Friday, 28 November 2014

Next Game Xmas Breakup at Cairns 2 Dec


Our game next Tuesday is our Xmas breakup & is a 4BBB STABLEFORD (not Stroke as advertised in the program) at Cairns.

At Cairns request to allow them to get social players on the course early afternoon, there will be a shotgun start at 7.30am with registration from about 6.40am.

We have changed the game in response to comments received from members & in an effort to speed up play so we can finish early & enjoy our lunch after.

The cost of the comp will be the usual $10.

Cost of lunch for those wanting to enjoy some pleasant company after the game is $20ph.  It consists of prawns (subsidised by the association), ham off the bone and chicken & salad, & pudding choice of Xmas pudding or apple crumble and custard.  Lunch will be served at tables after everyone is seated.

A progressive raffle will be run in conjunction with the game at $2 a ticket or 3 for $5 with 10 prizes ranging from a golf bag to wine to vouchers.

See you there.

Louis Siedle

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tablelands Summer of Golf Program


Atherton Tues Dec 9th
Millaa Millaa Tues Dec 16th
Mareeba Tues Dec 30th
Atherton Tues Jan 6th
Millaa Millaa Tues Jan 13th
Mareeba Tues Jan 20th
Atherton Tues Jan 27th
Millaa Millaa Tues Feb 10th
Mareeba Tues Feb 24th
Atherton Tues Mar 10th
Millaa Millaa Tues Mar 24th

Starting Time 7.30am
Seniors and all other golfers of any age from all clubs are welcome
Cost $10.00- Includes $5.00 green fees/$5.00 prizes and balls
A light lunch will be available after the game
Please ring the appropriate Club to book carts and/or persons to confirm the game if wet weather occurs
Atherton Club – 40911283
Mareeba Club – 40921528
Milllaa Millaa Club 40972117 or Warren Afflick 40972441

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 25 Nov

President's Report & Results
of the 4BBB Stableford competition
Played on 25th November
at Gordonvale Golf Club
87 Players

President's Report

A slightly disappointing field of 70 men and 17 ladies turned up on a hot day for a 4BBB stableford on a course with plenty of run on the fairways but with fluffy surrounds to the greens as a result of one of the mowers being out of commission.  The prolonged dry spell also meant there was also plenty of leaf litter in the treed areas which may have caused some problems, although the field finished in good time.

The game was preceded by our AGM, which proceeded without hitch and after it, presentation of our major  trophies for the year.

Thanks to Savannah Lifestyle Resorts for sponsoring the day, although we were sorry Melody Lucas was not able to be present at the presentations and hope she will be able to make our Xmas breakup next week.  Thanks also to Karim & Kylie for looking after us at the bar.

Louis Siedle


Winner:  Joy Evans & Jenny Albertson 50 points
Runner up:  Sue Brennan & Edna Miles 48 points c/b

Ball Rundown:

48 points:  Harvey Blanch, Rick Gooderham
46 points:  Peter Johnston, Darryl King, Cec Turner, Max Crittenden, Bob Billingham, Brian Rowan, Bruce Turner, Bob Turner
45 points:  Keith Sanderson, Mick Grumley, Mike van Cuylenburg, John Lucas, Geoff Coomber, Paul Patten, Bruce Walters, Zbig Bergiel, Brian Norris, May Wilkinson
44 points:  Peter Opio, Trevor Barry, Victor Lee, Jon Shearer, Thomas Stager, Wal Anthony, John Pilbin, Jim Logan
43 points:  Noel Webster, Heather Webster
42 points:  Wayne Petrohilos, Ian Schofield, Deon & Kevin Reddicliffe, Eric Pihlhjerta, Dave Ingram, Keith & Lily Schirmer, John & Chris Everall

NTPs men:  5th John Everall; 8th Victor Lee; 14th Wal Anthony; 17th Mal Arthur

NTPs women: 3rd Chris Everall; 8th & 12th Ruth Yelland; 17th Chris Everall, Ruth Yelland, Carol Madden

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Next Game Gordonvale 25 Nov


Our game next Tuesday is a SHOTGUN start at 08.30 4BBB stableford at Gordonvale sponsored by Savannah Lifestyle Resort.  There is plenty of run, fluffy rough in the drains & plenty of leaf litter, so keep an eye on your ball & if you are in doubt as to where it finished, hit a provisional.

If players are travelling in carts, please endeavour to organise yourselves in groups, so that carters can be allocated the holes away from the club house and the walkers those holes closest.  It will make our job a lot easier in allocating starting holes if we're presented with the groups already organised. 

As our AGM is held before the game at 8.00am, please be punctual.

Presentations will be held after the game, so if you have won & can stay for those, it would be appreciated.

See you there.

Louis Siedle

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Trophy Winners 2014

Below is a list of the trophy winners for 2014.  If winners can stay for presentations after our game next Tuesday, it would be appreciated.

A Grade Champ George Studham 171 gross c/b Championship Plaque
A Grade R/U Roger Smith 171 gross
A Grade Net Russ Gill 142 net Adrian Fay Shield
A Grade Net R/U Greg Gibb 146 net

B Grade Champ Barry Pike 192 gross
B Grade R/U Peter McMenamin 193 gross
B Grade Net Barry Butt 147 net
B Grade Net R/U John Gregan 151 net

C Grade Champ Ted Lander 201 gross
C Grade R/U Erkki Pihlhjerta 201 gross c/b
C Grade Net Brian Rowan 149 net
C Grade Net R/U Grahame Webb 150 net

Ladies Champ Ruth Yelland 180 gross Ladies Plaque
Ladies R/U May Wilkinson 191 gross
Ladies Net Carol Madden 148 net Shirley Fieldhouse Shield
Ladies net R/U Shirley Fieldhouse 151 net

David Lawler Trophy Frank Thelan 201 gross
Don Thomson Trophy George Studham 171 gross
Stanton Bailey Trophy Russ Gill 220 net
Ted Thomasson Trophy Paul Patten 119 points
Patron's Trophy Russ Gill 144 points
Consistency Ladies Sue Brennan 334 points
Consistency Men Greg Gibb 353 points

Holes in One Rod Cade Millaa Millaa

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 19 Nov

Chris EVERALL4,481.75Lou SIEDLE2,685.83
Jane JOHANNSEN4,109.50Bob TURNER2,278.40
Lois TAIT3,911.25Greg GIBB2,263.25
May WILKINSON3,523.83Col MCDOWALL2,257.96
Sue BRENNAN3,473.58Brian ROWAN1,959.83
Jothi NAIDOO3,346.25Bob BILLINGHAM1,943.07
Di DIVERSI3,040.83Colin JOHANNSEN1,903.83
Lily SCHIRMER2,738.58Ross WHITE1,739.74
Edna MILES2,564.50Eric PIHLHJERTA1,728.50
June WILLMOT2,474.83
Judy ELLIS2,437.50
Isa TURNER2,231.25

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 18 Nov

President's Report & Results
of the Single Stableford competition
Played on 18th November
at Half Moon Bay Golf Club
104 Players

President's Report

A reasonable field of 87 men and 17 ladies turned up on a beautiful clear, but hot, day for a single stableford on a course in good condition with plenty of run on the fairways &good greens. Congratulations to the greens staff. I expect the heat contributed to the ordinary scores as there was little breeze to cool us off & many were seeking the shade in the trees, or at least that was their excuse.

Welcome to visitor Geoff Harmer & new member Peter Opio-Otim from Gordonvale.

Thanks to Drummond Golf for sponsoring the day, the caterers for their usual great burgers & the bar staff for looking after us.

Not all the committee are back from WA & unfortunately no major trophies will be coming back either.  However, Darryl deClifford was runner up in C Grade & Allan Dwyer managed a nearest the pin.   (The NTP prize was 2 bottles of wine which Allan left with Darryl to bring back as he is motoring.  I imagine the evaporation rate across the Nullabor will be significant!)

Please note, next week is our AGM at Gordonvale starting at 8am sharp. There is a shotgun start at 8.30 after the AGM & the event is a 4BBB stableford. Presentations of annual trophies will take place after the game, so if you can, please stay on for those.

Louis Siedle


Men's Winner Div 1:  Ron Sylvester 37 points c/b
Men's Runner up Div 1:  Lou Siedle 37 points
Men's Winner Div 2:  Bruce Jenner 38 points c/b
Men's Runner up Div 2:  Rick Gooderham 38 points

Ball Rundown:

37 points:  Victor Lee, Jim Logan
36 points:  Thomas Stager, Bill Foster, Jon Shearer
35 points:  Les Doolan, Bob Billingham, Terry Jenkins, Claud Clark
34 points:  Trevor Barry, Gary Long, Barry Hartley, Wal Anthony, Garry Castle
33 points:  Ross White, Brian Miller, Peter Opio-Otim
32 points:  Bob Billingham, Dave Lawler, Don Thomson, Chris Leix, Jeff Coomber
31 points:  Tony Ellen, Des Jones, Ian Schofield, Wayne Petrohilos, Darryl King, Keith Schirmer, Brian Norris
30 points:  Jeff McGrath, John Clough, Keith Hillier, Cec Turner
29 points:  John Mitchell, Ian Tindall, Brian Brown, Paul Patten

NTPs men:  3rd Yasuo Kumagae;  9th & 11th Ian Tindall;  16th Russ Gill

Women's Winner:  Judy Ellis 32 points
Women's Runner up:  Jane Johannsen 29 points

Ball Rundown:

28 points:  Di Diversi, Edna Atkinson, Suda Woodward
27 points:  Lily Schirmer, Annette Tesch
25 points:  Joy Evans
24 points:  Isa Turner

NTPs women: 4th & 9th Jane Johannsen, 11th Lily Schirmer, 16th Edna Atkinson

Monday, 17 November 2014

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 17 Nov

Chris EVERALL4,481.75Lou SIEDLE2,552.08
Lois TAIT3,911.25Bob TURNER2,278.40
Jane JOHANNSEN3,809.50Greg GIBB2,237.25
May WILKINSON3,523.83Col MCDOWALL2,231.96
Sue BRENNAN3,473.58Brian ROWAN1,933.83
Jothi NAIDOO3,346.25Colin JOHANNSEN1,903.83
Di DIVERSI2,895.83Bob BILLINGHAM1,894.57
Lily SCHIRMER2,643.58Eric PIHLHJERTA1,728.50
Edna MILES2,564.50Ross WHITE1,686.74
June WILLMOT2,474.83Mal ARTHUR1,613.93
Isa TURNER2,151.25Neil SHARKEY1,610.04
Judy ELLIS1,937.50John EVERALL1,607.07
Suda WOODWARD1,756.42Russ GILL1,543.47
Betty Lou PITT1,742.50Yasuo KUMAGAE1,525.24
Carol MADDEN1,704.00Wal ANTHONY1,507.29

Friday, 14 November 2014

Next Game Half Moon Bay 18 Nov


Our next game is a single stableford at Half Moon Bay sponsored by Drummond golf.  If you want info on how the course is playing, please contact the club as we're all still away, but I expect it will be fine as usual.

Most of your committee will be back on board & hopefully playing well after our hard work in WA & at least we shouldn't need sweaters.!

See you there.

Louis Siedle

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

President's Report & Results Mareeba 11 Nov

Presidents Report and Results
Of the Single Stableford Competition
Played on 11th November
At Mareeba Golf Club
90 Players

Presidents Report

This report is brought to you via Patron Claud who kindly filled in for me whilst I'm toiling in WA with the bulk of the committee, (unfortunately not very effectively in my case).  Thanks Claud, Col, Noel & others for seeing things ran smoothly in our absence.

A field of 76 men and 14 ladies played on a dry Mareeba course with plenty of run and players were delighted with the length of their drives. Some of the greens were disappointing but the new greenkeeper is working on it and they should improve quickly.

Thanks to TGT Hardware for their ongoing sponsorship of our games at Mareeba. Thanks also to Raylene Bradley for providing a range of quality food for hungry players.

Welcome to visitors Charlie Berwick and Tony Lovatt of Mareeba and Ross Ellen of Gordonvale. Our membership stands at 299.

Unfortunately another good score failed to win a prize when Captain Greg had no option but to disqualify a player for failing to sign his card.

Our next game is at Half Moon Bay on Tuesday 18th November and with the course in first class condition we expect a large field of players.

Louis Siedle


Mens Winner Div 1: Garry Castle 40 points
Mens Runner Up Div 1: Ken Baker 37 c/b
Mens Winner Div 2: Kevin Collins 41 points
Mens Runner Up Div 2: Rod Cade 40 points

Ball Rundown:

39 points: Bruce Jenner
38 points: Victor Lee, Jim Liston
37 points: Lou Schelack, Jon Shearer, Frank Jones
36 points: Les Johnson, Tony Ellen, Ross White, Charlie Bewick, Thomas Stager
35 points: Peter Johnston,Ron Barnes, Brian Brown
34 points: Peter Edmonds
33 points: Graeme Real, Bill Foster, Ian Mcleod-Carey, Greg Gibb, Max Crimmins, Keith Schirmer,
Jeff Mc Grath
32 points: Merv Elms, Eric Pihlhjerta, Frank Thelan, George Atkinson, Harry Aly Khan, Max
Smith, John Everall, Geoff Edwards, Col McDowall

NTPs men:

4th Jon Shearer, 8th John Clough, 13th Tony Lovatt

Womens Winner: Betty Lou Pitt 32 points c/b
Womens Runner up: Edna Atkinson 32 points

Ball Rundown:

29 points: Chris Everall, Rosemary Barker
28 points : Kay Bergiel, Carol Madden, Lily Schirmer, Liz Edwards, May Wilkinson

NTPs Women:

4th Betty Lou Pitt, 8th Glynnis McGrath, 11th Lily Schirmer, 13th Chris Everall