Tuesday, 10 April 2018

President's Report & Results Mareeba 10 Apr

G’day everyone,

Members arrived at Mareeba this morning to a bright, sunny and relatively cool morning with no hint of the showers that had been hanging around yesterday on the coast. The field finished up consisting of 64 men and 21 ladies and judging by the results the course was in good condition. Rod Cade and his team are to be thanked for their efforts in that regard. Again our members’ gastronomical needs were looked after by Gabby with her sandwiches and pastries. It was also good to see Debby from Atherton doing a bit behind the bar.

Our sponsor today was CAPE YORK ACCOUNTING and although this was the last time this company will be sponsoring us this year, we greatly appreciate the support that they have given us over the past couple of years. Members are reminded that if they are intending to use a service that may be the prime business of any of our sponsors, the Committee recommends giving that particular sponsor the opportunity of assisting you in your quest. It is only by retaining our generous sponsors can we keep the costs to our members at the low levels we do.

I would like to thank our Vice President Robin for filling in for me today. It appears that my fears of a “coup d’etat” occurring during my absent were unfounded. He very tactfully informed me that (allegedly) a number of members expressed to him the relief they felt after experiencing the shortened duration of the trophy presentation after today’s game. I’m still trying to comprehend the implied significance of that statement.

While we had no new members join today, we did have three re-joinees. Our membership now stands at 170, comprised of 129 men and 41 ladies.

The next game will be at Gordonvale on the 17th April, and will be sponsored by Stackapots Vertical Gardens N.Q., a business owned and operate by one of our members, Alan Dredge.

Take care,
“El Presidente”

Division I
Winner: John Everall, 39 Points.
Runner Up: Peter Doherty, 38 Points.

Division II
Winner: George Atkinson, 41 Points.
Runner Up: Keith Collins, 38 Points.

38 Points: Gary Tudehope.
37 Points: Graham Morrow, John Tolhurst, Russ Gill.
36 Points: Max Smith
35 Points: Rod Cade, Elso Iuretigh, Mike McManus, Tim Hollman, Robin Tonks, Neil Sharkey, Keith Schirmer.
34 Points: Gordon Nobel, Peter Johnston, Allan Dwyer, Darryl Chandler.
33 Points: William Matthews, Peter McMenamin, Marcus Morse, John Gregan.
32 Points: Evert Van Kleef, Maurie Smith, Les Tenni, Mike Van Cuylenberg, Lou Siedle,
Bruce Jenner, John Pilbin, Merv Elms, Garry Castle, Ross Ellen.

N.T.P.’s: 4th and 11th : Neil Hamilton, 8th Graham Morrow, 13th Graeme Chappel.

Winner: Cheryl Piccone, 36 Points.
Runner Up: Jenny Albertson, 35 Points.

35 Points: Heather Forster.
33 Points: Doreen Minning, Lois Tait, Judy Guzzwell, Tracey Dickinson.
32 Points: Claire Hannan, Lesley Ross.
31 Points: Jane Taylor.
30 Points: Lee-Anne Phayer, Sue Taylor.

N.T.P.’s: 4th Lil Benfield, 8th and 13th Tracy Dickinson, 11th Claire Hannan.

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