Sunday, 8 July 2018

President's Report & Results Mirage 6 July

It was a beautiful morning at Mirage Country Club today and the day only got better, although one’s perception of the day might have been clouded by the way one was playing golf. The course was in very good condition although Ron Sylvester had “tree” trouble on the 7th.

Seventy seven players from the nominated list of 84 turned up and comprised 60 men and 17 ladies. There were a couple of very good scores from the men with a couple of the ladies playing to their respective handicaps. The event, a Single Stableford was sponsored jointly, by both Mirage Country Club and the F.N.Q. Vets.

My impression was that everyone had a great day and it was great to see the numbers of players who stayed for the presentation and who appeared to be enjoying each other’s company. As well as playing golf, my feelings are that this is what Vets golf is all about and it epitomises our one word motto, “Friendship”.

My thanks go to our Committee all of whom put a lot of effort into making the day a success. I also expressed our thanks to Geoff Peard, the manager of Mirage, for his help and suggestions which made things a lot easier. His personal guidance of players to their respective tees and similar attention from Ken, the Course Marshal, was also appreciated. They also did a fine job humping all our bags down to the carts from the Bag Drop area. Geoff was also asked to let Mel in the Pro Shop be aware of our thanks for her assistance in looking after us as far as the vouchers, balls and ball markers was concerned.

It was a little disappointing that a few of the seven who didn’t turn up, didn’t let us know they weren’t coming, as we had several players hoping to fill any vacancies should they arise. The Committee was of the opinion that it wouldn't be fair to ask those “reserves” to travel to Port Douglas on the off-chance of getting a start. In the future we may have to look at a different way of administering a similar Golf Day as we would like to repeat the experience of having our members play at a resort course..

As Captain Russ had to go to Townsville straight after the game and so he could get away with any fuss, I suggested that I would do the handicapping of the cards for him. It was about three years since I last did them but unfortunately I found that one of the bugbears I experienced then and which Russ has since encountered, still exists, i.e., lack of Golflink Numbers on the cards. Yesterday I found that about 25% of the cards were missing these numbers. Whilst we have a list of member’s Golflink Numbers which we can access, the interruption to the flow of entering cards slows the process considerably. To ease the frustration, the more numbers one finds missing, the more glasses of wine one consumes and, of course, this leads to further deterioration of the entry procedure. Whilst there is little chance I will be doing the handicapping again, I sincerely ask everyone to pay more attention to entering your 10 number Golflink Number of your card. There is no doubt that Captain Russ will appreciate it.

See you at Babinda on Tuesday where those beautiful tables made by Wal Anthony will be up for grabs.

Yours in golf,
El Presidente”.


Winner: Tom Finch, 40 points.
Runner Up: Neil Hamilton, 39 points. C/B.

Winner: Mark Buckle, 41 points.
Runner Up: Brian Norris, 38 points.

N.T.P.’s 2nd Mark Buckle, 6th Michael Taylor, 8th Roger Smith, 13th Marcus Morse,
15th and 18th Ian McDonald.

Winner: Maria Ling, 36 points.
Runner Up: Doreen Law, 36 points.

N.T.P.’s: 2nd Gail Wright, 6th Andrina Wilson, 8th Suda Woodward, 13th Lois Tait,
15th and 18th Belle Gillan.

There was no Ball Rundown as all players received a Mirage logo ball. As an extra, we decided to give those players who equalled or bettered their handicap, excluding the winners and runners-up, a Mirage Country Club ball marker. Those winners were: Kevin Walsh, Barry Pike, Graham Ross, Peter McMenamin, Bruce Jenner, Neil Sharkey, Zbig Bergiel, Steve Edwards, Roger Smith and Barry Vining.

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