Tuesday, 22 May 2018

President's Report & Results Cairns 22 May

Hi All,

Today our Association played at Cairns Golf Club in cool and blustery conditions. The event was as usual, a Stableford event and also a scoring event for the Consistency Trophy. Once again BROTHERS LEAGUES CLUB supplied sponsorship for the event by the way of Gift Cards. The presentation of the course proved to be excellent and the Manager, Matt Boland, who happened to be in the clubhouse at trophy presentation time was congratulated on its condition.

A total of 106 players, comprised of 83 men and 23 ladies, fronted the starter and due to the changing and gusty wind, found the course relatively difficult. The ball rundown went to 30 for the men and 29 for the ladies. The players included a new member, Mark Buckle, a member of Cairns and a hearty welcome is extended to him. We now have 191 members, 145 men and 46 ladies.

Next time we play at Cairns we may have change to one of the N.T.P.’s. Lois Tait was saying that, on Saturdays, the N.T.P. on the 5th hole is played as a one-shot hole for the Ladies and a two shot hole for the men rather than the opposite way we normally play Par 3’s. When one considers the difference in distances from the men’s tee compared to the ladies’ tee that is a reasonable call. The consensus of the Committee members present today was that we should give it a try.

Names are starting to flow in for the Mirage game on 6th July. At the present time we have 45 members who have nominated, with 3 reserves also putting their names down. The game, including a cart, will cost you $35 total. To nominate, give your name to John Everall next week plus $10 deposit and your place will be reserved. The Committee decided that those who nominated for the washed out game will get first preference and those who weren’t part of that first list will be put on the “reserve” list. Further information will be published as the date gets closer.

I think that those who attended the presentation today would agree that my dissertation was the shortest they have heard me give. I found that, due to the absence of Vice President Robin, who is presently on holidays, I was deprived of the incentive to keep talking. His cries of “Get Off”, “Someone take the mike off him” and various other catcalls only stirs me on to greater heights. So maybe that’s the answer to the “alleged” problem of my “alleged” excessive talking at presentation. Get rid of the Vice President!!

Hopefully I’ll see you all at Atherton next week.

Yours in golf,
“El Presidente”


Winner: John Everall, 42 points.
Runner Up: Greg Gibb, 38 points. C/B

Winner: Yasuo Kumagae, 39 points. C/B
Runner Up: Harvey Blanch, 39 points.

38 Points: Evert Van Kleef
37 Points: Darryl Chandler, Allan Dredge.
36 Points: Bill Foster, Peter Klein, Brian Guest.
35 Points: Doug Chistison, Ian Tindall.
34 Points: Roger Smith, Peter Edmonds, Rod Ingram, Neil Sharkey, Lionel Law.
33 Points: Brian Panigas, Vaughan Edwards, Russell Lawrence, Dennis Vohland,
Don Thomson, Allan Dwyer, Dave Jackson, John Gregan, Vern Smith.
32 Points: Neil Hamilton, George Studham.
31 Points: Peter McMenamin, Ross White, Mark Buckle, Garry Tudehope.
30 Points: Bruce Jenner, Brian Norris, Michael Taylor, Barry Pike, Graham Morrow.

\N.T.P.’s: 5th Brian Brown, 8th Don McHardie, 11th George Studham, 17th Graham Ross.

Winner: Maria Ling, 34 points. C/B
Runner Up: Kandice Van Fleet, 34 points.

31 Points: Edna Atkinson, Liz Edmonds.
30 Points: Lois Tait.
29 Points: Zola Dale, Belle Gillan, Gail Wright, Judy Ellis, Heather Foster.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Belle Gillan, 8th Zola Dale, 11th Lil Benfield, 17th Judy Ellis.

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