Tuesday, 29 November 2011

President's Message 29th November 2011

President's Report

Veteran Golfers,

Atherton course was in great condition with plenty of run on the fairways & greens in good condition. Thanks to all involved in the course maintenance.

Also, many thanks to Owen & Debbie who looked after us with refreshments & assorted sandwiches as usual & to the club which sponsored the day again.

We had a pretty good field of 99 golfers contesting today's event, 81 Men & 18 Ladies. We have started next year's membership with 117 renewals & new members.  It was good to see Past President Ross Bird having a last game before heading off on a long drive back to Port Macquarie.

Welcome to our visitor, Seiji Kawamato from Japan & to our 5 new members, Brian Bevan of Babinda, Brian Brown of Mareeba, Cheryl Piccone, Peter Steventon & Margaret Magill, all from Atherton.

The final game for the year is our 2 ball Ambrose 8.30 shotgun start at Cairns on 8th December with the Xmas breakup lunch after. Costs for the game and meal are $27 members, $35 for visitors and $25 for non playing guests. Please register early if possible to allow plenty of time to get to your tees for the 8.30 shotgun start.

Copies of our 2012 Program will be available at registration & will be posted to this blog.

Our next game will be on 7th February, so keep an eye on the blog for updates. The Tablelands Summer of Golf kicks off on 13th December at Millaa Millaa & the program for that will also be posted to this blog soon.

See you at Cairns next week.

Louis Siedle

Results Atherton GC 29th November 2011

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association
Results 29th November 2011
Played at Atherton Golf Club, Single Stableford, 99 Players
Sponsored by Atherton Golf Club

Mens Division 1 Winner: Frank Thelan 41 points
Mens Division 1 Runner-up: Roger Smith 39 points
Mens Division 2 Winner: Clive Perry 42 points c/b
Mens Division 2 Runner-up: Ross Bird 42 points

Ball Rundown:
42 points: John Everall
40 points: George Kyriazis, Bruce Jenner, Noel Webster, Rick Gooderham, Mal Arthur
38 points: Mike van Cuylenburg, Kevin Moore, Max Smith, David Pitt, Wal Anthony
37 points: Geoff Horsburgh, John Lucas, Col McDowall, Tom Clifford
36 points: Graham Morrow, George Studham, Dave Iverach, Ken Flood, Barry Pike, Claud Clard, Eddie Spry, John Pilbin, Don Thomson, Bill Leonard
35 points: Nev Andrews, Pete Mullins, Keith Sanderson, Jim Logan, Bob Westerman

Mens Pins: 3rd Dave Iverach, 11th Ken Flood, 13th Sid Spry, 18th Harry Aly Khan

Womens Winner: Sue Taylor 40 points
Womens Runner-up: Margaret Magill 38 points

Ball Rundown:
36 points: June Willmot
35 points: Cheryl Piccone, Lois Tait
34 points: Deon Reddicliffe
33 points: May Wilkinson
32 points: Petty Lou Pitt, Kath Andrews

Womens Pins: 11th May Wilkinson, 18th June Willmot

Next Games: Tuesday 6th December at Cairns golf club, shotgun start 2 ball Ambrose with Xmas breakup meal after – cost for the game & meal is $27 members, $35 for visitors and $25 for non playing guests.

After that, our games resume after the festive season & the first is on 7th February at Mareeba. Our 2012 Program will be available at registration next week & will be posted on this blog shortly.

For those who are looking for a game over the festive season, the Tableland Summer of Golf program will also be posted on this blog shortly. Their first game is at Millaa Millaa on Tuesday 13th December, followed by Atherton on 20th December.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Next Game Atherton GC 29th November


Our next game on Tuesday is a single stableford at Atherton golf club.

The course should be in good condition after some rain, so it should be a pleasant day if the humidity stays lower than on the coast.

No doubt you will have been watching the PGA at Coolum (what a terrific & exciting last round), so this will be a good opportunity to try out all those shots you wish you could play as well as the pros did, with fewer ventures into the trees &/or water!

Look forward to seeing you there.

Louis Siedle

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

President's Message 22nd November 2011

Veteran Golfers

After a brief shower of rain early morning, the day cleared up fine & hot. The course was in great condition although the thick rough in the drains made you think about the risk/reward factor of getting in it.

A big thank you to the greens staff who maintain the course. It was a credit to them, with the greens looking the best for some time. Also, many thanks to Lionel & Emily who manned the bar during a hectic registration, AGM & presentation.

Thanks also to Tom Bryce who set up the board & NTP cards for us & marked the board after the game, saving us considerable time. Also to Ken Martin who looked after the registration book for the AGM.

A good field of 131 golfers contested today's event, 93 Men & 21 Ladies. We finished the year with 326 members and have started next year's membership with 96 renewals & new members.

The presentation of trophies after our game was well attended. Thanks to all who stayed on to give the winners a good hand.  Welcome to the new committee members who were elected at the AGM.  I look forward to a fruitful & busy year ahead.

Thanks to Melody of Savannah Lifestyle Resorts who sponsored the event, advised us she had booked us in for more sponsorship next year & cleared up a few queries she had received following the TV ads for the facility. She will be conducting a seminar at Brothers Leagues Club on 7th December to outline what they offer in detail.

Welcome to our visitors, Lyn & David Morrison of Coolangatta Tweed Heads & Brian Bevan of Babinda.

The next game is single stableford at Atherton on 29nd November, followed by our 2 ball Ambrose 8.30 shotgun start at Cairns on 8th December with our Xmas breakup lunch after.

I look forward to seeing you at Atherton on 29th November.

Louis Siedle

Results Gordonvale GC 22nd November 2011

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association
Results 22th November 2011
Played at Gordonvale Golf Club, Single Stableford, 131 Players
Sponsored by Savannah Lifestyle Resorts

Mens Division 1 Winner: Mike van Cuylenburg 41 points c/b
Mens Division 1 Runner-up: Ian McDonald 40 points
Mens Division 2 Winner: Bill Eden 44 points
Mens Division 2 Runner-up: Bruce Walters 40 points

Ball Rundown:
40 points: Eiji Watanabe, Graeme Webb
39 points: Jim Logan, John Williams, Terry Jenkins, Peter McMenamin, George Kryiazis, Graeme Morrow, Geoff Edwards
38 points: Brian Bevan, Wal Anthony, Rod Mauger, Barry Butt, Frank Thelan, Ian Tindall
37 points: David Bennett, David Jackson, Ian Schofield, Greg Gibb, Ray Miller, Brian Cowin, Hervey Blanch, Tom Clifford, Herb Golightly, Ron Thomson, Claud Clark
36 points: Warren Afflick, Yasuo Kumagae, George Shores, Bob Westerman, Vern Sandilant, Jim Turco, Bob Hayles
35 points: Thomas Stager, George Atkinson, Rod Cade, Eddy Spry, John Pilbin, Bryan MacCallum, Laurie Bell, Barry Pike, Eric Pihlhjerta

Mens Pins: 5th Geoff Horsburgh, 8th Dave Morrison, 14th George Studham, 17th Ian Tindall

Womens Winner: June Willmot 41 points
Womens Runner-up: Edna Miles 40 points

Ball Rundown:
37 points: Kazuko Watanabe, Noeleen Massey
36 points: Lyn Morrison, Ruth Yelland, Jenny Enright
35 points: May Wilkinson, Lois Tait
34 points: Kay Bergiel, Suda Woodward, Melva Williams

Womens Pins: 8th May Wilkinson, 14th Lyn Morrison

Next Games: Tuesday 29th November at Atherton golf club, single stableford, followed by,
Tuesday 6th December at Cairns golf club, shotgun start 2 ball Ambrose with Xmas breakup after.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Trophy Winners 2011


Below are the Trophy winners for 2011.

Don't forget, the trophies will be presented at the AGM this year so that the Xmas breakup lunch can be enjoyed by all, so please stay on if you can & give the winners a good hand.

Louis Siedle


Championship Plaque - David Lawler 164 c/b
A Grade Champion Gross winner- David Lawler 164
A Grade Nett Winner - Jim Logan 138 nett
B Grade Champion Gross winner - Max Smith 180
B Grade Nett Winner - Sonny McVicar 141 nett
C Grade Champion Gross winner - Claud Clark 191
C Grade Nett Winner - Neville Andrews 142 nett

Women's Champion Gross winner - Pamela Anderson 185
Shirley Fieldhouse Shield Nett winner - June Willmot 137 nett
Womens Consistency Trophy - Christine Everall 354

Don Thomson 70 & Over Shield - Greg Gibb 170
David Lawler 75 & Over Shield (inaugural) - Claud Clark 191
Adrian Fay Shield - Max Smith 134 nett
Ted Stanton/Bob Bailey Memorial Trophy - Max Smith 134 nett
Men's Consistency Trophy - Yasuo Kumagae 378
Ted Thomasson Memorial Shield - David Bennett 126
Patron's Trophy – to be advised
Hole in One 8th Hole Cairns GC 24/5/11 - Laurie Bell

Well done to all. 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Next Game & AGM Gordonvale GC 22nd November


Our next game is at Gordonvale golf club, shotgun start at 8.30am after our AGM at 8.00am.

Please register early so we can start the AGM promptly & get away to our respective tees at 8.30.

The course is in great condition with greens running well, but stay out of the drains as they have long grass at the bottom & some small puddles in places.

See you there.

Louis Siedle

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

President's Message 15th November 2011

President's Report

Veteran Golfers

After driving through some drizzle at Fisheries Falls, I was worried that we might get wet at Babinda. As it turned out, we had another beautiful day which enabled us to enjoy the course, which as the scores proved, was no pushover.

A big thank you to the volunteers who maintain the course. It was a credit to them, particularly considering the greens had been flooded a couple of times this year. Also, many thanks to the two ladies who prepared the ham or corned beef & salad rolls that enabled us to face the ditches a second time!

A particular thanks to Wal Anthony for sponsoring today's event by making the two beautiful side tables each of which retails for around $350.

A good field of 73 golfers contested today's event, 57 Men & 16 Ladies, which was a great turnout. We finished the year with 326 members and have started next year's membership with 81 renewals & new members.

Welcome to our visitors, Drew Studham from Atherton, Brian Bevan & Mat Lock both of Babinda & to a new member, Mary Scott of Cairns.

The next game is an 8.30 shotgun start single stableford at Gordonvale on 22nd November following our AGM, which starts at 8am. Please register early so the AGM can start promptly. The Annual Trophy presentations will follow after the game, so please stay on, socialise & give the winners a good hand.

The year is drawing to a close, with our final event & Xmas breakup on 6th December at Cairns GC, but if you are looking for additional games to fill in December, Mareeba Golf Club is having its 2011 "Closing Day" on Saturday the 10th December. If interested, you can give them a ring for details. Keep an eye on the blog, as I shall post details of any games I am given notice of over the festive season.

I look forward to seeing you at Gordonvale on 22nd November.

Louis Siedle