Friday, 31 August 2018

Next Game Millaa Millaa 4 Sep


Our next game is a single stableford at Millaa Millaa, being the third round of our Patron's Trophy.

To assist those living further afield or who prefer a long lie in, time of registration has been changed to 0730 to 0830.

I'm sure the course will be in its usual fine condition so why not enjoy a drive up there & if you don't play too well, you may manage to spot a Humbolts tree kangaroo whilst fossicking in the trees!


Tuesday, 28 August 2018

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 28 Aug

Hi All,

A great day for a game of golf dawned at Half Moon Bay this morning. The course was in excellent condition with the greens being cut and rolled before our game and the bunkers raked. Credit must go to Grant, the Course Superintendent and to his willing staff. Our thanks also go to Greg Ferry, the club’s manager, who donated a case of beer for our free raffle, and to Jazz in the kitchen and Dale, the Pro Shop and Bar for looking after our members, pre- and post-game.

We had 90 starters today in our Single Stableford event sponsored by our valued sponsor,  Darren Golder, the proprietor of DRUMMOND GOLF CAIRNS. He again has supplied us with Drummond vouchers. Winners are reminded that the vouchers have a one month expiry date on them unless an extension can be negotiated with Darren, which he is generally happy to do.

The field consisted of 69 men and 21 ladies who competed in the day’s event which goes towards the year’s Consistency Trophy. We had three visitors today, Errol Frewen “across the ditch” from New Zealand, and also Graeme Neil and his wife Diane from Tin Can Bay. A hearty welcome was extended to them all.

Whilst talking about visitors, the time has arrived when we farewell Marg and Tom Finch and Tessa and Peter Meyer. I know that myself and all members of our Association are delighted when both couples arrive on their yearly visit. Each couple adds their own level and brand of cheerfulness to our golf days that is hard to imagine. It was good to see each of them take away a voucher or ball today from our comp. We wish them safe travel to their respective homes and sincerely wish that they will join us around about this time next year so we can again enjoy their company.

We had no new members join today and our total membership stands at 243. It consists of 185 men and 58 women and it is heartening to see the ladies maintaining their 25% share of the total.

Members are reminded that the scores entered by players on the scoreboards at games are unofficial and purely for information. The only official results are those determined and announced by the Captain.  Congratulations to John Tolhurst who had an eagle on 6.

Our next game is at Millaa Millaa and all members are advised that with the agreement of the Club we have put back our Registration to 7.30am to 8.30am.

Yours in golf,
El Presidente”.


Winner: Russ Gill, 41 points.
Runner Up: Vaughan Smith, 37 points.

Winner: Graham Morrow, 41 points.
Runner Up: George Brew, 39 points

38 Points: Peter Wyatt, Dave Jackson.
36 Points: Vaughan Edwards, Roger Smith, John Tolhurst, Keith Schirmer, John Gregan, Robin Tonks.
35 Points: Eric Pihljherta. Dave Ingram, Lionel Law, Lou Siedle.
34 Points: Ron Sylvester, Wal Anthony, Bill Eden.
33 Points: Bill Foster, Evert Van Kleef, George Atkinson, Peter Meyer, Greg Gibb,
Ross White, Darryl De Clifford, George Kyriazis.
32 Points: Tom Finch, Peter Klein, John Sinclair, Barry Pike, Victor Lee, Marcus Morse, Dave Lawler, Garry Castle, Barrie Gaudion.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd and 11th Peter Anderson, 9th Peter Wyatt, 16th Barry Vining.

Winner: Andrina Wilson, 36 points.
Runner Up: Tessa Meyer, 34 points.

34 Points: Marg Finch.
33 Points: Heather Forster.
31 Points: Celia Fox, Gail O’Shea, Lois Tait.
30 Points: Gail Wright, Maria Ling.
29 Points: Joy Evans, Doreen Minning, Judy Guzzwell.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Heather Forster, 9th Andrina Wilson, 11th Lois Tait, 16th Gail Wright.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Next Game Half Moon Bay 28 Aug


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency event at Half Moon Bay.

I can advise from personal experience earlier this week that the greens are very slippery & apart from that all the usual hazards await!

The game is sponsored by Drummond Golf Cairns.

See you there.


PS The game after that is at Millaa Millaa & registration will start a bit later at 0730 to allow those who prefer a long lie in to get there for the game.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 21 Aug

Hi All,

Quite a chilly morning greeted us at Gordonvale this morning but as is normal, once the sun rose so did the temperature and it turned into quite a pleasant day. The day was sponsored by one of our very own, Allan Dredge who is the distributor for STACKAPOTS VERTICAL GARDENS NQ, an innovative way to enjoy your gardening when faced with a limited area to work in. We thank Allan very much for this sponsorship.

The course at Gordonvale was in good condition, although dry, with plenty of run. The greens have improved immeasurably since earlier this year when they had all sorts of problems. The overall grass coverage is remarkable and a credit to the Course Superintendent, Rob and the people who helped him.

We had 78 men and 15 ladies make up the field of 93 in our Single Stableford event today.  We had two visitors today, Alan Johnston from Warburton and Phil Hart from Caboolture and I'm quite sure that they were gratified by the warm welcome show to them by our members. Alan is a friend of John Hall, whilst Phil is a mate of Secretary Lou.

Phil is the Vice Chairman of the National Association of Left Handed Golfers Australia. To be a member of this organisation, one must be a true left handed golfer and one is only allowed to play a right hand stroke to extract oneself from a trouble situation or to backhand short putt. Your President has suffered the discrimination exhibited by this organisation when, seeking to join, was told that as I was a right handed putter, I was ineligible. When I revealed this at presentation, my motivational guru on all things golf related, the Vice President, called out, “Hey Mr. Pres, you should go back to left hand putting and join up and enjoy yourself because, judging on today’s performance, you can’t putt right hand either”. Thanks Robin.

Phil gave a short talk and then presented a specially minted badge of the N.A.L.G.A. to Bill Eden, a left hander and Division II winner today. Bill, (or “Nigel No Friends” as he likes to be known) now joins an elite group of golfers who have been presented with this badge, namely Bubba Watson, Greg Chalmers and Greg Norman. Whilst Norman is obviously right handed, he was awarded his badge on the strength of a left handed trouble shot he played in a tournament, onto the green and sinking the putt for a birdie.

Our Association is very grateful for this this presentation and Phil has left a different item to be presented to the best left hander at H.M.B next Tuesday.

Don’t forget H.M.B. next Tuesday and if you’re requiring food from the restaurant, the Club would prefer you pre-order through the Pro Shop when you arrive. Don’t forget we’ll have the usual free raffle for a slab of beer, generously donated by Greg Ferry, the Manager, on behalf of the Club. The event will be a Single Stableford Consistency competition.


Winner: Lou Siedle, 40 points, C/B.
Runner Up: John Richards, 40 points.

Winner: Bill Eden, 42 points.
Runner Up: Eric Pihlhjerta, 40 points C/B.

40 Points: George Kyriazis.
39 Points: Darryl Chandler, George Brew.
38 Points: Ian Tindall.
37 Points: Ross White, Wal Anthony.
36 Points: Cec Turner, Rod Ingram, Peter Edmonds, Bruce Jenner, Peter Anderson, Keith Schirmer, Robin Tonks.
35 Points: Peter Doherty, Marcus Morse, Max Crittenden, Graham Real, John Tolhurst, Brian Hughes, Grahame Webb, Bob Billingham, Neil Sharkey, John Gregan.
34 Points: Peter Meyer, Peter McMenamin, Ron Blake, George Atkinson, Rick
33 Points: Phil Hart, Harvey Blanch, Albert Smith, Tony Tanner, Greg Gibb.

N.T.P.’s: 5th John Richards, 8th Rick Gooderham, 14th Allan Dredge, 17th Peter Edmonds.

Winner: Suda Woodward, 38 points.
Runner Up: Lois Tait, 33 points.

33 Points: Celia Fox.
32 Points: Joy Evans, Tessa Meyer, Marg Finch.
30 Points: Jenny Albertson, Julie Wallace, Edna Atkinson.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Andrina Wilson, 8th Marg Finch, 14th Joy Evand, 17th Lois Tait.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Next Game Gordonvale 21 Aug


First my apologies for the non-appearance of the usual post advising of our game last week.  Sometime gremlins strike & cause things to snarl up!  Anyway it seems a good day was had by all, especially Brian Norris & the course was obviously in great condition.

Our next game is a single stableford at Gordonvale.

The course is in good condition with plenty of run, the drains are cut & the greens have improved significantly.

The game is sponsored by Stackapots Vertical Gardens NQ owned by one of our members, Allan Dredge.

See you there.


Wednesday, 15 August 2018

President's Report & Results Atherton 14 Aug

Hi All,

We early risers from the Coast arrived at Atherton today to be greeted by a brisk, very cool southerly wind which the people from the Tablelands were relishing although even some of them were well rugged up. Once the clouds dispersed and the sun climbed higher in the sky, the day turned out to be very pleasant.

As stated before, the Championships were funded by a generous sponsorship by CAIRNS GOLF WORLD through the efforts of Leigh, the Manager. We again would like to express our gratitude for the largesse of this organisation in the support shown by it to the F.N.Q.V.G.A.

Once again the course was in excellent condition and, if anything, the greens were faster and the pins in more treacherous positions than the first week of our Championships. Brendan, the Course Superintendent, must be very proud of the way the course has been presented over the past two weeks. Not only for our Championships, but also the Atherton Open, which was held over the weekend attracting about 150 competitors each day. Our thanks once again go to Kylie and Cheryl who worked hard to provide our nibbles on the first day and the platters of sandwiches for each group on the second day. Their efforts were very much appreciated by everyone.

We had one visitor today from Waburton, Victoria, Alan Johnston. Apparently Warburton is a town which has produced one of our other visitors, John Hall and our Vice-Captain, Russ Gill.

Seventy seven players took to the field today as 67 men and 10 ladies battled for the honour of being crowned Champion Golfer in their respective Divisions. The Daily scores today were indicative of the of the difficulty of the course and the competition for the titles., The best net score in Division I was 69 with three players, Robin Tonks, Marcus Morse and George Studham having that score with Robin winning the day’s competition on a countback.

The efforts of these three players, whilst noteworthy, paled into insignificance with the score returned by one of our veteran Vets, Brian Norris. Brian who is 86 years young, had an 88 off the stick today for a 61 net, a score he has never achieved before in his golfing lifetime. It won the Daily Division II event by 8 shots. Congratulations, Brian a fine effort.

Captain Russ will be endeavouring to have the results of the Championships published in the next 24 hours or so after their confirmation.

See you all at Gordonvale next Tuesday.
Take care,
El Presidente”.


Winner: Robin Tonks, 69 net C/B.
Runner Up: Marcus Morse, 69 net C/B.

Winner: Brian Norris, 61 net.
Runner Up: Neil Stubbin, 69 net.

69 net: George Studham.
70 net: Darryl De Clifford, Peter Edmonds, Tom Stager, Dennis Lankester, Bruce Jenner, Tom Finch.
71 net: Peter Doherty, Bill Eden, Ross White, Peter Clarke.
72 net: Vaughan Smith, Neil Sharkey, Mark Buckle.
73 net: Keith Sanderson, John Richards, John Gregan, Ron Blake, Bob Billingham, Ron Blake, Dave Morrison, Don McHardie.
74 net: Gary Tudehope, George Cooley, Russel Lawrence.

N,T.P.’s: 3rd John Famularo, 11th John Tolhurst, 13th Darryl DeClifford, 18th Peter

Winner: Margaret Finch, 70 net C/B.
Runner Up: Kay Bergiel, 70 net.

71 NET: Gail O’Shea.
72 net: Kay Cleland, Andrina Wilson.
73 net: Liz Edmonds.
75 net: Tessa Meyer.

N.T.P.’S: 3rd Tessa Meyer, 11th Andrina Wilson, 13th Lois Tait, 18th Liz Edmonds.

Next Game Atherton 14 Aug


The second round of our Championships is again at Atherton.

As they have their Open on this weekend,  I'm sure the course will be in as excellent condition as last week, so you should all be practicing for fast greens & pins in interesting positions!

Although it is the final round of our Championships & you may not have played in the first round, you are still elegible to compete in the day event, so hopefully we will see a few more than the 86 who turned up last week.

You will be playing off the same handicap as you used last week & a list of these will be available at registration for those afflicted with mild memory loss.

A platter of assorted sandwiches will be provided for each group on completion of their round.

Golf World Cairns are the sponsors for the overall Championships, but the vouchers for that will not be presented until our presentation day later in the year, which will give Capt. Russ plenty of time to finalise grades, doublecheck all cards & arrange trophies.

Vouchers for the daily event in the usual 3 grades are funded by the Association & will be presented on the day.  (Liz please note there is no truth in the rumour that Pres. Greg is considering a special prize for anyone hitting the Mcdonald's sign on the 10th hole.)

See you there,


Tuesday, 7 August 2018

President's Report & Results Atherton 7 Aug

Hi All,

The first round of the Association’s Championships were held at Atherton today in very good golfing conditions, sunny and cool. GOLF WORLD CAIRNS, one of our valuable weekly sponsors, has sponsored trophies for the Winners and Runners Up in the Gross and Net divisions for all four grades of the Championship, Our Association is very grateful for this level of sponsorship and we thank Leigh from Golf World for his effort in this regard.

The Atherton course is in excellent condition and is a credit to the Course Superintendent, Brendan. The course was prepared as a precursor to the Atherton Open to be held next weekend, with the fairways mowed so that there was good degree of run and the greens were slick with the pins in “interesting” positions. I would think next week the course will be in similar condition for our final round with the pins in some more “interesting” positions.

A field of 86 players participated in the event today, 72 men and 14 ladies. This was a little bit disappointing seeing the Championships are the pinnacle event for the year. Whilst there are obviously circumstances that prevent members from attending, taking all things into consideration, including the tournament, course, the weather and friendship, those who unfortunately didn’t attend today were the ones who lost out. We also again welcomed Ron and Adie Crispin from N.Z. as visitors and also a new member, Ron Blake from Mareeba.

There were some very good scores submitted today and list of grades and provisional placings will be published on the Blog in the next day or so and also disseminated at Atherton next week. There were also some very ordinary scores put up on the board, including that of “El Presidente”.

As well as the golf, it was an interesting day for other reasons. A team of lawyers from Maccas may be in touch after Liz Edmonds hit the McDonald”s sign on the 10th hole. I don’t think we will be defending any action because apparently this is the fifth time Liz has hit the sign so she can’t claim that she didn’t know it was there. It must have been an interesting time with that group as Peter Edmonds did what is now known in modern parlance as a “Gillytonks”, chasing after his wife’s buggy after it headed off down hill. Fortunately no injuries ensued.

We also learnt at presentation of the reactions of an Immigration Officer in Japan who, when processing Wal Anthony for entry into the country asked Wal for his fingerprints. Those who know Wal would understand the Officer’s consternation and knowing Wal’s character he wouldn’t have made it easy on him. For those who don’t know Wal, ask him. He loves telling the story.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Atherton next week for the final round of our Championships. Remember that you have to play off the handicap you played off today. A list of those handicaps will be available at Registration for those of us who may have had a memory lapse.

El Presidente”


Winner: Don McHardie, 64 net.
Runner Up: Peter Steventon, 65 net.

Winner: Bruce Jenner, 67 Net
Runner Up: Graham Morrow, 68 net.

66: Dennis Lankester, Ross White.
68: Garry Castle, Peter Clarke, Dave Ingram, Roger Smith.
69: Peter Klein, Brian Rowan, Peter Edmonds, Ross Ellen, Russ Gill.
70: Neil Stubbin, Wal Anthony, George Brew, Dave Morrison, Peter Doherty, Doug Christisdon.
71: Bob Billingham, Neil Sharkey, Albert Smith, Russell Lawrence.
72: Marcus Morse, Ron Blake, Lou Siedle, Robin Tonks.
73: Bill Foster, Brian Norris, Mark Buckle, Gary Tudehope, John Tolhurst, Tom Finch, Evert Van Kleef.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Dave Lawler, 11th George Cooley, 13th Craig Alman, 18th Peter Meyer.

Winner: Kay Bergiel, 69 net.
Runner Up: Cathie Coverdale, 70 net.

71: Maria Ling.
72: Andrina Wilson.
73: Celia Fox.
75: Marg Finch.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Lois Tait, 11th Judy Guzzwell, 13th Andrina Wilson, 18th Andrina Wilson.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Next Game Atherton 7 Aug


Our next game is the  first round of our Championships at Atherton.

Just a reminder, only those players who have been financial for a period of 2 months & who have played in at least 3 event prior to the start date are eligible to take part.  However, they can still play in the day event.

I'm advised the course is in good condition as they had their open at the weekend & the greens are slick.  However, as all our members should be aware there are only limited carts available & they are all booked, so if you need one, bring your own.

A platter of nibblies will be provided for each group on completion of their round, but if you want sandwiches you can order them as usual.

See you there.