Monday, 31 August 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 31 Aug

Chris EVERALL 3619.67
John EVERALL 2248.67
Lois TAIT 2992.83
Ross WHITE 1782.75
Betty Lou PITT 2896.83
Garry LONG 1618.48
Judy ELLIS 2637.75
David JACKSON 1611.33
Elaine SANDILANT 2572.50
Greg GIBB 1526.97
Lily SCHIRMER 2194.92
Alan DWYER 1379.50
Jothi NAIDOO 2042.75
Garry CASTLE 1368.18
Di DIVERSI 2006.50
Bruce JENNER 1366.17
Ruth YELLAND 1956.67
Neil SHARKEY 1295.50
Suda WOODWARD 1789.00
Ron SYLVESTER 1287.73
Sue BRENNAN 1572.00
Russ GILL 1265.00
Adie CRISPIN 1536.50
Lou SIEDLE 1264.33
Lil BENFIELD 1472.50
Barry PIKE 1222.42
May WILKINSON 1381.25
Don McHARDIE 1220.00
Cathie COVERDALE 1264.75
Roger SMITH 1211.67
Deon REDDICLIFFE 1221.50
Richard GOODERHAM 1141.04
Annette TESCH 1206.50
Barry HARTLEY 1124.83
Kay BERGIEL 1149.00
Rama NAIDOO 1123.83
Andrina WILSON 1101.25
Peter DOHERTY 1108.88
June WILLMOT 940.00
Peter McMENAMIN 1107.25
Bell GILLAN 913.75
Darryl KING 1100.89
Elizabeth EDMONDS 844.75
Brian NORRIS 1077.00
Edna ATKINSON 844.50
Tom STAGER 1032.58

Friday, 28 August 2015

Next Game Cairns 1 Sep - 2nd Round Championships



 Firstly, I have to agree with President Roger that is was a slightly disappointing turnout for the first round of the FNQVGA Championships.

What I also found was disappointing was the fact that over 90 of our members were ineligible to compete in the Championships because they failed to meet the criteria for entry, i.e. being a member for two months and playing more than three games.

 As a result a decision was made to include this group in the Daily competition although still being ineligible for the Championship itself. Players in this group will also be able to compete in the Daily event next Tuesday.

79 Dave Lawler
79 Richard Staines
80 Rob Blackman
82 Barry Vining
83 Wayne Petrohilos
83 Robin Tonks

90 Neil Sharkey
94 Wayne Hoger
96 John Everall
96 Geoff Harmer
98 Rod Ingram
98 Victor Lee
98 Eric Pihlhjerta

99 Tom Stager
102 Merv Elms
103 Peter Handley
103 Ken Smithson
105 Trevor Barry

77 Ruth Yelland
88 Lil Benfield
96 Cathy Coverdale
99 Cathy Smithson
99 May Wilkinson
99 Andrina Wilson


69 Wayne Petrohilos
69 Richard Staines
70 Dave Lawler
71 Keith Hillier
71 Rob Blackman
71 John Lombardi

68 Neil Sharkey
72 Wayne Hoger
74 Geoff Harmer
76 Rod Ingram
76 Eric Pihlhjerta
76 John Gregan

72 Tom Stager
73 Geoff Edwards
74 Ken Smithson
75 Merv Elms
76 Peter Handley

67 Ruth Yelland
68 Sue Brennan
70 Lil Benfield
71 Cathy Coverdale
71 Edna Miles

Good luck to all competitors next Tuesday. As the scores show there are some interesting battles to come.

 Captain Greg

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

President's Report & Results Cairns 25 Aug - 1st Round Championships

Today was the first round of our club championship and was played at Cairns Golf Club in superb conditions. We had a slightly disappointing field of 86 men and 19 ladies.

The days sponsor was DEBORAH DUFFY ESTATE AGENT.

Members are reminded that club shirts are available and come in a vatiety of colours with short or long sleeves, so please place your order with Lois at the registration table, prices start from $35 and is payable in advance.


MENS DIV 1 WINNER; Wayne Petrohilos 69 c/b
RUNNER UP; Richard Staines 69

MENS DIV 2 WINNER; Neil Sharkey 69
RUNNER UP; Wayne Hoger 72

MENS DIV 3 WINNER; Grahame Webster 64
RUNNER UP; Tom Stager 72

NTP; 5th Rob Blackman, 8th Yashuo Kumagae, 11th Peter Doherty, 17th Chris Hoger

Division 1,
70 Dave Lawler.
71 Rob Blackman, Roger Smith, John Lombardi.
72 George Cooley.
73 Barry Vining, Greg Gibb, Chris Hoger, Keith Hillier.
74 Ron Sylvester, Garry Long.
Division 2,
73 Graham Ross.
74 Geoff Harmer.
76 Rod Ingram, Eric Pilhljerta, John Fregan, Harry Kennedy.
77 John Everall, Peter McMenamin
78 Victor Lee, George Kyriazis, Rod Cade.
Division 3 ,
73 Geoff Edwards,
74 Ken Smithson.
75 Merv Elms.
77 Harvey Blanch, Bob Billingham, Craig Barclay.
78 Barry Butt, Bill Eden, Trevor Barry, John Pilbin.
80 Claud Clark, Ted Lander, Peter Edmonds.

WOMENS WINNER; Ruth Yelland 67.
RUNNER UP; Sue Brennan 68

NTP 5th Judy Ellis, 8th & 17th Ruth Yelland, 11th Cathie Coverdale,


70 Lil Benfield,
71 Cathie Coverdale.
73 Edna Miles.
76 Chris Everall, Lily Schirmer, Liz Edmonds.
77 Cathy Smithson, Suda Woodward

Friday, 21 August 2015

Next Game 1st Round Championships Cairns 25 Aug


Our game next week is a stroke event played off the blue tees, being the first round of our Championships at Cairns golf club.

The event is sponsored by Deborah Duffy Real Estate.

Registration is 7-8am as usual & the conditions of play are below.

A raffle will be run over the two rounds of the championship with main prizes of a golf bag, wet weather gear and golf shoes.  Tickets will be available at registration.

A platter of sandwiches will be served to each group on completion of their rounds and NTPs will get a sleeve of balls.  The daily prizes will be as usual $30 for winners & $15 for runners up in each grade, but overall prizes will be $100 for winners & $50 for runners up in each grade, both gross & nett.


1. To be eligible to compete in the FNQVGA Championships, a player must have been a member of the Association for a period of two months prior to the date of the first day of the Championships and prior to the first day of the Championships a player must have played three or more games scheduled in that year's Program.

2.  Both the Men's and Ladies' Championships will be a stroke event held over 36  holes.

3. The Men's Championships will be contested in three Divisions, the range of each to be determined by using player's exact Golflink Handicaps.  The Divisions will be determined after the first day's play.  The Ladies' Championship will be contested in one Division.

4. The Divisions and the Golflink Handicaps will be frozen for the duration of the Championships.

5. A player will remain in the Division determined by his Golf Link Handicap for both the Gross and Net events irrespective of any changes in his Daily Handicap caused by the Slope Ratings of different courses.

6. A player's Golf Link handicap used on the first day will be retained for the second day. A list of those handicaps will be available on the second day for information of all players.

7. The Net Results will be calculated by using the player's Daily Handicap at each course played.

8. In the event of tied scores in the Daily events, in the Gross stroke event, the winner will be determined on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes. If the tying players have the same score for the last nine, determine the winner on the basis of the last six holes, last three holes, and finally hole-by-hole from the 18th hole.

9. In the Daily Net handicap stroke play competition, one-half, one-third, one-sixth, etc. of the player's handicap should be applied to the player's score to determine the winner on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes, last six and last three, then hole-by-hole from the 18th hole. Fractions should not be disregarded.

10. In event of tied scores in the Overall events, the same principle will be used.  The first count-back will be the last 18 holes played.  If the players are still equal the procedure outlined in Section 8 will followed .  If the players are still equal, the count-back is then applied to the first 18 holes played, starting with matching the back 9.

11. Ineligible players, whilst being able to play in the competition on each Championship day, will not be entitled to win any of the Daily or Overall Trophies associated with the Championships. The Committee may, if it deems appropriate, create a separate competition on each Championship day to cater for the ineligible players.

12. A player will only be entitled to win one Daily trophy whether it be in the Gross or Net event.  A player will be entitled to win an Overall Trophy as well as a Daily trophy on the last day of the Championships.

13.  It is requested that as well as the stroke score, the player's Stableford score should also be entered on the card to enable handicapping through Golf Link.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 20 Aug

Chris EVERALL 3528.00
John EVERALL 2214.67
Lois TAIT 2940.83
Ross WHITE 1763.25
Betty Lou PITT 2843.83
David JACKSON 1591.83
Judy ELLIS 2582.75
Garry LONG 1566.98
Elaine SANDILANT 2572.50
Greg GIBB 1470.57
Lily SCHIRMER 2103.25
Alan DWYER 1379.50
Jothi NAIDOO 2042.75
Garry CASTLE 1368.18
Di DIVERSI 2006.50
Bruce JENNER 1366.17
Suda WOODWARD 1711.50
Russ GILL 1265.00
Adie CRISPIN 1482.50
Lou SIEDLE 1264.33
Ruth YELLAND 1456.67
Ron SYLVESTER 1236.23
May WILKINSON 1324.25
Barry PIKE 1222.42
Lil BENFIELD 1282.50
Don McHARDIE 1220.00
Sue BRENNAN 1272.00
Barry HARTLEY 1124.83
Annette TESCH 1206.50
Rama NAIDOO 1123.83
Deon REDDICLIFFE 1156.50
Richard GOODERHAM 1121.54
Cathie COVERDALE 1129.75
Roger SMITH 1120.00
Kay BERGIEL 1093.00
Peter DOHERTY 1108.88
Andrina WILSON 1036.25
Darryl KING 1100.89
June WILLMOT 940.00
Brian NORRIS 1077.00
Bell GILLAN 913.75
Peter McMENAMIN 1073.25

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Links - Golflink Handicap


A new link has been added to the blog.

In the left hand column, you can now click on a link to check your Golflink handicap before you turn up at registration.

When you get into the Golflink site, click on the 'Handicap' link in the top left hand corner, which will lead you to where you enter your Golflink number to access your current handicap


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

President's Report & Results Millaa Millaa 18 Aug

68 players (56 men & 12 women) arrived at Millaa Millaa to a beautiful morning and were pleased to accept the good old country hospitality that has become a feature of this popular club, the aroma of fresh toast very welcome to the noses of the travellers from the coast.

The sponsor of the day was CAZALYS AFL CLUB and we thank them for their generous support.

The event was a single stableford and is the first round of the Patrons trophy, the second and final round will be held at Babinda on 6th October. There are only two rounds of this event because two games have previously been rained out.

Members please note that the Babinda open will be held this weekend and I believe there are still some vacancies in the field, contact Wal Anthony whose phone number appears on the right side of this page under committee.

Next weeks event is at Cairns G C and is the first round of our club champoinship and will, of course be a stroke round.


MENS DIV 1 WINNER; Don McHardie 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Wal Anthony 38 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Tom Stager 39 points c/b
RUNNER UP; Tony Lattimore 39 points.

NTP; 1/10 Rex White. 6/15 Mal Arthur. 8/17 Bruce Jenner.

39 points, Bruce Jenner
38 points, Barry Pike.
37 points, Trevor Barry, Barry Vining.
36 points, Ron Crispin, Merv Elms, Lou Siedle.
35 points, Gary Castle.
34 points, Rex White, George Studham, Garry King,Jim Logan, Rick Gooderham, Robin Tonks.
33 points, John Pilbin, Matt Lock,Hugh Gillard, John Everall.
32 points, George Kyriazis, Ross White, Roger Smith,Neil Sharkey, Brian Norris.

WOMENS WINNER, Chris Everall 37 ppoints.
RUNNER UP, Lily Schirmer 35 points.

NTP 1/10 Lois Tait, 5/14 Lois Tait, 6/15 Joan Afflick, 8/17 Lil Benfield.

33 points, Adie Crispin.
32 points, Tessa Meyer.
30 points, Lois Tait,
29 points, Joy White.
28 points, Di Diversi, Lil Benfield.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 15 Aug

Chris EVERALL 3028.00
John EVERALL 2164.17
Betty Lou PITT 2843.83
Ross WHITE 1717.25
Lois TAIT 2830.83
David JACKSON 1550.83
Judy ELLIS 2582.75
Garry LONG 1539.48
Elaine SANDILANT 2572.50
Greg GIBB 1429.57
Jothi NAIDOO 2042.75
Alan DWYER 1379.50
Di DIVERSI 1921.50
Garry CASTLE 1300.68
Lily SCHIRMER 1803.25
Russ GILL 1229.50
Suda WOODWARD 1711.50
Ron SYLVESTER 1208.73
Ruth YELLAND 1456.67
Lou SIEDLE 1186.83
May WILKINSON 1324.25
Bruce JENNER 1157.83
Adie CRISPIN 1292.50
Rama NAIDOO 1123.83
Sue BRENNAN 1272.00
Barry PIKE 1117.42
Annette TESCH 1206.50
Barry HARTLEY 1089.33
Lil BENFIELD 1197.50
Peter DOHERTY 1081.38
Cathie COVERDALE 1129.75
Roger SMITH 1074.00
Kay BERGIEL 1093.00
Peter McMENAMIN 1073.25
Deon REDDICLIFFE 1071.50
Richard GOODERHAM 1065.71
Andrina WILSON 968.75
Darryl KING 1045.06
June WILLMOT 940.00
Brian NORRIS 1031.00
Bell GILLAN 913.75

Friday, 14 August 2015

Next Game Millaa Millaa 18 Aug


Our next game is a single stableford being the first round of the Patrons Trophy at Millaa Millaa.  The course is reportedly in great condition & the new bridge is in operation, 

The game is sponsored by Cazalys AFL and hopefully the present lovely weather will continue.

Also, if you would like one of our shirts, see Lois Tait at registration over the next couple of games as we will be placing an order shortly. Shirts sell for $35 shortsleeved, $40 longsleeved. Come cash in hand when ordering please!

Don't forget registration is from 7.30 to give you all plenty of time to enjoy the drive up, so see you there.


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

President's Report & Results Cairns 11 Aug

Today a season record of 122 players (101 men and 21 ladies) competed at Cairns golf Club for the trophies donated by DEBORAH DUFFY REAL ESTATE.

We welcomed 7 visitors and 2 new members to the field and hope they enjoyed their day on the excellent greens at Cairns.

Next weeks game is at Millaa Millaa and the committee have decided to delay start time to 7.30 AM to allow us all a little more time to take the drive easy.

Remember to check this blog on Monday night to make sure the weather is suitable for golf.

Also, if you would like one of our shirts, see Lois Tait at registration over the next couple of games as we will be placing an order shortly. Shirts sell for $35 shortsleeved, $40 longsleeved. Come cash in hand when ordering please!


MENS DIV1 WINNER; Ross White 39 points c/b
RUNNER UP; Don McHardie 39 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Neil Sharkey 36 points c/b
RUNNER UP; Dave Doonan 36 points.

NTP; 5th John Bawden, 8th George Cooley, 11th Keith Hillier, 17th Roger Glover.

38 points Barry Vining.
37 points, Keith Schirmer,
35 points, Keith Hillier, Bruce Jenner, Ron Crispin, Lou Siedle.
34 points, Ken Baker, Barry Pike, Roger Glover.
33 points, Ted Taylor, Geoff Harmer, Dave Christison, Warren Affleck, John Gregan.
32 points, Brian Rowan, Grahame Webb, Harvey Blanch, Chris Hoger, Brian Miller, David Jackson
31 points, Peter Meyer, Graham Healy, John Bawden, Garry Long, Brian Norris, Roger Smith,
Ken Smithson.
30 points, Ron Sylvester, Greg Gibb, Dave Ingram, Robin Tonks, Bert Smith, Gary Castle, Merv Elms, Bill Eden, Tony Bray.
29 points, Peter McMenamin, Trevor Barry, Rod Cade, John Mitchell, George Kyriazis, Russ Gill.
28 points, Bob Billingham, Barry butt, John Evans.

LADIES WINNER, May Wilkinson 33 points.
RUNNER UP, Liz Edmonds 32 points c/b

NTP 5th Tessa Meyer, 8th Ruth Yelland, 11th Cathy Smithson, 17th Ruth Yelland.

32 points, Ruth Yelland, Jan Staines.
31 points, Lois Tait, Cathy Smithson, Judy Ellis, Andrina Wilson.
30 points, Tessa Meyer,
29 points, Chris Everall, Jothi Naidoo.