to the Ted Thomasson Trophy. The field consisted of 69 men and 10 ladies. The course was again in very good condition, both greens and fairway. I can also vouch for the fact that the rough was in good condition too. The course is a credit to Rod Cade and his team of three octogenarian volunteers who help him keep the course in the condition we find it.

The game was sponsored by DRUMMOND GOLF, Darren Golder being the proprietor of the business which is a long time sponsor. Due to a change in company policy, all players are advised that Golf Vouchers sponsored by Drummond’s and won through the Vets now have a one month expiry from the date on which the voucher was won. That date is endorsed on the voucher. It is the responsibility of the successful players, if not present at the day’s presentation. to collect the voucher as soon as they can to give themselves maximum opportunity to redeem the voucher within the allotted time.

Registrations for our Mirage game opened today with 29 nominations. As was stated in last week’s Blog, preference will be given to those players who nominated for the wash-out game in March. Treasurer John is keeping a reserve list of those who are nominating for the first time should there be any vacancies when nominations close.

The Committee is going through a period where our numbers are down temporarily, due to the absence of Committee members for various reasons. This will be so for the next couple of weeks. It was most obvious today that the players appeared to be aware of this shortfall and acted with consideration during registration, presentation, etc. This was most appreciated by all of the remaining Committee.

Our next game will be at Cairns on 22nd May, and I hope to see you all there.

As a reminder to all players, please put your FULL golflink number on your card as it makes it easier for the Captain to enter the scores.  Failure to do so in future may result in disqualification or your scores being entered as NSR.

Yours in golf,
El President"

Winner: Evert Van Kleef, 40 points.
Runner Up: William Matthews, 39 points.

Winner: Darryl De Clifford, 37 points (C/B).
Runner Up: Ian Tindall, 37 points.

38 Points: Ross Ellen.
36 Points: Roger Glover, Vaughan Edwards, Neil Hamilton.
35 Points: Bruce Jenner, Ken Baker, John Evans, Neil Sharkey, Lou Siedle, John Sinclair.
34 Points: John Gregan, Rod Cade, Russell Lawrence, George Atkinson, Graeme Chappel, Ross White.
33 Points: Frank Thelan, Marcus Morse, John Everall, John Famularo, George Studham.
32 Points: Brian Panigas, Graham Morrow, Zbig Bergiel, Bob Billingham, Allan Dredge,
Merv Elms.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Marcus Morse, 8th Roger Glover, 11th Bruce Jenner, 13th John Richards.

Winner: Edna Atkinson, 34 Points (C/B).
Runner Up: Georgie Jarred, 34 Points.

33 Points: Tracy Dickinson.
31 Points: Judy Ellis, Jane Taylor.
30 Points: Kay Bergiel, Belle Gillan, Annette Tesch.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Annette Tesch, 8th Kay Bergiel, 11th and 13th Tracy Dickinson.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Next Game Mareeba 15 May


Our next game is a single stableford at Mareeba.  This is the first round for the Ted Thomasson trophy.

I'm told the course is in great condition & I'm sure Gaby will have some apple turnovers available as usual.

The game is sponsored by Drummond Golf.

See you there & if you want to order one of our shirts, Lois will be taking orders at registration for the next three weeks to 5 June.


PS Other games for the travelling golfer:

- Tropic of Capricorn Veteran Golfers Carnival 20-29 Aug, nomination forms from www.cqvets.com

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 8 May

Hi all,

The day dawned cloudy and with misty showers hovering around the Gordonvale area. The day improved and I think we all got through the game without too much discomfort.

There were 73 members in attendance, 55 men and 18 ladies.  We competed in a Single Stableford event which was sponsored by DRUMMOND GOLF, one of our long term supporters. We welcomed a visitor from Cranbourne, Trevor Hamilton and a “new” or returning Member, Meryl Gil.

The fairways were good and the course prepared nicely for our visit. The greens appeared to be improving but still have a little way to go to catch up to where they were a couple of months ago. Overall, a number of players found the course to their liking. “El Presidente” had his best round in 12 months to win Men’s Division I with 43 points, John Bawden won Division II with 39 points and Judy Guzzwell won the Ladies’ Division with 38 points.

After V.P. Robin had preliminary discussions with a member of staff at Mirage Country Club, today I had further discussions with Geoff Peard, the Manager and as a result we have booked a game at that course for Friday 6th July, 2018. The event will be a Single Stableford, Shotgun start. The fees will remain as for the washed-out game, i.e. $35 per head with a $10 deposit. The Committee has decided that those members who paid their deposits for the first game will get first preference of entry to this game. The field will be restricted to the first 88 players registered and a chronological list will be kept. The field may be increased to 96 at the discretion of the Committee. Additionally, only players who are financial members of the F.N.Q.V.G.A. as at today’s date are eligible to enter. This is to prevent players joining just to get a cheap game and also to protect Mirage’s “Grey Nomad” market during a busy time for the resort. Further information will be disseminated as it comes to hand and registration will commence next Tuesday.

Our next game will be at Mareeba on 15th May and is the first round of the Ted Thomasson Trophy.  Lois will be taking shirt orders from that date for the next three weeks to 5 June, so please see her if you would like one of our shirts.

Yours in golf,
El Presidente”


Division I
Winner: Greg Gibb, 43 points.
Runner Up: David Jackson, 39 points.

Divisionn II
Winner: John Bawden, 39 points.
Runner Up: Frank Thelan, 38 points.

38 Points: Peter Klein, Peter Dalziel.
37 Points: Bob Billingham.
36 Points: Zbig Bergiel, Dave Ingram, Bruce Jenner.
35 Points: Brian Rowan, John Richards, Lou Siedle, Rod Ingram.
34 Points: John Lombrdi, Len Fase, John Tolhurst.
33 Points: Bill Foster, Neil Sharkey, Lionel Law, Tim Hollman, Trevor Hamilton.
32 Points: Alan Dredge, Ross Ellen, Alan Dwyer, James Thomson, Graeme Chappel, Peter Edmonds, Doug Christison.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Doug Christison, 8th Peter Dalziel, 14th John Tolhurst, 17th Dave Ingram.

Winner: Judy Guzzwell, 38 points.
Runner Up: Kandice Van Kleef, 36 points.

34 Points: Edna Atkinson.
33 Points: Belle Gillan, Sue Taylor.
32 Points: Suda Woodward, Judy Ellis.
29 Points: Lil Benfield.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Judy Ellis, 8th Edna Atkinson, 14th Belle Gillan, 17th Sue Taylor.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Next Game Gordonvale 6 May


Our next game is a single stableford at Gordonvale.  (Some members have mentioned to Captain Russ that they thought the next game was at Cairns, but where they obtained that information no-one knows, as the program available at registration & on the blog is very clear that it is at Gordonvale & it has NOT changed.)

Since our last game at Gordonvale the greens have been sprayed & are very slowly coming back.  The drains have also been mowed although the rough in them was so thick that it is quite patchy & there's plenty of hay in them to swallow your balls, so avoid!

The game is sponsored by Drummond Golf Cairns.

See you there.


PS Other games around the ridges:

Canungra Area Golf Club have commenced a monthly open Vets day Apr - Nov.  Details from Damon Palliser dpalliser@bigpond.com.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

President's Report & Results Atherton 1 May

Hi Everyone,

On arrival at Atherton today we were all greeted with that nip in the air that, as Summer retreats, is synonymous with Tablelands’ mornings. The day itself had patches of overcast sky but the majority of the day was sunny and pleasantly warm. Luckily, by the time some showers started to fall, the whole field was in.

The course itself was in very good condition, with the greens excellent and running at a good speed. The day’s scores reflected this. I think everyone will agree that some of the pins were in some “interesting” positions, with holes 14 and 15 immediately springing to mind. The course is a great credit to the Green-keeper, Brendan and the members he has helping him. If this standard of course continues throughout the year, it augurs well for the Club and our Championships in August. Thanks also go to Kylie, the Club manager and to Kevin who was behind the bar looking after our needs.

The event today was a Consistency event and was sponsored by BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB and we are very grateful of their continued sponsorship. We had 79 players tee off, 67 men and 12 ladies. It was interesting that the Winners and Runners Up in both Men’s Divisions were Tablelands members. Talk about “local knowledge”.

Our three Committee ladies were away today, but contrary to the expectations of the three, the male members of the Committee handled registration, et cetera, in a completely professional and efficient manner. There was some talk that the men could handle it on their own all of the time. Joking! Joking! Sorry! Sorry! Ladies, please come back, we did really miss you. However, there is an allegation, unsubstantiated at this stage, there were two 10/6 groups waiting on the 6th tee with a statement being made that “the men are useless on the registration desk without women to guide them”. 

Our best wishes go to Tom Stager, who was operated on in Townsville yesterday to have a heart valve replaced. In a text forwarded to me during the game from his good Mate, Wal Anthony, Tom was back to giving cheek and thus, according to Wal, was O.K. I never cease to be amazed by the resilience of the man considering the trials he has faced over the past 13 or so years. It may be some weeks before Tom joins us again at the Vets but he will certainly be welcomed back. Wal will keep us apprised of Tom’s recovery progress as time goes by.

Our next game will be at Gordonvale on 8th May. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

El Presidente


Division I
Winner: Denis Lankester, 38 Points C/B.
Runner Up: Mick Grumley, 38 Points.

Division II
Winner: Brian Brown, 39 Points.
Runner Up: Rod Cade 38 Points.

38 Points: Wally Alston, Mike Van Cuylenburg, Peter Doherty.
37 Points: Peter Wyatt, Mike McManus, Graham Morrow, Robin Tonks,
36 Points: Peter Johnston, Neil Hamilton, Evert Van Kleef, Ron Sylvester, Ross Ellen.
35 Points: Maurie Smith, Neil Stubbin, Alan Dwyer, Dave Morrison.
34 Points: Frank Thelan, Doug Christison, Harvey Blanch, Peter Dalzeil, Bob Billingham, Ross White.
33 Points: Don McHardie, Peter Klein, Darryl De Clifford, Dave Ingram, Peter Clarke.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Ross White, 11th Mick Grumley, 13th Mike McManus, 18th Garry Castle.
EAGLE 1st Russell Lawrence.

Winner: Kay Bergiel, 37 Points C/B.
Runner Up: Judy Guzzwell, 37 Points.

36 Points: Sue Taylor.
32 Points: Belle Gillan.
31 Points: Judy Ellis, Liz Edmonds, Jenny Albertson.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Judy Guzzwell, 11th Liz Edmonds, 13th Jenny Albertson, 18th Belle Gillan.