Friday, 28 September 2018

Next Game Mareeba 2 Oct


Our next game is a single stableford event at Mareeba & is the last of our Consistency events.

I'm told the course is in good condition with the fairways watered & greens not too fast.

The event is sponsored by Brothers Leagues Club.

See you there.


Wednesday, 26 September 2018

President's Reort & Results Half Moon Bay 25 Sep

Hi All,
It was a great day for golf at Half Moon Bay today.and the condition of the course matched the day. It brought out a great field of 103 players, including 21 ladies. Also included were four new members, Leon Nelson (Cairns), Ken Berrigan (Wauchope), Charlie Brkic (Mount Coolum), Debra Smith (Innisfail). A sincere welcome is extended to each and everyone of them. This brings our total membership to 248.

The competition was a 44BBB Aggregate with the field divided into three groups, The first group of teams comprising of 2 men., the second group consisting of a man and a lady with the final teams consisting solely of ladies.

The game today was sponsored by HALF MOON BAY GOLF CLUB and we wish to thank the Club Manager Greg Ferry, who is on leave at the present time, for the continued sponsorship of the F.N.Q. Vets. Normally this has been in the form of slab of beer for our free raffle.

Today’s sponsorship was extended to vouchers for our Winners, etc. This enabled basically a doubling the number of the vouchers to 2 Winners and 2 Runners up for the first two groups with only the Winner receiving a voucher in the small “all Ladies Group”. A normal Ball Rundown and N.T.P.s was also conducted.

Our thanks go to the staff that tended to us today, Dale and Ollie in the Golf Shop and Bar, with Jazz serving the food from the kitchen. Our special thanks go to Allison, the Office Administrator, for last minute re-arrangement of the vouchers.

It was really encouraging to see the numbers of members staying having a chat and patronising the club facilities. This was actually commented upon by Allison who was ecstatic with the business generated by our members..

Our next day is at Mareeba with our normal Registration between 7am and 8am.
It is also recommended that players pre-order their food.

See you there,
El Presidente”.


Winners: Bruce Jenner & Tae Zhang, 73.
Runners Up: Bill Eden & Tom Stager, 68

Winners: Doreen & Lionel Law, 63.
Runners Up: Edna & George Atkinson, 59.

Winners: Kay Cleland & Judy Guzzwell, 59.

67: Peter Johnston & Rod Ingram.
65: Dave Lawler & Neil Hamilton.
64: Alan Thorburn & Trevor Barry, Claud Clark & Russ Gill, Kevin Walsh & Roger Smith, Allan Dwyer & Barry Gaudion.
63: Dave Ingram & Doug Christison, John Evans & Darryl De Clifford, Barry
Chandler & Alan Dredge.
62: Len Face & Tony Tanner, Garry Castle & Dave Jackson.
61: Leon Nelson & Peter Wyatt.
60: Brian Norris & Ian MacLeod-Carey, Norm Lockwood & Zbig Bergiel.
59: Dee Kottnig & Gail Wright.
58 Yasuo Kumagae & Eric Pihlhjerta, Merv Elms & Neil Sharkey, Les Doolan &
Barry Pike.

N.T.P.’s Men: 3rd Peter Edmonds, 9th Alan Dwyer, 16th Graeme Chappell.

N.T.P.’s Ladies: 4th Glynnis Mc Grath, 9th Debra Smith 16th Gail Wright.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Next Game Half Moon Bay 25 Sep


Our next game is a bit of a change of pace, being a 4BBB Aggregate stableford at Half Moon Bay.

To make things easier for the handicapper you should:

-  take a card for yourself & put both your name & your partner's on the card,

- mark the card with your two scores on it, eg 4/3 in column 1 & 5/2 in column 2 & add the stableford points together in the final results column.  The total aggregate for the game should be shown at the top of the card as usual.

The course will be in its usual good condition with fast greens.

If you would like to order a snack at the end of the game, please place your order before you go out as usual.

See you there.


PS  It seems that there are some members that are unaware that we own a defibrillator, which we obtained some years ago in the interests of health & safety.  This is left at the registration table during each game in case anyone needs it & it is simple to use.  If you have any queries about this essential item, please see a committee member.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

President's Report & Results Babinda 18 Sep

Hi All,
What a great joy it was today to see the improvement in the greens from last time we journeyed to Royal Babinda. After months of continuous rain prior to our last visit in July, even the intense efforts of the volunteers could not prevent the greens turning basically into deserts. The change in the conditions of the greens is only due the extreme efforts of the Babinda volunteers, Peter,Tom, Matt and Chris and of course, Wal. Those who may have played today but didn’t play in July, might say that “there’s still bare patches and a temporary green” but they could never comprehend the improvement.

On the first twelve holes Wal showed our group how good the greens were by one-putting the first 6 holes, followed by three 2 putts, another one putt and a chip-in. That’s about the time the handbrake came on but he still had 42 points.

Our field today of 67, that is 56 men and 11 ladies, was an ideal size for a 9 hole course and the game flowed smoothly. Our sponsor today was WAL ANTHONY who handcrafted two beautiful coffee tables, one for the male winner and the other for the ladies’ winner. Additionally, he provided two boxes of balls for the Runners Up. As Wal came second he donated the box of ball back and they went to the third place winner, Chris Hannam.

We had one Visitor today, Andrew McMath, the Vice President of Warburton Golf Club. We have had several visitors from that Golf Club recently, obviously encouraged to play with our group by the President of that Club, John Hall, who has been up here for several weeks. It was John’s last day today and he has promised to return next year.

For those who are unaware, my wife and I have accepted the offer of a villa in a Retirement Village in the Illawarra region of N.S.W. As a result, I will not be standing for re-election at the A.G.M. in November. Our actual date of leaving is dependent on the sale of our house up here. I will continue as President until that date is determined and then resign the position.

Our next game is a HALF MOON BAY. The Club requests that you pre-order sandwiches, burgers, chips etc. prior to the game. See you all there.

Yours in golf,
“El Presidente”.

Winner: Darryl Chandler, 46 Points.
Runner Up: Wal Anthony, 42 Points.

39 Points: Chris Hannam.
37 Points: Graham Morrow.
36 Points: George Atkinson, Harvey Blanch.
35 Points: Doug Christison, Merv Hains, Bruce Jenner, Garry Castle.
34 Points: Bob Billingham, John Hall, Bill Foster, Russ Gill, Roger Smith.
33 Points: Lionel Law, Kevin Walsh, Roger Glover, George Kyriazis, Evert Van Kleef.
32 Points: Peter Doherty, Lou Siedle, Ian Macleod-Carey, Rod Cade, Darryl De Clifford, Trevor Gordon, Peter Johnston, Keith Schirmer, Robin Tonks.

N.T.P.’s 2/11 Dave Lawler, 4/13 George Kyriazis, 5/14 Darryl Chandler.

Winner: Edna Atkinson, 36 Points.
Runner Up: Liz Edmonds, 32 Points.

31 Points: Suda Woodward.
30 Points: Judy Guzzwell.
28 Points: Julie Wallace.
27 Points: Andrina Wilson, Doreen Law.

N.T.P.’s: 2/11 Kay Bergiel, 4/13 Edna Atkinson, 5/14 Judy Guzzwell.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Next Game Babinda 18 Sep


Our next game is the final round for the Patron's Trophy & is a single stableford at Babinda.

Please note there is a later registration time of 0730-0830 to allow those further afield to get there.

Wal advises that the greens are much improved & there's plenty of run so you should be able to make the drains a bit easier!

As usual, Wal has provided the prizes consisting of his lovely tables below.

See you there.


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

President's Report & Results Cairns 11 Sep

Hi All,

It was a great day at Cairns, with the weather pleasant and the course in great condition. The pins were set in some “interesting” positions on some of the holes and quite accessible on others. The greens were fast and true.

We had a field of 95 today including 15 ladies. We also had a visitor, Trevor Angus from Camberwell, play with us and in fact, joined our Association bringing our total Membership to 244.

Today’s event was a Stroke round and the final scoring round in the Stanton Bailey Trophy, the previous two rounds being held in conjunction with the Championships. The sponsor for today’s game was STRATFORD PAINTING CONTRACTORS, with the principal of the firm, Gordon Perry playing with us. This is Gordon’s first year of sponsoring us and with any luck the sponsorship will continue next. It would be remiss of me not to mention the role that Vice President Robin played in securing this sponsorship. It is greatly appreciated.

Players will notice that the N.T.P. for the Men on the 5th hole was not awarded today. The reason being that the marker was placed out by the Committee as a “one shot” N.T.P. At some point it appears that a player has changed it to a “two shot” N.T.P. Whilst this format was trialled at our last Cairns game, (apparently this fromat is used by Cairns in some competitions for C Graders) the Committee decided not to pursue it in future games. It should be understood by all players that the Committee is the sole arbiter of any and all competitions held under the auspices of the F,N,Q.V.G.A., including N.T.P.’s.

Vice President’s assertion in last week’s blog that, in filling in for me due to a trip to NSW, he had completed the Presidents’ report at presentation in about 2 minutes was almost like waving a red flag to me. Today, in a frenzy of speech making, I completed a welcome of members to Cairns G.C., welcome to visitors, thanks to our sponsor and handed over the microphone to Captain Russ for announcement of winners in 21 seconds. It wasn’t me though and I grabbed the microphone back off him and continued on with my with scintillating report.

Our next game is at Babinda and don’t forget it will be a later Registration 7.30am to 8.30am.

Yours in golf,
El Presidente”.


Winner: Neil Arnott, 69 net, C/B.
Runner Up: Roger Glover, 69 net.

Winner: John Pilbin, 66 net.
Runner Up: Rick Gooderham.

70 net: John Lombardi. Robin Tonks.
72 net: Les Doolan, Peter Doherty, Neil Hamilton, Denis Vohland, John Hall.
73 net: Frank Thelan, George Studham.
74 net: Graham Roberts, Brian Rowan, Graham Chappel.
75 net: Allan Dwyer, Brian Guest, Peter Edmonds, Don Thomson, Ross White,
Barry Vining, Darryl DeClifford, Brian Norris.
76 net: Albert Smith, Dave Jackson, Gordon Perry, Tae Zheng, Claud Clark.
Dave Lawler, Peter Klein, Trevor Angus. John Everall, George Kyriazis.

N.T.P.’s: 8th Graham Roberts, 11th Graeme Chappel, 17th Roger Smith.

Winner: Suda Woodward, 77 net C/B.
Runner Up: Gail O’Shea, 77 net.

78 net: Andrina Wilson, Jan Wundersitz.
79 net: Kay Cleland.
83 net. Rosemary Barker.
84 net: Annette Tesch.
87 net: Lois Tait.

N.T,P.’s: 5th Kay Cleland, 11th Maria Ling, 17th Lois Tait.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Next Game Cairns 11 Sep


Our next game is at Cairns golf club & the greens will be fast after their championships, but in compensation I'm told there's plenty of run on the fairways.

The round is a single stroke being the third & final round of the Stanton Bailey trophy, (the other two were our Championship rounds).

The game is sponsored by Stratford Painting Contractors & hopefully owner Gordon will be able to play.

See you there,


Tuesday, 4 September 2018

President's Report & Results Millaa Millaa 4 Sep

Firstly thanks to Don Mchardie as he promised me excellent weather a week earlier and he was true to his word as the weather was perfect and the course was in good condition. Thanks to Marg & Hugh for the tea/coffee, pies & bar service, they both looked after us extremely well yet again.

Thanks also to our sponsor Cazalys AFL. If you are down in Cairns drop in for a meal, play on the pokies or have a beer or two & mention you value their sponsorship.

There were 56 members comprising of 47 men & 9 ladies including 2 visitors, so only one division for men.  Welcome to visitors from Millaa Millaa, Keith Dixon & Ray Marsh

I promised myself that I would get the members home 15 minutes earlier than normal due to Greg`s absence and I kept my word and limited my speech to 2 mins max. The 7th green was a good talking point by members in the clubhouse and I made a passing comment regarding the speed of the green.

Next week at Cairns and back to the normal 0700-0800 tee times.

Vice pres


Div 1 Winner:  Wal Anthony 40 points
Div 1 Runner Up:  Doug Christison 38 points c/b

NTPs:  1st Garry Castle, 5th Russ Gill

38 points:  Keith Schirmer
37 points:  Bob Billingham
36 points:  Craig Alman, Russ Gill, Alan Dredge, Brian Hughes
34 points:  Tom Stager
33 points:  Rex White,, Garry Castle, Peter Edmonds, Vaughan Smith, Tony Lattimore, Ian MacLeod-Carey
32 Points:  John Lombardi, Bruce Jenner, Albert Smith, Keith Dixon, Don McHardie

Ladies Winner:  Lois Tait 40 points
Runner Up:  Judy Guzzwell 35 points

NTPs:  1st Liz Edmonds, 5th Kay Cleland

34 points:  Andrina Wilson, Gail O'Shea
32 points:  Liz Edmonds
30 points:  Joy White