Tuesday, 3 April 2018

President's Report & Results Cairns 3 Apr

G’day Everyone,

The weather of the past few weeks and the forecast weather, no doubt, had an effect on the field at Cairns today with only 69 players taking part in the game. The 55 men and 14 ladies were generally surprised by the condition of the course and congratulations must go to the Cairns Greens Staff for their efforts in preparing the course to the standard it was. No doubt some parts were a bit soggy but, in general, although there wasn’t any run on the fairways, the greens and surrounds were in good condition. 

Our sponsor today was STRATFORD PAINTING CONTRACTORS and the winners and runners-up received vouchers to be spent at Cairns Golf Club. Gordon’s support is very much appreciated and if you’re thinking of having some painting done, give him a call.

There is nothing much to report regarding a future Mirage game because, as yet, I haven’t been in touch with the Manager to try and organise a replacement game. The Committee would like to see it around the June – August period but that will depend on the availability of the course.

There were no new members this week and our membership now stands at 159, that is 121 men and 38 ladies. It is good to see that the ladies’ ranks appear to be increasing, with their percentage up to about 30% of our total membership.

Our next game is at Mareeba on 10th April. From listening to some general conversations, it should be in good condition.

Take care,
El Presidente”.

Division I
Winner: Peter Doherty, 38 points.
Runner-up: Tim Hollman, 37 points (C/B)

Divison II
Winner: Frank Thelan, 40 points.
Runner-up: Ron Barnes, 39 points

37 Points: Peter Wyatt, Ian Schofield.
36 Points: Kevin Walsh, Robin Tonks.
35 Points: Graham Ross, Bill Matthews, Mike Taylor, Keith Schirmer, John Tolhurst.
34 Points: Darryl Chandler, Roger Smith, Maurie Smith, Peter Edmonds,
Gary Castle, Lionel Law.
33 Points: Grahame Chappel, Roger Glover.
32 Points: Merv Elms, Peter Dalzeil, Dave Ingram, Dave Lawler, Lou Siedle,
David Jackson, Greg Gibb.

N.T.P.’s. 5th Michael Taylor, 8th Gavin Smith, 11th William Matthews,
17th Tim Hollman.

Winner: Kay Cleland, 32 points.
Runner-up: Lil Benfield, 31 points.

28 Points: Suda Woodward.
27 Points: Jane Taylor, Lois Tait, Claire Hannan.
26 Points: Liz Edmonds.

N.T.P.’s. 5th Andrina Wilson, 8th Lil Benfield, 11th and 17th Tracy Dickinson.

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