Tuesday, 30 August 2016

President's Report & Results HMB 30 Aug

Today was the second and final round of our club championships and from the things I heard at presentations most of you have had enough of stroke rounds and will be happy to go back to good old stableford where huge scores on a hole are out of the question!

There were 76 men and 16 women in the field today which was a little disappointing considering the great weather we have had lately and our membership is now up to 237.

Our sponsor today is DEBORAH DUFFY ESTATE AGENT and once again I thank her for the support and wonder if we can’t get her along for a game one of these sunny Tuesdays.

Unfortunately one of our members, Kevin Ranger was hit in the face by an errant ball today and had to be taken to hospital where xray confirmed his nose was broken. We all wish Kevin a quick recovery and hopefully his filmstar career will not be affected too much. Seriously though, if one of our members is hurt or taken ill on the course do not be shy about calling an ambulance, they are the experts and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Congratulations go to Edna Atkinson for winning the ladies section of the wintersun tour. This is the caravanners tour up and down the coast this time of the year playing at various courses along the way.
While on the subject of great golf, the “shot of the day” today must go to George Brew whose tee shot on the 3rd skipped 5 times across the water and finished safely on dry land!!!

Next week the game is at Millaa Millaa and hopefully the weather gods will be kinder to us than last time so the Patrons trophy can go ahead.

Bob Billingham is a Millaa Milla member and has donated 2 dozen balls for some novelty prizes as extra incentive to make the trip worth while, so even the NAGA will win a half dozen balls as well as some putting prizes.


WOMENS WINNER; Lil Benfield nett 72.
RUNNER UP; Margaret Finch nett 74.
WOMENS NTP; 4th & 16th Choo Lim, 9th Cathie Coverdale, 11th Edna Atkinson.

75, Betty Lou Pitt, Andrina Wilson.
77, Lily Schirmer.
79, Edna Atkinson.
80, Doreen Minning, Choo Lim.

MENS DIV 1 WINNER; Peter Doherty nett 69.
RUNNER UP; George Studham nett 70.
MENS DIV2 WINNER; Peter Johnson nett 67 c/b
RUNNER UP; David Ingram nett 67.

MENS NTP; 3rd Rick Gooderham, 11th John Everall, 9th & 16th Ross White.

67, Claud Clark.
68, George Kyraizis, Wal Anthony.
69, David Jackson.
70, Jim Pinfield.
71, John Evans, Roger Glover.
72, George Atkinson, Tom Stager, Wayne Hoger, Bill Foster, Trevor Barry.
73, Peter Jostsons, Roger Smith, Greg Gibb, Yasuo Kumagae.
74, Albert Smith, Robin Tonks, Brian Rowan.
75, Lou Siedle, Les Doolan,Tom Finch, Maurie Smith,Rod Cade, Bill Ford, Peter Edmonds, Keith Willmett.
76, Barry Pike, John Pilbin, Merv Elms.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Next Game 2nd Round Champs HMB 30 Aug


The final round of our Championships is at Half Moon Bay next Tuesday - yes, you get to do it all again!

The synoptic forecast is looking good at present & course is sure to be in fine condition, so enjoy the scenery from whichever positions you get into.

When you have finished, a platter of sandwiches per group will be supplied free of charge to help you celebrate, so stay & enjoy the presentations if you can, or you can earn brownie points by leaving your share to the rest of the group.

The day & the overall Championships are generously sponsored by Deb Duffy Estate Agent.  Any grey nomads looking to move to this lovely part of the world should consider getting in touch with her.

See you there.


PS  The last call for shirts for the year will be taken by Lois at registration.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

President's Report & Results HMB 23 Aug

Today was the first round of the championships and from what I see the course must have been playing very easy, well, next week will tell the story.
The field was a rather disappointing 80 men and 19 women, but I am assuming that with all the clubs playing championships and the various open events around the far north, players may be a little tired of stroke rounds!
Our sponsor today was DEBORAH DUFFY ESTATE AGENT and once again, thanks Deb for the Drummond vouchers awarded to the daily winners. The champions will receive their prizes on the Annual general Meeting day later in the year.
Our thanks also go to the Half Moon Bay club for making their course available and the carton of beer they kindly donate for a free raffle, which was won today by our patron Claud Clark. Thanks also to Tarquin and Mike McManus and of course Nyssa for the catering today. Next week we will be having complimentary platters of sandwiches for each gaggle as they return to the clubhouse.
Today we welcomed visitors, Steve Matthews, Lyle Skinner and Peter Tucker as well as new members Len Neal, Margot Desira and Michael McManus.
MENS DIV 1 WINNER ; Keith Hillier 66 nett.
RUNNER UP; Keith Schirmer 68 nett.
MENS DIV2 WINNER; Claud Clark 66 nett.c/b
RUNNER UP; Frank Thelan 66 nett
MENS NTP; 3rd David Jackson, 9th Frank Thelan, 11th Mike McManus, 16th David Lawler.

67 Kevin Reddicliffe, Wal Anthony.
69 David Jackson, David Ingram.
71 Wayne Hoger, Vern Sandilant, Yashuo Kumagae, John Everall.
72 Lou Siedle, Evert Van Kleef, Tom Stager, Graham Morrow, Barry Pike, Darryl deClifford.
73 Albert Smith, Maurie Smith, Clive Smith, Bob Billingham.
74 Peter Wyatt, Merv Elms, Brian Norris, Bruce Jenner, Garry Castle, Roger Glover.
75 George Studham, Robyn Tonks, Peter Jostson.
76 Russ Gill, Bob Turner, Gordon Noble, Graham Webb, Doug Christison, Ron Crispin.

WOMENS WINNER; Margaret Finch 76 nett.
RUNNER UP; Tessa Meyer 77 nett.
WOMENS NTP; 4th Judy Ellis, 9th Lil Benfield, 11th Betty Lou Pitt, 16th Margot Desira.
77 Choo Lim.
78 Robyn Harper.
79 Betty Lou Pitt, Judy Ellis, Lil Benfield.
81 Margot Desira, Doreen Minning.
82 Deon Reddicliffe, Lily Schirmer.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 9 Aug

Betty Lou PITT 3,770.00 Lou SIEDLE 1,813.50
Lily SCHIRMER 3,522.00 Robin TONKS 1,557.29
Andrina WILSON 3,051.25 John EVERALL 1,530.64
Judy ELLIS 1,933.60 James LOGAN 1,417.60
Robyn HARPER 1,894.60 Russell GILL 1,397.09
Lois TAIT 1,860.00 David JACKSON 1,372.50
Christine EVERALL 1,675.00 Keith SCHIRMER 1,269.10
Elizabeth EDMONDS 1,623.60 Erki PIHLHJERTA 1,161.86
Lillian BENFIELD 1,107.10 Roger SMITH 1,150.00
May WILKINSON 1,073.58 Greg GIBB 1,087.17

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 2 Aug

Betty Lou PITT 3,770.00 Robin TONKS 1,524.29
Lily SCHIRMER 3,222.00 John EVERALL 1,448.14
Andrina WILSON 2,938.75 James LOGAN 1,417.60
Judy ELLIS 1,933.60 Lou SIEDLE 1,413.50
Lois TAIT 1,775.00 Russell GILL 1,359.59
Robyn HARPER 1,694.60 David JACKSON 1,328.50
Christine EVERALL 1,585.00 Keith SCHIRMER 1,225.10
Elizabeth EDMONDS 1,473.60 Roger SMITH 1,125.50
May WILKINSON 1,073.58 Erki PIHLHJERTA 1,110.86
Lillian BENFIELD 994.60 Greg GIBB 1,030.17

Friday, 19 August 2016

Next Game Half Moon Bay 23 Aug


Our games next week and the week after are at Half Moon Bay.

These are stroke rounds, being our Championships and will be played in 3 grades for men & one for ladies.   However, please enter both stroke & stableford scores on the card.

Please note that to compete you must have been a member on FNQVGA for 2 months prior to the date of the first round of the event & have played in at least 3 of our events.

Both games are sponsored by Deb Duffy Real Estate.

We have been advised that the HMB caterers will be doing their celebrated burgers for both days.

See you there.


Monday, 15 August 2016



Unfortunately we have been advised that the Babinda game will have to be cancelled.

Although the course was fine at the weekend, it has been raining there all day today & more rain is forecast for tomorrow.  In fact, the synoptic forecast predicts rain all this week.

In view of the short notice, we have decided not to make arrangements to play at another club.

Members are advised to make their own arrangements for a game somewhere if the weather permits in their area & if they feel so inclined.


PS  Greg Ferry at HMB advises - "If your members are interested I have a few timeslots in our competition. Times are 7.30am to 8.00am. and 10.30am to 12.30pm. I am happy to offer $12 green fees in our competition if they are interested."  

Contact Greg direct on 07 4055 7884

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Next Game Babinda 16 Aug


Our next game is the second round of the Patron's Trophy at Babinda.

The event is a single stableford, sponsored by Drummond Golf.

Tom Stager told us the drains have all been cleared of weed ready for us, so don't be shy, come along, take the challenge & bring plenty of balls!

Wal Anthony advised that there is a spare cart available for $20 if you don't fancy walking.

See you there.


PS  Just a reminder of games elsewhere:

-  12 Aug Gourmet Golf Tournament at Mirage $210pp entry
-  12/13 Aug QVGU Closed State 4BBB Championship at Maryborough Golf Club
-  18-24 Sep Golden Oldies golf festival in Hunter Valley www.govsl.com
-  Various dates at Norfolk Island www.norfolkislandtravelcentre.com
-  24-31 May '17 Vanuatu Senior Masters www.progolfexperiences.com.au
-  15-20 Oct '17 AVGU National golf Championships, Gold Coast www.gogolfing.net.au/vets2017

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

President's Report & Results Atherton 9 Aug

One could say that it was chilly this morning in Atherton, but in spite of that, 62 men and 14 women arrived early for the stableford round of the Consistency Trophy. We welcomed visitor Noel Hayes from Rosebud Country Club in Victoria and new member Doug Christison from Gordonvale.
The sponsor for today was GOLF WORLD of Cairns and our thanks go to them for the vouchers that the winners and runners up will be able to spend on anything golf from their store.
MENS DIV1 WINNER; Lou Siedle 42 points.
RUNNER UP; Evert Van Kleef 39 points.
MENS DIV 2 WINNER; Trevor Barry 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Brian Rowan 39 points.
NTP; 3rd Bill Eden, 11th Brian Brown, 13th Tony Lattimore, 18th George Cooley.
39 points, Gary Tudehope, Rick Gooderham.
37 points, John Everall, Don McHardie, Peter Doherty, Brian Norris.
36 points, Gordon Noble.
35 points, George Cooley.
34 points, Rex White, Ron Crispin, Greg Gibb, Brian Brown.
33 points, Grant Scott, Barry Foxover, John Gregan, Doug Christison, Mike Van Cuylenburg, Eric Pilhljerta, Peter Wyatt
32 points, David Jackson, Bruce Magill, Keith Schirmer, Keith Willmett, George Studham, Dave Ingram, Rod Cade.

WOMENS WINNER; Jothi Naidoo 42 points.
RUNNER UP; Lily Schirmer 34 points.

WOMENS NTP; 3rd Robyn Harper, 11th Joy White, 13th Lily Schirmer, 18th Adie Crispin.

33 points, Robyn Harper.
32 points, Liz Edmonds.
31 points, Andrina Wilson, Lil Benfield.
30 points Chris Everall.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Next Game Atherton 9 Aug


Our next game is a single stableford Consistency round at Atherton.

I'm told the course is in good condition & with the weather we've been having we should even get a bit of run for a change if it continues.

The game is sponsored by Golf World.

See you there.


PS  If members change club membership, please let us know & advise us of your new Golflink number.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

President's Report & Results Mareeba 2 Aug

Todays game was a stableford and the fourth round of the Ted Thomasson Memorial Shield, the final round will be played at Gordonvale on 13th September. The winner will be the player with the best score from three of the five nominated games.
The Mareeba course was in great condition for the 79 men and 15 ladies who competed today and considering the City of Cairns event is running all week I consider this a very good turnout. We are pleased to welcome 2 new members, Clive Smith of Half Moon Bay and Don Freeman of Mareeba, we also had one visitor H Musgrave from N.S.W.
Congratulations go to Cec Turner for his hole in one on the 8th hole.
Our sponsor today is FIG TREE HEALTH of Alice street Atherton, who are dieticians specialising in sport, weight loss and much more, they are highly qualified in this field and DVA accredited.
MENS DIV1 WINNER; Barry Foxover 39 points.
RUNNER UP; Jim Logan 38 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Don Freeman 44 points.
RUNNER UP; Barry Butt 40 points.
MENS NTP 4th Keith Schirmer, 8th Cec Turner hole in 1, 11th Darryl deClifford.13th Keith Willmett.

40 points, Tom Stager.
39 points, David Ingram.
38 points, Brian Norris.
37 points, Graham Hughes, Mal Arthur.
36 points, Merv Elms, Neil Sharkey, Bob Billingham, Victor Lee, Trevor Barry, Darryl deClifford, Ken Baker, Roger Smith.
35 points, Evert van Kleef, David Lawler, Barry Hartley, Keith Willmett, Geoff Pratt, Ron Crispin, Don McHardie, Robert Kum.
34 points, Peter McMenamin, Steve Edwards, Greg Gibb.
33 points, Graham Morrow, Marcus Morse, Bill Eden, Rod Cade, Keith Hillier, John Gregan.
32 points, Peter Johnson, Neil Stubbin, Harry AliKhan, Robin Tonks

WOMENS WINNER; Betty Lou Pitt 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Judy Ellis 38 points.
WOMENS NTP; 4th Tessa Meyer, 11th Robyn Harper, 13th Maria Ling.

37 points, Jenny Albertson, Joy White.
34 points, Joy Evans.
33 points, Lois Tait.
32 points, Tessa Meyer, Lily Schirmer.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 31 July

Betty Lou PITT 3,370.00 Robin TONKS 1,487.79
Lily SCHIRMER 3,134.50 John EVERALL 1,448.14
Andrina WILSON 2,938.75 Lou SIEDLE 1,381.50
Lois TAIT 1,675.00 Russell GILL 1,359.59
Judy ELLIS 1,633.60 David JACKSON 1,328.50
Robyn HARPER 1,614.60 James LOGAN 1,305.10
Christine EVERALL 1,585.00 Keith SCHIRMER 1,193.10
Elizabeth EDMONDS 1,473.60 Erki PIHLHJERTA 1,108.86
May WILKINSON 1,073.58 Roger SMITH 1,060.75
Lillian BENFIELD 994.60 Greg GIBB 979.67