Wednesday, 10 October 2018

President's Report & Results Cairns 9 Oct

Hi All,

Today was Greg Gibbs final day and final speech as President, he was very sincere about thanking committee members individually for their efforts over the previous 12 months stating that without their dedication the FNQVGA would not run as smooth as it does. Greg also paid tribute to Claud Clark our Patron along with all sponsors that support us throughout the year. Greg completed his very exhaustive speech in such an emotional manner that Andrina was required to supply the box of Kleenex to get him over the line.

Many thanks to Greg Gibbs for his jocular attitude over the previous 12 months as President and the committee and members wished him well and nothing but the best for the future for Greg and his family and their move back to NSW.

Todays game was at CGC with 92 starters consisting of 75 men & 17 ladies with 3 new members;
Peter Walters: Gordonvale, Mike George: Yappoon and Ernest Bingham from North Johnstone.

Robin VP


Division 1
Winner:  Marcus Morse, 39 points.
Runner Up:  Kevin Walsh, 39 points.

Division II
Winner: John Famularo, 42 points.
Runner Up: Peter Jostons, 38points.

39 Points: Evert Van Kleef, Keith Schirmer
38 Points: John Gregan
37 Points: Graham Ross, John Bawden.
36 Points: Bob Billingham, Roger Glover, Rod Cade, Trevor Barry, Peter Doherty,
Peter Mcmenamin, Ken Berrigan.
35 Points:George Atkinson, Victor Lee, Gavin Smith, Craig Alman, John Everall.
34 Points: Dave Ingram, John Tolhurst, Bill Foster, Leon Nelson, Vaughan Smith.
33 Points: Mark Buckle, Peter Clarke, Franz Thelan, Don Thomson, Ian Schofield, John Evans, John Pilbin, Claud Clark, Tae Zheng, Ian Tindall.

N.T.P.’s:5th Craig Alman. 8th Gavin Smith, 11th Roger Glover, 17th Lionel Law.

Winner: Celia Fox, 41 points.
Runner Up: Liz Edmonds 37points.

34Points: Gail Wright.
33 Points: Suda Woodward.
31 Points: Kay Bergiel.
30 Points: Jan Wundersitz, Judy Guzzwell.
29 Points: Maria Ling, Joy Evans

N.T.P.’s: 5th Edna Atkinson, 8th Jenny Albertsen, 11th Gail Wright, 17th Judy Guzzwell.

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