Tuesday, 31 May 2016

President's Report & Results Atherton 31 May

Today the game was a single stableford at Atherton and as we have come to expect, the course was in excellent condition. The day was overcast on arrival but soon became a perfect day for golf.

There were 68 men and 8 women in the field and the day was sponsored by DRUMMOND GOLF OF CAIRNS, the winners and runners up receiving gift vouchers for the Mulgrave road store.


MENS DIV1 WINNER; Barry Foxover 41 points.
RUNNER UP; Lou Siedle 39 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Eric Pihlhjerta 47 points.
RUNNER UP; Ken Smithson 41 points.

MENS NTP; 3rd Ross White, 11th Mal Arthur, 13th David Jackson, 18th Geoff Pratt.
EAGLE; Peter Buckman 2nd hole

39 points, Greg Gibb.
38 points, Graeme Webster.
37 points, Gary Tudehope, Bill Foster, Darryl King,
36 points, Keith Willmett, Tony Lattimore, Neil Stubbin, John Everall.
35 points, Don Thomson, Peter Johnston, Graham Morrow, Russ Gill, Rod Cade, Gordon Noble,
Peter Edmonds, Bill Leonard, Don McHardie, Grant Scott, Brian Norris.
34 points, Rama Naidoo, Zbig Bergiel, Bill Eden, Marcus Morse.
33 points, Keith Sanderson, Peter Buckman, Bob Billingham, David Jackson.
32 points, Peter Doherty, Keith Schirmer, Ross White, Graham Hughes, William Matthews.

WOMENS WINNER; Robyn Harper 37 points.
RUNNER UP; Jothi Naidoo 33 points.

WOMENS NTP; 3rd Jothi Naidoo, 11th May Wilkinson, 13th Robyn Harper, 18th Liz Edmonds.

32 points, Lily Schirmer, May Wilkinson.
31 points, Chris Everall, Lois Tait
29 points, Cathy Smithson.
28 points, Liz Edmonds.

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 30 May

Lily SCHIRMER 1,929.50 John EVERALL 1,127.64
Betty Lou PITT 1,890.00 James LOGAN 976.50
Andrina WILSON 1,738.75 David JACKSON 967.00
Lois TAIT 1,063.50 Russell GILL 958.40
Jothi NAIDOO 855.00 Keith SCHIRMER 909.10
Judy ELLIS 785.10 Roger SMITH 763.25
Christine EVERALL 765.00 William MATTHEWS 729.79
Elizabeth EDMONDS 756.10 Peter DOHERTY 713.50
Claire HANNON 717.50 Graham ROSS 677.50
Cathy SMITHSON 700.00 Lou SIEDLE 673.00

For details contact Melody Lucas on Tel: (07) 4092 3500/0407 967 752

Friday, 27 May 2016

Next Game Atherton 31 May


Our game next week is a single stableford Consistency event at Atherton.

The game is sponsored by Drummond Golf.

I'm told the course is drying out well with this fine weather, which hopefully will continue.

See you there.


PS Just a reminder of upcoming games in the area:

Mareeba Golf Club Veterans Golf Event 1 July.  Nominations from Mareeba GC on 40921528 or manager@mareebagolfclub.com.au, or at http://www.mareebagolfclub.com.au/2016%20MGC%20FNQ%20Vets%201ST%20July.pdf

Millaa Millaa Seniors Open Tournament on 6 July.  Nominations from Don McHardie on 4097 2255 or mm5star@bigpond.net.au

Atherton Veteran's Open Tournament 7/8 July.  Nominations from the club on 4091 1283 or athertongolf@bigpond.com

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 24 May

Despite receiving about 160mm of rain since the weekend Half Moon Bay club was able to present us with a 9 hole course that was quite playable with only a few muddy patches that were easily avoided and did not interfere with play. Many of the bunkers were full of water and anyone landing in these got free relief, so there were no complaints there.

56 men and 4 women faced the starter which was a perfect number for a 9 hole course. Among those was our sponsor Scott Payne and our old friend Tom Stager has returned from down south.

The sponsor for today is COMPLETE HEALTH AND FITNESS SOLUTIONS of 8/149 English St Manunda and in the next few days we will have information on this blog about an open day and birthday celebrations for this over 50s gym.


MENS DIV1 WINNER; Russ Gill 41 points.
RUNNER UP; George Studham 38 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Keith Willmett 39 points.
RUNNER UP ; Harvey Blanch 36 points.

MENS NTP; 3rd Stephen Day, 9th George Studham, 11th Marcus Morse.

37 points, Roger Smith, David Jackson, Stephen Day.
36 points, Marcus Morse, John Everall, Lou Siedle.
35 points, Graham Morrow, Keith Schirmer.
34 points, Russel Edwards, Greg Gibb.
33 points, Ken Smithson, William Matthews.
32 points, Vince Agius, Jim Logan.
31 points, Vaughan Edwards, Peter Doherty.
30 points, Garry Castle, Wayne Hoger, John Sinclair, Evert VanKleef, Gordon Noble.

WOMENS WINNER; Lily Schirmer 33 points.
RUNNER UP; Betty Lou Pitt 28 points.

WOMENS NTP; 9th Chris Everall, 11th Lily Schirmer.

Chris Everall, Lois Tait.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Update HMB 24 May


The dry 9 is playable at HMB & carts will be allowed, barring heavy rain overnight.

The greens & fairways have been mowed & bunkers are in play except where GUR signs are present.

See you there.


PS  Just a reminder that HMB are donating another slab of beer in a free raffle, the draw of which will be at the conclusion of  the presentation.  The winner must be there to collect.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Next Game Half Moon Bay 24 May


Our game next week is a single stableford & the second round for the Ted Thomasson trophy at HMB.

The course is in fine condition with greens very receptive.

The day is sponsored by Health & Fitness Solutions.

See you there.


PS  2016 Tropic of Capricorn Veteran Golfers Carnival is being held 15-24 Aug.  Details are available at http://www.rockygolfclub.org.au/CQ_Vets_Tropic_of_Capricorn_Carnival_2016/

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 10 May

Andrina WILSON 1,738.75 John EVERALL 1,045.14
Betty Lou PITT 1,590.00 James LOGAN 923.00
Lily SCHIRMER 1,529.50 Keith SCHIRMER 848.43
Lois TAIT 913.50 David JACKSON 823.25
Jothi NAIDOO 855.00 William MATTHEWS 674.29
Judy ELLIS 785.10 Peter DOHERTY 662.00
Elizabeth EDMONDS 756.10 Graham ROSS 652.00
Claire HANNON 717.50 Max SMITH 647.00
Cathy SMITHSON 700.00 Roger SMITH 619.50
Lillian BENFIELD 616.10 Lou SIEDLE 590.50

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

President's Report & Results Mareeba 17 May

Our game today was at Mareeba golf club and for a break from the normal routine we played a 4 ball aggregate event. There were 87 men and 13 women entered in the event and all seemed happy with the different format.

We welcome 3 new members , Peter Buckman from Temora. Geoff Maguire from Cairns and
Noel Pearson of Half Moon Bay.

The sponsor is BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB AND FULLER SPORTS and thanks to them for the gift cards that I am sure the winners will enjoy spending on food and beverage,concert tickets or merchandise at either of these venues.

It is my sad duty to inform members of the death of Jim Liston in a car accident at Yungaburra on Monday. I believe that Jims' wife is in a serious but stable condition in hospital. I am sure we all wish her a speedy recovery and send our sincere condolences to her and all the family.
When we know of funeral arrangements we will inform on this site.

WINNERS; Barry Pike & Les Doolan 78 points
RUNNERS UP; David Lawler & Roger Glover 77 points

BEST MIXED PAIRS ; Jeff & Glynis McGrath 68 points.

BEST WOMEN PAIR; Rosemary Barker & Betty Lou Pitt 63 points

WOMENS NTP; 4th Edna Atkinson, 8th Lil Benfield, 11th Robyn Harper, 13th Andrina Wilson.

MENS NTP; 4th Maurie Smith. 8th Brian Norris. 11th George Kyriazis.
13th Garry Castle (hole in one).

75 points; Evert Van Kleef & Marcus Morse, Gordon Noble & Rick Gooderham, Kevin Collins &
Mike Van Cuylenberg.
74 points; Elso Iuretigh & Graham Webster.
73 points; Bob Billingham & Brian Rowan.
71 points; Ron Sylvester & John Evans. Eric Pihlhjerta & Keith Willmett.
70 points; John Everall & Lou Siedle.
69 points; Brian Brown & Frank Jones.
68 points; Rod Cade & Graham Morrow, John Gregan & Russ Edwards, Barry Butt & Peter
67 points; Bruce Jenner & Russ Gill, Bill Ford & Peter Edmonds.
66 points; George Kyriazis & Roger Smith, Keith Sanderson & Don Thomson, Ken Baker &
Harry Alikhan, Keith & Lily Schirmer
65 points; Robin Tonks & Andrina Wilson, Neil Sharkey & Merv Elms, Alan Dwyer & Darryl

Friday, 13 May 2016

Next Game Mareeba 17 May


Our game next week is at Mareeba & I'm told there have been no changes to the course.

It is a 4 Ball Aggregate comp, ie you need a partner & to record both scores, as they are added together for the comp total.  It also means you will be handicapped on your score.

The game is sponsored by Brothers Leagues Club.

See you there.


PS  The 2016 Wintersun Veterans Golf Carnival commences in Proserpine on 1st August 2016.  Nomination forms are available at www.mackaygolf.com.au under the heading 'Golf'.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

President's Report & Results Cairns 10 May

Today 77 men and 18 women played in the first round of the Ted Thomasson Memorial Shield at the Cairns golf Club and found the course in excellent condition after the weekend open tournament, and the autumn day was also a joy for those out on the fairways.

The Ted Thomasson Memorial Shield is awarded at the presentation day to the player having the best three aggregate stableford scores from the five nominated rounds.

The sponsor today is DEBORAH DUFFY ESTATE AGENT and I wish to thank Deb for the support she gives to our association. The prizes today were vouchers from the Cairns club proshop.

We are pleased to welcome two new members to our ranks. They are Gordon Noble and Timothy Hollman who are both from Half Moon Bay club.

Just a reminder that next week we play a 4 ball aggregate at Mareeba. This means that although you are playing with a partner, both scores count on every hole and you will still be handicapped on your individual performance.

WOMENS WINNER; Cathy Smithson, 35 points.
RUNNER UP; Lois Tait 32 points c/b

WOMENS NTP; 5th May Wilkinson, 8th & 11th Cathy Smithson, 17th Choo Lim.

32 points, Betty Lou Pitt.
29 points, Robyn Harper, Lil Benfield, Julie Wallace.
27 points, Andrina Wilson.
26 points, Kay Bergiel, Edna Atkinson, May Wilkinson, Jothi Naidoo, Rosemary Barker, Liz Edmonds.

MENS DIV 1 WINNER; John Evans 38 points c/b.
RUNNER UP; William Matthews 38 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Ian Schofield 36 points c/b.
RUNNER UP Alan Dwyer 36 points.

MENS NTP. 5th David Bennett, 8th Peter Doherty, 11th Roger Smith, 17th Garry Castle.

36 points, Russ Gill.
35 points, John Bawden, Robin Tonks.
34 points, Les Doolan, Evert Van Kleef, Graham Ross.
33 points, Ron Sylvester, Peter Handley, Greg Gibb, Roger Smith, Ken Baker, Victor Lee.
32 points, Russell Edwards, Rod Cade, Merv Elms, Bill Foster. Peter Doherty, Garry Castle,
Steven Day, George Studham, Garry Long, Barry Foxover.
31 points, Roger Glover, Laurie Bell, John Famularo, Rod Ingram, Eric Pilhljerta, Peter Edmonds
30 points, George Atkinson, Wayne Hoger, Bob Turner, Peter McMenamin.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Next Game Cairns 10 May


Our game next week is a single stableford event, being the first round for the Ted Thommason trophy.

The game is sponsored by Deb Duffy Real Estate.

I'm told the course is in good condition, so hopefully the rain will keep away as it should at this time of year.  However, in case we do have a sprinkle & you don't fancy walking around in what could be heavier conditions, we remind you that the club has kindly agreed to carts for $30 for our members.

See you there.


PS  Upcoming games:

Cardwell Open - 14/15 May - contact Phil 0400 350 871
Georgetown Annuals - 21/22 May - contact Wade 4062 1380
Cooktown Open - 28/29 May - contact club 4069 5800

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 5 May

Andrina WILSON 1,648.75 John EVERALL 1,025.14
Lily SCHIRMER 1,529.50 James LOGAN 918.00
Betty Lou PITT 1,340.00 Keith SCHIRMER 848.43
Jothi NAIDOO 782.50 David JACKSON 797.75
Judy ELLIS 730.60 Max SMITH 647.00
Claire HANNON 717.50 Peter DOHERTY 612.50
Elizabeth EDMONDS 683.60 Graham ROSS 572.00
Lois TAIT 663.50 William FORD 565.93
Sue TAYLOR 599.10 Lou SIEDLE 565.00
Christine EVERALL 508.50 Roger SMITH 559.00

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 3 May

Today 58 men and 21 women played in a stableford event at the Gordonvale Golf Club. The scores today count toward the annual Consistency Trophy and, of course, the Savannah Cup.

We welcome Jim Pinfield from Gordonvale as a new member and I see he got amongst the prizes on his first outing so hopefully he will become a regular. Also welcome to visitor Keith Dudgeon from Ashgrove.

The sponsor today is KENNEDYS BETTA HOME LIVING of McLeod street Cairns and our thanks go to them for the support they show to veterans golf.

Next Tuesday the game is at Cairns.


MENS DIV1 WINNER; Evert Van Kleef. 38 points.
RUNNER UP; Roger Smith 37 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; David Jackson 42 points.
RUNNER UP; James Pinfield 34 points.

MENS NTP; 5th Keith Schirmer, 8th Robin Tonks, 14th Les Doolan, 17th Evert Van Kleef.

37 points, Greg Gibb.
36 points, Jeff McGrath,
35 points, Jim Logan,
34 points, Keith Dudgeon, Lou Siedle.
33 points, Keith Schirmer, David Horton, John Pilbin, Garry Long, George Studham, Bill Ford,
John Everall.
32 points, Eric Pihlhjerta.
31 points, Russ Gill, Ron Sylvester,Les Doolan, Ross White, Robin Tonks, Grahame Webster.
30 points, Zbig Bergiel, Bruce Walters, Russel Edwards,Graeme Ross, Kevin Ranger,
Bob Turner, Bob Billingham, Peter Edmonds.

WOMENS WINNER; Jothi Naidoo 33 points.
RUNNER UP; Andrina Wilson 29 points.

WOMENS NTP; 5th Kay Bergiel, 8th Lil Benfield, 14th Robyn Harper, 17th Sue Brennan.

28 points, Georgie Jarred.
27 points, Cathie Coverdale, Kay Bergiel, Edna Atkinson, Lil Benfield, Sue Brennan.
25 points, Robyn Harper, Betty Lou Pitt.
24 points, May Wilkinson, Lily Schirmer.