Tuesday, 1 May 2018

President's Report & Results Atherton 1 May

Hi Everyone,

On arrival at Atherton today we were all greeted with that nip in the air that, as Summer retreats, is synonymous with Tablelands’ mornings. The day itself had patches of overcast sky but the majority of the day was sunny and pleasantly warm. Luckily, by the time some showers started to fall, the whole field was in.

The course itself was in very good condition, with the greens excellent and running at a good speed. The day’s scores reflected this. I think everyone will agree that some of the pins were in some “interesting” positions, with holes 14 and 15 immediately springing to mind. The course is a great credit to the Green-keeper, Brendan and the members he has helping him. If this standard of course continues throughout the year, it augurs well for the Club and our Championships in August. Thanks also go to Kylie, the Club manager and to Kevin who was behind the bar looking after our needs.

The event today was a Consistency event and was sponsored by BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB and we are very grateful of their continued sponsorship. We had 79 players tee off, 67 men and 12 ladies. It was interesting that the Winners and Runners Up in both Men’s Divisions were Tablelands members. Talk about “local knowledge”.

Our three Committee ladies were away today, but contrary to the expectations of the three, the male members of the Committee handled registration, et cetera, in a completely professional and efficient manner. There was some talk that the men could handle it on their own all of the time. Joking! Joking! Sorry! Sorry! Ladies, please come back, we did really miss you. However, there is an allegation, unsubstantiated at this stage, there were two 10/6 groups waiting on the 6th tee with a statement being made that “the men are useless on the registration desk without women to guide them”. 

Our best wishes go to Tom Stager, who was operated on in Townsville yesterday to have a heart valve replaced. In a text forwarded to me during the game from his good Mate, Wal Anthony, Tom was back to giving cheek and thus, according to Wal, was O.K. I never cease to be amazed by the resilience of the man considering the trials he has faced over the past 13 or so years. It may be some weeks before Tom joins us again at the Vets but he will certainly be welcomed back. Wal will keep us apprised of Tom’s recovery progress as time goes by.

Our next game will be at Gordonvale on 8th May. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

El Presidente


Division I
Winner: Denis Lankester, 38 Points C/B.
Runner Up: Mick Grumley, 38 Points.

Division II
Winner: Brian Brown, 39 Points.
Runner Up: Rod Cade 38 Points.

38 Points: Wally Alston, Mike Van Cuylenburg, Peter Doherty.
37 Points: Peter Wyatt, Mike McManus, Graham Morrow, Robin Tonks,
36 Points: Peter Johnston, Neil Hamilton, Evert Van Kleef, Ron Sylvester, Ross Ellen.
35 Points: Maurie Smith, Neil Stubbin, Alan Dwyer, Dave Morrison.
34 Points: Frank Thelan, Doug Christison, Harvey Blanch, Peter Dalzeil, Bob Billingham, Ross White.
33 Points: Don McHardie, Peter Klein, Darryl De Clifford, Dave Ingram, Peter Clarke.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Ross White, 11th Mick Grumley, 13th Mike McManus, 18th Garry Castle.
EAGLE 1st Russell Lawrence.

Winner: Kay Bergiel, 37 Points C/B.
Runner Up: Judy Guzzwell, 37 Points.

36 Points: Sue Taylor.
32 Points: Belle Gillan.
31 Points: Judy Ellis, Liz Edmonds, Jenny Albertson.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Judy Guzzwell, 11th Liz Edmonds, 13th Jenny Albertson, 18th Belle Gillan.

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