Thursday, 27 February 2014

Next Game Atherton 4 Mar & Drummond Sponsorship


Our game next Tuesday is at Atherton & is a 4BBB Aggregate Stableford sponsored by Kennedys Beta Electrical.

For those who are unsure of the comp, you record the stableford scores of yourself & your partner & add them both together at the end.

If you haven't got a partner we will try & match you up at registration as usual.

Louis Siedle

Special Announcement - Drummond Sponsorship

Katrin Nash at the Drummond Golf store in Cairns has provided our Association with an exceptional sponsorship package of $1500 for our 2014 program.

Drummond Golf will sponsor our 2 day FNQVGA Open commencing 30th June, and our Club Championships on the 5th and 12th August, plus 2 more tournaments on the 3rd and 18th November.

In addition to receiving this sponsorship, the Association also has the opportunity to earn further product rebates from Drummond based on all Veteran members' golf sales at the Cairns Drummond Golf Store.

Lifetime membership at Drummond Golf for our members is a one off joining fee of $10.00. Each new member will receive a personalised Drummond Club card which is presented for instore purchases and is used to track expenditure for the product rebate.

If you are already a current Drummond Club member you will be included in the FNQ Veteran Golfers Association Club's member tally without paying another joining fee. You will receive a new member card identifying you as a member of the FNQVGA.  For every 20 new members to join at the same time our Association will receive a Fortress Empire Cart Bag valued at $250, PLUS a free $50 appreciation voucher. These will be used as prizes for future tournaments.

Veteran members will receive the very best price every time they visit any Drummond Golf Store, special rate green fees, and “2 for 1” deals at over 100 courses across Australia.

Katrin Nash is a FNQVGA member and will be playing at Atherton Golf Club on Tuesday 4th March. She will be happy to explain the benefits to all members on that day.  

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 18 Feb

President's Report & Results
of the Single Stableford Competition
Played on 18th February
at Gordonvale Golf Club
90 Players

President's Report

Welcome back to all our members after the festive season which I hope they all enjoyed, but is anyone sick of hot cross buns yet & Easter not till mid April?
Having missed our first game of the year at Mareeba because of the wet, 72 men & 18 ladies turned up eager to attack a course that was in surprisingly good condition despite an early morning 7mm of rain & greens which were coming along well although slow.

However, despite my warnings I saw a number of groups exploring the drains! Thick rough in places, no run on the fairways & hot humid conditions, particularly when the sun came out, saw scores generally below par even though preferred lies were in place on the fairways. Congratulations to the green keeper & volunteers who I was told had to cope with machinery breakdowns
Thanks to Tom Bryce for preparing the board & NTPs for us, to Manager Phil, to Erica for running the drinks drinks cart & to Cazalys for sponsoring the day.

Welcome to new members Ronald Sylvester of Cairns & Trevor Miller of Gordonvale. Quite a number of members have renewed & our membership stands at 125 to date.
Our next game is at Atherton in a fortnight, so fingers crossed for some decent weather a couple of days prior to it.

Louis Siedle

Men's Winner Div 1: Rama Naidoo 38 points
Men's Runner up Div 1: Louis Siedle 36 points
Men's Winner Div 2: David Jackson 41 points
Men's Runner up Div 2: Claud Clark 35 points

Ball Rundown:
35 points: Col McDowall, Richard Staines
34 points: Merv Elms, Bob Billingham, John Everall, Brian Rowan
33 points: Keith Schirmer, Bob Turner, Trevor Barry, Dave Ingram, George Shores, Des Jones
32 points: Bill Foster, Garry Long, Brian Panigas, Ross White, Trevor Miller, Greg Gibb
31 points: Bill Eden, Niel Sharkey, Colin Johannsen, Peter McMenamin, John Shearer, Clive Perry
30 points: Don Thomson, Dave Bennett, Yasuo Kumagae, Jin Logan, Peter Yelland

NTPs men: 5th John Bawden; 8th Louis Siedle; 14th Peter Yelland; 17th Garry Castle

Women's Winner: Jothi Naidoo 34 points
Women's Runner up: Ruth Yelland 27 points

Ball Rundown:
26 points: Di Diversi
25 points: May Wilkinson, Lily Schirmer
24 points: Sue Brennan
23 points: Jane Johannsen, Lois Tait
28 points: Isa Turner

NTPs women: 3rd Jothi Naidoo & 12th Ruth Yelland

Friday, 14 February 2014

Next Game Gordonvale 18 Feb


Our game next Tuesday is at Gordonvale golf club & is a single stableford, sponsored by Cazalys.

I had a game there yesterday & it is wet in places, but nowhere near as bad as Cairns.  They had machinery on course mowing but you can expect long rough in places, so stay on the fairways & keep an eye on the ball there, as there are clumps of cut grass lying about which can swallow it.  Naturally the drains have long rough & water in them & the greens have been cut long, although I've been told they will be cut a bit shorter for us.

If we have no rain between now & then, the course will have dried out considerably, but keep an eye on the blog.  Trevor, their President is going to email me an update on Monday am & if I have anything significant to report I'll post it then.

See you there.

Louis Siedle

Friday, 7 February 2014

No Game at Mareeba 11 Feb


In view of the forecast for the next week, we will not be rescheduling the cancelled game at Mareeba next Tuesday.

However, Mareeba club will be putting a game on if weather permits, open to anyone who wants a game, as they have not had as much rain as Cairns over the last couple of days.  

You can call the club on Monday on 4092 1528 or Col McDowall on 0407 921 236 to confirm that the course is playable.

The Tablelands Summer of Golf also has a game scheduled at Millaa Millaa on that day.

Louis Siedle

Monday, 3 February 2014

Mareeba Game CANCELLED


I've just spoken to Col McDowall who advised they can't get machinery out to do any work on the course because it is so wet.  With rain forecast to continue, he suggested we cancel the game tomorrow & possibly reschedule it to the 11 Feb.

I'll wait & see what next week looks like before deciding whether to reschedule it so please watch this space.

Sorry for the short notice and if you know anyone who does not have internet access, please let them know.

Louis Siedle