Friday, 30 March 2018

Next Game Cairns 3 Apr


Happy Easter.  Our next game is the first of our Consistency trophy rounds. 

It is a single stableford at Cairns golf club.  Given the amount of rain we've had & the forecast for Sun & Mon, please keep an eye on this blog for updates on course condition.

The game is kindly sponsored by Stratford Painting Contractors.

See you there.


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

President's Report Mirage Day Cancelled 27 Mar

G’day Everyone,

After all the good work done by all of the Committee organising the extra day at Mirage, it was disappointing that it was the Weather Gods’ Committee which finally held sway. On Sunday, after discussion with the Mirage manager, Geoff Peard, he and I came to a mutual agreement it would be advisable to make an early call and cancel the Tuesday game. This was due to the likely unplayability of the Mirage course, particularly the back 9. 

After making that decision we also discussed the possibility of re-scheduling the game to later in the year. As our Tuesday program is full for the rest of our year, it was suggested that possibly a Friday may be a suitable day. Fridays also fit in with the Mirage golfing schedule. Further discussions will take place between Mirage and our Committee who will also informally consult with our members before a final decision is made.

I would like to say how very gratified I was by the number of players who had entered, but who contacted me offering to give up their positions if it meant members of the Committee could get a game. I similarly felt a great deal of pride by the gestures of all members of our Committee who, conversely, were prepared to give up their opportunity of playing so that all the players who had entered would be able to play. To both groups I offer my sincere thanks.

My thanks also go to Doug Christison, Peter Johnston, Pris Freeman and a non-member, Ross McConnell from H.M.B. who offered their carts for use at Mirage so all entrants would have access to a cart.

Those players who paid the $10 deposit for the Mirage game have the choice of having that amount deducted from their next weekly game (which makes it easier for Treasurer John} or have it refunded in cash.

Thanks again to everyone for their support.

See you all at Cairns on 3 Apr.

El Presidente”

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Mirage Game 27 Mar CANCELLED


We regret to advise that the Mirage game next Tuesday has been CANCELLED, although that will probably be no surprise given the existing & forecast weather.

The Manager at Mirage confirmed that the recent continuing rain has made the course unplayable with the best case scenario for Tuesday being only 9 holes playable with carts restricted to cart paths, if the rain stops & sun shines on Monday.  He agreed it would be more appropriate if we cancelled & rescheduled.

We will be looking at rescheduling a game there later in the year & President Greg will have something more to say in due course.


Friday, 23 March 2018

Next Game Mirage Country Club 27 Mar


Our next game is the extra one we arranged for you at the Mirage Country Club next Tuesday.

Just a reminder of the main points pertaining to the game:

1.  Registration 7-8am followed by shotgun start at 9am.  The later start time is to allow greens staff to complete their preparations & everyone to sort out their groups, get their clubs on their carts & make their way to their tee.  The driving range will be open for those who want to warm up prior to their round.

2.  We are oversubscribed, so if anyone who has booked is unable to make it, please contact me on 4045 3832 as soon as they know.  No walk in registrations will be accepted.  Please do NOT rock up at 8.30 thinking registration will still be open because of the later shotgun start.  Some Committee members have given up their spots to enable as many as possible of those who have booked to play & will take the place of any late registrants - you have been warned!

3.  To cover the shortfall in carts, management has allowed us to use a maximum of 6 private carts.  Those who wish to bring their own carts must notify me on 4045 3832, must have public liability insurance cover (should be covered on your household insurance, but check), will be advised by me that they have been accepted & will be subsidised $20.  The passenger will pay full fee of $35.

4.  No single person vehicles will be permitted, ie trikes or mobility style carts.

See you there,


PS We've received the first notifications of other games coming up around the ridges:

- Ravenshoe Millstream Country Club 36 hole Open 7/8 April.  For details call Caraline Soper on 0488 916 776.

- Wide Bay Spring Carnival between 30 Aug-13 Sep, six rounds over 4 out of 5 courses.  Details from

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

President's Report & Results Atherton 20 Mar

Hi All,

Mirage Update:
  • CARTS – three members have offered to bring their carts to Mirage – another three would be ideal – contact Lou on 40453832 if you’re willing to add yours to the list.
  • WITHDRAWALS – if you are aware that you will not be playing on the day, an early notification would be appreciated – again contact Lou with your name.
  • REGISTRATION – 7am to 8am. TEE OFF – 9am. At registration your team will be allocated a Starting Hole. Rather than names, the Hole Numbers will be attached to the windscreen of the carts.
  • PRIZES – The prizes will go from 1st to 4th place. 4 Dozen Logo Balls for N.T.P.’s and Ball Rundown.
Further information will appear in next Friday’s Blog.

A bright, sunny but breezy day greeted 69 players at Atherton today, 3 Ladies and 56 Men. The course was in good condition but in places a little soft after the rain they have had up there. The greens were at their testing best with the pins in places not seen before. The event, a Single Stableford was sponsored by one of our new sponsors, STRATFORD PAINTING CONTRACTORS and we thank Gordon for his valued contribution to our organisation. If you need some painting done, he’s the man.

We welcomed four new Members today, Kandice Van Kleef from H.M.B. , Kay Cleland from Cairns, Grant Cupitt from Mareeba and Mark Johnson from Atherton. It is hoped that each of you have a long and enjoyable experience with the F.N.Q. Vets. Our Membership now stands at 156 comprising 119 men and 37 ladies.

The ladies put the men to shame today with Judy Guzzwell, the Ladies Winner, outscoring the winners of both Men’s Divisions. A great effort. For a change, we tried some different vouchers today sourced from Woolworths, giving access to Big W, Uncle Dan’s and B.W.S. The change appeared to be well received.

Winner: John Gregan, 34 points C/B.
Runner Up: Doug Christison, 34 points.

Winner: Graeme Chappel, 35 points.
Runner Up: Peter Johnston, 34 points.

Ball Rundown:
34 Points: Don McHardie.
33 Points: Grant Scott, Graham Morrow, Gary Castle, Evert Van Kleef, John Tolhurst, Robin Tonks, Ross White.
32 Points: Peter Edmonds, Gavin Smith, John Everall, Maurie Smith, Dave Lawler, Ross Ellen, Mick Grumley.
31 Points: Russ Gill.
30 Points: Peter Doherty, Grant Cupitt, Dave Ingram, Gary Tudehope, William Matthews.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd John Gregan, 11th Claud Clark, 13th John Tolhurst, 18th Kevin Walsh.

Winner: Judy Guzzwell, 37 points.
Runner Up: Sue Taylor, 35 points.

Ball Rundown:
33 Points: Suda Woodward, Liz Edmonds, Kay Cleland.
32 Points: Judy Ellis, Cheryl Piccone, Tracey Dickinson, Andrina Wilson.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Lois Tait, 11th Judy Ellis, 13th Kay Cleland, 18th Sue Taylor.

See you at Mirage next week,
“El Presidente”.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Next Game Atherton 20 Mar


Our game next week is a single stableford at Atherton.

The game is sponsored by Stratford Painting Contractors.

See you there, but please read on for important info from Greg on the Mirage game.



Hi All,

As readers of this Blog would be aware the field for the game at Mirage on 27 March has been over-subscribed and that excess figure stands at 12 players. Captain Russ and I attended Mirage on Tuesday for discussions with the Manager. Geoff Peard. He advised us that he only had carts sufficient for 88 players not the 100 players who have paid their deposits. We discussed with him the possibility of a small number of players bringing their own carts to the game to allow the full field to play. He was quite amenable to this idea and has agreed to allow a small number of private carts to be brought to the course for the day. By agreement, we have set the maximum number of private golf carts at 6.

In a generous gesture, Manager Geoff also stated that he will give a $10.00 rebate for anyone who agrees to bring his cart up for the day. In line with this offer, F.N.Q. Vets will also put in another $10.00 making a total of a $20 rebate on the players overall $35 entry fee.This rebate will only apply to the cart owner and not to any passenger the owner might carry on the day.

As a result of the positive outcome of these negotiations we are asking that any player who has his own golf cart and is prepared to take it to Mirage on that day to please contact Secretary Lou on 4045 3832.  Lou will maintain a chronological list of those responding to this request and this list will be the basis of selecting those volunteers who are finally asked to assist. The cart owners selected to supply carts, as notified by Lou, will be the only ones allowed to bring private carts onto the course. (This request is only directed at those players who have already paid their deposits as entries have closed.) Lou would also like to hear from anyone who has booked to play at Mirage, but is now unable to play.

This request only applies to the normal two-person golf carts. Single person vehicles, such as tricycles and/or four wheel vehicles similar to mobility scooters are excluded from this request and cannot be used at Mirage. 

It is also necessary the golf cart should be covered by Public Liability Insurance. Most people who have Home Contents Insurance will find that they have a Public Liability Cover in their policy documents, usually to the amount of $20,000,000. Hoping all you cart owners can help out,

El Presidente

Monday, 12 March 2018

Millaa Millaa Game 13 Mar CANCELLED


We have been advised that the Tablelands Summer of Golf game scheduled for Millaa Millaa tomorrow 13 March has been CANCELLED.

Given the amount of rain in the last week, it would not be much of a surprise & it would be a risk to be travelling up the Gillies or Kuranda ranges with the potential for slips & road works.


PS  El Pres. & Captain will be visiting Mirage tomorrow to discuss a range of issues about our game there on 27 March with management.  Expect an update here soon after.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

President's Report & Results Half Moon Bay 6 Mar

Hi All,

I am sorry for the delay in posting this report but it was necessary considering the following information that needed to be relayed to you all..

After nominations closed yesterday for the game at Mirage, we were left with a prospective field of 103 players. Which, in normal circumstances would be great.

Due to a major misunderstanding on my behalf regarding the maximum numbers the Mirage Resort can handle with its available resources, for which I accept full responsibility, I have since ascertained the game is actually over-subscribed by 13 players. For this error I apologise sincerely. I have been in touch with the Manager at Mirage and he has confirmed that as it is an “all carts” course, the maximum number he can handle is 90 players.

Although there is a faint possibility that he may be able to conjure up 3-5 carts I believe that we should look at other alternatives. The last thing we want to do is conduct a ballot to reduce the field to a manageable size. 

We are aware that during the reception of nominations a number of our members indicated that, even though they were unsure of playing they were paying the deposit to reserve a place on the off-chance they were able to play. If any of those particular members would be prepared to make an early decision to rescind their nomination, we would be eternally grateful. 

Obviously their deposit would be refunded or taken off their next game fee. If you are of this mind you can contact either myself on 0427377675 or Secretary on 0740453832. In an effort to assist, I will be withdrawing my own nomination so now there are only another 12 to go.

Again, apologies to all for my error. I hope this matter can be resolved expeditiously to everyone’s satisfaction.


Although the skies around Half Moon Bay were heavily overcast all day we all managed to get through without getting wet. The course was in good condition, with pin placements in some interesting positions. It was a very successful event with a field total of 98 players, comprised of 78 men and 20 ladies. The trophies were sponsored by KENNEDY’S BETTA HOME LIVING and we certainly thank them and appreciate their continued support throughout the ensuing year. Anytime you’re considering purchasing an appliance pop in and see them and I’m sure you’ll get a good deal from them.

Thanks again must go to all of the staff at the Club, particularly the manager, Greg Ferry, for the manner in which we’re looked after each time we play there. Greg announced that next time we play there, in addition to the ‘slab” that the Club donates to our free raffle each game, special draught beer and wine prices will apply for after-the-game drinks.

Speaking of raffles, prior to his passing, our late member Jimmy Logan asked that a set of irons he had purchased earlier be given on to the Vets to be used as we saw fit. After discussions with Marg Logan, it was decided that the clubs be included in the free raffle as a prize. They were won by Keith Schirmer, who thanked both the Vets and the Logan family for their donation.

We also had a donation of balls from Secretary Lou and these were handed out in the ball run-down. Recipients were asked to check the balls before they left to make sure they were 1.68 inches in diameter and not 1.62. Also they should not be wrapped in tissue paper. If they were of the smaller diameter and wrapped that would have indicated that they were actually older than Lou. As we didn’t receive any returns I guess all was good, so “thanks very much, Lou”.

We had five new members join today. They were Bev Hayhurst (HMB), Gail Wright (HMB),
Steve James, (Cairns), Trish Freeman, Norm, Lockwood, Alec Ford (all from Mossman). We welcome them all and hope their stay with us is a long and happy one. This brings our total Financial Membership to 141, including 111 men and 30 ladies.

Our next game will be at Atherton in a fortnight’s time. Hoping to see you all there, not only to support the Vets but also to support the new management at the Club.

Yours in golf,


Winner: Gavin Smith, 38 points C/B.
Runner Up: Tim Hollman, 38 points.

Winner: Graham Webb, 39 points.
Runner Up: Peter McMenamin, 38 points.

Ball Rundown:
37 points: Rod Cade, Bob Billingham, Peter Johnston.
36 points: Russ Gill, John Tolhurst.
35 points: John Pilbin, Gordon Noble, John Evans, Vern Sandilandt, Peter Doherty, Lou Siedle.
34 points: Brian Guest, Bill Matthews, Marcus Morse.
33 points: Peter Wyatt, Roger Smith.
32 points: Vaughan Edwards, Ron Sylvester, Neil Hamilton, Frank Thelan, Michael Taylor,
Peter Edmonds, Ian Macleod-Carey.
31 points: Roger Glover, Cec Turner, Ross White, Doug Christison.
30 points: Len Fase, Dave Ingram, Evert Van Kleef, Graham Morrow, Dave Lawler.

N.T.P.’s: (3) Ron Sylvester, (9) Vaughan Edwards, (11) Ian Tindall, (16) George Studham.

Winner: Cathie Coverdale, 36 points.
Runner Up: Bev Hayhurst, 35 points.

Ball Runddown:
30 points: Liz Edmonds.
29 points: Andrina Wilson, Edna Atkinson, Tracy Dickinson
28 points: Gail Wright, Lil Benfield.
27 points: Jane Taylor, Lesley Ross.
26 points: Pris Freeman.

N.T.P.’s: (4) Tracy Dickinson, (9) Pris Freeman, (11) Gail Wright, (16) Jane Taylor.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Next Game Half Moon Bay 6 Mar


Our game next week is a single stableford at Half Moon Bay.

The game is kindly sponsored by Kennedys Betta Home Living.

With the continuing afternoon showers I'm not predicting the state of the course, but I'm sure we will be warmly welcomed as usual.

See you there.


PS Please note that final registrations for our extra game at Mirage will be accepted at HMB so that we can supply final numbers to Mirage & prepare for the shotgun start.  NO walk-up starts will be accepted at Mirage 

Just to remind you of this extra game - 4BBB stableford Tuesday 27 March at Mirage Country Club for $35pp with cart.  (Players can pay an extra $10 if they want their scores to be included in the Mirage Daily Comp on that same day (no compulsion)).  

Registration 7am.  Shotgun start 8.30am.  

If you are interested in playing on that day, please let us know at registration at HMB on 6 Mar.  We will require a booking fee of $10 to reserve your place, which will come off your entry on the day, or you can put it towards the entry for the Mirage Daily Comp.(Correction, I've been told that if you want to play in the Mirage comp day, you will have to book at the Pro shop & pay your $10 there.)

Mirage Country Club has sponsored prizes of 2 x $45 vouchers and 2 x $25 vouchers.