Friday, 29 April 2016

Next Game Gordonvale 3 May


Our game next week is a single stableford Consistency event at Gordonvale.

The course is still playing quite long, but the area around the greens is starting to firm up permitting some chip & run shots, which will be a relief to those of us who find the wedge a bit chancy!

The greens will have been sanded at the weekend, so should run a bit more smoothly, but the drains have water in them & high rough, so abandon hope all ye who enter therein.

The game is sponsored by Kennedys Betta Electrical.

See you there.


Thursday, 28 April 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 28 Apr

Lily SCHIRMER 1,462.00 John EVERALL 959.00
Andrina WILSON 1,348.75 James LOGAN 818.00
Betty Lou PITT 1,262.50 Keith SCHIRMER 782.29
Claire HANNON 717.50 Max SMITH 646.75
Judy ELLIS 676.60 Peter DOHERTY 612.50
Elizabeth EDMONDS 627.60 Graham ROSS 527.50
Lois TAIT 607.50 Rodney INGRAM 507.50
Sue TAYLOR 599.10 Ian MACLEOD-CAREY 504.50
Christine EVERALL 448.50 William FORD 499.79
Mary SCOTT 400.00 Lou SIEDLE 477.50

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

President's Report & Results Atherton 26 Apr

Today we played a stableford event at the Atherton Golf Club. The weather was not looking very promising from the start so the numbers were down somewhat (51 men and 9 women), however those brave few only had intermittent showers which did not interfere with the golf too much at all. The golf course was in very good condition and we thank the members and staff at Atherton for their good work.

Welcome to new members Vince Agius of Gordonvale & Patsy & Rob McMahon of Atherton.

The sponsor today was GOLF WORLD of Cairns and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage our members to join GOLF TRIBE and be eligible for discounts on purchases as well as other benefits.

For those who have asked after our patron Claud Clark, I can report that he has been quite ill but is now well on the mend at home and I am sure he would welcome a phone call from any friends wanting to wish him well,


MENS WINNER; Max Smith 40 points,
RUNNER UP; Peter Doherty 39 points.

MENS NTP; 3rd Barry Foxover, 11th Bob Billingham, 13th David Jackson, 18th Alan Dwyer.

38 points, Garry Castle.
35 points, Mike VanCuylenberg, Peter Johnston, Russ Gill, Graham Morrow, Mal Arthur.
34 points, Peter Edmonds, Keith Schirmer.
33 points, Bob Billingham, Robin Tonks, Rod Cade, Lou Siedle, Bill Eden, John Everall
32 points, Ron Sylvester, Alan Dwyer, Ross White.
31 points, Neil Sharkey, Ken Baker, Vince Agius, Barry Hartley.

WOMENS WINNER; Lily Schirmer 33 points.
RUNNER UP; Betty Lou Pitt 32 points.

WOMENS NTP, 3rd Lily Schirmer, 11th Andrina Wilson, 13th Patsy McMahon, 18th Lois Tait.

30 points, Lois Tait.
29 points, Patsy McMahon
28 points, Andrina Wilson.
27 points, Robyn Harper.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Next Game Atherton 26 Apr


Our game next week is another single stableford Consistency event at Atherton.

The game is sponsored by Golf World.

I'm told the course is in good condition as they have not had the rain we have.  Just look out for the temporary second tee about 40m in front of the old one which is being renovated.

See you there.


PS Upcoming events around the ridges:

Ravenshoe 3 ball Ambrose 18 hole scramble this Sun 24 Apr.  Registration contact Caroline on 0488 916 776 or email

Tenterfield Veteran Golfers week of Golf 2-6 May.  Nominations from Bill Eastgate 0407439865 or

Bargara Veteran Closed State Golf Championship 23/24 May.  Nomination forms available at

Mareeba Golf Club Veterans Golf Event 1 July.  Nominations from Mareeba GC on 40921528 or, or at

Millaa Millaa Seniors Open Tournament on 6 July.  Nominations from Don McHardie on 4097 2255 or

Atherton Veteran's Open Tournament 7/8 July.  Nominations from the club on 4091 1283 or

2 Day Veterans Carnival at Maryborough 11/12 July.  Nominations from Kevin Slade 4122 3101 or

Golden Oldies World golf Festival in Hunter Valley NSW 18-24 September.  Flyers at registration or contact Roger Carroll at

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 22 Apr

Andrina WILSON 1,223.75 John EVERALL 898.50
Leonila "Lily" SCHIRMER 1,062.00 James LOGAN 789.00
Betty Lou PITT 962.50 Keith SCHIRMER 704.79
Claire HANNON 717.50 Graham ROSS 527.50
Sue TAYLOR 599.10 Rodney INGRAM 507.50
Judy ELLIS 596.60 Ian MACLEOD-CAREY 504.50
Elizabeth EDMONDS 537.60 William FORD 499.79
Lois TAIT 407.50 Maurie SMITH 453.50
Mary SCOTT 400.00 Lou SIEDLE 417.00
Jothi NAIDOO 382.50 Frank THELAN 388.50

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

President's Report & Results Cairns 19 Apr

Today we played a stableford event at Cairns golf Club and it was very pleasing to see the field starting to increase.There were 108 players (86 men and 22 ladies) competing on a perfect day on a course that has dried out after the weekend rain.

The sponsor for the day was DEBORAH DUFFY ESTATE AGENT and we are thank Deb for the Drummond golf vouchers that the winners and runners up received.

I would like to remind members that the game next week is at Atherton and judging by the excellent condition of the course on the last few visits, it will be well worth getting a carload and making the effort to see for yourself.

Congratulations go to Ruth Yelland for winning the Mareeba Open last weekend against a strong field of low marker ladies. Well done Ruth.


MENS DIV1 WINNER; Graham Ross 37 points.
RUNNER UP; Roger Smith 36 points.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Rod Ingram 38 points.
RUNNER UP; Wayne Hoger 34 points.

NTP; 5th Dave Horton, 8th Maurie Smith, 11th Russ Gill, 17th Stephen Day.

36 points; Ian Tindall.
35 points; Jim Logan, Ian Schofield, Lou Siedle,
34 points; Robin Tonks, Bruce Jenner, Peter Yelland, Russ Gill, Bill Ford, Keith Schirmer.
33 points; Brian Panigas, John Sinclair, Merv Elms, William Matthews, Maurie Smith.
32 points; Dave Horton, Barry Foxover, Ron Barnes, Wayne Petrohilos.
31 points; Bill Foster, Des Jones, Bob Billingham, Peter McMenamin, Stephen Day, Alan Dwyer,
Frank Thelan, Darryl deClifford, Greg Gibb, Keith Hillier.
30 points; John Everall, Peter Edmunds, Russell Edwards, Yasuo Kumagae, Jeff McGrath,
Gary Long.

WOMENS WINNER; Mary Scott, 41 points.
RUNNER UP; Cathy Smithson 37 points.

NTP; 5th Mary Scott, 8th May Wilkinson, 11th Cathy Smithson, 17th Ruth Yelland.

35 points, June Willmot.
33 points, may Wilkinson.
31 points, Ruth Yelland.
30 points, Lois Tait, Betty Lou Pitt.
29 points, Chris Everall, Jothi Naidoo.
27 points, Andrina Wilson, Edna Atkinson.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 16 Apr

Andrina WILSON 1151.25 John EVERALL 864
Leonila "Lily" SCHIRMER 1008 James LOGAN 684
Betty Lou PITT 867.5 Keith SCHIRMER 634.5
Claire HANNON 717.5 Ian MACLEOD-CAREY 488
Sue TAYLOR 540.5 William FORD 429.5
Judy ELLIS 538 Maurie SMITH 400
Elizabeth EDMONDS 479 Donald McHARDIE 366.25
Lillian BENFIELD 322.5 Thomas STAGER 357.5
Deon REDDICLIFFE 322.5 Frank THELAN 346
Lois TAIT 312.5 David JACKSON 343.25

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Next Game Cairns 19 Apr


Our game next week is at Cairns golf club.

It is a single stableford Consistency event, sponsored by Deb Duffy Real Estate.

It looks like the rain has eased & I'm advised that the course has handled it well & should be fine on Tuesday.

See you there.


PS Don't forget, Lois is taking orders for FNQVGA shirts at registration, so please see her with your size, preferred colour & whether short or long sleeved.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

President's Report & Results HMB 12 Apr

Considering the beautiful day, a disappointing field of 68 men and 13 women teed off at Half Moon Bay in the stableford event sponsored by CAZALYS AFL CLUB , the winners taking home Cazalys venue vouchers.  The scores recorded today will count toward the annual Consistency and Savannah cup events.

The winner of the free raffle of a carton of beer donated by Half Moon Bay club was David Jackson.  Remember that you must be at the draw at presentation time to be eligible.

We heard today that our patron Claud Clark has been in hospital but is “on the mend” so we wish him all the best for a speedy return to good health and golf.

Next week the game will be at Cairns and please note that cart hire will be at members prices


MENS DIV 1 WINNER; John Everall 40 points.
RUNNER UP; Jim Logan 37 points.

MENS DIV 2 WINNER; John Famularo 37 points.
RUNNER UP; David Jackson 36 points,

MENS NTP; 3rd Maurie Smith, 9th Des Jones, 11th Richard Staines, 16th John Famularo.

36 points, Graham Ross.
35 points, George Studham, Lou Siedle.
34 points, John Bawden, Russ Gill, Vaughan Edwards, George Atkinson, Wayne Petrohilos.
Graham Edwards, Bill Matthews.
33 points, Roger Smith, Garry Castle, Robin Tonks, Darryl DeClifford.
32 points, Brian Panigas, Ross White.
31 points, Barry Hartley, Mal Arthur, Wayne Hoger, Richard Staines, Bob Billingham.
30 points, Bill Eden, Peter McMenamin, Bill Foster, Max Smith, Ian McLeod-Carey, John Gregan

WOMENS WINNER; Lily Schirmer 31 points.
RUNNER UP; Betty Lou Pitt 30 points.

WOMENS NTP; 4th Lily Schirmer, 9th Chris Everall, 11th Claire Hannon, 16th Lily Schirmer.

30 points, Claire Hannon.
27 points, Andrina Wilson.
24 points, Kay Bergiel, Chris Everall, Judy Ellis.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Next Game Half Moon Bay 12 Apr


Our game next week is another single stableford Consistency round at Half Moon Bay golf club.

The sponsor for the day is Cazalys AFL.

I'm told the course is in good condition & little affected by recent rain, so hopefully the weather will continue to be kind to us.

See you there.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

Savannah Cup Leaders as at 7 Apr

Andrina WILSON 1001.25 Keith SCHIRMER 605
Betty Lou PITT 617.5 John EVERALL 464
Leonila "Lily" SCHIRMER 608 Ian MACLEOD-CAREY 445.5
Elizabeth EDMONDS 479 James LOGAN 434
Sue TAYLOR 478 William FORD 429.5
Claire HANNON 467.5 Maurice SMITH 383
Judy ELLIS 433 Donald McHARDIE 366.25
Jothi NAIDOO 300 Thomas STAGER 357.5
Lorraine DOOLAN 300 Franz THELAN 346
Georgie JARRED 283 John GREGAN 285.5


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

President's Report & Results Mareeba 5 Apr

Today we had 69 men and 21 competing in a stableford event at the Mareeba Golf Club, which was in great condition in the lead up to several major comps.

We welcomed visitors, Bryan and Vicki Young from Townsville and new member Otto Hirsch of Cairns Golf Club.

The sponsor today was CAPE YORK ACCOUNTING and we thank them for the Drummond store vouchers that the winners and runners up received.


MENS DIV1 WINNER; Don McHardie 38 points c/b
RUNNER UP; John Everall 38 points c/b.

MENS DIV2 WINNER; Bill Ford 37 points c/b.
RUNNER UP; Peter McMenamin 37 points c/b.

MENS NTP; 4th John Evans, 8th Max Smith, 11th Lou Siedle, 13th Ken Baker.

37 points, Keith Schirmer,
36 points, Bill Eden, John Pilbin, Max Smith, Peter Yelland.
35 points, Kevin Reddicliffe, Eric Pihlhjerta, Barry Butt, Wayne Petrohilos, Geoff Edwards, Roger Glover, Mal Arthur.
34 points, Rod Cade, Peter Johnston, Peter Handley, Ian McLeod-Carey.
33 points, Greg Gibb, Frank Thelan, Ross White, Bob Billingham, Ken Baker, Robin Tonks, Lou Siedle, Mike VanCuylenberg, Barry Foxover.
32 points, Ian Tindall, Bryan Young, Otto Hirsch, Graham Ross, Bob Turner.

WOMENS WINNER; Andrina Wilson 37 points.
RUNNER UP; Liz Edmonds 32 points.

WOMENS NTP; 4th Edna Atkinson, 8th Ruth Yelland. 11th Georgie Jarred, 13th Lil Benfield.

31 points, Georgie Jarred, Julie Wallace.
30 points, Lily Schirmer, Sue Taylor, Edna Miles, Lois Tait, May Wilkinson, Deon Reddicliffe.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Next Game Mareeba 5 Apr


Our next game is the start of our weekly games & is at Mareeba.

It is a single stableford Consistency event sponsored by Cape York Accounting.

I'm advised the course is in great condition, so no doubt the 'roos will be too!

See you there.


PS  Lois is taking orders for shirts again, so if you would like one please see her at registration with your size & if you want full or short sleeves.