Wednesday, 9 May 2018

President's Report & Results Gordonvale 8 May

Hi all,

The day dawned cloudy and with misty showers hovering around the Gordonvale area. The day improved and I think we all got through the game without too much discomfort.

There were 73 members in attendance, 55 men and 18 ladies.  We competed in a Single Stableford event which was sponsored by DRUMMOND GOLF, one of our long term supporters. We welcomed a visitor from Cranbourne, Trevor Hamilton and a “new” or returning Member, Meryl Gil.

The fairways were good and the course prepared nicely for our visit. The greens appeared to be improving but still have a little way to go to catch up to where they were a couple of months ago. Overall, a number of players found the course to their liking. “El Presidente” had his best round in 12 months to win Men’s Division I with 43 points, John Bawden won Division II with 39 points and Judy Guzzwell won the Ladies’ Division with 38 points.

After V.P. Robin had preliminary discussions with a member of staff at Mirage Country Club, today I had further discussions with Geoff Peard, the Manager and as a result we have booked a game at that course for Friday 6th July, 2018. The event will be a Single Stableford, Shotgun start. The fees will remain as for the washed-out game, i.e. $35 per head with a $10 deposit. The Committee has decided that those members who paid their deposits for the first game will get first preference of entry to this game. The field will be restricted to the first 88 players registered and a chronological list will be kept. The field may be increased to 96 at the discretion of the Committee. Additionally, only players who are financial members of the F.N.Q.V.G.A. as at today’s date are eligible to enter. This is to prevent players joining just to get a cheap game and also to protect Mirage’s “Grey Nomad” market during a busy time for the resort. Further information will be disseminated as it comes to hand and registration will commence next Tuesday.

Our next game will be at Mareeba on 15th May and is the first round of the Ted Thomasson Trophy.  Lois will be taking shirt orders from that date for the next three weeks to 5 June, so please see her if you would like one of our shirts.

Yours in golf,
El Presidente”


Division I
Winner: Greg Gibb, 43 points.
Runner Up: David Jackson, 39 points.

Divisionn II
Winner: John Bawden, 39 points.
Runner Up: Frank Thelan, 38 points.

38 Points: Peter Klein, Peter Dalziel.
37 Points: Bob Billingham.
36 Points: Zbig Bergiel, Dave Ingram, Bruce Jenner.
35 Points: Brian Rowan, John Richards, Lou Siedle, Rod Ingram.
34 Points: John Lombrdi, Len Fase, John Tolhurst.
33 Points: Bill Foster, Neil Sharkey, Lionel Law, Tim Hollman, Trevor Hamilton.
32 Points: Alan Dredge, Ross Ellen, Alan Dwyer, James Thomson, Graeme Chappel, Peter Edmonds, Doug Christison.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Doug Christison, 8th Peter Dalziel, 14th John Tolhurst, 17th Dave Ingram.

Winner: Judy Guzzwell, 38 points.
Runner Up: Kandice Van Kleef, 36 points.

34 Points: Edna Atkinson.
33 Points: Belle Gillan, Sue Taylor.
32 Points: Suda Woodward, Judy Ellis.
29 Points: Lil Benfield.

N.T.P.’s: 5th Judy Ellis, 8th Edna Atkinson, 14th Belle Gillan, 17th Sue Taylor.

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