Friday, 28 April 2017

Next Game Atherton 2 May


Our game next Tuesday is a single stableford Consistency event at Atherton.

The game is sponsored by Golf World.

The course is reported to be in good condition.

See you there.


PS Please note there have been changes to the dates for the various Tablelands Opens in July which are now: Mareeba 7th , Millaa Millaa 12th, Atherton 13&14 July

Monday, 24 April 2017

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 24 Apr

Unfortunately for us we had to play on Monday because tomorrow is the Anzac day holiday and so the field was somewhat smaller with 53 men and 16 women. Welcome to new member Dee Kottnig of Half Moon Bay and also a visitor from Binalong, Kevin Spencer.

The sponsor for today was DRUMMOND GOLF OF CAIRNS and I thank them for the store vouchers that the winners and runners up received.

Congratulations go to Tim Hollman from Half Moon Bay for scoring an ace on the 4th hole today.
Thanks also go to the Half Moon Bay club for, once again running the free beer raffle for those present at the end.

MENS DIV 1 WINNER; George Studham 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Jim Logan 39 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Peter Johnson 41 points.
RUNNER UP; John Gregan 36 points.

MENS NTP; 4th Tim Hollman (ace) 9th Roger Smith. 11th Peter Doherty. 16th Marcus Morse.

36 points, John Everall.
35 points, Evert Van Kleef.
34 points, Russ Gill, Darryl deClifford, John Pilbin, George Brew, Peter Wyatt, Graham Webb.
33 points, Marcus Morse, Frank Thelan, Des Jones, Merv Elms, Tim Hollman.
32 points, John Bawden, Dave Jackson.
31 points, Bob Billingham, Kevin Ranger.
30 points, Victor Lee, Vern Sandilant, Peter Edmonds, Bill Leonard.

WOMENS WINNER; Sue Taylor 36 points.
RUNNER UP; Judy Ellis 31 points.

WOMENS NTP; 4th & 9th Lil Benfield, 11th Lois Tait, 16th Sue Taylor.
29 points, Chris Everall, Julie Wallace.
28 points, Elaine Sandilant, Lil Benfield, Liz Edmonds, Judy Guzzwell, Suda Woodward.
27 points, Maria Ling.
26 points, Lois Tait, Doreen Minning.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Next Game Half Moon Bay MONDAY 24 Apr


Our game next week is on MONDAY, as the next day is Anzac Day.

We have been advised that you will not be able to order the usual gourmet hamburgers, but sandwiches will be available.

See you there.


PS  Some dates to put in your calendars:

10/11 July - Maryborough Open Carnival, hosted by Maryborough Golf Club, see

21-30 Aug - Tropic of Capricorn Veteran Golfers Carnival, hosted by CQ District Veteran Golfers, see

1-14 Sep - Wide Bay Spring Carnival, hosted by Wide Bay District Veteran Golfers, see

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 18 Apr

The event today was a single stableford at Gordonvale golf Club. The course was very well presented with rough and fairways all cut and the definition of the fairway borders was quite impressive.
67 men and 18 women tackled the course.

We were pleased to see our past secretary Shirley Fieldhouse back at “ vets” as we have not seen her for some time. There was a loud cheer when it was announced that Brian Rowan turns 80 tomorrow, which explained the party hats worn by many of his mates, well done Brian, may you have many more.

We also welcome 5 new members, all from Gordonvale club. I hope they all enjoyed their day at “vets” and become regulars.

Lois Tait has asked me to advise that she is taking orders for club shirts from next week. The price will be $35 for these good quality shirts and a little extra to have your name embroidered on (in case you get lost). Payment required when ordering.

Bob Billingham has organised a block of accomodation for us at the national championships, 15th to 20th October and tells me he can still take more, so if you are interested you will need to book into the event at and then check with Bob.

Our sponsor today was one of our members, Allan Dredge,who with his wife Carmelina own
STACK-A-POTS VERTICAL GARDENS NQ. They are situated at 17-19 Stanley St. Gordonvale and offer a range of stackable planters which suit many applications such as balconies, fences and patios, as well as hanging basket situations. Thank you Allan and Carmelina for the garden pots that the winners took home and the vouchers for the runners up.

Finally, I remind members that next Tuesday is Anzac Day so we will play at Half Moon Bay on MONDAY.


MENS DIV1 WINNER; Geoff Pratt 43 points.
RUNNER UP; Roger Smith 38 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Geoff Barford 37 points.
RUNNER UP; Merv Elms 36 points.

MENS NTP; 5th Barry Butt, 8th Robin Tonks, 14th Keith Hillier, 17th Neil Hamilton.

36, Brian Brown, Bob Turner, Robin Tonks.
35, Doug Christison,John Gregan, Trevor Gordon,Lou Siedle, Barry Butt.
34, Ian McDonald, Evert Van Kleef, Russ Gill, Neil Hamilton, Graham Ross, Peter Edmonds.
33, Ross White, David Jackson, Garry Long, Peter Dalziel, George Brew.
32, CecTurner, Garry Castle, Keith Schirmer, Graeme Webb, Alan Dwyer.
31, Darryl deClifford, David Ingram.

WOMENS WINNER; Sue Taylor 43 points.
RUNNER UP; Judith Guzzwell 41 points.

WOMENS NTP; 8th Andrina Wilson, 14th Lil Benfield, 17th Sue Taylor.

29, Lil Benfield, Liz Edmonds.
28, Suda Woodward, Andrina Wilson, Joy Evans.
26, Judy Ellis, Lois Tait, Lily Schirmer.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Next Game Gordonvale 18 Apr


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency event at Gordonvale.

The course is in good condition, but the drains still have water in them & although the rough has been cut as far as the machinery could go, it is still a problem.  The solution - avoid the drains as usual!

The game is sponsored by Stackapots Vertical Gardens NQ, operated by one of our members, Allan Dredge.  Many thanks Allan & if you want to have a look at his products, visit him at 17-19 Stanley St, Gordonvale, or check out his facebook page

See you there.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

President's Report & Results Mareeba 11 Apr

It was easy to believe that the worst of the summer heat is behind us now as Mareeba gave us a beautiful autumn day for our stableford event. The course is in top condition after the weekend open event played there, the fairways are really good but there is a severe penalty for those wayward golfers who get in the rough (as there should be).

We started a field of 68 men and 14 women, which included new member Peter Klein of Cairns and one visitor, in Mareeba club captain, Gavin Smith. Welcome to you both.

Our sponsor today was CAZALYS' AFL CLUB of Cairns and I wish to thank them for the meal vouchers provided for the winners and runners up.


WINNER; Evert Van Kleef 43 points.
RUNNER UP; Keith Schirmer 38 points.

WINNER; Alan Dwyer 42 points.
RUNNER UP; Gavin Smith 38 points.

MENS NTP; 4th Roger Smith, 8th Max Smith, 11th Allan Dredge, 13th Greg Gibb.

37 points, George Brew.
36 points, Peter Wyatt, Marcus Morse, John Everall.
35 points, Allan Dredge, David Jackson.
34 points, Peter Edmonds, John Familaro, Garry Castle.
33 points, Jim Logan, Robin tonks, Tom Stager.
32 points, Rod Cade, K Collins, John Evans, Russ Gill, Ian Schofield.
31 points, Frank Thelan, Doug Christison, Darryl deClifford, Denis Lankester, Brian Norris, Merv Elms, Dave Lawler, Greg Gibb.
30 points, Peter Johnston, Rick Gooderham, Keith Hillier, Brian Rowan, Barry Butt, Brian Brown.

WOMENS WINNER; Heather Forster 34 points.
RUNNER UP; Lily Schirmer 32 points.

WOMENS NTP. 4th May Wilkinson, 8th & 11th Heather Forster, 13th Andrina Wilson.

31 points, Andrina Wilson.
28 points, Liz Edmonds.
27 points, Judy Guzzwell, Suda Woodward.
26 points, Doreen Minning.
25 points, Chris Everall.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Next Game Mareeba 11 Apr


Our game next week is a single stableford Consistency event at Mareeba.

The game is sponsored by Cazalys AFL.

The course has not had the amount of rain we have experienced & is in great condition having been readied for the comps they have on this weekend.

See you there.


PS If anyone is interested in playing in the AVGU Champs at the Gold Coast in October, you need to get your entry in soon as they advise that: 'Right now we have 452 registered entrants and we anticipate that we will get to our capacity field of 540 players before the closing date of 31 May 2017'.

Details can be accessed from

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

President's Report & Results Cairns 4 Apr

Today was the first day of our weekly events and we held a stableford event at Cairns Golf Club which will be the first to count toward the ongoing “Consistency trophy”.

The field was very small, I presume because of the overnight rain, however the course was quite playable apart from bunkers being GUR and puddles on some fairways. The rain also stayed away until after the game. The field was 41 men and 11 ladies.

The sponsor for the day is DEB DUFFY ESTATE AGENT and we must thank Deb for the Drummond vouchers presented to the winners and runners up.

Sadly,today we say farewell to Betty Lou Pitt who is going to live in England to be closer to her family.  We wish her happiness and hope she returns for a visit every so often.


MENS WINNER; Robin Tonks 38 points c/b.
RUNNER UP; Rod Cade. 38 points.
MENS NTP; 11th Keith Schirmer 8th John Sinclair, 17th Roger Smith

36 points, Tom Stager.
35 points, Keith Schirmer.
34 points, Louis Siedle.
33 points, George Studham, Greg Gibb.
32 points, Evert Van Kleef, Garry Tudehope.
31 points, George Brew, Alan Dwyer, Neil Hamilton, John Pilbin, Peter Doherty.
30 points, Russ Gill, Des Jones, David Lawler.

WOMENS WINNER; Lily Schirmer 30 points.
RUNNER UP; May Wilkinson 28 points.

WOMENS NTP; 5th May Wilkinson, 8th & 11th Judith Guzzwell, 17th Rosemary Barker.

26 points, Judith Guzzwell,
22 points, Julie Wallace.
18 points, Suda Woodward, Edna Atkinson, Rosemary Barker.