Friday, 27 February 2015

Next Game Atherton 3 Mar


Our game next Tuesday is a 4BBB stroke event at Atherton, sponsored by Drummond Golf.

The course has had some good weather & carts are allowed, so come on up & enjoy.

See you there.

Louis Siedle

PS  FOR SALE - Ted Lander has a MGI SL50 buggy for sale.  It is 6 years old, but has not seen much use, is in as new condition & comes with a charger, some tools & new battery - $450 firm.  If interested contact Ted on 4053 2617

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 25 Feb

Di DIVERSI 635.00
Russ GILL 529.50
Elaine SANDILANT 500.00
Bruce JENNER 482.50
Ruth YELLAND 380.00
Peter JOHNSTON 428.50
Chris EVERALL 375.00
Yasuo KUMAGAE 300.00
Betty Lou PITT 300.00
Wal ANTHONY 253.75
Kay BERGIEL 227.50
Kevin REDDICLIFFE 242.50
Edna ATKINSON 177.50
Frank THELAN 209.75
Greg GIBB 187.00
Edna MILES 105.00
Barry PIKE 185.00
May WILKINSON 100.00
Tom STAGER 147.25

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 24 Feb


Today we held a stableford event which will count towards the Savannah Cup. The event was a makeup for the previous week when we were washed out. Perhaps this and the hot weather were responsible for a relatively poor turnout, there being 56 men and 11 ladies.

The sponsor for the day was Cazalys and we thank them for the meal vouchers that the winners and runners up received .

We thank the Gordonvale Golf Club for their efforts to get the course ready for the day. We also thank Tom Bryce for his work preparing the board and all were glad to see Karim with cold drinks at the bar.

Next Tuesday 3rd of March we will hold a 4 ball better ball v stroke at Atherton G.C.


Mens Winner; Russ Gill 37 points
Mens r/up Yasuo Kumagae 36 points

NTP 5th Paul Patten; 8th Mal Arthur; 14th Graham Ross; 17th John Evans

Ball Rundown;
35points; Frank Thelan, Greg Gibb, Wal Anthony
34 points; Barry Pike, Garry Long
33 points; Bruce Jenner Max Smith, Tom Stager
32 points; John Evans Garry Castle, Merv Haines, Peter Yelland, Eric Pihlhjerta
31 points; John Bawden, George Brew, John Sinclair, Graham Ross, Trevor Barry
Kevin Reddicliffe
30 points; Darryl King, Roger Smith


Winner; Di Diversi 32 points
Runner up Chris Everall 30 points

NTP 5th Kay Bergiel; 12th Di Diversi; 14th Ruth Yelland

Ball rundown
29 points Ruth Yelland
25 points Edna Atkinson, Kay Bergiel
24 points May Wilkinson

Monday, 23 February 2015

Gordonvale Game 24 Feb


The game is on tomorrow.

Trevor reports that bunkers will be GUR for us and fairways are being mown today.   Water is in the drains of course, but no crocs have emigrated from HMB!

See you there.


Friday, 20 February 2015

Next Game Gordonvale 24 Feb


We are putting on a game at Gordonvale next Tuesday to make up the one cancelled last week & it is sponsored by Cazalys AFL.

The course is fine although the greens have just had their 3rd spray & the dying weeds make them a bit bumpy.  There is water in the drains but the club has all mowers operating & is making up for lost time.

We don't know if we are going to get fallout over the next few days from the cyclone down south, but will advise on the blog on Monday if there is any change.

Watch this space.

Louis Siedle

Monday, 16 February 2015



The game tomorrow at Gordonvale is cancelled as they can't get machinery on the course with the wet.

Mareeba advised they would prefer not to host as the course is wet with more rain coming in & they are undergoing course maintenance as well.

Atherton is wet down the back & no carts are allowed on the course.

If anyone wants a game, both those courses are playable, but we will not be scheduling a game at either in place of Gordonvale tomorrow.

If possible will try to reschedule the game at Gordonvale for next Tuesday, but the weather forecast does not look promising.  Watch this space.

Louis Siedle

Friday, 13 February 2015

Next Game Gordonvale 17 Feb


Our game next Tuesday is a single stableford at Gordonvale sponsored by Cazalys AFL.

However, in view of the forecast of heavy rain over this weekend, the game may have to be cancelled.

Yesterday the course was perfectly playable & it drains well, but I will be informed of the state of the course on Monday, so watch this blog for updates.

If the game is cancelled, it will be rescheduled for the week after at the same course.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 8 Feb

Elaine SANDILANT 500.00
Bruce JENNER 400.00
Betty Lou PITT 300.00
Peter JOHNSTON 400.00
Ruth YELLAND 190.00
Kevin REDDICLIFFE 190.00
Di DIVERSI 135.00
Craig BARCLAY 108.75
Edna MILES 105.00
Jon SHEARER 108.75
Kay BERGIEL 105.00
Michael MacMANUS 108.75
Wal ANTHONY 108.75
Jothi NAIDOO 85.00
Barry PIKE 85.00
Sue BRENNAN 85.00
Chris EVERALL 75.00
Frank THELAN 64.75
June WILLMOT 70.00
George ATKINSON 64.75
Carol MADDEN 65.00
Les DOOLAN 64.75
Elizabeth EDMONDS 60.00
Peter EDMONDS 64.75
Shirley FIELDHOUSE 57.00
Tom STAGER 64.75
Joanne Afflick 56.00
Edna ATKINSON 55.00
Warren AFFLICK 64.75

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

President's Report & Results Mareeba 3 Feb


President Roger welcomed a field of 90 players to Mareeba for the first event of 2015.  There were 74 men and 16 ladies who played a single stableford after the scheduled 4BBB was scrapped because of a mix up with the prizes supplied from the sponsor. 

He also welcomed 1 visitor, Tony Lovatt of Mareeba and 4 new members being John Evans from Cairns and Ken Smithson,Craig Barclay and Mike McManus, all from Half Moon Bay. He also thanked the members of Mareeba for their work in making the day a success. 

The defibrilator was once again shown to those present and don't forget that any member is welcome to have a look at this device at any time and familiarise themselves with this potential lifesaver. 

Those members wishing to use their own cart at Half Moon Bay will have to comply with the club policy,which means that you will have to provide proof that you hold public liability insurance that covers the use of your buggy. You are welcome to ring the manager at Half Moon Bay for details.

Finally, we must thank our sponsor Mitre 10 Mareeba for their support.

Ladies winner Elaine Sandilant 34 points
Runner up Betty Lou Pitt 33 points

NTP 4th & 11th Betty Lou Pitt; 13th Ruth Yelland

Ball rundown
31 points Ruth Yelland, Di Diversi.
29 points Kay Bergiel, Edna Miles.
25 points Jothi Naidoo, Deon Reddicliffe, Sue Brennan.

Mens div 1 winner Wal Anthony 34 points
Runner up Jon Shearer 34 points
Div 2 winner Peter Johnson 37 points
Runner up Bruce Jenner 37 points

NTP 8th John Gregan; 11th Peter Johnson; 13th Ross White

Ball rundown
35 points Kevin Reddicliffe
34 points Mike McManus
33 points Barry Pike
32points Trevor Barry, Bob Billingham,Tom Stager,Les Doolan,Peter Edmunds, Frank Thelan, George Atkinson, Warren Afflick
31 points Kevin Moore, Paul Patten, John Evans, Grant Scott, Roger Smith
30 points Alan Dwyer, Harry Aly Khan, Vaughn Edwards, Mal Arthur.
29 points Mike Van Cuylenburg, John Everall.
28 points Garry Long, Brian Brown, Peter Yelland, Barry Hartley, Ken Baker, Rod Cade, Greg Gibb.