Tuesday, 15 May 2018

President's Report & Results Mareeba 15 May

Hi All,

Although there was a bit of a chill in the air when we all arrived at Mareeba this morning, the day day turned out to be a glorious one. Warm and clear, what this time of year is all about.

We had 79 player today contest a Stableford Event which was the first round to the Ted Thomasson Trophy. The field consisted of 69 men and 10 ladies. The course was again in very good condition, both greens and fairway. I can also vouch for the fact that the rough was in good condition too. The course is a credit to Rod Cade and his team of three octogenarian volunteers who help him keep the course in the condition we find it.

The game was sponsored by DRUMMOND GOLF, Darren Golder being the proprietor of the business which is a long time sponsor. Due to a change in company policy, all players are advised that Golf Vouchers sponsored by Drummond’s and won through the Vets now have a one month expiry from the date on which the voucher was won. That date is endorsed on the voucher. It is the responsibility of the successful players, if not present at the day’s presentation. to collect the voucher as soon as they can to give themselves maximum opportunity to redeem the voucher within the allotted time.

Registrations for our Mirage game opened today with 29 nominations. As was stated in last week’s Blog, preference will be given to those players who nominated for the wash-out game in March. Treasurer John is keeping a reserve list of those who are nominating for the first time should there be any vacancies when nominations close.

The Committee is going through a period where our numbers are down temporarily, due to the absence of Committee members for various reasons. This will be so for the next couple of weeks. It was most obvious today that the players appeared to be aware of this shortfall and acted with consideration during registration, presentation, etc. This was most appreciated by all of the remaining Committee.

Our next game will be at Cairns on 22nd May, and I hope to see you all there.

As a reminder to all players, please put your FULL golflink number on your card as it makes it easier for the Captain to enter the scores.  Failure to do so in future may result in disqualification or your scores being entered as NSR.

Yours in golf,
El President"

Winner: Evert Van Kleef, 40 points.
Runner Up: William Matthews, 39 points.

Winner: Darryl De Clifford, 37 points (C/B).
Runner Up: Ian Tindall, 37 points.

38 Points: Ross Ellen.
36 Points: Roger Glover, Vaughan Edwards, Neil Hamilton.
35 Points: Bruce Jenner, Ken Baker, John Evans, Neil Sharkey, Lou Siedle, John Sinclair.
34 Points: John Gregan, Rod Cade, Russell Lawrence, George Atkinson, Graeme Chappel, Ross White.
33 Points: Frank Thelan, Marcus Morse, John Everall, John Famularo, George Studham.
32 Points: Brian Panigas, Graham Morrow, Zbig Bergiel, Bob Billingham, Allan Dredge,
Merv Elms.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Marcus Morse, 8th Roger Glover, 11th Bruce Jenner, 13th John Richards.

Winner: Edna Atkinson, 34 Points (C/B).
Runner Up: Georgie Jarred, 34 Points.

33 Points: Tracy Dickinson.
31 Points: Judy Ellis, Jane Taylor.
30 Points: Kay Bergiel, Belle Gillan, Annette Tesch.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Annette Tesch, 8th Kay Bergiel, 11th and 13th Tracy Dickinson.

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