Tuesday, 29 May 2018

President's Report & Results Atherton 29 May

For the “Coasties” the trip up to Atherton started off with fairly miserable weather coming up the Range but as they got to the vicinity of Mareeba, things changed very much for the better. However, by the time they hit Walkamin the weather had deteriorated again to heavy overcast and misty rain and it stayed that way for the course of the day. The Tableland people, being used to that type of weather, turned out in good numbers and the final count for the day was 76 players.

There were 66 men and 10 ladies who included a new member from Peninsula Club in Victoria, Adrian Fethers, and a visitor from Bowraville, Darrell Hughes. A hearty welcome is extended to both of these players.

The event today was a Single Stableford and was played as part of our Consistency Trophy. We give our sincere thanks to STRATFORD PAINTING CONTRACTORS who were our sponsors for the day and who provided Woolworths vouchers for the Winners and Runners Up.

Whilst the blustery and rainy conditions affected some of the scores, the stand-out for the day was John Everall who, playing off a 16 handicap, accumulated 46 points. This included birdies on the 8th, 9th, 11th, and 17th holes. The 17th was a classic with his third shot into that very strong and gusty wind, finishing about 30 centimetres from the hole. Being 8 points ahead of second place, at one stage we were considering giving him the vouchers for both First and Runner Up for his effort.

Entries for the Mirage game on Friday, 6th July are coming in at a steady rate with 61 confirmed nominations and 7 on the “reserve” list. Remember 88 is the magic cut-off number.

After each game, various items of lost property are handed in to Committee members. Some of it is collected on the day by owners whilst other items are given to the President who, in the past, has carried them around until they are collected or after a period of time are dispensed with. Whilst this can be an inconvenience to Committee members, actually there is no certainty that the item belongs to one of our Members and may have been lost by a local Club member. A decision has been made that in future, any items such as clubs, wood and iron covers, water bottles, gloves, et cetera, will be held until the conclusion of the day’s presentation and then placed in the Lost Property Box of the Club at which we are playing. Obviously, anything of an extremely valuable nature will be handled in a different, but appropriate manner, and initially retained by the Committee. Further inquiries and efforts will be made to ascertain the owner of such an item, including the find being advertised on the Blog.

At the present time we have on hand a “Retco 27 degree” head cover and a “Jack Nicklaus” hybrid head cover. Both were handed in at our last game at Cairns and as we are playing at Cairns again next week, unless they are claimed beforehand, both will go into the Cairns Lost Property.

Yours in golf,
El Presidente”

Winner: John Everall, 46 points.
Runner Up: Russell Lawrence, 38 points.

Winner: Trevor Lawrence, 41 points.
Runner Up: Bob Billingham, 36 points.

37 Points: Don McHardie.
36 Points: Marcus Morse, John Famularo, Graham Morrow, Dave Lawler.
35 Points: Roger Smith, Dave Morrison, Albert Smith, Neil Sharkey, Rod Ingram.
34 Points: Gary Castle, Kevin Walsh, Ross Ellen, Peter Doherty, Mike Van Cuylenburg, John Tolhurst.
33 Points: Neil Hamilton, Rick Gooderham.
32 Points: Lou Siedle, Bill Foster, Harvey Blanch.
31 Points: Allan Dredge, Roger Glover, Bruce Skinner.
30 Points: Dennis Lankester, Michael Taylor, George Cooley, Ross White, John Lombardi.

N.T.P.’s: 3rd Evert Van Kleef, 11th John Everall, 13th Kevin Walsh, 18th Graham Chappell.

Winner: Pris Freeman, 35 points.
Runner Up: Kay Bergiel, 33 points.

31 Points: Jane Taylor.
29 Points: Lois Tait.
28 Points: Cathy Coverdale.
27 Points: Andrina Wilson.

N.T.P’s: 3rd and 11th Lois Tait, 13th Andrina Wilson, 18th Liz Edmonds.

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