Friday, 27 November 2015

Last Game in 2015 Cairns 1 Dec


Our final game for the year is a 4BBB stableford at Cairns golf club, with a shotgun start at 0730.

It is sponsored by Deb Duffy Real Estate & is followed by our Xmas breakup lunch.

Cost for the day is our usual $12, plus $20 for the meal.

See you there.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 24 Nov

The annual general meeting of the FNQVGA was held today at the Gordonvale golf Club and the reports were accepted by the membership and the new committee is as follows:

President; Roger Smith (me)
Vice Pres. Suzanne Brennan.
Captain; Russ Gill.
Vice Captain; Wal Anthony.
Treasurer; John Everall.
Secretary; Lou Siedle.
Committee; Di Diversi, Chris Everall, Greg Gibb, Lois Tait.

The retiring member is June Willmot and on behalf of the members I thank her for many years of service to our club, including serving as secretary and vice president. June has contributed more than her fair share. I also thank Di Diversi for a job well done as treasurer and Greg Gibb who is the outgoing captain who has done a great job, both having completed a three year term. Well done both of you and I am pleased to have you on the new committee.

Thanks must also go to the following members who have again accepted honorary positions,
Hon Patron, Claud Clark.
Hon Auditor, Harvey Blanch.
Hon Solicitor, Jim Liston.

Todays event was a 4BBB stableford and the sponsor was SAVANNAH LIFESTYLE RESORT and we were privileged to have Melody Lucas from Savannah on hand to address the members about the advantage of buying a residence in a lifestyle resort over a retirement village. Melody also presented the days trophies as well as the Savannah cup. Thanks Melody.

After the event of the day the annual trophy presentation was held for our club championships and other major honour board events.


WINNERS; Dave Ingram & Doug Christison 50 points.
RUNNERS UP; Eric Pilhljerta & Graham Webb 48 points.

NTP MEN; 5th George Studham HOLE IN ONE, 8th Bill Eden, 14th Graham Webster,
17th Ian Schofield.

NTP WOMEN; 5th & 14th Ruth Yelland, 12th Georgie Jarred, 8th Suda Woodward

47 points, Barry Butt & Peter McMenamin
45 points, Ted Lander & Graham Ross.
44 points, John & Chris Everall, Bob Billingham & Brian Rowan, Russ Gill & Des Jones,
George Kyriazis & David Jackson.
43 points, Bruce Walters & Wayne Petrohilos, Harvey Blanch & Trevor Barry, Garry Long &
Yasuo Kumagae, Jon Shearer & Peter Johnson, Wal Anthony & Tom Stager.
42 points, Garry Castle & Wayne Hoger, Max Smith & Ross White, Ken Gorton & Graham Webster, Jeff & Glenys McGrath, Kay Bergiel & Cathy Coverdale.
41 points, John Famularo & Frank Thelan, Bruce Jenner & Bill Eden, Brian Brown & Claud Clark, Victor Lee & Ken Smithson.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Next Game & AGM Gordonvale 24 Nov


Our next game is a 4BBB stableford at Gordonvale with a shotgun start at 8.30am.

It is preceeded by our AGM at 8.00am, so please ensure you are registered before then, as you will not have a chance after.

After the game we have our normal presentations as well as presentation of annual trophies.  We would appreciate it if trophy winners were able to stay to collect their trophy as otherwise we have to cart them around with us, so if we forget to bring them to the final game you will have to wait till next year!

Gordonvale is currently starting to scarify its greens & there will be several temporary ones in play.  Rough in drains has been mowed, but straw lying in them can pose a problem & trees are shedding leaves in copious quantities, so you don't want to be off the fairway.

See you there.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 17 Nov

Today we played a stableford event at a rather rain swept Half Moon Bay and quite a number of players did not complete the full 18 holes. A rather disappointing field of 78 men and 16 ladies teed off in fine weather but soon the skies opened up and drenched us all. Perhaps those who stayed in bed knew more than the rest of us.

The sponsor for the day was BROTHERS WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT AND FULLERS SPORTS and we sincerely thank them for their support.

I would like to remind our members that next Tuesday is our Annual General Meeting scheduled to start at 8.00AM at Gordonvale Golf Club so please be registered for your game in time for the meeting as there will be a shotgun start at around 8.30 AM. The event is a 4 ball best ball and at the conclusion we are presenting trophies to our champions and winners of our honour board events.


MENS DIV 1 WINNER; Peter Doherty 41 points.
RUNNER UP; Des Jones 37 points.

DIVISION 2 WINNER; Alan Armstrong 45 points.
RUNNER UP; Kevin Steinke 38 points.

NTP; 3rd & 9th Peter Yelland. 11th Roger Smith. 16th Bruce Jenner.

37 points, Dave Bennett, Don Kerr.
36 points, Graeme Webster, Peter Yelland, Ross White, George Kyriazis, Robin Tonks.
35 points, Wal Anthony, Gary Spencer, Graham Morrow.
34 points, Peter Walters, Tom Stager, Graham Ross, John Everall.
33 points, Rod Ingram, Claud Clark, Barry Hartley, John Collett, Roger Smith, Garry Castle,
Russ Gill.
32 points, John Pilbin, Ken Smithson, Bill Eden, Lou Siedle
31 points, Ron Sylvester, Rod Cade, Evert VanKleef, Roger Glover, Dave Jackson, Alan Dwyer.

WOMENS WINNER; Kay Bergiel. 31 points.
RUNNER UP; Andrina Wilson 29 points.

NTP; 3rd Kay Bergiel, 11th Andrina Wilson, 9th Andrina Wilson, 16th Lois Tait.

28 points. Chris Everall.
27 points, Persis Armstrong, Edna Atkinson.
26 points, Glynis McGrath, Rosemary Barker.
25 points, Lois Tait.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Trophy Results 2015


A GRADE CHAMPION (Championship Plaque)
David LAWLER 160
Runner Up George STUDHAM 163

A GRADE NET WINNER (Adrian Fay Shield)
Runner Up Greg GIBB 144

Wayne HOGER 186
Runner Up Neil SHARKEY 188

Peter EDMONDS 147
Runner Up Barry PIKE 150

Runner Up Trevor BARRY 207

Bill EDEN 151 c/b
Runner Up John PILBIN 151

Ruth YELLAND 163
Runner Up Lil BENFIELD 185

LADIES NET WINNER (Shirley Fieldhouse Shield)
Runner Up May WILKINSON 156 c/b

Greg GIBB 216
Runner Up Ron SYLVESTER 220

Greg GIBB 144

Keith HILLIER 145

Ross WHITE 350
Runner Up Peter DOHERTY 348

Lois TAIT 324
Runner Up Chris EVERALL 315

Rama NAIDOO 119
Runner Up Greg GIBB 116

Runner Up George STUDHAM 68

John EVERALL 2694 points
Runner up Garry LONG 2389 points

Chris EVERALL 5297 points
Runner Up Lois TAIT 4541 points

Friday, 13 November 2015

Next Game Half Moon Bay 17 Nov


Our game next week is a single stableford at Half Moon Bay sponsored by Brothers Leagues Club.

I'm told the course is in good condition & that buggies are available at members' rates, ie $30.

Pack some Yorkies balls & see you there!


PS SAVANNAH LIFESTYLE RESORTS' OPEN WEEKEND - Saturday 14 Nov from 10am to 4pm

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Committee Nominations for 2016

Nominations for the 2016 Management Committee have now closed & the following nominations have been received:

PRESIDENT ROGER SMITH Proposed J Willmot Seconded L Tait
VICE PRESIDENT SUE BRENNAN Proposed L Siedle Seconded R Smith
CAPTAIN RUSS GILL Proposed L Siedle Seconded A Dwyer
VICE CAPTAIN WAL ANTHONY Proposed L Siedle Seconded R Gill
TREASURER JOHN EVERALL Proposed C Clark Seconded R Gill
SECRETARY LOUIS SIEDLE Proposed R Gill Seconded L Tait
DI DIVERSI Proposed L Tait Seconded R Smith
CHRIS EVERALL Proposed C Clark Seconded G Atkinson
GREG GIBB Proposed R Smith Seconded L Tait
LOIS TAIT Proposed D Diversi Seconded R Smith

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

President's Report & Results Mareeba 10 Nov

Today was a single stableford event at Mareeba. A field of 78 men and 17 women played in somewhat dry conditions, but given the terrible drought facing the western half of our state, we ought to consider ourselves lucky.

The sponsor for today is HOME TIMBER AND HARDWARE of Mareeba and we thank them for the store vouchers that were presented to the winners and runners up.

Our AGM is at Gordonvale on 24 Nov & any notices of motion that members wish to submit should be sent or given to Secretary Lou by the next game at HMB on 17 Nov.


DIVISION 1 WINNER; Garry Castle 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Wal Anthony 38 points.

DIVISION 2 WINNER; Brian Rowan 42 points.
RUNNER UP; Barry Pike 39 points.

NTP; 4th Jim Logan, 8th Robin Tonks, 11th Keith Willmett, 13th George Atkinson

38 points, Bob Billingham, Frank Thelan.
37 points, Peter Johnson, Barry Hartley, Bill Eden, Peter McMenamin, Doug Christison,
Garry Long.
36 points, Rod Cade, Rama Naidoo, Peter Edmonds, Graham Real, Ian McLeod-Carey,
Graham Webster.
35 points, Jim Logan, Yasuo Kumagae, Dave Lawler, Claud Clark, Alan Dwyer, Ted Lander,
David Jackson.
34 points, Trevor Barry, Dave Ingram, Peter Doherty, Roger Glover, Ian Tindall, Bill Ford,
Graham Webb, Kevin Woodward, Harry Alykhan, Neil Sharkey, Brian Norris, Don McHardie.
Eagles; 2nd, Graham Webster, 18th Graham Ross.

LADIES WINNER; Suda Woodward 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Choo Lim 39 points.

NTP; 4th Choo Lim, 8th Betty Lou Pitt, 11th May Wilkinson, 13th Jothi Naidoo.

38 points, Sue Brennan.
36 points, May Wilkinson,
35 points, Betty Lou Pitt, Edna Miles, Jothi Naidoo, Andrina Wilson.
34 points, Sue Taylor, Edna Atkinson.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Notice of AGM



The AGM of the above Organisation will be held
at the GORDONVALE GOLF CLUB at 8.00 a.m.


  1. Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2014.

  1. President’s Report.

  1. Presentation of Audited Financial Reports.

  1. Election of Members to Management Committee, Patron, Hon. Auditor and Hon. Solicitor.

  1. General Business.

Louis Siedle
9th November 2015

Friday, 6 November 2015

Tableland Summer of Golf Program


Millaa Millaa Tues Dec 8th
Atherton Tues Dec 15th
Mareeba Tues Dec 22nd
Millaa Millaa Tues Jan 5th
Atherton Tues Jan 12th
Mareeba Tues Jan 19th
Millaa Millaa Tues Feb 9th
Atherton Tues Feb 23rd
Mareeba Tues Mar 8th
Millaa Millaa Tues Mar 22nd

Starting Time 7.30am
Seniors and all other golfers of any age from all clubs are welcome
Cost $12.00- Includes $7.00 green fees/$5.00 prizes and balls
A light lunch will be available after the game
Please ring the appropriate Club to book carts and/or persons to confirm the game if wet weather occurs
Atherton Club – 40911283
Mareeba Club – 40921528
Milllaa Millaa Club 40972117 or Don McHardie 40972250

Final Results of Savannah Cup

John EVERALL 2694.42
Chris EVERALL 5297.08
Garry LONG 2389.98
Lois TAIT 4541.83
Ross WHITE 2160.25
Betty Lou PITT 3716.83
Neil SHARKEY 2094.50
Judy ELLIS 3244.42
Rama NAIDOO 2058.33
Deon REDDICLIFFE 2977.00
Greg GIBB 1975.47
Jothi NAIDOO 2891.75
Alan DWYER 1945.50
Elaine SANDILANT 2572.50
David JACKSON 1858.67
Lily SCHIRMER 2560.17
Bruce JENNER 1818.42
May WILKINSON 2482.25
Roger SMITH 1771.17
Ruth YELLAND 2264.17
Barry PIKE 1736.42
Andrina WILSON 2180.92
Garry CASTLE 1712.68
Di DIVERSI 2058.50
Russ GILL 1657.50
Suda WOODWARD 2029.00
Brian NORRIS 1632.83
Sue BRENNAN 1809.50
Peter DOHERTY 1523.38
Lil BENFIELD 1809.17
Ron SYLVESTER 1455.73
Adie CRISPIN 1611.50
Lou SIEDLE 1382.00
Elizabeth EDMONDS 1542.75
Tom STAGER 1381.92
Kay BERGIEL 1470.92
Don McHARDIE 1360.50
Edna ATKINSON 1395.50
Wal ANTHONY 1352.67
Cathie COVERDALE 1264.75
Jim LOGAN 1330.33
Annette TESCH 1206.50
Brian BROWN 1319.00
June WILLMOT 1060.50
Barry HARTLEY 1317.83
Rosemary BARKER 973.50
Peter JOHNSTON 1298.58
Ann PERRETT 946.00
Richard GOODERHAM 1281.04
Cheryl PICCONI 930.25
Peter McMENAMIN 1265.25
Bell GILLAN 913.75
Bob BILLINGHAM 1228.88
Robyn HARPER 888.50
Darryl KING 1200.89
Persis ARMSTRONG 874.00
Les DOOLAN 1194.58
Edna MILES 835.17
Bill FORD 1164.50
Carol MADDEN 712.25
Bill EDEN 1145.58
Tessa MEYER 630.50
Yasuo KUMAGAE 1123.40
Patsy HANNAM 600.00
Rod CADE 1116.50
Glynnis MCGRATH 594.33
Graham MORROW 1112.50
Joan RANGER 566.00
Eric PIHLHJERTA 1094.57
Julie WALLACE 565.00
Rod INGRAM 1033.75
Kay MULLINS 506.50
Frank THELAN 1030.05
Anne COOKE 500.00
Keith SCHIRMER 1021.47
Cathy SMITHSON 487.42
Mal ARTHUR 1011.58
Helen ROWE 452.25
John MITCHELL 995.83
Shirley FIELDHOUSE 391.75
Robin TONKS 975.23
Joanne Aflick 318.50
Ron CRISPIN 967.75
Kathleen SMITH 317.50
George STUDHAM 911.83
Meryl GILL 298.50
Graham ROSS 893.15
Annette COLLETT 287.00
Geoff HARMER 883.00
Heather FORSTER 239.50
Ken BAKER 873.50
Jennifer ALBERTSON 232.50
Peter YELLAND 866.81
Joy WHITE 220.50
Peter EDMONDS 851.08
Janice WUNDERSITZ 211.00
Kevin REDDCLIFFE 849.75
Janice STAINES 208.33
Graham WEBSTER 846.50
Lorraine DOOLAN 203.00
Robert BLACKMAN 843.33
Wendy JOHNSTON 190.00
George BREW 840.17
Pris FREEMAN 171.50
John PILBIN 839.67
Rosalie KING 162.50
Ian TINDALL 838.50
Zola DALE 157.50
Col MCDOWALL 836.67
Margaret FINCH 143.00
Ted LANDER 787.50
Joy EVANS 135.00
Jeff McGRATH 784.58
Pauline VINING 134.00
Janette TURNER 129.00
Brian ROWAN 755.22
Choo LIM 100.00
Merv ELMS 705.50
Sue TAYLOR 93.00
Dave INGRAM 693.50
Cindy WALL 80.00
John EVANS 690.70
Jennifer LE CERF 75.00
George SHORES 683.90
Kerrie PONT 59.50
Albert SMITH 681.00
Heather WEBSTER 57.00
Max SMITH 646.25

Victor LEE 637.83
John GREGAN 631.50
Ian McDONALD 116.00
Grahame WEBB 626.00
Anthony BRAY 109.50
Barry FOXOVER 624.25
Harry KENNEDY 109.50
John SINCLAIR 621.50
Michael MacMANUS 108.75
Keith HILLIER 617.40
Jim MAY 103.83
George ATKINSON 616.08
Anthony ELLEN 97.50
Wayne HOGER 615.50
Rex WHITE 95.83
Graham HUGHES 598.50
Trevor LAWRENCE 95.50
Kevin COLLINS 94.50
Ken SMITHSON 582.00
John LUCAS 94.00
Dave LAWLER 572.83
Warren WRIGHT 93.50
John FAMULARO 561.75
Gordon SMITH 92.50
Barry BUTT 556.50
Peter PENNY 86.50
Barry VINING 554.90
Hugh GILLARD 80.50
Vern SANDILANT 547.75
Mervyn HAINS 79.10
Harry ALY KHAN 544.50
Frank JONES 78.00
Jim LISTON 541.00
Warren FLANAGAN 72.00
Bill FOSTER 532.67
Elso IURETIGH 70.00
Bruce MAGILL 531.00
Stephen DAY 63.00
Evert VAN KLEEF 529.00
John DEBEL 61.50
Graham REAL 520.83
Graham JOHNSON 60.50
Bruce WALTERS 515.00
Jim EGAN 60.00
Harvey BLANCH 503.00
Gary SPENCER 59.00
Wayne PETROHILOS 488.00
Malcolm BOTTRILL 57.83
Keith SANDERSON 483.67
John NICHOLS 55.00
Micheal GRUMLEY 483.00
Peter STEVENS 54.75
Dave BENNETT 480.00
Sam LEMURA 54.22
Chris HANNAM 475.00
Dale WUST 53.50
Roger GLOVER 452.00
Ross HOBBS 51.00
Kevin RANGER 449.33
Mathew LOCK 50.50
George KYRIAZIS 441.50
Peter WUNDERSITZ 50.00
Claud CLARK 431.42
Ken FLOOD 46.00
Brian MILLER 426.50
Ron BLAKE 45.50
Jeff COOMBER 423.50
Bruce HUNTER 44.00
Doug CHRISTISON 407.00
Max CRIMMINS 43.00
Grant SCOTT 402.72
Norm LOCKWOOD 42.50
John BAWDEN 395.06
Guy SMITH 42.00
Neil STUBBIN 383.00
Ross ELLEN 42.00
Zbig BERGIEL 378.88
John HENDERSON 40.00
Don THOMSON 373.50
Richard UNDERWOOD 37.50
Allan ARMSTRONG 370.50
Darryl DeCLIFFORD 36.50
Tony LATIMORE 369.67
Martyn WITTEBOL 35.50
Craig BARCLAY 365.75
Edwin WULF 29.00
Paul PATTEN 361.00
Lester JOHNSON 29.00
Ian SCHOFIELD 355.00
Martin BELL 28.00
Jon SHEARER 353.15
Tony WALSH 27.00
Alan ALMOND 26.50
Geoff EDWARDS 340.40
Lloyd SAWTELL 25.00
Don KERR 328.50
Ross MILEVSKY 25.00
Keith WILLMETT 326.50
Ken GORTON 22.50
Peter WALTERS 316.00
Gary TUDEHOPE 22.00
Des JONES 314.00
Russ WICKS 21.50
Cec TURNER 304.00
David DONNAN 297.00
Ian TRACEY 19.50
Larry PERRETT 296.00
Stewart SCHROTER 12.00
Brian PANIGAS 273.50
Peter OPIO 10.50
Bill LEONARD 255.90
Peter GOULDING 9.00
Peter HANDLEY 254.67
Harold GIBBINS 5.00
Richard STAINES 254.50
robert HAYLES 5.00
George COOLEY 241.50

Vaughan EDWARDS 233.38

Peter MEYER 227.00

Kevin MOORE 219.08