Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Presiden'ts Message & Results 21st February

President's Report & Results of Single Stableford
Played on 21st February 2012
at Gordonvale Golf Club
130 Players

President's Report

Unfortunately, whilst the day started off well with a light breeze making play pleasant, a thunderstorm & rain led to play being abandoned with only some of the field completing 18 holes. If it had just been rain it might have been possible to continue, but with lightning around & more showing on the radar, it was just not worth the risk.

Accordingly, the committee decided to cut the 18 hole comp to one division for men & women & also have one division for men & women who completed 9 holes.

The course was in good condition, with the ball sitting well in the fairways & the greens without the virus that affected them last wet season. The rough had also been trimmed since Saturday, so was not as much of a problem as anticipated to those of us who were a bit off line. Congratulations to the greens staff.

For the first time I can recall, a drinks cart was made available from about 10am with soft drinks & sandwiches. This was well received & is to be a regular feature when we play at Gordonvale. Many thanks to club Captain Trevor, his volunteers & bar staff who looked after us.

We had a great rollup of 130 players. Welcome to visitors Joe Quang of McLeod in Brisbane, Tom Tse of Kokopo in PNG, Col Baldwin of Bundaberg & Clive Eaton of Palmeston & to new members Michael Banks, Annette Miller & Brian Miller of Half Moon Bay, Chris Hannam of Babinda, Dan Marshall of Cairns & Maidie Hickox of Atherton. This brings our membership to 193 for the 2012 year.

Our next game is at Atherton on 6th March, so hope that it is dry & to see you there.

Louis Siedle

Results18 hole comp.

Men's Winner: Jim May 39 points c/b
Men's Runner up: Dale Wust 39 points

Ball Rundown

38 points: Frank Thelan, Barry Pike
37 points: Jim Liston
36 points: George Kyriazis, Les Doolan, George Atkinson, Ted Lander
35 points:  Ian McDonald, Darryl de Clifford
34 points: David Guide, Keith Hillier, George Studham
33 points: Dave Ingram, Greg Gibb, Merv Elms
32 points: Harvey Blanch, Gino Busoli, John famularo, Eric Pihlhjerta, Dave Iverach

NTPs men: 5th Eddy Spry; 8th Les Doolan; 14th Frank Thelan; 17th Graeme Ross

Women's Winner: Sue Taylor 37 points
Women's Runner up: Rosemary Barker 36 points

Ball Rundown:

33 points: Di Diversi, Edna Atkinson
29 points: Betty Lou Pitt

NTPs women: 8th Sue Taylor; 14th Edna Atkinson

Results 9 hole comp.

Men's Winner: Don Kerr, 24 points
Men's Runner up: Mick Grumley, 18 points

Women's Winner: Carol Madden, 19 points
Women's Runner up: May Wilkinson, 17 points

Monday, 20 February 2012

Gordonvale Game 21st Feb


On Saturday Gordonvale fairways & greens were in good condition, but the rough is thick & long if you venture too far off the fairway, making finding balls difficult.

Please keep an eye on your ball till it stops rolling to save search time.  If you don't have good long vision, please ask someone in your group to watch your hit.

The course only had a light shower last night, but the drains do have some water in them and although the grass in them is not as high as previously experienced, it is still quite thick.

Look forward to seeing you there tomorrow.

Louis Siedle

Saturday, 18 February 2012

New in 2012 - 100 Club Raffle

In response to some demand & to add a bit of additional interest & competitive spirit between members of a group, the committee has approved a raffle which will be run from our next game at Gordonvale on 21st February.

100 CLUB

$2.00 A TICKET


Drawn when 100 numbers sold.

Results 7th February, President's Report & Next Game Gordonvale GC 21st February

Far North Queensland Veteran Golfers Association
Results 7th February 2012
Played at Mareeba Golf Club, Single Stableford, 116 Players
Sponsored by TGT Hardware

Men’s Division 1 Winner: Roger Smith 37 points c/b
Men’s Division 1 Runner-up: Ian Schofield 37 points
Men's Division 2 Winner: Vern Sandilant 39 points
Men’s Division 2 Runner-up: Barry Pike 38 points

Ball Rundown:
36 points: Max Smith, Don Kerr, Bruce Jenner, Des Jones, Tom Clifford
35 points: Les Doolan, Merv Hains
34 points: Paul Morley, Jim Logan, Greg Gibb, Terry Wallin, Mick Grumley, Ken Flood
33 points: Kevin Moore, George Studham, Mal Arthur, Bill Foster
32 points: John Pilbin, George Shores, Colin Johannsen, Rod Cade, Dave Ingram, Peter McMenamin, Graeme Ross, Gordon Massey
31 points: Harvey Blanch, Frank Thelan, Vaughn Edwards, Darryl de Clifford, John Clough, Dale Wust, Keith Sanderson, Les Johnson, John Parker, Bruce Magill, Bill Leonard, Noel Webster

Mens Pins: 4th Merv Hains, 8th Peter Yelland, 11th Eddie Spry, 13th Ken Flood

Women’s Winner: May Wilkinson 37 points
Women’s Runner-up: Di Diversi 33 points

Ball Rundown:
33 points: Ruth Yelland
32 points: Carol Madden
30 points: Betty Lou Pitt
29 points: Lois Tait, Pam Anderson, Robyn Harper
28 points: Jenny Enright, Jane Johannsen, Rosemary Barker

Women’s Pins: 4th Pam Anderson, 11th Carol Madden

Next Games: Tuesday 21st February at Gordonvale golf club, single stableford, followed by
Tuesday 6th March at Atherton golf club, single stableford

President's Report

I took off for Thailand the day after the game and as we had a committee meeting after the game I did not manage to get the usual report out or the results in the paper – my apologies, (but I had a great time in Patong & a couple of games at Loch Palm with a mate who lives over there!)

Thanks to the volunteers who keep the course in great condition & to Shirley who managed to keep sandwiches etc up with the fine field of 116. Treasurer Col did not have time to play as he was taking off for Tassie a couple of days later, was rushed keeping up with membership renewals & preparing for handover to Noel Webster for a couple of games. Membership for the year to date stands at 169.

We still need a Vice President! It makes things much easier on the committee if we have a full team as it allows for absences for holidays etc, so please give some consideration as to whether you can spare a bit of time.

Welcome to visitors Paul Caesar & Col Horton from Cairns & to new members Ron Barnes & Phil Warwick from Cairns, Paul Lewis from half Moon Bay & David Parish & Kay Mullins from Mareeba.

There are some minor changes to the 2012 program with the City of Cairns event at that club affecting the dates of our Championships in August and a revised program will be posted to the blog soon, with copies available at registration as well.

See you at Gordonvale next Tuesday 21st February.

Louis Siedle

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Results Delay

All, my apologies for the lack of results posted here & in the Cairns Post.

I departed for Thailand the day after the comp & just did not have time to get the results out.  This advice is all I can do from an internet cafe!

I will post them after my return on 16th Feb & before the advice of our next game.


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

First Game in 2012 - Mareeba on 7th February


Happy New Year & welcome back for our first game in 2012 at Mareeba.

I am informed that the area has escaped the deluges we had down here & the course is in good condition.

The single stableford competition will be a good opportunity to dust off the new clubs/balls/bags/buggy you got for Xmas & ease back into golf, if you have not played much over the festive season.

The day is sponsored by TGT Hardware, comp fees are unchanged at $7 & our Treasurer is eager to take your membership renewal fee of $10 if you have not already renewed.  Of course, new members & visitors are most welcome.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Louis Siedle