Tuesday, 27 March 2018

President's Report Mirage Day Cancelled 27 Mar

G’day Everyone,

After all the good work done by all of the Committee organising the extra day at Mirage, it was disappointing that it was the Weather Gods’ Committee which finally held sway. On Sunday, after discussion with the Mirage manager, Geoff Peard, he and I came to a mutual agreement it would be advisable to make an early call and cancel the Tuesday game. This was due to the likely unplayability of the Mirage course, particularly the back 9. 

After making that decision we also discussed the possibility of re-scheduling the game to later in the year. As our Tuesday program is full for the rest of our year, it was suggested that possibly a Friday may be a suitable day. Fridays also fit in with the Mirage golfing schedule. Further discussions will take place between Mirage and our Committee who will also informally consult with our members before a final decision is made.

I would like to say how very gratified I was by the number of players who had entered, but who contacted me offering to give up their positions if it meant members of the Committee could get a game. I similarly felt a great deal of pride by the gestures of all members of our Committee who, conversely, were prepared to give up their opportunity of playing so that all the players who had entered would be able to play. To both groups I offer my sincere thanks.

My thanks also go to Doug Christison, Peter Johnston, Pris Freeman and a non-member, Ross McConnell from H.M.B. who offered their carts for use at Mirage so all entrants would have access to a cart.

Those players who paid the $10 deposit for the Mirage game have the choice of having that amount deducted from their next weekly game (which makes it easier for Treasurer John} or have it refunded in cash.

Thanks again to everyone for their support.

See you all at Cairns on 3 Apr.

El Presidente”

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